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Breeding Season Estrus: FAQ Part 2

Support Breeding Season Estrus on Patreon to gain access to the prototype! Who even are you? I'm Hartista Pipebomb (AKA H-Bomb) , the creator of the original Breeding Season, and I’m now back to finish what I started an entire decade (!!) ago. I studied computational neuroscience in college and have degrees in biology and psychology. I’ve always been intensely interested in the intersection of cognitive science and data science. Out of college I was a bioinformatician working on Huntington’s disease research, until I stumbled ass-backwards into heading a team making a sex game that was the highest paid project on Patreon for a time. That project had a very sudden and unfortunate ending, but I learned a massive amount in the process.  Where were you all this time? Studying the blade. For a summer I gave kayak lessons on the Chicago river so I could finally be outside for a change, but after that I took on a senior software engineering position at a menswear e-commerce company where

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