Sunday, March 30, 2014

Alpha Build 4.4 and $3,000!

We made it to $3,000! You guys have no idea how psyched I am right now! Thank you to all of our generous supporters, you rock! This means, of course, that I'll be working on Breeding Season full time from here on out. This should lead to a huge improvement in the amount and quality of content that we can get into each update.

As for this update; it's now up on Patreon for everyone who pledged at least $1. For everyone who pledged $10 or more, the debug codes should be up shortly after. If you don't want to/can't pledge, you'll have to wait until the 6th when I'll make the public release.

This is another one of those updates that has a high chance of being pretty unstable. I plan on hotfixing this one throughout the week, so keep up the bug reports and let me know if anything is REALLY broken. Also, we make some pretty big changes to the UI; this is very much still a work in progress and it's still pretty rough and you should let us know what you like/don't like/what we broke so that we can get to fixing it ASAP.

Regarding the game balance changes; I still intend on doing a very significant revamp to the way the stat system works, but for now I'm playing with balance to help me decide on which directions to go with it. Do let me know how you feel about the balance changes.

- UI Overhaul: The monster shop, the consumable shop, the building shop, the clients menu, the breeding menu, the monster menu, the inventory menu, and many of the small menus have all been overhauled. The UI overhaul is a work in progress - Not all of the UI has been finished and much of the new UI is still in a rough state; we're looking for as many bug reports and opinions on the UI changes as possible. I'll be supplying hotfixes throughout the week as necessary.

- Random events: 2 large sex scene events, 2 small character events, and a handful of overheard
conversations (frequency on these events is still being balanced)

- You can now be introduced to Kay and Levi

- The Marquis and Marchioness finally remembered their housewarming gift

- There's a couple new consumable effects to play around with

Bug Fixes
- Consumable ratings can now go all the way to five stars

- Removed "less than" Client Requirements
- Consumables raise mod by four times as much
- Consumables sell for slightly more
- It now takes 10 minutes to enter any of the pens from the ranch or enter the guild from the town

Debug Codes
- You can now use debug codes to unlock gold and silver traits
- There is now a debug code to generate new clients
- There is now a debug code to change particular monster stats
- There are now debug codes to change both monster and player pregnancy rates
- If you want access to these debug codes, become a patron :P

Known Bugs
- Pregnancy still doesn't correctly display on a lot of animations (waiting until new PC sprite is done to fix this)
- The Feral trait is not yet in the game and as such can't be selected

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Important: Read if you pledged to Patreon through Paypal

Hey guys, I just got an e-mail from Patreon; it ends up that Paypal threw a hissy fit over Patreon allowing the use of Paypal to support adult projects. As a result, if you pledged to support Breeding Season via Paypal the pledge may not go through. Make sure that if you used Paypal to contribute that you cancel the pledge and switch to a different payment option.

I sincerely apologize to anyone who wanted to pledge money but will now be unable to due to this. Unfortunately, this is just another instance of Paypal screwing over adult indie projects.

We're still in the process of looking into other ways to accept donations from people who can't/don't want to use a credit card.

As for good news; we're still set for our update tomorrow for those who have contributed at least $1 through Patreon, though everything that will make it in isn't nailed down quite yet. Expect it late in the day (if you're East of Chicago you might be getting it on the 31st).You'll see most of Shwig's sexy new UI, though not quite all of it yet as it is still a work in progress. You'll also get a few random encounters, with dialog choices and special rewards, as well as a couple neat new consumable effects, and you'll meet a couple new characters. There's also a few bug fixes and balance changes; consumables are generally much stronger. For those of you who didn't pledge on our Patreon, you'll have access to this update on the 6th.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Over $2,000!

The Patreon is continuing to do fantastically and I have to say with some amazement that you guys have already pledged over $2,000 in just a week! It makes me incredibly psyched to see so many fans who are so dedicated to seeing this project succeed. If we keep up the push, there's a real chance that we'll reach the $3,000 goal by the end of the month, which means that we can spend all of April working on the game full-time! This would be a huge increase in the amount of work we could pour into the game; as it is both S-Purple and I have to dedicate a lot of time to part-time jobs and freelance work to make ends meet. If we can reach the $3,000 goal by the end of the month, however, it would be just enough to support ourselves off of Breeding Season alone starting in April. Not a lavish existence, exactly, but enough to pay the bills and still spend 40+ hours a week making Breeding Season.

We went ahead and reduced the "Spot in the credits" reward tier down to $30 from $75, so if you had your eye on it but thought it was a little steeply priced, now it might look a little more attractive.

What are some other things that you guys would like to see as possible reward tiers? We are totally open to suggestions if there are other things you guys would like to see/other rewards you think would be fitting for your donations. I know there's a lot of people who would be interested in a $5 tier, what sort of things would you want for that price?

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

More Concept Art

The Patreon continues to go up! We're starting to near $2,000 already! A friendly reminder to anyone who selected or is interested in selecting the $50, $100, or $300 reward tiers: e-mail me at with the details for what you'd like included and we'll work something out.

In the meantime, here's some more art from S-Purple.

This is the concept for a male PC. We're not planning on putting him in within the next few updates, but he is something people have been clamoring for so we'd like to have the option ASAP:

Additionally, another monster, the Alraune:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

$1,000 Goal Reached!

The response so far has been fantastic and we're absolutely floored with how generous you guys have been! We've reached the $1,000 goal in just four days!

This means that instead of one update a month we'll be updating twice each month. Don't worry, the pledges will still only be taken just once each month, though.

If we keep this up, there's a very good chance we could turn this project into something huge!

Also, if anyone donated for the $50 or $100 tiers, go ahead and send me an e-mail at so we can work out how you want your custom content.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

New Characters

S-Purple just threw together a couple more character portraits I wanted to share with you guys: The shopkeepers of the ranch upgrade shop and the consumable shop, respectively.

Friday, March 21, 2014

New Patreon Reward Tiers

Again, thank you so much to everyone who has pledged to our Patreon. Your support is a massive help in allowing us to focus as much of our attention on the game as possible. I went ahead and added some more reward tiers for those of you who were willing to give a little more but weren't getting much in return for it before.

You'll get access to a bunch of our various side-projects that we'll be posting up on Patreon. Some tying into or directly related to Breeding Season and some not, but most certainly they will either be erotic or humorous (most likely both). S-Purple plans on contributing full-scale pin-ups and other artwork, and I have some ideas for comics (in particular a Mass Effect one I've been wanting to do for a while; imagine a planet-sized creature that could fuck an entire world's worth of Asari at once) and some short Flash animations. We plan on updating our little side-projects at least twice a month, ideally more.

Also included in that reward tier, you'll have access to the newest debug codes every release. These will be changing every time a new release comes out ("givememoney" won't work forever), and I plan on adding a bunch of new ones as time goes on.

You'll get to have a custom animation made for the monster pairing of your choice, and it'll get added to the game one update after your donation. You get to pick the monster (limited to those already in-game), and you get to pick the sex act/position. In addition to the pose of your choosing, you'll also get a cum-shot to finish it up nicely. If you continue to pay this amount each month, then you'll get to pick a new pair of monsters to have a custom animation made for every month.

You'll be listed in our credits as a Contributor. In addition to having the name or handle of your choice added to the in-game credits, you'll get a small space to put whatever message you want (within reason) and a button to link to your website/blog/whatever you'd like.

You'll also be put on the Breeder's Guild Registry, which can be found inside of the Breeder's Guild itself in-game, players will be able to see your name and read a short personalized note regarding your prowess as a professional breeder.

Make sure that if you pledged at least the amount of one of these new tiers that you edit your pledge so that you get the reward!

Small Taste of the New Animation

The Patreon response has been great! 94 people (and counting) have pledged in just these two days. We really appreciate all the support and generosity coming from our fans.

Since a lot of people have been clamoring for a sample of the new animation with S-Purple's monster sprites, here's the new catgirl idle animation I made (still a WIP):

Also, since it hasn't been posted up on this blog yet, here's S-Purple's concept for the female protagonist:

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Patreon Page is Live!

Well, that went from tentative investigation to reality incredibly quickly:

Our Patreon is up and running! If you're looking to donate and support the game, look no further!

For the time being those who donate $1/month will get early access to updates. Also, I will keep track of those who pledge and, when the voting site is finally operational (fair warning: it may be a long time, as in many months depending on a number of factors), they will be appropriately rewarded with voting points equivalent to the amount they pledged.

For this next update, since the Patreon is new and I haven't given you guys a good full game update in a while, the Patreon pledgers will get the update just one week early: that is to say, pledgers will get the update on the 30th, and everyone else will get the update on the 6th.

I will probably draw out the length from there: next month the update will be two weeks early for pledgers, and then one month early from then on out.

There are also additional higher reward tiers if you are a particularly generous person that will let you get some customized content put into the game, but make sure you contact us first via e-mail at so we can work out what we'll put in.

Any support that you guys can offer is greatly appreciated.

Status Update

Hey all. Sad to say that I haven't had as much time as I'd like to work on BS the last couple of weeks due to grad school preparation stuff, but S-Purple has been cranking out the updated UI and it looks great, and he's even started to move onto the new character sprites, which means I've been able to get started on new animations (as an aside, I'm still the one making the animations, though S-Purple will be involved in designing the poses and intermediate sprites, etc).

Since I'm remaking the animations from scratch, I'm taking this opportunity to redesign the animation set-up a little bit to allow "cookie-cutter" poses which will fill in the gaps for pairings that I haven't gotten to make custom animations for yet. This way every pairing will at least have an animation (though, until I update the pairing with a custom animation they might be a tad samey/boring).

I plan on posting at least a sneak peak at what the new animations will look like by next week.

As for the next update, I'm going to shoot for the 30th. Expect an updated UI and a more fleshed out event system. If (if) we're lucky, you might also see a couple new monster models and animations, and an updated save system. I know it's been a long time since I've made an update with a lot of new gameplay-impacting stuff, so I'm going to try to focus on that.

Also, in addition to Dwolla I've been looking into Patreon. We're actually fine under their TOS. Possibly we might go with Patreon for a few months just to get a way to donate up and running and get the game into a more solid state before rolling out the membership/voting system as planned. I'll keep looking into it.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Tiny Update

Dwolla continues to look promising, but it will be a while until I know if it will work out for sure.

On another note, no my artist didn't change, he would just prefer to be known as S-Purple from now on in conjunction with this game. Like myself, he's not keen on having his adult and non-adult work too closely associated with each other, as I think everyone can understand.

Friday, March 7, 2014


So here's the situation on the website: it's pretty close to being ready to roll out but we're running into a pretty enormous brick wall here. Specifically, CCBill was unwilling to process credit card transactions for us due to "the content and theme of the game". Most other CC processors we've been looking at have similar policies, and processing our own CC transactions is currently unfeasible.

This leaves us with only a couple of options. One, we can continue looking for a company that would be willing to process our CC transactions for us, and if anyone knows of one that we can go to please do contact me ASAP. This would be the ideal situation.

Or two, we can change the content of the game such that it meets the acceptable use policies of CC transactors. This is not ideal, but it's very possible it will end up being the only option available to us. If push comes to shove we would rather alter the project drastically than drop it altogether, but realistically if there's no way for us to get financial support for continuing the project then we just can't do it. It's too much work.

Specifically bestiality content and references to incest may have to be removed from the game entirely. This may necessitate changes to gameplay, and in that case I do have plans for how to alter the gameplay and still make it fun and balanced. If we end up having to drop donation features like Neoteny I will absolutely refund every cent to donors who contributed to it.

I know people will be upset about this, but if we can't get a company to do our CC transactions we can't make the game at all. Older versions of the game will always be available for you to play.

I'm currently checking out dwolla, and so far it looks very, very promising. This may be exactly what we needed. I'll keep you all updated.

Monday, March 3, 2014

More Monster Mock-Ups

Here's some more monster mock-ups from S-Purple. We decided to make the holstauruses curvier to increase the variety of body-types.