Friday, January 30, 2015

Vanilly Streaming and Progress Update

Hey guys; there'll be an update going up late tomorrow/early on the 1st (depending on your timezone). As of now I can confirm that the new save system will be in the game and working (barring any major bugs); meaning that from now on we'll be able to make saves transfer between different versions. There will still be a few updates in the future that won't transfer due to some large changes, but the majority of time you should now expect to be able to carry over your save with each new release. No promises on what else will be in the update just yet. There will also be a public release at the same time.

I also wanted to add that Vanilly, our newest artist/animator and full-time team member, has been streaming her work every weekday at 3 PM CST over on her channel at You can also see her art over on her tumblr at

The work Vanilly has produced for the game has been super stellar so far; in addition to animating S's art she has been designing new poses for us and as a result we have some really cool new scenes in the pipeline. Here's some sketches she made:

And here's some of the art that S has produced from them:

Oh, and one more exciting tid-bit: This scene (complete with cumshot) is now fully animated and you'll be seeing it in the game soon :P.

Oh, and I guess someone must've let it slip as it seems a bunch of commenters already knew, so I'll go ahead and admit that today is indeed my birthday (I turn 25 today) :P.

Oh man, and how could I forget? Vanilly made this enlightening diagram to explain the breeding process that I feel compelled to repost:

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Breeding Season Panel at Anime Central

Hey all, still working away at the next update (items and new save system). Progress hasn't been particularly exciting but it's moving forward and there'll be a release soon; there'll either be one big end-of-month update or two smaller back-to-back updates next week (one with the new gameplay features, one with a couple new events/animations).

I also wanted to announce, however, that I just got approved to run a Breeding Season Q&A panel at Anime Central! For those unfamiliar; ACen is a big anime con that takes place in Rosemont, IL each year (near Chicago). It'll be running from May 15th to May 17th this year. I'll be running a panel where I'll show off a bit of the game and then answer any questions people might have about it, and also any questions about the process of going about crowd-funding an indie game project, our team, etc. I'll have more details about the exact time and date of the panel once the schedule is finalized. It'll just be me there (S and the rest won't be able to make it, unfortunately), but I'm sure we'll have a good time.

Also, I will be absolutely floored if anyone is brave enough to show up in some Breeding Season cosplay; I will even be offering secret prizes to intrepid men and women who dress up as characters or monsters from the game. Of course, I will allow significant leeway to anyone who needs to alter their character's outfit a good deal to ensure that they don't get arrested or something :P.

Looking forward to seeing you guys there!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Progress Update

Hey guys, just checking in. I've been working on the new items/consumables along with the new save system, and they're both coming along nicely. I've redesigned the way items work to be far more extensible so that we can have a lot of new kinds of items in the future: instead of just consumables that you can sell or feed to your monsters, you'll also be able to obtain things like equipment that will have persistent effects on a monster or crafting materials that can be used to make better items or for cooking. Items will also be stackable in your inventory, which should make them much easier to manage (as consumables will work a bit differently and have discrete quality levels, not every single consumable will be unique like in 5.3).

As for the save system, I'm attempting to make it so that you can choose a specific folder on your computer that you'd like to use for your save file (instead of Flash just handling it automatically). Hopefully that'll do a lot to help alleviate the issues with saves being finicky and easy to lose. Also, you'll be able to have multiple save slots in the new version.

I'm looking to release the next game update in about a week or two; I'll keep you all updated.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For those interested in the art process and behind the scenes of our game-

S-Purple here, 

For those frequenting our blog but not our art dev blogs, here's a channel through which you can watch one of our designers and animators Vanillycheesecake do her magic!

As far as my own workload goes, I've been cutting up parts 24/7 to make sure we'll have a buttload of neat new animations with variations and the like ready before february hits.

Here's an assortment of random sketches I've done inbetween work to wind up. 

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Previews for january

EEEy whats up everybody, S-Purple here!

While H is busy rewriting the code I figured it would be a good time to show ya'll some previews of the upcoming animations , here on the main blog, I've been workin with our new animator Vanillycheesecake to bring you the most varied batch yet

 Thinkin that's all? NOPE, due to some miscommunication I've had to redesign the fluffdragon patreon monster to be much much larger, here it is ~!
But that's not all either, I've also been working on remodeling the holstaurus face and hairs, at the moment its heavily work in progress so it'll be shown later sometime this month or next!

And as usual if you have any questions regarding art progress its best to ask us directly at: 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Alpha Build 5.6 for Patrons and 5.5.1 public release

In about 30 minutes or so here I'm going to be putting up the 5.6 build for Patrons in the Creations section on Patreon, as well as a public release of the 5.5.1 build.

- You can now choose to be a male breeder
- There are two new sex animations for the male breeder: Male Breeder x Female Elf and Male Breeder x Holstaurus
- The breeder now shows up as selectable in the breeding menu. Currently when using the breeder to breed they will behave exactly like monsters (including instant birth without pregnancy for new offspring), though this will change
- The Options menu is now implemented, and you can disable sex animations
- There are now debug codes for the new build, including a code that allows you to call an event by name

Bug Fixes:
- Monsters should no longer breed with themselves

Known Issues:
- Still have to fix some animation errors with the catgirls
- There are still many game systems that have not yet implemented into the new build

As for the 5.5.1 public build, I'll be putting that in a separate "pre-beta" section from the 5.3 build so that you'll have access to both.

5.5.1 blog post: