Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tentative Concepts

Hi all! We're making a lot of progress on pumping harvesting animations out, as well as introducing the new Mandrake and Swing monster!

We're also still working on the final Seraph and Dickwolf designs, so what you see here will probably not be completely final. However, the bust size for seraphs is final for variety and lore's sake. Also because the Dickwolf needed to be updated like the rest of the models, we thought it would be the perfect chance to reenvision the Dickwolf to better separate regular monsters from their completely animalistic feral counterparts. However like I said, not everything is final for now.
Another inquisitor design and the fluffdragon harvesting pose

Monday, April 27, 2015

Progress Update

Hey, been a while since I did a blog post so I just wanted to make a tiny progress update. Next release will be on May 1st. This will not be super large or content-laden as a lot of the things going into 6.1 are just things laying the groundwork for the next wave of systems and fleshing out the gameplay/story (as I know a lot of people have been looking forward to that). There will be some new traits, consumable effects have been fleshed out a bit more, and the groundwork for the building upgrade and alchemy systems will be in-place. Also, nearly all of the old events will finally be ported over. There will be one or two new animations as well.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Ludum Dare

Hey guys, hope you've all been well! Just got finished spending my weekend working on my game jam entry for Ludum Dare, where the goal is to make a game over just one weekend. I wanted to try something a little different so I convinced my roommate to help me make a horror game with absolutely zero visuals. I thought it would be a neat idea to attempt to make a game that was entirely communicated to you through audio. It's pretty rough around the edges, of course, but I'm actually pretty proud of it. Feel free to download it and check it out:  http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=52179 (I apologize for the corny voice acting, but we couldn't use text so we had no choice :P)

I wasn't the only one competing in the jam, though! Vanilly and S worked with a couple of their friends (Zeta and Plumegeist) to make this seriously beautiful 2D platformer:

You can check their game out here: http://ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-32/?action=preview&uid=50315

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hotfix 6.0.2 for Patrons

Hey, here's the hotfix fixing the biggest bugs from the last hotfix. There was one bug that I was unable to replicate, which was the issue with saving and loading that some people were having. If you were suffering from that bug, please export and e-mail your save file to me at HartistaPipebomb@gmail.com so I can take a look; thanks!

6.0.2 Hotfix

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the memory leak, still working on optimizing
- Using the breeder from the breeding menu should work correctly now
- All monsters except elves should now have a consumable effect (still being balanced)
- Added a back to the scrollbar for better scrolling
- Dickwolf x Dickwolf now have the correct number of hands, and other small animation error fixes

Known Issues
- You may have trouble loading saves from earlier versions
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- There's no tutorial yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues (maybe you should try liking words more)

New characters and concepts

Hi all! This month is a focus on finishing the rest of the catgirl animations and breeder animations!
Here are some new concepts for the last of catgirl and some breeder poses
And a mElf x Felf in the mix
A few new (and old but revamped) NPC's have made an appearance!


Sunday, April 12, 2015


Hey, just letting you all know that I'm aware of the bugs introduced in the last hotfix and I'll be tossing up a 6.0.2 hotfix ASAP (this one will be an actual hotfix and not like a mini release :P).

Also, I wanted to announce that from now on you can use the url breedingseason.com to get to the blog! That should make it slightly less annoying than typing the blogspot url :P.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Hotfix 6.0.1 for Patrons

Yo. Here's that hotfix I promised, though to be honest it ended up a little bit like a small release :P. Managed to knock out a lot of little bugs. Next build will be 6.1 and I'll be releasing that in roughly another week and a half. I'll do the 5.9 public release at the same time.

6.0.1 patch notes

- Futa Holstauruses are now in the game
- New futaurus/catgirl animation
- New dickwolf/melf blowjob animation
- New felf/stallion and felf/demon animations
- There's now a snowy version of the town in winter
- The different monsters each now have unique consumable abilities (still balancing these)
- The gallery has been updated with the ability to set futa/neo and change the background
- Kala's camp is way prettier now (still nothing there, though)
- The futaurus/male elf and catgirl/futa elf animations have been added back to the game
- The Incorrigible trait has been added back to the game

Bug Fixes
- You can no longer duplicate monsters by continuing to hit "keep" after they're born
- Futa elves will show up correctly in the elf stockades now
- The Player's portrait in the status menu now shows correct gender
- Pens now refresh correctly after you donate or release a monster
- Menus should now refresh correctly when you fulfil a monster request
- The shop menu and breeding menu now sort correctly when the list is refreshed
- You now have to meet NPCs for them to give requests/show up in contacts
- Your first three requests will now always be a bronze, silver, and gold
- The monster and consumable shops will now periodically get new stock in without you paying to restock
- Breeding menu no longer randomly shows crit XP when it shouldn't
- Monsters should always level up when they reach enough XP now
- The Neoteny trait now shows up in the guild trait order menu
- You should no longer get requests for monsters over level 100
- Level request now scale slower, and request duration scales with them
- You now get trait description tooltips on the guild services menu
- Traits now have a stack size limit (most traits only stack up to 5)
- Ordering monsters now removes the correct amount of GP, and the length of time the order takes increases with the rarity of the trait
- Fixed a number of small animation issues
- Fixed the thing with the catgirl nose (you know the one)

Known Issues
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues (maybe you should try liking words more)
- Dickwolf/Dickwolf is missing a hand, as well as a handful of other animation errors that are still floating around

And, just for fun, here's a sneak preview of a special little mini-game you'll have the chance to take part in at the beach in order to get materials for crafting stronger consumables:
And yes, there will be a chance you might end up finding yourself reeling in a much bigger (and sexier) catch as well :).

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Hey all! I hope you all fuck like rabbits today on Easter! (In addition to a Christian holiday, Easter used to be a pagan spring fertility festival, so that's right up our alley :P)

I'm just dropping in for a tiny update to let you all know that there will be a 6.0.1 hotfix with a lot of minor bugfixes/small improvements coming in next week.


Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alpha Build 6.0 for Patrons and 5.8 Public Release

6.0 patch notes

- Nearly all of the character portraits have been graphically updated, and now have animation
- There's a 3/17 St. Patty's Day event with Bailey for the female breeder! (mostly finished, a little missing dialog)
- The player menu and the contacts menu now (mostly) work, and you can use them to see your affection rating with NPCs that you've met
- The Neoteny trait is back in the game, and you can obtain Kittengirls
- Added 7 other new traits
- The ranch is now scrollable, and the background will change with the seasons (snow and rain not implemented yet)
- The look of the Town has been completely reworked
- Delilah now takes her monthly debt payment from you again
- Your monsters now have happiness, which rises each time it is mated but goes down a large amount if the monster ever goes over its stored heart threshold (doesn't yet have a big effect on gameplay)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the major memory leak that was causing performance issues in some menus
- Events should recognize your gender now: there's a good chance I've missed a few lines of gendered dialog here or there so if you spot any let me know
- You can no longer purchase previously selected monsters after a restock
- Fixed some of the menu text and made some text boxes unselectable
- Price should update correctly when hovering off of monsters in the shop menu
- Fixed some bugs with the animation gallery
- The breeder should no longer become duplicated in the breeding menu
- Made the save buttons less confusing AGAIN :P

Known Issues
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- XP in the breeding menu sometimes displays crits when it shouldn't
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues

5.8 Patch Notes: