Friday, February 28, 2014

Alpha Build 4.3

S-Purple's art update!

This update is mostly just replacing much of my art with S-Purple's. The process isn't nearly done yet, so in many places my art is still lingering around, the dialog portraits don't have all of their different expressions yet, some things are still being redesigned, etc.

There have also been a few bug fixes, but some of the older bugs are still lingering around.

Expect the rest of the promised Events update to be coming later in March, along with the rest of the art overhaul.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Simmer Down Now

I regret the wording I used in the last post as a lot of you seemed to have the impression that this was the finalized dickwolf design or that we wouldn't be paying attention to feedback in deciding how to move forward. What I posted was just a quick mock-up that Shwig made for me in a few minutes so I could post it up and see what people thought about the design. We'll keep on posting up things for feedback here, and yes we are paying attention to your feedback. Sit down and take a deep breath, the world is not ending, but we are making changes to the game. It is easy to get freaked out about changes to something you enjoy, however you also need to be reasonable; it's just a game.

Without trying to sound too harsh, I'm not making this game for you, I'm making this game for me. Every decision I've made so far has been on the basis of what I would like the see in the game, and seeing the game that I've envisioned become a reality is why I keep working on this project month after month. I will make decisions that you don't like in order to fulfill my own vision, and the harsh truth is that I will not feel a duty to cater to your wants unless you've directly contributed to the project in some way. I highly encourage you guys to give feedback and offer suggestions because it aids the creative process, but you have to understand that at the end of the day the only game I'm willing to make is the game that I want to make, not the one you want me to. I'm flattered that a lot of you have grown attached to my original designs, but if you're this attached to the things that I've made before then you should have some faith that I'll continue to make decisions that lead this game down the right path. Constructive feedback on what particular aspects of each design you prefer can help, and I really appreciate the comments that have done so intelligently.

I asked S-Purple to take over the art for this game because I felt his work did a much better job of approaching the vision I've had for this game than my own. Yes, I'm changing things. And yes, change is scary. However, this is the direction I want to take the game in. If your opinion differs then I'm sorry, but perhaps your vision and mine just won't line up.

Since a lot of people were upset about the idea of not having the animalistic-style dickwolves and stallions, we're looking at having animalistic variants released alongside the anthro variants. Here are some other quick, unfinished mock-ups of what we could possibly have the new dickwolves look like. Feedback is appreciated:

And, as a bonus, here are mock-ups of new designs for the catgirl and demon. Again, these are just mock-ups, and are subject to change significantly:

More Art

There appears to be some controversy about S-Purple's character designs. For the record, I explicitly wanted him to reinterpret the characters as he saw fit, and I stand by his designs and honestly prefer them to my own. That said, he is paying attention to feedback, and plans on reworking his Lily design since so many people made a fuss about it.

Here are some more character dialog portraits he's been working on:

We're going to be introducing some changes to the male monsters to make them more interesting/appeal to a wider audience. For the most part they'll be more anthropomorphic. This doesn't mean feral/animalistic monsters are going to be out of the question later on, but we're going to be changing the style of the basic monsters. Here's a work-in-progress mock-up of the new dickwolf design:

Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Welcome S-Purple to the Team

I liked S-Purple's awesome mock-up of a new visual style for BS so much that I've invited him to take over art duties completely on the project. Above is an in-game screenshot of the newest build we're working on. Over time he's going to be overhauling all of the existing assets, including the monsters and the UI design.

I am psyched about this, and hopefully you will all be too. As I'm now freed up to focus entirely on programming/writing/animating, we may see things go a lot more smoothly in the future.

Tiny Status Update

I just about have the website all finished but I discovered this morning that my AWS account is temporarily suspended. I'm talking to amazon now to figure out what I have to do to get this sorted out but until I do I can't actually host the damn thing.

Yeah, yeah, I'm pushing back another deadline. I'll get the site up as soon as I get this dealt with, so probably within the week, ideally within the next couple of days.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Status Update

Sorry it's been taking so long, guys. I haven't been able to work on the game as much as I'd hoped recently, but I'm still chugging along. I ended up splitting myself between a few projects rather than going all-in on this one like I had wanted to, so I apologize that progress hasn't been as quick as I wanted to make it before.

My plan is to have the test version of the website up on Friday, but that's only if everything goes smoothly and I don't screw anything up (things never go smoothly :P). As for the next game update, I'm planning on having a small-ish update next Friday the 28th, but again there's no guarantee.

Once the website is all finished I plan on ramping up the amount of work I can put into the game significantly, but I still kind of prefer fewer, more spaced-out updates. Expect updates to be coming out once a month, but hopefully they'll be much, much bigger than before.

Also, I want to add that if you offered to help me out, I haven't forgotten you! Really sorry for taking so long to get back to everyone, but I do hope to have everything organized such that I can actually support a lot of people helping me out very soon, so wait just a bit longer and I'll be getting e-mails out to everyone who is still interested.

I chanced upon some security issues with how the website is currently set up due to my lack of familiarity with AJAX and I want to rewrite some of it before I put it up for testing. Right now I'm going to shoot for Sunday, but as always that's subject to change.