Monday, December 28, 2015

Monday Progress Report

I hope everyone had a relaxing holiday! Unfortunately I have some bad news. The new monsters will be finished by the next update in 3 days, however due to my own inconsistent internet connection this week, the Yuelia sex animations will not. Adobe's wonderful Creative Cloud doesn't allow me to use flash when I don't have an internet connection, and I can't use an older version of flash because it conflicts with CC. More than anything I want to tell you all that I can make all 14 animations in the next 3 days before the update drops, but realistically I won't be able to make it. Idles are easy but full sex animations with several variating loops usually takes me a whole day and a half in itself. Again, my apologies!! The day they're finished, I'll pester Hbomb to drop and update with them in it!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Monday Progress Report

The art team has made great time on finishing all the ferals and variants! It means I can animate all the idles this week and hopefully give Hbomb and Fleet enough time to implement them into the next update. There isn't much to show since it has mostly been cutting up and preparing the monsters for animating. Other than the feral elf faces, these variants were all that were left:

Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Progress Report

Hi everyone, last week was mostly spent polishing unfinished ferals, finalizing the Christmas event, and cutting them up for animating!

A lot of time this week will be finishing the variants and making sure pieces don't break when rotating. Here's an example of what I've been working on for the past day to make sure it works:

Lots of pieces need fixing

Christmas event poses!

Whoah that's crazy what's all this beach stuff I have no idea

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Progress Update

Hey guys, just an update on what's coming this month:

We're working on trying to get as many of the feral variations as possible implemented by the end of the month. There'll also be an update to the Yuelia Christmas event with some new scenes!

I'm also putting a lot of work into some UI and gameplay changes. Primarily with the breeding menu sorting system, which should hopefully make gameplay a deal more fluid/less frustrating. I really want to hear your guys' suggestions for UI changes; what you think will be most useful, what you find most frustrating to deal with currently, etc.

After that, my focus is going to be on designing the ranch assistant system. You won't likely be seeing it in-game until next month, but either later this month or early next month I plan to do a blog post to explain how the system will work and get feedback on it.

By the way, if you noticed the sudden drop in pledge amounts on the Patreon page don't freak out: Patreon has updated our pages to show the actual amount of money we receive each month after all of the fees and declined pledges have been removed, and they kicked out the deadbeat patrons who weren't actually paying. I wasn't lying when I said we didn't get nearly as much as it looked like we did (granted, it's still an incredibly respectable amount due to your guys' awesome generosity).

It seems that Patreon may have also changed what kind of payments they'll accept as well, and some people have been having problems with making their pledges. I'll look into it some more and see if I can't find any solutions.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Progress Report

Spurple and I have been hard at work finishing ferals. At the pace we're going they should all be done by this month, which means animations will start coming every month afterwards.
Here is what's been done this past week

Finished Designs:

Feral Variants:

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Art Team's To-Do List

Hi there, I've noticed a lot of people are confused about what the art team is doing. There were no weekly blog posts for November since we burned out after almost a whole year of nonstop work. S-purple and I were trying to finish most of the core art assets as quickly as possible. I'm also going to try and explain why sex animations have not taken priority over the designing of monsters.

The monsters before the final re-haul were messy, inconsistent, and with each new sex animation their faces and style changed. It was a necessary evil to stop and finalize the actual designs before continuing. 

Why though? Why not just fix it later???

Well...that was the problem, the monsters were changing every time we drew them. If we didn't finish what they actually looked like, they would look different each time you watched them having sex, changing proportions and faces.

What about the new monsters? You're just making more work for yourself!!

These monsters were planned to be in the game to begin with. I pushed for these monsters to be finished so we wouldn't have to worry about it later. You know, actually finishing the core part of the game so there would be no delays when pumping out animations.

This re-haul, these finalized designs, all of it is so when it comes time for animations, it will be smoother for the art department. We will have reference sheets to refer to when creating sex animation assets, when our next artist joins in they'll have solid designs to work with, and all we would need to focus on is the animations themselves. 


This month is focusing on finishing all the Ferals.

When those are finished, animations will start pumping out as the wiki chart follows, which can also be viewed here and will be updated as the animations come out: 

  1. Fbreeder and Mbreeder x Monster pairings
  2. Catgirl x _______ pairings
  3. Futa Catgirl x _______ pairings
  4. so on and so forth as the chart dictates
Holiday Monster events will also be animated for the month they're included in. Everything last year that was either male or female breeder only will have the opposite included this year if time allows for it.

I will make another blog post about the update on how the ferals are coming out on Monday. Take care!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Alpha Build 7.0 for Patrons

Hey; incredibly sorry for not keeping up with updating the blog and patreon with information this month, I really dropped the ball on that and am going to look into possibly bringing on someone to help with it in the future. It's easy to forget sometimes that only a fraction of our fans and patrons watch the streams, and those were inconsistent this month due to intermittent vacation/traveling time from members of our team. I want to make sure we're keeping you all in the loop as much as possible. That said, our streaming schedules will be much more consistent next month, and I'll make sure we're making at least weekly blog updates.

This patch will be a smaller one; the largest focus was on lag optimization and bug fixes, and thankfully we managed to take a big chunk out of the lag. Note: your old save files will not transfer for this version. This should hopefully be the last time for a good few versions that this will be the case (no promises, though).

There's also a few balance changes that will take some playtesting/feedback. Let me know how you feel about the various changes.

On the subject of new breeding animations: You guys have been waiting patiently, and they'll be here soon! Right now the art team is finishing up filling out the Feral variations of the monsters, and then our focus will be heavily towards new breeding animations and filling in the holes.

7.0 Patch Notes

Old save files will not transfer (hopefully the last time for a while)

- Happiness events: there are now a handful of happiness events you can get if your monsters are happy enough (still being balanced, will need feedback on them)
- You can now harvest from the Breeding Menu
- Breeding Menu Sorting: started adding sorting options to the breeding menu, right now the menu will move last partners to the top of the list, and allows you to hide monsters that don't have any remaining hearts or can't be fed, but this will be expanded on considerably in the future (UI placeholder)
- Newborn monsters now have a few days of "summoning sickness" in which they cannot breed or generate hearts (this balance change is potentially temporary, pending feedback)
- A number of the genderbent and neoteny variants have been given unique pen silhouettes
- You can now have more than 6 requests at the same time, and if you do then you'll be able to scroll through them in the requests menu
- You can now scroll in the contacts menu, if you have enough contacts
- Breeding Menu hotkeys have been added/changed: Q will swap the folders, W will harvest, E will open the feeding menu, and R will breed the two selected monsters

Bug Fixes / Balance
- The lag should be massively diminshed; there's some things that will still need optimizing, but you should find it generally far more playable
- The Filly no longer does the creepy blinking thing
- The difficulty of bronze requests now scales slower, and new requests are more frequent
- Kittengirls have mouths!
- Futa genderbent monsters should appear properly in their pens

Known Issues
- There will be issues loading saves from older versions
- Skin and hair colors may be incorrect on some new monsters/variants
- Pen silhouettes for some neoteny monsters are currently incorrect and show up as base monsters instead
- Some animations have been disabled or are glitchy due to the new overhauls and colors
- Due to the overhaul of the color system, colors are incorrect in a number of pens and animations