Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Progress Update

Sex animations are working, finally!

I'm going to put up another update tonight around midnight. I'll see if I can get all of the monsters working for demoing.

Alpha Build 5.4.1 (demo)

Alright, the AnimationViewer continues to be a butt. What I'm going to do is put up the build I have currently that just adds offspring (minus some bits of UI like being shown newborn monsters correctly) so that I have something more for patrons to play around with. I'm going to see if I can do an additional build tomorrow with the animations working and maybe some more of the UI if I can.

I still want to have a fully playable build (as far as breeding, time/energy and requests) ready by the 30th but some major features (saving, events, many traits, preferences) may not be available yet. I'm going to keep on putting up builds as soon as new features become implemented and keeping you guys informed of progress as it continues.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Progress Update

Continuing work on the 5.4.1 release. It'll still be pretty small/janky but some of the things that were missing before (namely, offspring and animations) should be working. I intend to put it up around midnight tonight, if anything goes wrong I'll let you all know immediately.

Due to a minor set-back it may not be up until 3 or 4 AM PST, sorry guys. I'll keep working on it and try to get it out ASAP.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Progress Update

Currently working on making 5.4.1 run, but there's still some issues with the animation viewer class. If I can I'll put up the new version of the build tonight around midnight, if not it should be up Monday night; I'll keep you updated.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Progress Update

Finished up all the code for generating offspring so that now works correctly. Also got some work done on some more UI (message prompts, etc) and got started on the dialog system. Animations are all handled correctly now; I just need to code the UI component that displays them. In between working on the dialog I'll probably also try to get the nifty new trait display working by tomorrow night.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Progress Update

Hey guys, I'm going to try to keep these progress updates going, if not every day than at least three-four times a week. Right now I'm working on getting the breeding animations working; it used to be that I had each individual monster remembering what each of its animations were for each pairing, which was just plain inefficient. As soon as that's done I want to get the new dialog system started finally.

I'll likely be putting up another build around Sunday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alpha Build 5.4 and Animations for Patrons

I'll be uploading a first look at 5.4 for patrons in a few minutes here. This build is still very restricted in what it can do; for the most part it's just a demo of the new breeding menu, but I wanted to put it up immediately just so you guys can have something after months of patient waiting. Sex animations are not displaying correctly yet nor can offspring be produced, but I'm close to having both those functions working. I will be uploading an additional build next week that should have more of the game working, and by the end of the month it should be fully playable. I really appreciate your guys' patience in this and I extremely value your support. You will not be disappointed by the final build; it's just a matter of getting it to work. I've ended up in a situation where I'm rewriting pretty much every last line of code in the game; it has been a trying process but in the end the result will be worth it. Anyone can decompile the .swf and examine my progress, and I absolutely encourage you to do so and offer suggestions if you have them.

Along with this update I'll be uploading .swfs of the new animations that will be available as soon as this new build has progressed far enough into the Creations section of our Patreon. I think you guys will really like them.

Also, I'm continuing to look through the applications for the PM position, and we're about to move forward on that. I apologize to anyone who has been waiting to hear back from us while I've been focused on trying to get this build into working order.