Friday, February 27, 2015

HBomb Streaming

Hey all; Vanilly, S, and Fleet have all been streaming their awesome work (which you can see every weekday at 3:00 PM CST over at, and now I've finally gotten on the bandwagon and will be regularly streaming my work too at It won't be particularly exciting to watch, but I know it gives a lot of people peace of mind to be able to see the game being worked on.

Right now I intend on doing a constant stream of all my work up to the next release (likely it'll be late on the 1st), so feel free to drop in. I'll be working pretty much round-the-clock to get this update together, and I'll also try to answer questions periodically as I can.

I ran into a snag getting Vanilly's new animations to play nice with the monster variations code, so I'm working through that currently. How many new animations I'll be able to get into this release will be largely dependent on that (if I can find a quick fix for the issues it'll pretty much be drag-and-drop, but if not I'll have to rework a lot of things). Worst case scenario I'll have to develop some JSFL scripts to make the process go faster.

At the very least, the items and harvesting system should be largely functional (though still rough), and there should be at least a couple new sex animations in the game. I'll keep you all updated as things progress (and, again, you can feel free to drop in and see how I'm doing in real time over in the stream :P).

Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Updoot

Hi everyone! We're all still chugging away at revisions, coding, and animating. Here's some upgraded gremlins from S-Purple, who has also been adding super cute features to the fluff dragon as well as playing with bust size.

Some new animation poses are coming along nicely!

Along with the cum animations, certain pairings will also come with lactation! Such as the catgirl x holstaurus.
Speaking of animations, here's very short clips of a couple of them done so far!
(Click the images to view the webm)

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Hi everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. Starting today we'll be trying to get out small updates every Monday. I've also been trying to compile an FAQ, which why I haven't been answering many asks lately (Keeping them all neat and tidy in one place). Also to those who have missed the cum animations, they're slowly but surely being added!

(Minus the glow and sparkles)
Also check out some of these fine new portraits!
Speaking of Amadour, we'll be testing out animated NPCs with him. Last but not least here are a couple of new pose concepts and some hot milfs.

Just a reminder that I stream every weekday at 3PM CST if you have any questions about the art:

Edit: My bad I fixed the transparency of the poses

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy VD everyone <3! Hoping you're having a fantastic day with your special someone, and if you don't have a special someone well that's what you have us for :P.

Been working on porting the old events into the new system along with some major spring cleaning. Thanks to S and Vanilly's hard work we actually have a pretty sizeable backlog of animations that just need to be implemented in the game and my hope is to drop a ton of them in all at once. We actually have upwards of 10 animations waiting to get in; we were just backed-up from the rewrite.

At any rate, I figure I'll repost a bit of the stuff S has been working on recently for you guys:
This guy is going to be part of a Valentine's Day event (it'll happen when you reach 2/14 in game, but probably won't be going in this month with the other events unfortunately).
This is an early concept for what merfolk will look like. We're going to be going for more of a tall, graceful look with them. Let us know how you like the look.
And here's a preview of the futaurus/catgirl animation.

Vanilly said she's going to start doing weekly blog posts up on here as well, to keep you guys updated on what new stuff is going on art-wise in the game. Also, she's still streaming every weekday at 3:00 PM central (you can watch it here:

I'm also looking to start streaming some of my work as well (it may be a deal less exciting to watch than hers, but those of you who code might find it interesting at least :P). I'll make another blog post once I get around to setting that up.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Alpha Build 5.7 for Patrons and 5.6 Public Release

In just about 20 minutes here alpha build 5.7 will go up on Patreon in the Creations section, then I'll put up 5.6 for the public.

5.7 patch notes

- Brand new Save system: You can have up to six save files to quick save/load from
- These pages of six save files each can be saved to or loaded from your local computer, so you can ensure that you never lose your saves
- From now on saves will transfer between different versions much more easily
- Save files are now written in JSON and all values in the saves can be edited directly, meaning you can change your save however you'd like (if you can figure out the JSON)

- Map and Inventory screens are half-implemented and do not work correctly yet
- New Traits are partially implemented

Known Issues
- Sometimes when loading from local files the button says "Save", which is weird... (still loads correctly, though)
- A couple catgirl animations are still broken (they'll be replaced with better animations soon)

The 5.6 patch notes can be found here:

Now that the Save system is in the last major system that needs to get finished up are the Items/Harvesting; and then implementation of the new content can commence. There'll definitely be two updates for February; one sooner rather than later that will return a lot of the missing locations/events from earlier versions to the game and have some of the new animations.

EDIT: To clarify some confusion: you click on the empty save file boxes in order to save. The "Load" and "Save" buttons on the page are for importing and exporting saves. I'll fix it to be more intuitive.

EDIT2: Re-uploaded fixed version of 5.7, if you downloaded it before attempt re-downloading it, the save system should work correctly now.