Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome Fleet to the Team!

My mind is just completely blown by the fact that the Breeding Season Patreon has now managed to reach $20k/month! If you had told me that we would reach this point when I first started this project there is no way that I would ever have believed you, but here we are and it is all due to you guys and your extreme generosity! You guys rock, and the amount of support you've shown us is awe-inspiring; more than ever I want to fulfill every last bit of potential that Breeding Season has and make it into the game that you guys deserve!

On a related note, I want to welcome Fleet onto the Breeding Season team! Fleet is the first dedicated Flash developer we're adding to the team, and along with aiding in the art asset import/set-up process he'll be helping me tidy up the messy, messy code-base to make our ability to deliver content way more efficient. Fleet will help us fix one of the biggest bottlenecks we've been struggling with, and over the next month or two I foresee a very big increase in the amount of content we put out!

I also wanted to let you guys know that we're currently talking to two very talented artist/animators who are interested in contributing to the project; I won't name any names until things are all worked out, but I will say that there's a good chance you might be familiar with some of their work already.

Also, since I'm sure you guys are dying to know by now: I'm planning on releasing the next update late on the 23rd. There's a chance that will spill over to early on the 24th, but I'm trying to prevent that. Sorry about having the updates squished together at the end this month. I'll be putting up 5.2 for patrons and releasing 5.0.1 to the public.

5.2 will be relatively small: expect a couple of animations, an event or two, and some bug fixes/cleaning up of earlier animations (futauruses will definitely be fixed up). We have much bigger things planned for 5.3, at the very least you'll see Seraphs in-game and a few new animations, beyond that it's a little early to say but we have some things we've been working on that should be going in within the next few updates.

Finally, I thought I'd leave you with some new art from S:
This is Inquisitor Darkholme. Some particularly devious Inquisitors have made names for themselves by seducing unwitting victims into attempting to violate Imperial mandates of chastity and decency, and then betraying and arresting them when they fall for their traps. Darkholme is the undisputed master of this style.

 To monsters, not having sex is akin to starvation. As such, the idea that there're humans who aren't having sex or are even entirely celibate is a matter of great concern to certain compassionate monsters. Out of pity for these poor humans, a band of demonic monsters have formed a charitable organization known as the "Fuck the Humans Foundation" based around bringing sex to humans in need. Unfortunately, for some reason people seem to keep getting the wrong idea about their noble mission.

By the way: the one on the left is a Semen Demon.

Merrith is the loyal butler (butt-ler?) of the Marquis and Marchioness. She's actually one of the oldest elves alive, and has served the Marquis' line for generations upon generations. She is rather uptight and a bit stuck in the "old ways" of the elves, but she takes great pride in her ability to serve.

And, finally, here's a peek at a scene that I know a lot of you are looking forward to:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hotfix 5.1.1

Alright, the harpy animation is very much still a WIP, but I'm going to go ahead and just push this hotfix out now since you guys've been waiting long enough for it and I want to get that stables bug fix into your hands. Also because I'd like to sleep. It should be up on Patreon within the next half hour.

This hotfix includes the Harpies with their new look and variations and a WIP idle animation (planning on toning it down and redoing the wing animation), as well as the fix for the stables problem. Wasn't able to get to the other major bugs, but I'll try to make sure as many big ones are wiped out for the next alpha build.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Tiny Status Update

Hey all, sorry the harpy hotfix is running a little late. It should be out by the end of tomorrow night. The 5.1.1 hotfix will have the new harpies with all their variations and a fix for the stables bug, and maybe a few more small fixes and additions that I can squeeze in. I'm still chasing after that event freezing bug.

Also, I'm putting together a big survey so that I can get some formal feedback about what you guys would like to see in the game and generally find out more about you guys. Yes, you will be able to vote on what new monsters you'd like to see, and you'll be able to write-in any that I don't have on the list. The voting website is still in our plans, but I thought I would do this in the mean-time to get a bit more immediate feedback. I know a lot of you have been clamoring for a more rigorous poll.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

All Moved In!

Hey all, just wanted to let you know that I'm all moved into to my awesome new apartment and finally set up to get back to work! I've been writing a few bits of dialog/events for some characters that I hope you guys will like.

I'll slap together the completed 5.1 patch notes tomorrow, and I plan to have a hotfix out by Saturday that should get the new Harpies working.

S has been putting together the art for the Seraphs as well (as always, try to guess the references :P):

I have no set date for the mid-month update yet, but you guys will be getting two updates this month.

I also wanted to give you guys a peek at the new official Breeding Season Office! There's enough room at my new place to dedicate this space entirely to BS :P. This is where I'll be working from now on (check out my ghetto computer case).


And, while I was taking pictures, here's one for any of you who have ever wondered what H-Bomb looks like:


Friday, August 1, 2014

Status Update!

Hello everybody!
S-Purple here,

Currently H-bomb is moving back to his hometown so he wont be availeable for a few days, hence why I'll be the one keeping you informed of whats happenin with art rehaul process and upcoming new features!

Here's an idea H-bomb greenlit which might be coming in the near future

Replacement for "Herp Derp" trait now titled "Gremlin" , a trait reserved for monsters who didnt came out quiet right on the human world end of their transformation. 

They are mischievous , mostly useless creatures that are created as result of mixing between closely related monsters, of course I used a magical macguffin chart because there’s no actual genetics but MAGIC in Breedin Season- basically the mix of close relatives results in the corruption of offsprings transformation post its creation in the monster world, it infuses with the Void, the black sea of nothingness that is a the dimension between human and monster world, it retains its selected species but comes out entirely warped into amplified caricature of itself. 

Gremlins cannot be fed or bred due to their zany nature, their stats are all 0 , but they can be however harvested for a useless Gremlin Ink consumable which when used -lowers stats. 
Gremlin collecting will be one of the keys to unlock Ogre Princess, as Ogre is also an archetype of Gremlin species, taken in entirely different direction. 

And as for something you've all been waiting for, here's the neoteeny designs for the DIckwolf, Catgirl and Holstaurus, they may change in the future!

And for desert here are the clothed sprites of Lily and Kala, naked versions of town NPC's are pending!

That's it for now lads!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Alpha Build 5.1 for Patrons and Alpha Build 4.9 Public

I'll get detailed patch notes up later, for right now I'm going to pass out. There's a high chance of this one getting hot-fixed soon as there were a lot of things that I had to leave out due to a number of small issues. Among these are the new Harpies idle, who I've been having animation and variation issues with. I'll try to get them in ASAP. Sorry guys, moving has made my month a lot more hectic than I was hoping :(. 

Non-comprehensive list of additions:
- Map System and new places to visit: Beach, Forest, Kala's Camp, Marquis' Chateau (nothing in those places yet, though)
- Lily has a volunteering option open to you if you come back to the guild later on. It'll allow you to get GP by spending time and breed/harvests from your monsters.
- Futanari Holstaurus
- New Stallion Stables
- Female Elf/Stallion and Female Elf/Demon hot-dogging animations (WIP and no penetration yet, but they'll have some later)
- Futa Elf/Catgirl Animation
- Futa Holstaurus/Male Elf Animation

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Status Update

So there is bad news and good news. 

The bad news is: I've quickly realized that the stat overhaul is going to require more time. There's just a massive amount of refactoring that I have left to do as I go about changing a lot of the fundamental code structure of the game and I want to make sure that I take my time with it and have everything designed in detail ahead of time so that I never have to rewrite this much code ever again. With luck and good planning I should be able to make the game a lot more stable and make the process of adding new functionality far more efficient. I'm going to shoot for having the stat overhaul in the game by the end of next month, but it will depend a lot on how much I end up deciding I have to rewrite as I go about doing my code audit. On the plus side, I've gotten to see just how much I've improved as a software designer and programmer since I first started this game. Ends up you learn a lot building a project like this from the ground up :P.

The good news is that since I've given up on finishing the overhaul for this update I've been able to focus on a ton of things we've been looking to get into the game for a while instead. I can't guarantee exactly how much of all this is going to make it into 5.1 on Sunday but ideally as much as possible.

We've got two new guild events you'll be able to take part in as an alternative way to accrue guild points and gain some favor with Lily and Cordelia. They were both written for us a long time ago by Tai who is a great writer and a major contributor to BS, but its taken me until now to finally get them in (and if you guys like the events I'll try to coerce Tai into writing more for us :P). We'll also be implementing the map system to allow you to travel to all those new locations we teased earlier, where you'll be able to participate in some special new events!

We've also tried to expand on our animations a lot this month and try some things that are a bit more complex. Below is the the pose set-up for the new catgirl/futa elf animation, as well as a new thing I've been excited to try: additional close-up scenes to animations that let you see a bit more of the penetration going on.

Here are the redesigns that S has done to make the Marquis and Marchioness more in line with the style of the elves you can get in your breeding pens:

Finally, here's your first peek at some Ferals aside from Kala! As you might imagine, Kala claims dominance over a lot of lovers, and happens to have a size-able harem of men at her disposal (an occasional woman too, but Kala is really picky about ladies). These two, Oren and Trisk, are her right and left hand men (literally, she uses her right hand for Oren's cock and her left hand for Trisk's (she demands each of them use both hands for her, of course)).
Oren is a tigerman and the son of a monster and a human. He's exactly the kind of person you would expect in the Ferals and he makes it his personal duty to make sure that anyone attempting to challenge Kala, either to combat or vigorous screwing, is worthy of it.
Trisk is exactly not the kind of person you expect in the Ferals. However, Kala happens to value him because it's hard to keep a village of people who are only concerned with constant, uninterrupted fucking running without someone who is willing to sort out the rather difficult logistics. Like Kay, Trisk happens to be extremely small for his age (he's actually 27; also there's a chance that he and Kay are actually related). Trisk and Kala also share some rather large secrets in their past that will probably surprise you.