Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hotfix 7.6.1

Hey, in a few minutes I'll drop the hotfix up on the Patreon.

7.6.1 Hotfix

- Full animations for Siren, Cockatrice, and Chickadee x Fbreeder are now in-game
- A couple new events should now start popping up once you've got sufficient affection with Margo that begin the quest-line that will lead to getting Alita in patch 7.7
- Shortcuts:
- You can compare your two selected monsters' stats in the breeding menu by holding the C key

Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
- The Scrollbar on the breeding menu should update correctly now when using the mousewheel
- Updated the Item Quantity Box
- Added green bar on the XP bar to show how much XP the monster will get from breeding
- You can now see how close each stat is to leveling up from the small bar
- Stored hearts text now changes color based on how close to heart overflow your monster is: it turns orange when the current usable hearts the monster has will cause it to have a heart overflow next day, and it turns yellow when it will happen in two days
- Monsters in other menus should no longer disappear when you choose to have monsters without usable hearts hidden

Known Issues
- There may be some weird game behavior when monsters with disabled traits are obtained
- The tutorial displays some of the old UI
- The colors on some animations are incorrect as they have yet to be overhauled

Also, we're still on track to have the assistant system ready for 7.7 (worst-case scenario it will be lacking some polish, but at the moment the menu is in-game and working along with the ability to assign monsters to be bred each day in our dev version).

And expect the new public release to be up on Monday.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Programming Update

Hey, this is just a short update to let you guys know what's up: due to the animation issues with the harpies Vanilly ended up having to reanimate some of their loops, but we intend to have the hotfix up next week. Sub should ideally also have the neo harpy x fbreeder animation ready for the hotfix so you'll get that as well! I've also done some more bugfixes/added a few more QoL features to the breeding menu, including a bar showing you the XP the monster will get from breeding (like on the old one) and a hotkey you can hold to bring up both selected monsters' stats side-by-side for comparison.

Fleet's nearly done with the Ranch Assistant menu, after which I'll get to finishing up the system and getting the Alita quest-line in-game. I've been having fun writing it since it includes some cute Ellenor and Cordelia interactions.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Alpha Build 7.6 for Patrons

The update will be going up in the Patreon Creations section in a couple hours. Unfortunately due to some last minute issues with the new harpy animations two of them only display the first loop currently (feral cockatiel and feral harpy); we intend to hotfix this ASAP. The rest of them should be working just fine, though.

The sorting system is finally in! You have a number of criteria to sort by, and you can even move your monsters into custom tabs as you choose. Let me know right away if there's any major bugs with the system. There will be a hotfix ideally within the next week to address any issues that pop up. We also made a large number of optimizations on the breeding menu that should make it go a lot faster and hopefully be easier to use.

I've also added more to the Delilah/Ferris storyline that starts by getting enough affection with Margo. The newest scenes start with visiting Delilah in the church, and progress as you gain affection with both her and Ferris (and visit the church and guild).

7.6 Patch Notes

- New animations! Fbreeder x Harpy, Fbreeder x Futa Harpy, Fbreeder x Cockatiel, Fbreeder x Budgie, Fbreeder x Cockatrice, Fbreeder x Siren (the last two have loop issues, will be hotfixed ASAP)
- Added 3 more loops to the Kay beach animation
- All new sorting system with customizable tabs: you can now move and reorder monsters between tabs by opening the sorting tab in the breeding menu and then dragging and dropping. You can also set a list of criteria to sort monsters by for each tab. (UI graphics placeholder atm)
- More storyline has been added with Delilah/Ferris, progress it by gaining affection with Margo, Delilah, and Ferris and visiting the Guild and Church
- New Shortcuts:
- The number keys will switch between different tabs in the breeding menu
- If you hold ctrl while selecting a monster in the breeding menu, it will automatically select both that monster and its last breeding partner
- If you hold shift while selecting a monster in the breeding menu, it will select the monster without closing the tab (in case you want to hover over the traits, etc)

Bug Fixes/Minor Changes
- We've made a number of changes to hopefully make the breeding menu a lot faster/less laggy
- The exit x should show up on the Kay animation now
- Fixed a bug affecting monsters that develop a preference for futas
- Margo loses affection when you ask her about her boobs now (seriously, how tasteless of you)
- Preg chance and energy cost will now update when you hover over a monster in the breeding menu
- Fixed issue preventing you from completing the Kaliba event with the new inventory menu
- Fixed skin color issue with Kittenboys and Budgies, but unfortunately this fix will not apply to the colors of monsters from previous saves
- Moved the breeder to the top of the breeding list rather than the bottom by default

Known Issues
- There may be some weird game behavior when monsters with disabled traits are obtained
- The tutorial displays some of the old UI
- The colors on some animations are incorrect as they have yet to overhauled

Friday, May 27, 2016

Programming Update

Hey guys, it's been way too long since I've done a programming blog update.

Apologies on the delay on the 7.4 public release: I was trying to get the browser embedded version working again but continue to run into issues. Unfortunately, we may just not be able to have browser embedded versions again until we launch the website. As a result, I'll just put the download version of the 7.4 public release up now.

As to when we'll finally launch the site; we should see the new site go up in the next couple of months (at the very least, we'll launch the blog portion of the site with the community portion to come afterwards). Right now I admit I'm the bottleneck for getting the site up and operational and I've just had my attention split between too many things at the moment, exacerbating the delay. Following the next update I plan on re-focusing on getting the site going ASAP. Thanks for bearing with us.

As for game progress: I've been working on cleaning up and adding a lot of new functionality to the new breeding menu. You'll now be able to sort monsters between your own custom tabs as you please using a drag-and-drop menu, as well as rearrange the monsters in the tabs however you like. Please continue to give us feedback on changes you'd like done to the menu, I want to make sure it's as perfect as we can make it since it's where the vast majority of the gameplay happens. I've also been dedicating time to writing more storyline events, including working on the events leading up to getting Alita, your first ranch assistant, who you should be seeing in-game relatively soon.

Fleet has been working on implementing the ranch assistant UI in between making animation set-ups, and it's coming along nicely. Right now our plans are to have the ranch assistant system finally make it in-game with update 7.7 (the July 1st update).

Friday, May 6, 2016

Hotfix 7.5.1

Hey, here's a small hotfix with some bug fixes/minor changes to 7.5 that will be going up in a few minutes. We'll be continuing to tool around with the look/feel of the breeding menu based on feedback.

Hotfix 7.5.1

- Added in Kay's bikini dialog sprite to the clam event
Bug Fixes
- You can now click the feed or harvest button in the breeding menu without opening the selection menu
- Made the selection menu open a bit faster
- Fixed a "test text" event showing up at the beach
- Other minor bugfixes, including issues with the beach event

Monday, May 2, 2016

Alpha Build 7.5 for Patrons

Woo, I'm exhausted so these patch notes may not be comprehensive; I'll go back through them and add anything I missed later.

Sorry for the lessened communication this month: scheduling and workload made it difficult for us to keep up with blog updates. We'll try to have more consistent blog updates next month.

Mostly this month was heavily dedicated to the UI overhaul which has been quite a task. The vast majority of the game takes place in the breeding menu, so we tried to focus on getting it right. Unfortunately, the new tabs and sorting system are not in place yet, but those should come soon. Also, we delayed the inclusion of the ranch assistant system, as much of the UI we'll use for that will be based on UI we develop for the breeding menu, etc. I'm pretty pleased with how the breeding menu is turning out, but I'm eager to see feedback on it.

Also, the writing for this month's new Kay event comes from Gats! (with some hackish editing from yours truly :P)

7.5 Patch Notes

- New Kay Event, complete with animation! Explore the beach when you have adequate affection with her to trigger the event. If you have more affection, you'll get a better sex scene!
- New Breeding animations: Dire Titwolf x Fbreeder, Titpup x Fbreeder
- Brand new Breeding and Item Menus: these were significant overhauls that are still in progress, so some functionality is not yet implemented/expect some bugs/poor optimization. Also, give us feedback on how you like these new menus!

Bug Fixes / Balance
- Did some optimization with how colors are applied to monsters, hopefully this means animations should load faster, but it may have introduced some color issues to some animations
- Minor bug fixes

Known Issues
- May be some bugs/lost functionality in the breeding and inventory menus due to the overhauls; we plan to hotfix these over time
- Removed the Aitako event (Kay's event is replacing it), also, the sponge Kay gives you currently looks the same as the pink pearl; this will change in the future
- There may be some weird game behavior when monsters with disabled traits are obtained
- Some animations are glitchy due to design changes and colors
- Colors/variations are incorrect in a number of pens and animations

Expect the public release sometime this week.