Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy (Belated) Halloween! Alpha Build 6.6.6

Woo, that was a doozy of a stream. I'm happy to announce that we've managed to include ALL of the currently planned neoteny variants in this update, and it's a pretty massive number of new variants! There's 16 new variants in all, which is far and away the most we've ever packed into an update.

Warning: there was a lot jammed into this update, between new monster variants and reworks/additions to the event system as part of setting up the Kaliba event, so there's a high likelihood of bugs. Report them and I'll try to get them dealt with via hotfix ASAP. There's also a chance that saves from older versions will not transfer correctly to this version. Next version I'm going to be doing some reworking of the save system, and I'm sorry to say saves will definitely not transfer. That, however, should be the last time we have that problem for a long time.

I plan on uploading the next public release tomorrow.

6.6.6 Patch Notes

- Queen Kaliba's Halloween Quest! Start by visiting town a few times in October. It's a fairly involved questline that includes a puzzle and a new sex scene! (let me know if there's any trouble starting or progressing through the quest)
- New/reworked neoteny monster variants: Kittengirl, Kittenboy, Dickpup, Titpup, Chickadee, Budgie, Heiftaurus, Vealtaurus, Boy Elfling, Girl Elfling, Imp, Lilim, Foal, and Filly
- New genderbent futas: Futa Demoness, Futa Mare, and Futa Titwolf
- Revamped futas: Futa Harpy and Futa Elf
- You can now go inside Cordelia's Lab
- Added Swine color variations

Bug Fixes / Balance
- The game now starts in August (makes it a bit closer to the existing holiday events)
- The Alchemy building should no longer be able to be upgraded, breaking the game (may still occur with saves from 6.6 or 6.6.1: just try to fight the urge to upgrade the alchemy building, nothing good can come of it)
- Taurus skins have been fixed
- Preferences should now be visible on the breeding and new monster screens
- Genderbent has been tuned back to occur much less frequently in the shop
- Preference gain has been tweaked slightly

Known Issues
- There may be issues loading saves from older versions
- Kittengirls have no mouths and I haven't figured out why yet. I would ask them, but...
- Skin and hair colors may be incorrect on some new monsters/variants, Vealtaurus in particular
- Pen silhouettes for the neoteny monsters and some genderbent monsters are currently incorrect and show up as base monsters instead
- Some animations have been disabled or are glitchy due to the new overhauls and colors
- Due to the overhaul of the color system, colors are incorrect in a number of pens and animations
- There's been an increase in lag (particularly when restocking the store), and we're in the process of fixing it/optimizing the game in general