Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Art Update and we're still looking for composers and SFX artists!

As we have announced before :

Submissions for composers are still open, from instrumental to vaporwave, we need someone to create a variety of themes! Break out your mayonnaise jars and macaroni, we're also looking for a Sound Designer! All those interested in the contract position should email us their portfolio at! We'll be closing submissions on April 30th.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

Alpha Build 7.3.1 Public Release and Awkward Furniture

Hey guys, sorry on the delay on the public release: because all versions following 7.1 have the animations split up into different files we've been having difficulty getting an embedded blog version to work. While I continue to work on that, however, I decided I'd go ahead and just make the download links for 7.3.1 available to the public. I'll continue working on trying to get an embedded in-browser version to work as well.

Also, some of you may remember that myself and my buddy Mike were doing some Let's Plays in our spare time on our channel Awkward Furniture. That fell to the wayside for a while but he and I recently relaunched the channel and started playing through a few classic SEGA Genesis gems: Ristar and Kolibri. We plan on trying to release videos a lot more regularly this time around. Feel free to check them out!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Alpha Build 7.4 for Patrons

Hey guys, Alpha Build 7.4 is going up in the Patreon Creations section in just a moment!

We spent more time going through design/iterations with the new UI changes to make sure they're absolutely perfect, so while the Ranch Assistant system is partially working in-game we didn't have time to get the UI implemented yet. On the upside, the designs are turning out really fantastic and I'm looking forward to getting them in-game (pictured below is the new breeding menu):

Also, it gave me time to focus on starting the implementation of more storyline content this month instead, so you can look forward to seeing the game's story actually begin to develop (this will lead into the Ranch Assistant system as well)! Pictured above are some characters you can look forward to seeing as ranch assistants!

Also, there are 7 new sex animations including an update to Bailey's St. Paddy's day event that includes a rad (and surprisingly difficult) new minigame, and I'm happy to announce that we finally have a tutorial in-place!

7.4 Patch Notes

- New breeding animations: Fbreeder x Dickwolf, Fbreeder x Tigirl, Fbreeder x Titwolf, Fbreeder x Futa Titwolf, Fbreeder x Dickpup, Fbreeder x Dire Dickwolf
- Bailey's St. Paddy's Day event has been updated! New drinking contest minigame courtesy of Fleet and a new event animation for the male breeder, as well as a special consumable reward
- A little bit of new storyline content with Margo and Ferris. Not much yet, but it will lead into a larger storyline with Delilah later (currently it ends before you talk to Delilah).
- There's now a tutorial! Courtesy of ChocoPinkPurin! (tutorial is liable to change as we continue with the UI updates, but at least this should get new players started for now)

Bug Fixes / Balance
- Colors have been adjusted to be more consistent between different monster types (your pink catgirl should have pinkish dickwolves, etc) - this might change the colors of some of your monsters from older saves
- Milftaur and Minotaur colors should work correctly now
- It now snows at the same time in the town and on the ranch
- fix to Amadour event for females

Known Issues
- Due to color changes, some of your monsters from older saves may be new colors now
- There may be some weird game behavior when monsters with disabled traits are obtained
- Some animations are glitchy due to design changes and colors
- Colors are incorrect in a number of pens and animations

Also, just to let you guys know the team will be playing a bit more ARK this weekend and streaming it on Twitch, so drop by if you guys want to hang out:

Art Update

 Greetings everyone!
Today we have a good load of new concept art for all the upcoming new features and animations arriving into the game soon!

First off is the long awaited introduction of M.Preg, you wanted it, you got it!

Second off we have a well known house fucking fetish animation in the works

And for the last announcement we're funneling our resources into a new spin off BS project called "Breeding Story"