Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Tiny Update

Hey guys, just wanted to let ya'll know I'm back from visiting my family and will be back to my regular streaming schedule again starting today at 1:00 PM CST. I also want to say thank you to everyone who offered us their condolences and well-wishes; it meant a lot to me and I appreciate it.

Right now the focus is still on hammering out bugs and optimizing the game, as well as getting the affection system/menu up and running. The next release I have planned will be our regularly scheduled end-of-the-month release, and I'll keep you updated on what's going to be going into it.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Unfortunate Events

Hi everyone, not a lot has been updated this week art wise. S-purple and H-Bomb have been busy with serious family issues. FleetArt has been working hard, but I have to take a short break since my sister brought me the gift of the flu. THAT BEING SAID, the Bailey animation has been finished for this updates inclusion. Here are some goodies, and the latest updated models, probably the last for the time being. We're going to start finishing harvesting animations for F and M player.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Progress Update

Hey all, I want to apologize in advance for the inconsistent streaming this week. From tomorrow until next Tuesday I'm going to be traveling in order to attend my grandfather's memorial. I'm going to still be getting work done where I can (and even streaming if possible), but the schedule will be irregular until then. Once I get back the streaming will go back to normal, though.

So far this week I've been trying to go after the big bugs that are plaguing the current version. I believe we've successfully managed to deal with a memory leak that was causing some big lag problems with the monster selection menu, but in general I'm working to optimize a lot of the menus, as I realize even a slight bit of lag with them can get pretty frustrating after playing for a while.

Keep up the bug reports, guys!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Stop the graphics!

Lots of revamping happening! Here's a bunch of stuff S-purple and I have updated so far.

A couple of unique animations:

And a spider lady in the works!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Alpha Build 5.9 for Patrons

Expect some bugs in this one as it includes a lot of new bits that may be a little broken. I hope to get them ironed out ASAP so please report them.

5.9 patch notes

- There is now a debug-code-accessible-only animation gallery that allows you to view the animation for any breeding pair you want with whatever visual variations you want
- Stallion x Catgirl animation has been added
- The Futanari trait is now available again on catgirls and female elves, still need to reimplement their animations, though
- Consumables now have special effects and can be bought and sold from Kay
- The Guild Services menu now works, and you can use it to upgrade the shop or to order a monster. The order system has now changed: when you order a monster from the guild services menu a monster of the selected type with the selected trait will show up in the monster shop 7 days later
- Incest now has repercussions! If you inbreed your monsters too often you'll start breeding Gremlins. Gremlins cannot have any other traits or be used to fulfil requests.
- There are now stat tooltips to indicate what monster stats are doing, as well as visual indicators of when stats have increased and how much XP your monster will get from breeding.

Bug Fixes
- Requests loaded from save files should be possible to complete now
- Save menu shows unlock monsters (also says Import/Export to be less confusing)

Known Issues
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- Events do not correctly recognize the gender of the breeder yet
- The breeder will sometimes become duplicated in the breeding menu

I'm looking to have the public release of 5.8 a bit later in the month.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Progress Update

Hey guys, I just got back from the wedding (it was a load of fun). I still have to see if I can fix up issues with the revamped holstaurus look before I can toss up the update (or, if I can't fix them in a reasonable timeframe, revert them for right now). I'll start streaming in just a little over an hour from now and then continue streaming up until release ideally. If I just can't stay awake I'll try to get the update up first thing in the morning, but I think I can keep my eyes open at least that long :P.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Progress Update

Hey guys; I've got a wedding rehearsal dinner to go to tomorrow so I'm not going to be streaming at the normal times. If I can manage it I'll stream early in the morning like around 8 or 9 am, if not then I'll be streaming after 10 pm tomorrow.

The next release will be at some point on Saturday. It'll be something of a grab-bag; the futanari trait will be back in the game, gremlins will be implemented, it will be possible to buy and sell consumables, the guild services system should work, and there'll be a new catgirl x stallion animation. There will also be an assortment of small bugfixes and quality of life additions as well.

By the way, the new dialog portraits that S and Vanilly have been making are looking really awesome too. We're planning on having all of the dialog portraits have animation in the style of Amadour as well. Here's an animation test for Kay (converting it to gif made the colors a little off, she's not quite this pink in-game, but you get the idea :P):

Also, I thought I would give you all a sneak peak at a new character; this shady back-alley consumable dealer will sell you illegal consumables that you can't find in shops if you visit the right place at the right time, but it's a risky proposition as you never know exactly what you're going to get. You have to watch your back around this mysterious criminal:

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Insomnia Streaming

Yo; can't sleep so I thought I would stream some event/dialog writing. Ya'll welcome to hang out.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Art Update Progress

Yo wadup everybody, S-purple here showcasing some of the happenings in the art teams corner, me and Vanilly's been polishing the dialogue sprites which were cemented and need no further change so that'll quality would match with latest animations

Oo and here's a shot of Bailey our St.Patricks day monster , the event will be f/f only for the time being!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Progress Update

Hey guys; managed to get the guild services system all working, along with some smaller UI bits like stat tooltips. I'm currently working on getting gremlins in-game, as well as fleshing out the traits and consumable effects. I was also was able to get the animation testing gallery that Fleet made for us working in-game, so patrons can look forward to getting the debug codes for that.

I'm going to be doing just a tad of extra streaming today, starting around 5:30 PM CST, you're all welcome to join me if you like.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Anonymous Blog Commenting Disabled

Good god, I suddenly have a hard time believing I actually expected people to act like adult human beings on the internet. I appreciate criticism and understand that people have a rightful interest in making sure the project is being well-handled and that people have an important need to voice their concerns or disappointments, but this has just gotten totally ridiculous. Anonymous blog commenting is now disabled, I'm no longer going to tolerate anonymous trolls harassing legitimate fans, patrons, and people who have well-meaning, well-thought-out criticism; show some damn respect to each other.

This goes for people lashing back against criticism, too: I appreciate that you feel strongly about the project and want to support us, but attacking well-meaning critics who make thoughtful posts does nothing to help anyone.

Hopefully having to post under a registered account will make people a little more likely to express themselves intelligently; if problems continue, I'm just going to disable commenting entirely until I can get our own dedicated forum set up.

As a side-note, I'm streaming a little earlier today, starting at 11:00 AM CST.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Alpha Build 5.7 Public Release

Hey guys, streaming has been going great. I'll likely be doing a small release (somewhere between an update and a hotfix) sometime next week that finishes up the item system with the ability to buy and sell them along with special consumable effects, an animation or two, and some bug fixes. You're all welcome to come chat with us while we put it together; it'll give you a better idea of how much hard work goes into the game- and also we just like chilling with you guys :P.

By the way; as an update on both the web dev position and the project manager position: we've received a lot of promising applications and are still in the process of hiring. It's been taking so long to get new hires on the project right now just due to unexpectedly taking on Vanilly full-time (so worth it) on top of budget awkwardness due to tax day coming up, but we absolutely want to fill those positions ASAP as they're both important for us.

Anyway, I'm also putting up the public release for alpha build 5.7. You can find the patch notes here:

And finally I'll leave you with a WIP preview of our St. Patty's Day event animation:

S and Vanilly have been doing these one-off holiday event animations both because they're incredibly easy to plop into the game (unlike breeding animations with variations that often take hours and hours to implement) and because we're focusing on putting a lot more seasonality in the game and things you can expect to change month-to-month to reduce the feeling of an endless grind.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Streaming Schedule

Hey guys, just an update on my streaming schedule: for now I'm going to be streaming work every Tues-Fri starting at 1:00 PM CST (with special streams leading up to release days). My schedule will probably shift around a lot week-to-week, but I'll make blog posts updating when I'll be streaming.

Also, worth repeating that you can catch Vanilly (usually streaming along with S and Fleet) every weekday at 3:00 PM CST.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Updated assets and New Poses

Here are some finished poses by S-Purple as well as updated character face, chest, and butt models! There's also a new St. Patrick's day monster, a drunk Vampire that needs breast milk. (Will be an F/F only event)

Alpha Build 5.8 for Patrons

Alright, alpha build 5.8 will be going up in about half an hour here in the Creations section on Patreon. Public release will be in a day or two. I intend to do a hotfix next week or so as there's some bugs and other small things that shouldn't take much longer to implement.

5.8 patch notes

- New breeding pen animations: Demon x Catgirl, Male Breeder x Catgirl, Harpy x Catgirl
- On 2/14 in-game you'll have a chance to meet Amadour and have a male/male encounter with him. The text for the event is currently unfinished, and it still triggers for female breeders. Vanilly really put work into the animations for this one!
- Items are now partially implemented: you can harvest monsters in order to get a consumable for each stored up heart they have. Monsters are now fed from the breeding menu. Each time a monster is fed a consumable it has a percentage chance to gain a stat increase based on the type of consumable and the consumable quality. You can't purchase or sell them yet.
- New character portraits for Levi, Lily, Delilah, and Cordelia
- Many old events were returned to the game, though not all. You'll be able to get the random wild dickwolf and catgirl events again, but some animations may be missing.
- $10+ patrons will be able to use debug codes in order to see the animations for the alpha dickwolf and dickwolf foursome events (these events are awaiting implementation)
- The Map screen now works and allows you to go to the forest and beach, but the events there aren't yet functioning

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the issue with the Elf Stockades, they should work correctly now
- Hotkeys should work properly in more menus

Known Issues
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- Events do not correctly recognize the gender of the breeder yet
- The breeder will sometimes become duplicated in the breeding menu
- Requests loaded from save files will not be able to be completed, but new requests will work correctly