Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Progress Update

Hey all, I'll be putting up a New Years Day update tomorrow for patrons as well as a public release for Alpha Build 5.5.1 likely around the end of the day.

Tomorrow's update will include the ability to select your breeder's sex when creating them (only male and female are available currently, but we may have more choices in the future), as well as some new sex animations featuring the male breeder.

There's some pretty big changes coming to using the breeder in the breeding menu too; firstly, the breeder will show up as selectable in the menu so there's no more of the unintuitive "breed monster with self" deal. Secondly, the breeder will have their own set of stats, and will level with breeding experience just like a monster. I haven't dealt with balancing those numbers yet so right now they work exactly like a regular monster, but in the future raising your breeder's stats will have entirely unique effects on gameplay.

I'm still working on getting consumables and the new save feature up and running, but once those two are done that'll knock out the last two major pieces of the rebuild and I'll be able to start getting the ancillary systems running (guild upgrades, ranch building upgrades, etc), and get some fresh content flowing again.

Also, I'm going ahead and tossing up a couple new pin-ups for our $10 patrons tonight on the Patreon; these ones featuring Saint Lily and Delilah. We want to start putting up new pin-ups much more regularly, and you expect more to come in the near future (as well as all-new debug codes pretty soon for the new build).

Lastly, everyone have a Happy New Years and be sure to enjoy yourselves tonight!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Response to Patron Comment

Hey guys, I'm currently working on getting the New Years update up and running. I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that despite it being an incredibly hectic last couple of months I am paying attention to feedback and I do read nearly every comment left on the blog, even if I can rarely spend the time to reply. I read a well-considered comment recently that echoed a lot of sentiments I've been getting from concerned supporters of the project and I thought I owed it to you all to write a formal reply and hopefully clear the air regarding things that have been worrying people about the project.

"First of all, an introduction: I'm a patreon. I sat here quietly for the last 5 months, spending my money on this game and waiting.

When patreons got, after 1 1/2 month of silence, nothing but 3 little flash animations I said "well, at least it's something". At this point, there were already promises of a soon rewritten game.

After that, the process seemed to pick up pace. Big words about new content, improved code, easier and faster to implement new stuff and almost 40% of the rewrite done.... So I waited and paid the monthly subscription in the hopes of better days.

But this update did it. This update is the final drop that lets all of my frustration and disappointment overflow. That's it. I had enough. I'm out. After over 4 months of rewriting, I leave. Yes, it is H-Bombs decision on which part of the game he lays his focus.
Yes, it is H-Bombs decision to determine how he spends his time and money.
Yes, it is H-Bombs decision to plan how to please every little fucker that thinks after paying 1$ or nothing he has the right to determine what is important or not.
But, after 4 months of rewriting and another deadline and another excuse and another promise, the game gets a holiday event instead of fixing things that are way overdue like saving & loading, introduction to new monster system, text for every npc, map, almost everything with consumables, town hall, events, flashing out the request system, traits and balancing overall.

Let us look back a few days. Friday, 19 Dec.: "I'm planning on a release complete with traits, events, and the new save system for Patrons". All he did was 1 tiny event that needed a hotfix after the release and the npc introduction for Roxie. I'm not sure if you can call it "complete trait system" when the trait names are "Test 9 1" or "Test 8 2".

It is not only this... let's call it setback, it is the whole series of big promises after which follow minor failures. Yes, every update brings new content but every update also leaves 2 new things that need a rework, a fleshing out, a redesign which comes late or complete balancing.

It's just so frustrating to pay for a game which has so much potential and every month you think to yourself "next month for sure" or "well, we all have a life to live. Shit happens" but by everything that gets my dick hard, we paid 25k this month for that update? Fuck, for 25k I can get my own programmers and flash animators and get this done in a quarter of the time. Only problem is, I don't have 25k. And don't come with "you don't know about programming". I know a shit load about programming because I did it for the last 6 years of my life. I pay my bills with it and I paid my monthly patreon with it and it finally reached a point where I can say "this is not worth my money".

Again, yes it is H-Bombs decision how to make this game. That includes team members, content, speed of production and everything else.
But I also have the option to say "fuck it, I'm out". My decision, my choice. Same goes for every patreon. I can't make you support or un-support H-Bomb. I can only state my opinion, see if you relate and hope that you change your decision. Hope that you see that this is not how things should be.
Maybe, one day, I will come back. But with this progression speed, I won't look back nor regret this decision. The only thing I regret now is that I ever believed and forgave every false promise while paying for it with my money.

Good luck everyone, I'm out"

Firstly, I want to thank the author both for generously supporting the project as long as they have and for expressing their criticism in a thoughtful and constructive manner; both these qualities are a rare thing and I am consistently impressed by how civil and intelligent fans of my goofy porn game are.

Secondly, I have to concede where I have been unambiguously at fault; I have very consistently made promises here on the blog on deadlines that I could not follow through with, and I've done it to a foolhardy degree and disregarded reasonable suggestions by fans to come up with better systems of setting expectations for releases. I will not lie: I have been terrible at learning from my mistakes in this regard, but I do recognize them and I sincerely apologize. Additionally, I created expectations when I first set up the Breeding Season Patreon system that did not reflect the eventual realities of development; I led people to believe that I would be able to make consistent monthly content releases with a playable build, and I don't blame Patrons at all for feeling betrayed by the fact that I have not been able to uphold this.

Much of the problem can be attributed to my inexperience with a project of this size, and I have to admit that a lot of the delays and over-optimistic deadlines have been a result of myself needing to learn on the job. In some cases the amount of work necessary to finish a task has ballooned wildly beyond my predictions; I honestly believed if I pushed myself I'd be able to finish the October deadline, and that proved to be absolutely incorrect to a degree that I wasn't at all expecting and was fairly laughable in retrospect.

I also have to admit that my intense desire not to disappoint you guys has been a big driving force in this problem and I've made some poor decisions over the course of the project because of it. Each time I fail to uphold a promised deadline I want to make up for the disappointment to my awesome supporters by having a twice as great release next time, and I try to promise as much, but in doing this I've put myself in a vicious cycle of creating unrealistic expectations for each new release and that's really all on me. I recognize that this needs to stop, and not only am I hurting myself by setting unrealistic expectations but also the people that I owe for even allowing me to be able to do this project in the first place.

Now, as to why this development process isn't going faster, particularly with the amount of resources we're being supplied with, this is due to something unintuitive that I didn't understand at first either. I've been reading The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick Brooks in order to brush up on project management, and I've found that what it's been saying rings incredibly true from my experiences (quoting from wikipedia's summary):

"Brooks discusses several causes of scheduling failures. The most enduring is his discussion of Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. A man-month is a concept of a unit of work proportional to the number of people working multiplied by the time that they work; Brooks's law says that this relation is a myth, and is hence the centerpiece of the book.

Complex programming projects cannot be perfectly partitioned into discrete tasks that can be worked on without communication between the workers and without establishing a set of complex interrelationships between tasks and the workers performing them.

Therefore, assigning more programmers to a project running behind schedule will make it even later. This is because the time required for the new programmers to learn about the project and the increased communication overhead will consume an ever increasing quantity of the calendar time available. When n people have to communicate among themselves, as n increases, their output decreases and when it becomes negative the project is delayed further with every person added."

Realistically, this project will take a long time, perhaps another year or more, and I cannot speed it up no matter how much money we're given. By adding additional labor now; more coders and artists and animators, I can massively increase the amount/quality of content that you guys will be getting once the game hits beta, but I just cannot make beta come any faster, and the more people I add to the project the farther away a finished version of the game will get.

Now, I know this is in some regards extremely unfair; particularly because we have thousands of awesome and generous supporters who are donating a massive amount of money every month for a project that will take months and months to reach completion, and with necessarily inconsistent releases along the way. The Patreon system honestly doesn't fit this project nearly as well as I hoped it would when we started; Patrons are only rewarded for donations month-to-month when their donations aren't really going to bear fruit until long into the future, and some months Patrons have generously donated money and got barely anything in return as a reward. I understand fully if Patrons who have contributed to the project decide to cease donating for a time and instead pledge again later when the project is closer to completion.

I want to add that I am paying attention to the Patrons who have donated significantly and consistently in these early stages and I do have records of who has gone above and beyond to support the project. I am absolutely looking into ways to reward and give back to these generous donors. One thing I am considering is adding every Patron who has donated over a certain amount in total to a mailing list that will allow them to receive the $10 level rewards every month regardless of whether they're still contributing money to the project or not. That way people who have given a lot already won't be required continue giving to receive rewards like early versions and debug codes later on.

As for what is happening with this excess money that we can't immediately turn into more labor; it's not just disappearing into the aether or getting spent on hookers and blow or what have you. I apologize that I haven't done a big financial breakdown on the blog before, but essentially right now the money we get from Patreon is about $17,000/month (this is what we get of the ~$25k/month pledged that shows up minus the cost of credit card transactions, Patreon's cut, and a large number of declined/fraudulent pledges that inflate the apparent number). Then I have to pay taxes on that money (15-20%), pay each of our contractors for the work they've done that month (Mittises, Fleet, PalmarianFire, Nono, and now Vanilly, though this cost can be inconsistent as it's based on how much work we were able to give them that month which varies based on the development state of the game, etc), and then S and myself take our salaries from what's left with a significant portion set aside and saved up specifically for future development costs.

I've ensured that I have sufficient savings stored up now that even if the Patreon money were to instantly dry up and disappear tomorrow I would have enough money to continue working on the project for another seven months and complete it (though I would have to do a significant reduction in scope), and ideally I'll just be able to reinvest it into the project instead, but again that takes time. The major point being that no matter what happens now, I will finish the project and see it all the way through to the end. It's just a matter of time.

Hopefully that addresses some concerns and gives you guys a better idea of where we're at right now. Please feel free to leave further comments and questions in the comments section and I'll try to get to some more of them, but I need to continue working on this New Years update.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Alpha Build 5.5.2 for Patrons

Alright, I can't make you guys wait any more. This isn't nearly as finished as I'd like it to be, but I want to at least have the Christmas event available for you guys to enjoy. I'll be putting the update up in the Creations section of the Patreon page in about 20 minutes.

You can view the female version of the Christmas event by clicking on the map button. Traits are not working correctly yet. There will be a much more substantial update for you guys at the end of the month. I just wanted to do something for Christmas T-T.

EDIT: I just uploaded a fix, hopefully the events work correctly now.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Pre-Beta Public Demo

Hey, still working away on the new release: it'll be ready in about 4 or so more hours. I'm afraid to say that the save function still won't be working yet, but it will be going into the New Years update at the end of this month (and, following that, saves will finally transfer for every version going forward). Tonight Patrons will be getting new traits as well as the new event system and our special Christmas event, including work from our newest animator who I'm looking forward to introducing formally. It won't have all of the old events ported over yet, but it should at least be something fun for ya'll to enjoy.

For now I'm going to put up the demo build that Patrons got access to a little while ago; it's not a playable version of the game but it's something for free players to mess around with at least to see some of the changes that are coming in the new build. Once New Years comes, I'll be putting up the build I released to Patrons earlier this month, so you'll be getting something more substantial soon.

.swf version:
.exe version:

EDIT: To update for you guys; I'm still here, and I'm still working. Thank you so much for your patience. Still trying to get the update up ASAP, right now it's looking like it'll be maybe 4:00 AM PST.

EDIT: Make that 5:00 AM PST, 6:00 at the absolute latest. And yes, I am heartily regretting setting a deadline around the holidays :(. Sorry, and again thanks for your patience guys; you're the best.

Progress Update

Happy Boxing Day! I apologize for the wait guys, I'm still getting things together. It's starting to look a little less like "early on Boxing Day" and more just like "on Boxing Day", but I will get the update up before the end of the day. If it's starting to look like it'll drag on towards later in the day I'll put up the public update early for you guys. S and Vanilly worked really hard on this Christmas event so I'm trying really hard to make sure I can get it working for you guys in time for what can still at least sorta still be called Christmas :P.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Progress Update

I'm busy making my list and checking it twice, etc, and I hope you're all enjoying your Christmas eves (or not, if that's your thing :P)! I'm still planning on doing the release tomorrow, likely pretty late in the day (so in a worst case scenario, it'll be an early Boxing Day release :P). The only thing that's a bit shaky still is the save system, but we'll see what I can get working by tomorrow night. Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Progress Update

Hey all, been working on getting the trait system all together. The new trait set-up is a huge improvement for me over the old one; previously adding new trait mechanics required large changes to existing code, now inserting a new trait effect into any interaction in the game requires just about a single line.

Traits WIP

After I get the new traits properly implemented I'm going to be getting the new dialog/events system set-up. I'm planning on a release complete with traits, events, and the new save system for Patrons and a public release of some of the older demo builds for Christmas!

Also, I want to give a plug to this game by Nono, one of our back-up animators. When he sent me it I was so impressed by the animations in it that I asked him to do some work for Breeding Season! Right now I'm looking at possibly integrating his After Effects style of animation into some special unique scenes:

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Alpha Build 5.5.1 for Patrons

Alright, build 5.5.1 is going up on Patreon in about 20 minutes. There's still some big bits missing: namely dialog, events, consumables, traits and saving, but the build is really starting to shape up now and it's a good deal more like an actual game now.

The request system is in; the requests you'll get from the NPCs are just placeholder for now, but they'll be a bit more fleshed out and interesting once I get a chance to implement them all. You have a random chance to get a new request every day.

Note that pretty much all the numbers, from the XP required to level to the level requirements on the requests to the way that stats affect XP, etc, has not been balanced yet whatsoever, so don't worry; these values aren't indicative of how I intend to balance things ultimately, they're just values I stuck in to get the build working.

There's also an extra treat for you guys in that I've finally managed to get the new catgirl hairs/faces into the game, and I have to say they are adorable and some of my favorite stuff S has made yet. They're not totally integrated for all the catgirl animations yet, but I wanted to at least get them in for the idle and for dickwolf/catgirl.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tiny Progress Update

Hey, just dropping this update to let you guys know the hotfix is on its way today. I'll have it to ya'll before the end of the night.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Progress Update

Hey, sorry for the small gap in progress updates, things are getting a little more hectic as the holiday season approaches here and I'm finally getting the chance to take some time to look at who else we can add on to the team. I'm extremely sorry to any project manager/coder applicants who've been waiting patiently for us to get back to them; there's been a lot of things competing for our attention this last couple of months, but I will start getting back to applicants within the next couple of weeks.

I'm still planning on hotfixing in the requests screen ASAP but as I've worked more on it I've found that it'll be necessary to flesh out more of the systems it's integrated with as well (NPC/affection, etc), so the hotfix will have more in it than I previously thought. I'm shooting to have it up on Wednesday.
WIP requests menu

Also, a ton of people have been asking about it, there will be a public release in the later half of this month. Basically I'll just be making some of the demo builds that I've made available to patrons previously available to the public.

Anyway, finally I'll leave you with some artwork that S has been working on:

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Progress Update

Hey guys, just putting up a small update to let you know I'm still working on getting that request system working. I'm pretty excited with how it's turning out so far; it'll be a small addition at first but I think getting requests from the actual NPCs will add a lot more interest to fulfilling the client requests. I'll be hotfixing as soon as it's in working order.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Alpha Build 5.5 for Patrons

Alright, I've been struggling with getting the requests menu to work all night but I realize it's already morning now so I'm going to go ahead and put up this build for all of you who have been waiting patiently. I'm going to keep working on the requests menu until it's done and then put up a hotfix as soon as I have it working. I ain't too tired so I'm just going to stay up and see if I can't get it done before this afternoon. I won't lie; the build is rougher than I would've liked, there's still a lot of placeholder stuff and some crucial missing pieces, but I should be able to hotfix the rest in ASAP. Right now Delilah doesn't take her taxes, so there's not much challenge, but I just plan on continually uploading builds over the course of the next two weeks as I add features as things should go much more quickly now that all the base systems are in place.

When I started this rewrite I had no idea that I would literally end up rewriting every last line of code in the game. On the plus side this means that there isn't a part of the game that has gone untouched in this restructuring so pretty much everything has been redesigned or improved in some way or another. The downside is that there will be a lot of bits missing or broken as I still have to recode much what was in the game before. In the past two months I've written about 5,000 lines of code, which is a personal record for me, at least :P. Honestly, putting this newest build together felt like a boss-rush of the entire rest of the project combined so far, but at the very least it is much better written than the previous builds.

But fair warning; there will be bugs. I haven't dealt with the animation bugs yet but I know what the problem is so they shouldn't be too hard to deal with. I replaced the Bug Report page with a fresh one so feel free to leave liberal reports. The new UI bits are still unfinished so they may look a bit wonky/act a bit laggy, but I plan on improving upon them to make them a bit more comfortable/convenient to use as I flesh them out more.

I'll be uploading the new build in about 20 minutes or so to the Patreon Creations section.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Progress Update

Hey all, hope you had a good Thanksgiving! I just wanted to let you guys know that tomorrow's update build is going well. This will be the first playable version of the new build so I'm really excited to put it up. It's too early to say exactly how many of the new features will be in working shape, but the build is at least playable now so it's just a matter of how many more additional systems I can cram in there by tomorrow night. I'll continue to keep everyone updated!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Alpha Build 5.4.2 (Demo)

Here's an update of the demo build from last night for patrons. This one has more of the monsters working (everything but Seraphs and Fluffdragons), and about 9 of the sex animations currently integrated (that was just what I could throw in tonight). It's just supposed to be another thing for you guys to play around with. I realize that the menus are really laggy with this many creatures; I have some methods of fixing the lag that I'll be able to attempt that should make it considerably less of a problem. The build is still very rough at this point, but it's shaping up quicker each day and most of the major hurdles to getting to a playable state are out of the way.

Progress Update

Sex animations are working, finally!

I'm going to put up another update tonight around midnight. I'll see if I can get all of the monsters working for demoing.

Alpha Build 5.4.1 (demo)

Alright, the AnimationViewer continues to be a butt. What I'm going to do is put up the build I have currently that just adds offspring (minus some bits of UI like being shown newborn monsters correctly) so that I have something more for patrons to play around with. I'm going to see if I can do an additional build tomorrow with the animations working and maybe some more of the UI if I can.

I still want to have a fully playable build (as far as breeding, time/energy and requests) ready by the 30th but some major features (saving, events, many traits, preferences) may not be available yet. I'm going to keep on putting up builds as soon as new features become implemented and keeping you guys informed of progress as it continues.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Progress Update

Continuing work on the 5.4.1 release. It'll still be pretty small/janky but some of the things that were missing before (namely, offspring and animations) should be working. I intend to put it up around midnight tonight, if anything goes wrong I'll let you all know immediately.

Due to a minor set-back it may not be up until 3 or 4 AM PST, sorry guys. I'll keep working on it and try to get it out ASAP.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Progress Update

Currently working on making 5.4.1 run, but there's still some issues with the animation viewer class. If I can I'll put up the new version of the build tonight around midnight, if not it should be up Monday night; I'll keep you updated.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Progress Update

Finished up all the code for generating offspring so that now works correctly. Also got some work done on some more UI (message prompts, etc) and got started on the dialog system. Animations are all handled correctly now; I just need to code the UI component that displays them. In between working on the dialog I'll probably also try to get the nifty new trait display working by tomorrow night.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Progress Update

Hey guys, I'm going to try to keep these progress updates going, if not every day than at least three-four times a week. Right now I'm working on getting the breeding animations working; it used to be that I had each individual monster remembering what each of its animations were for each pairing, which was just plain inefficient. As soon as that's done I want to get the new dialog system started finally.

I'll likely be putting up another build around Sunday.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Alpha Build 5.4 and Animations for Patrons

I'll be uploading a first look at 5.4 for patrons in a few minutes here. This build is still very restricted in what it can do; for the most part it's just a demo of the new breeding menu, but I wanted to put it up immediately just so you guys can have something after months of patient waiting. Sex animations are not displaying correctly yet nor can offspring be produced, but I'm close to having both those functions working. I will be uploading an additional build next week that should have more of the game working, and by the end of the month it should be fully playable. I really appreciate your guys' patience in this and I extremely value your support. You will not be disappointed by the final build; it's just a matter of getting it to work. I've ended up in a situation where I'm rewriting pretty much every last line of code in the game; it has been a trying process but in the end the result will be worth it. Anyone can decompile the .swf and examine my progress, and I absolutely encourage you to do so and offer suggestions if you have them.

Along with this update I'll be uploading .swfs of the new animations that will be available as soon as this new build has progressed far enough into the Creations section of our Patreon. I think you guys will really like them.

Also, I'm continuing to look through the applications for the PM position, and we're about to move forward on that. I apologize to anyone who has been waiting to hear back from us while I've been focused on trying to get this build into working order.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Progress Update

Alright, the build will be going up sometime around midnight tonight. The new build will not be finished yet: you'll be able to get monsters and breed them, but the requests, consumables, and events will not be working yet, nor will many of the ancillary systems. I want to make sure that I at least put up something for you guys today to mess around with, even if it's not in a fully playable state.

I will continue to upload more builds this month as I complete more of the systems; I'll release at least two new builds before the end of the month. My intention is to have the new build fully playable by the 30th.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Progress Update

Hey all, extremely sorry with the couple of missed progress updates; I kept delaying the next one because I wanted to get the breeding menu screenshots in it and I kept being sidetracked by other tasks, I should've posted something. I have a JSFL script I've been working on that automates the process of dividing new animation pieces into skin and primary color layers and unfortunately I've been struggling with it lately. It has some big issues with some concave shapes and I've been trying to hammer it out so that we can get the new animations prepared in time for the update.

Here's the work-in-progress breeding menu, at least; it's obviously missing some bits still but it should be done in time for the update. The two different folders swap which is in front when you click on the one behind. There's still a lot for me to get done before the 15th, but I'm going to see how much I can power out by the end of the day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Progress Update

Short update today: Still been working away at the UI; I'm in the middle of putting together the new store and breeding menus. I think the new breeding menu set-up should be a lot more intuitive to use: the menu will swap background folders to show which monster you're selecting and you'll be able to switch between them by either clicking on the tabs or hitting the 1 or 2 keys. I'll post up screenshots tomorrow once it's done.

After that I'll either be focusing on the dialog/events system, the requests system, or the new consumable system.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Progress Update

Made some significant UI progress today; got the revamped monster selection menu all finished (just needs a couple of more icons) and I feel like it's a significant improvement over earlier iterations. I also have the ranch building expansion system fully operational. I think the UI should feel all-around much better to use. Note that these are still the old catgirl faces; they have a new and improved look that S has put together that I simply need to get the time to put in:

 I also got to starting implementation of the male breeder sex scenes that we have ready so far, these ones should be in the new build when it goes up:

I'm hesitant about establishing an ETA but the new build should be up by the 15th. I apologize for it being such a massive amount of time between this and the Halloween update I failed to deliver. I was never going to be able to get that Halloween update up in time, but even then I was hoping to at least be able to hack together what I could into a barely playable state so that you guys could at least have something. The problem is that even trying to hack together what rewritten components of the game I had finished with the existing code was just not going to work as the two builds are so incredibly different at this point.

Partly the reason it's taken so much longer after missing the Halloween deadline is that I can afford to make sure things are fully implemented for the release instead of having them sloppily tossed together, and I have been trying to squeeze in a lot more polish wherever possible, though largely I'll admit that there's just so many more issues and additional systems I've found myself having to rewrite than I predicted. There's still a lot of code for me to clean up and implement, but I've come a long way; I just did a count and since the beginning of October I've written a bit over 2,500 lines of code as part of this rebuild (and you'll all be able to confirm this by decompiling the .swf yourselves once the build is finally up). It's not the most efficient coding by far, but it's still a steady pace.

I'm still ashamed I've been so terrible at predicting and setting deadlines throughout this project, but I'm still very proud of the work I've done on this new build and I'm confident you'll enjoy it.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Progress Update

Finally finished up the rest of the animation display and customization system, then worked on porting more of the UI. The new set up for how animations are customized is by far the biggest improvement to come out of the rewrite so far when it comes to things that will make my own life easier in the future. It'll be extremely more manageable for me to deal with more complex animations and visual variations.

The things that I have left to tackle before I can finally put up the new build: I still have to finish porting the rest of the UI, implement the redesigned traits, implement the new dialog/events system and port the old events, implement the new consumable effects, port the existing monsters/ranch buildings, finish updating the breeding logic, and then add all the serialization methods. The upside to that list is that porting each of those things should go relatively quickly after I get over the hurdle of finishing the major systems.

I'll do another update soon with a much more solid prediction of when the build will be released; I don't want to keep you guys waiting much longer.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Progress Update

Mostly just did further work in porting the old UI into the new system. Also started working on implementing and testing the various new traits; a majority of the traits that are currently in the game were redesigned for the new build. Not all of them have been replaced yet, though.

Will continue on the UI tomorrow.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Progress Update

Did more work on the Animation customization system, and started a bit on the dialog system as well as some other UI bits. I've been remaking some of the UI components from scratch (rather than incorporating default Flash UI components which required hacking things together in a manner that was introducing UI bugs). This means that it'll be easier for me to modify UI functionality more easily. One thing that I'm working on is making it so that the Trait display box is a lot less annoying to use; you'll be able to expand it so that you aren't forced to scroll in that tiny box. That portion of the UI will still require more work, though.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Progress Update

Worked on the Preferences, Status Effects, and Traits. Will need to do more work on the Animation customization as I move into starting to work on the UI (just barely got started on it). With the new set up it's now possible to have new rooms for your ranch buildings to house more of a type of monster, though I still need to set up the system for buying them. At first additional pen rooms will just look identical to the first, but we may end up making them unique eventually.

Haven't touched the dialog system yet but I'm looking forward to it, as I have some changes designed that will allow dialog and choices to be a bit more dynamic depending on the player's situation. Nothing too fancy, but at least enough to make options where you're doing a "skill check" with one of your monsters more interesting.

Progress Update

Still getting into the groove of these daily updates; sorry yesterday's got pushed to this morning. Got the animation system started along with the appearance classes, preferences, and status effects. Will be finishing those up today along with starting to get onto the events and dialog system.

Also, wanted to mention that we got a ton of promising applications for the PM position. It'll take a little while to determine which are the most promising and move onto interviews, but if you went ahead and sent in a resume expect a response by the end of the week.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Progress Update

Short update: didn't get to the breeding menu just yet as I ended up needing to spend more time on aspects of monster creation; they're a deal more complex now with the changes but should be much more expandable. My previous system for dealing with various monster types relied on having them defined in XML and then just altered fields in a base monster class based on that. This time around I'm exploiting polymorphism more by having each monster type be a subclass of the base monster class, which should have the added benefit of allowing there to be more interesting and complicated differences between monster types as I can make more radical changes to them.

I realized I'll also have to nail down the preferences and status effects before moving onto breeding, and the appearance classes that will control the animations. This means I'll probably be pushing the UI stuff to right before I finish the update rather than tackling it now, but that shouldn't make the update take any longer to put together. Tomorrow I should hopefully at least get the animation system started, if not finished, and be able to start focusing on the requests and events.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Progress Update and Public Release 5.3

Worked on fleshing out the classes responsible for constructing monsters for the store and from breeding, as well as implementing revisions to how traits are generated and applied today. These changes should deal with most of the trait-associated bugs that are still present in the last release.

The monster building methods are also going to be significantly more granular now so there's more room for manipulating how monsters are made, which will make it easier to add unique monsters you can get from events in the future.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to get the new breeding menu together and working and then move on to the rest of the UI.

In addition, here are the 5.3 patch notes:

Status Update

Just to keep you guys updated: I'm currently reassessing the amount of work left to have a playable update. Ultimately, my problem came down to leaving far too many big structural decisions until the time came for implementation; I made too many big changes to the design mid-month and didn't realize how that would affect designs for other systems I had made earlier, so when I got to actually implementing them I had to go back and redesign much of what I had put together before. My inexperience has been really nailing me here, and I will admit that I still find myself learning something new and having to hop back and redesign a part of the code structure periodically. I actually ended up buying 6 new textbooks over the course of the month just trying to scrounge up design solutions for my problems.

As of right now most of the fundamental code for the UI system, monsters, locations, and ranch buildings is in place, but some fairly large aspects of the game are still missing: each of the individual UI menus and components still need to be rewritten to work with the new UI manager, the system for retrieving and customizing animations needs to be put together, the new game events system needs to be put together, as well as the new requests system, and then finally each class that needs to be saved will need to have serialization methods added to them. I'm expecting that each of these are going to take about a day.

From now on I'm going to make a blog update every single day that I work detailing the progress. Some days the post will be short, but generally I just want to give a constant sense of how the project is advancing. If I run into any significant issues, I'll try to put them in detail on the blog so that any programming savvy commenters can offer suggestions. As soon as the build is working correctly I'll release it immediately. I'll go ahead and put up the public release tomorrow.

As far as the project manager position: more accurately I'm looking for someone who has experience in software development and architecture as well coordinating a small group of workers. Prior experience with Flash or AS3 is a plus but not necessary. Knowledge of good OOP design is ideal, as well as familiarity with some sort of project management software. If you're interested go ahead and e-mail a resume to me over at

Saturday, November 1, 2014


I'm incredibly, incredibly sorry; what I believed was going to be a quick integration of the remaining code cascaded into a far, far larger task than I was prepared for and there's no way I'm going to be able to finish this in my current state. I've hardly slept in the last 3 days and I'm making zero headway at this point; I need to stop and resume this tomorrow. The fact that I bungled this planning so incredibly is completely inexcusable on my part and I am totally ashamed. There is absolutely no reason why I should've allowed this to happen and I can't express how sorry I am for continually failing time and time again to realistically and effectively schedule around these updates and account for all the work that needs to be completed ahead of time.

You guys frankly deserve far, far better than I've been doing, and I am immediately going to hire an actual experienced, capable Project Manager onto the team to replace me in these duties because I have been grossly incompetent at adequately scheduling and coordinating the project and I can't apologize enough for this failure. Coordinating a project of this scale is simply beyond my capabilities and I've been far out of my depth; we need an actual Project Manager and I should've hired one months ago. I promise I'll do everything in my power to make amends for this screw-up and get the new build into your hands ASAP.

When I started making this game I had no idea of the scope it would eventually reach. There is so much I've learned in the last year that I wish I had known when I began. I never imagined our Patreon would actually reach $5k per month, much less $23k, and I'd be lying if I said that adjusting to these heightened expectations has been painless. I am, however, still now and have always been totally dedicated to the project, and even moreso to the people who have supported us and allowed us to do the things we love for a living entirely under our own creative control. There is not a day that goes by that I am not bewildered with how incredibly, absurdly lucky I am to be in this position, and there is nothing that pains me more than knowing when I've failed to live up to promises that I've made to the people who make this possible. I'm incredibly indebted to you all and I'm not about to forget that. You aren't just a bunch of people paying for a porn game to me; you're the entire reason I'm able to pursue my dream job, and to do so entirely under my own creative vision, and that's a big fucking deal.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Tiny Status Update

Happy Halloween!

Just a tiny update to let you know the Halloween Update is still on track. I'm still juggling a lot of unknowns right now so I can't say exactly how many hours it'll be but it will definitely be up before I collapse tonight/tomorrow morning (maximum of 8 hours, but hopefully far fewer than that).

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Status Update and Future Gameplay Revisions

Status Update:

Hey all! Incredibly sorry to keep you guys in so much suspense for so long! I apologize for really failing on the communication front this month; I'll make sure that I don't have another dry spell on status updates like this again. The rewrite has just been dominating all of my attention, unfortunately, and when I make updates I tend to try to make them huge and informative affairs like this one which takes up a lot of time. From now on I'm going to try to change my habits so that I'm putting up more small work-progress updates a couple times a week; they won't be very large or exciting, but I do really want to do more to just let you guys know I'm still alive and working like S does on his tumblr.

That said, you are absolutely getting the rewrite this month, along with another public update! It will be up late on Friday the 31st, as a Halloween treat for you all!

Tomorrow night I should be able to give you a much better idea of what all features you'll be able to enjoy once I put it up, as I'm still in the process of integrating all the new systems together and I'm not positive what will work yet. Fair warning; it will have a lot of rough edges, placeholder UI, and many aspects will not be fully implemented yet or not implemented at all. I've been putting together some pretty radical changes to the game this month and it will take a while before they're all fully fleshed out. 

On the upside, this will definitely be the last time I have to do this sort of redesign/rewrite! There may still be some significant gameplay changes to the game in the future, particularly as far as balance is concerned, but this will be much closer to what the final version of BS will look like at least on a basic level. I'm going to try to ensure from here on out that you will definitely get at least two playable updates a month, and if I can manage it I would like to have them become even more frequent moving forward, though that'll depend on a lot of factors.

As a final note before I get into the meat of our planned gameplay changes; this update will have very little in the way of new art or animations and is very much focused on gameplay and code changes, however the next update will be on November 15th and contain a backlog of sex animations that we've been putting together; at least 5 new sex animations with variations, and then hopefully more animations later in the month as well. I also want to get around to finally implementing at least the first of the long-anticipated cum-shot animations.

Future Breeding Season Gameplay Revisions:

With the new build there are very major changes to the way pretty much every system in the game works. This is a big departure from previous designs I had considered, and totally different from the previous build. Stats will no longer change independently from one another; instead, raising your monster’s stats will be much more like leveling up in an RPG. Don’t worry; the way client requests work will also be changed appropriately to reflect this. Mind you, much of what is written here WILL NOT be implemented yet come Friday, but this is just to give you a very good idea of where I'm trying to take things.

Monsters will level up once they've gained enough XP through breeding and being fed consumables. The amount of XP required to level up will be based on the monster’s level, and it will rise considerably as they grow in level.

Growth Modifiers:
Every time your monster levels up they'll have a random chance to have each of their stats raised. This random chance will be based on their growth modifiers for each stat (represented by a letter rank) that the monster is born with. Perfect S rank growth modifiers will be incredibly hard to breed into your monsters.

There will be no individual caps on level (every monster caps out at level 100), however it’ll be considerably more worthwhile to level up monsters with better growth modifiers as they'll have better stats at max level and gain stats faster, and only a monster with all perfect growth modifiers will ever be able to max out every stat (this will be a huge feat; maxing every stat will be only for the hardcore grinders and not necessary to complete the storyline).

The amount of XP a monster will get from a breeding attempt will be directly based on the level and STR stat of the monster they’re having sex with as well as their own CHA. In addition, repeatedly breeding the same two monsters together will slightly increase the pregnancy chance every time, meaning that after enough breeding attempts you're always guaranteed a baby.

Harvesting will be significantly different to how it is now. Monsters will generate a certain number of “hearts” each day that represent how many times that monster can breed in one day (the number of hearts they generate each day will increase with STA). If a monster has any unused hearts at the end of the day they get “stored up”. So, for instance, if I have a dickwolf who can breed twice each day and I don't breed him for four days in a row he'll have eight hearts stored up. When you go to harvest a monster you'll get a consumable from them for every heart they have stored up, so you'll only have to harvest your monsters periodically instead of every day to still get all their consumables out of them.

However, every monster has a maximum amount of hearts they can store up before they just can’t take it anymore (this number is based on their WIL). If you let them go too long without breeding or harvesting they'll misbehave and take matters into their own hands (so to speak), causing them to lose all their stored up consumables as well as reducing their happiness.

Instead of having every consumable be unique and having consumable quality directly vary with a monster’s stats, there will be only one measure of consumable quality and 10 possible quality levels (though, they can still have unique effects due to monster traits). When harvesting, the consumables produced will have a random quality, with a higher chance of higher quality consumables if the monster has high stats. This means that consumables with the same quality/effects will be stackable and therefore much easier to manage. Each monster type will still have its own special consumable effect as well.

Consumables will directly increase a monster’s XP based on their quality. It will also be possible to feed your monsters consumables directly from the breeding menu. I'm also considering adding the ability to upgrade your pens with a “trough” that will let you place a stack of consumables that your monster will automatically eat each day.

Happiness will determine how much a monster likes you, and the likelihood of either good or bad events occurring with that monster when you breed them or enter their pen. A monster will lose happiness if they aren't harvested before they store up too many hearts, or occasionally if you fail a random event involving them, however generally happiness will be much easier to raise than it is to lose so you won't constantly need to worry about it. A monster’s happiness will go up slowly every time they're bred or harvested, but it can be raised much faster by catering to their preferences, or succeeding in random events involving them.

Monsters may have preferences for particular other monster types, particular consumables, individual monsters or even the breeder themselves. A monster’s preferences can change over time and may develop or grow stronger with repeated exposure, or may change based on choices you make during events involving them. The stronger their preference, the more their happiness is raised when you indulge it. Preferences will also be significantly affected by traits. A player will be able to safely ignore a monster's preferences with few to no ill effects, but indulging a monster's preferences will provide bonuses and benefits.

Personality Traits:
Personality traits will be special kinds of traits that influence how a monster acts in events and can affect their preferences and relationships with other monsters. Unlike most other traits personality traits may also change over time. Personality traits won’t be implemented for a while, though depending on how much of an issue it will be to implement, we're looking at having unique visual features and idle animations for monsters with different personality traits.

Monsters that you keep around long enough will begin to form relationships with each other and the breeder. Two monsters with opposing personalities may become rivals, or if a monster has a strong preference for another one and you breed their crush with someone else they may start to get jealous, or, of course, two monsters might fall in love, etc. These relationships will be reflected in special events and you'll have some influence over them and they may lead to special storylines, however they can also be safely ignored without negatively affecting your gameplay. It will be a very long time until this entire system is properly implemented, but once it is I hope that it will go a long way towards giving the monsters on your ranch a lot more life and character.

Rather than feeding/breeding/etc taking up time in order to limit the actions you can take in a day, they'll instead cost energy, which is a resource you generate every day. This change is for a few reasons; primarily to make it simpler and more intuitive to keep track of how many various actions you can fit into the day and do the math in your head. Also, you'll be able to roll over some of the energy you don’t spend one day into the next day (up to a maximum). There will also eventually be ways to extend your energy. A monster's DEX stat will reduce the amount of energy that actions involving that monster take up, just like it did with time.

Mostly, though, this change is because I just thought it felt wrong that a super high DEX monster can apparently only last a couple of minutes in bed :P.

Stat Effects
(the math on these is far from final, currently stats have a linear progression but may be changed to suffer diminishing returns; this'll require testing)

STA: Increases the number of “hearts” a monster generates each day, but does it as an average over time. For instance, if a monster has 25 STA, it would generate "2.5" hearts a day on average, which means that every other day it will alternate between generating 2 hearts and 3 hearts.

STR: Directly determines the amount of XP this monster’s partners gain when it breeds with them. Monster’s STR x Monster’s Level x Partner’s CHA = Partner’s XP gain.

DEX: Reduces the energy cost of actions involving the monster. 1 DEX = 1% less energy. Also gives breeding a chance to “crit” and gain twice as much XP, 1 DEX = 0.5% crit chance.

CHA: Increases the amount of XP that the monster receives from breeding multiplicatively. Also increases the amount of happiness that other monsters gain from breeding with it. 1 CHA = 1% more happiness on average.

WIL: Every point of WIL increases the number of hearts the monster can store for harvesting by 1. It also confers a 1% per WIL chance to resist negative events like sickness and happiness loss.

FER: Raising this stat directly increases the rate of producing offspring for this monster as well as how much that rate increases with repeated breeding between the same two monsters. 1 FER = 0.5% higher birthrate and +0.5% rate increase with successive breeding.

Traits will work pretty much like before. However, leveling up stacking traits will become more difficult: instead of the two monsters having their stacks added together for that trait in their offspring, there will instead be a random chance to have a child with an additional stack based on how many stacks each parent has. If both parents have the same number of stacks and they both give that trait to the child, that chance will be 100%. For instance: If dad has 5 stacks and mom has 5 stacks, and the child inherits from both, the child will have a 100% chance to have 6 stacks. However, if the dad has 5 stacks and the mom has 4 stacks, the child will only have a 50% chance to have 6 stacks, and a 50% chance to have 5 stacks.

Also, there will be more gameplay-oriented traits that will only have an effect on certain monster types: this is in order to further differentiate the monster types.

Client Requests:

The client request system will be overhauled into something very different. Instead of just three faceless clients representing a random set of requirements you will actually get a list of both randomly generated and storyline generated requests that are given by actual NPCs in the game (like Roxie, Lily, The Marquis, etc). You'll be able to get more than three requests, but requests will still be sorted into bronze, silver, and gold based on difficulty and how rewarding they are (storyline quests will be platinum). More difficult requests will have a time limit associated with them, and will go away if you don't complete them within a certain number of days. Completing these requests for the NPCs will increase your affection with them; and in the future will unlock further storyline and romantic options.

Because of the changes to how stats work, stat requests will be much less common. Early in the game, requests will mostly just focus on monster type and level. Later on, there will be more stat and trait requests. I'm also thinking about including appearance requests eventually.

Additionally, you'll occasionally get consumable requests that will ask for a certain number of consumables of a certain quality. These will pay much better than selling them to Kay normally.

Alright, that's a ton of text, I apologize if I forgot anything big or left out any details. I'm still not sure exactly how many of these changes will make it into Friday's update, but the changes to how leveling, stats, and harvesting work will definitely be in. At any rate, I need to get back to that :P.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Progress Dump, Kay's Bottle Catch, and 5.2 Public Release

I just put up the progress dump with a small collection of animations, art, and writing for you guys to enjoy and hopefully tide you over until we can get the pre-beta build done. The progress dump is up on the Patreon and is available for $1+ patrons.

I also put up the Kay's Bottle Catch mini-game on the Patreon for $10+ patrons. It's a goofy little game, but I had fun making it :P. It generates the bottle patterns based on music, and you can use any mp3 you have, so you should try playing a few of your favorite songs. If you get a high enough score in the game you'll unlock progressively more racy images of Kay (presumably left over pictures from her incident on the beach). Fair warning: it may be difficult.

As a tip when playing the game: make sure you use the dash when necessary. If two bottles are falling at the same time on opposite sides of the screen, Kay is actually fast enough to grab them both if she's dashing. But just make sure you don't run out of dash juice!

Also, I've put up the 5.2 alpha build for anyone to play. The 5.2 patch notes are here:

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tiny Status Update


You guys seemed really cool with the "progress dump" idea so I've gone with that for tonight's update. Right now I'm just doing a few final tweaks on the Kay mini-game, then I'll be putting that progress dump together, both will be posted up on the Creation section on Patreon.

I'll be putting this all up, along with the newest public release, in just about four or five hours. Thanks for your patience, guys! You've all been awesomely supportive, and I want to let you guys know how much I appreciate that. Hopefully you guys'll like the stuff I have to show you!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Status Update

Hey all, sorry for the lack of status updates. I've been knee-deep in rewriting the code and having some life problems recently. Insurance issues leading to a lack of ADD medication have been making my output a bit inconsistent. It should all be sorted out by the beginning of next month, though, and the other team members have been doing an awesome job of picking up the slack for me. Fleet has been a real blessing :P.

Speaking of which, we've added two new animators to the team who will be working with us on a part-time basis, filling in more animation work wherever we need it! I'll announce them officially come next month.

The rewrite is about 40% done, and I'm thinking that the pre-beta version will be complete and ready to roll out by the mid-to-late October. Unfortunately, as it stands it's not playable at all. On the bright side, once it is finished next month you'll be able to transfer saves, play as the male breeder, and enjoy the new gameplay systems including the new monster preference and happiness system and the stat overhaul.

Right now I'm faced with a decision regarding this month's update. I won't be able to put up a playable version of the new build as it's just not there yet, but I could do one of two things; (1) Put up a version of the old build updated with some additional art/animations that we've gotten together over the course of this month. This option would take away a couple days from developing the new build as I'd have to work in the new content to the old one, so it's less attractive to me, but I don't want to leave you guys hanging with no new playable update this month if that's what you're hankering for. (2) Put up the new art and animations just as a separate sort of "progress dump" for patrons to check out without actually being integrated to the game itself, as well as a sneak peak at the design of the new systems, events, etc. This is better for me, but it's up to you guys as to what you'd prefer to see.

Either way you'll definitely finally be getting that Kay mini-game we've had on the back-burner for a while (and the Kay pin-ups that includes) if you're a $10+ patron by the end of Tuesday. I'll also definitely be putting up a public release of 5.2 for everyone.

Let me know how you guys feel.

In other big news: we're currently working with a web-designer to get us finally set up with a nice, professional site and a real forum! We'll see how it goes, but I want to have the new site up by November.

And, of course, I'll close with a bit of new art from S:
A potential Cordelia redesign
Catgirl rework

And then, of course, here's some stuff that's just for fun :P:

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

On the art related news!

G'day erryone,

S-purple here, here to showcase some of the promised NPC interaction that may or may not be arriving next month,
H-bomb is currently busy rewriting the entirety of the game's code among other things and I figured it would be good to at least let the people know whats happening on the art part of the game.

SO, here are some preview images of the upcoming interactions with a few of the fan favorites as well as a few teasers.

And do not worry, Male Breeder interaction with all monstergirls is indeed coming in the next month or so.

Many people have also requested something for the victory screen so H-bomb told me to make this.
You'll be able to see it in its full glory when it is in the game!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Status Update

Hey all!

Alright, so this month is a fairly big month for the game; I'm in the process of a massive rewrite of nearly the entire code-base in order to update the game to what will be its "pre-beta" build (we'll still call it alpha, though). If all goes well, the next version release is going to feature entirely new stats and mechanics, as well as rework a lot of fundamental systems of the game. It's the culmination of a lot of feedback I've been taking over the months and designs we've been putting together, and once it's done it'll push the game a lot closer to its beta state. I can't say for sure the entire rewrite will be finished this month; much of it may pour into next month along with a UI overhaul where we're going to do to try to address a lot of the lingering issues with the UI and generally make controlling the game more intuitive and less frustrating.

I can tell you that once this new build is finished that you'll be able to try out the new stat system, play as a male breeder (though, male breeder events and animations will still be limited), and enjoy, finally, saves that will transfer between different releases. We're also looking at possibly increasing the size of the intended game resolution to 960x720 instead of 800x600: it should help make the game and UI less cramped while still allowing it to be easily played in a browser.

I've been planning out all the fine details of this next build all month so far. I like to write on big sheets of newsprint so I can spread it out over a lot of space and look at everything at once, so my office floor looks like it's covered with the scrawlings of a mad-man :P:

The rebuild is going to take time and there won't be workable builds inbetween recoding, so both updates will be pushed pretty close to the end of the month this month. I may just combine them into one big update if necessary right at the end of the month, if you guys are alright with that.

To be clear, there will definitely at least be one update this month, even if I can't finish the new build this month. The update will be an incomplete but still playable version of the new build and some stuff may be broken if that's the case, but I'll at least put up something that you guys can screw around with and see the progress.

By the way, I haven't shown you guys any of the things S has been working on in a while, so I'll repost some of his awesome new stuff:

Oh, and lastly

<_<   >_>

(if anyone has any extra Smash Bros 3DS demo codes send one to and I will be eternally grateful :P)

Friday, September 5, 2014

Jake Kaufman and Alpha Build 5.1.1 Public Release

Alright, I am incredibly, incredibly psyched about this announcement:

Many of you may already be familiar with the incredibly talented composer Jake "virt" Kaufman. If you're not, you may be familiar with the fucking amazing soundtrack to Shovel Knight that he composed. And if you're not familiar with Shovel Knight...well then immediately go buy Shovel Knight; it's a seriously fantastic game. He's also responsible for the music of the Mighty series, including some of my favorite game OSTs of all time, among lots of other awesome work.

Well I'm extremely happy to announce that Jake is on the project, and he's going to be composing the Breeding Season soundtrack in collaboration with Mittsies! I will not lie; this is probably the most exciting development of the entire project for me so far :P!

In addition to that news, I'm going to go ahead and put up the 5.1.1 update for the public, as I figure you guys have been waiting long enough.

Regarding 5.3; embarrassingly, I actually entirely overlooked the fact that I was forcing the player to go through a futa sex scene when I set up the Marchioness quest as a gate for the Seraphs (mostly, I did so to test using the event system for unlocking ranch upgrades). I'll make sure to rectify this in the future and of course plan to allow you to skip or avoid any sexual content you might not be into in events that are necessary for game progress, etc. My bad.

Also, I went over the FAQ on the wiki and answered some questions in detail. Go ahead and check it out; I've added a direct link to the FAQ page to the main blog.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Alpha Build 5.3 for Patrons

5.3 patch notes

- A questline featuring the Marchioness has been added, culminating in a sex scene (with animation). Don't worry, this is just the beginning of her storyline (you'll be able to get pregnant from her eventually). Also, the requirements may be a little brutal currently.
- Seraphs, a new monster type, have been added to the game. They're fairly unique in the way their consumables/breeding work. You can't get a Seraph from normal breeding, but must actually feed their consumable to a monster in order to get a new Seraph from breeding. In order to unlock them, you must complete the Marchioness questline.
- The basic pen expansion system is in place (though, unfortunately you can't expand pen size yet). Currently it allows you to make the Seraph Cage expansion to the Harpy Aviary once you've unlocked it.
- The Seraph Cage and Harpy Aviary pen interiors have been added.

Bug Fixes
- Butt Stallions have been renamed to Stallions (don't worry, they're still all about butts, though)
- Fixed some minor issues with the event system; the event freezing bug may still be at large, but it should be wiped out with an event system rewrite soon

Known Issues
- Lots of bugs I know are still crawling around, next update will include a major bug hunt

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alpha Build 5.2 for Patrons, 5.0.1 Public Release, and Schoolgirls Love Tentacles!

This update happens to contain a couple of very special guest characters; Aitako and Wiggles from Schoolgirls Love Tentacles! Delicious Orange contacted me a looong time ago looking to see if we were interested in having them as a cameo, and of course we accepted. He even whipped up the script for the events (and the super awesome sex scene). If you're unfamiliar, SLT is a rather risque crowd-funded card game centered around the loving relationships between schoolgirls and their affectionate tentacle monster partners. You can check out the tumblr here: Of course, along with Aitako showing up in Breeding Season, there's a good chance you guys will be getting to see Roxie show up in SLT in the future!

Anyway, since you guys have been waiting long enough, here are the 5.2 patch notes:

- Aitako and Wiggles from SLT make a special appearance in a couple of new beach-based events, including a rather huge sex scene! And yes, we do plan on giving the scene some art and animations in the future.
- A handful of new small events that take place at the beach, including a new one with Kay
- Demon x Holstaurus Animation, with a close-up scene!
- Stallion x Holstaurus Animation
- A couple of neat new special event consumables; absolutely cannot guarantee that they're not crazy imbalanced, but hopefuly they're at least interesting
- Updated dialog portraits including Margo, Roxie, the Marquis, and the Marchioness

Bug Fixes

- You can click through the victory screen, in order to continue playing right away after you beat the game(the song keeps playing, but you can mute it)
- Fixed holstaurus/futaurus animation color/variation issues
- Cleaned up the female elf x stallion and female elf x demon animations a little
- The game should no longer be haunted by phantom nipples when you have a newborn futaurus
- There should be less invisible junk blocking you from clicking monster silhouettes in the pens
- Outlines now work correctly in the Holstaurus/Stallion pens
- Breed/harvest count and feed count should be able to display larger numbers now

I'll also have 5.0.1 up for the public in the next 20 minutes here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Welcome Fleet to the Team!

My mind is just completely blown by the fact that the Breeding Season Patreon has now managed to reach $20k/month! If you had told me that we would reach this point when I first started this project there is no way that I would ever have believed you, but here we are and it is all due to you guys and your extreme generosity! You guys rock, and the amount of support you've shown us is awe-inspiring; more than ever I want to fulfill every last bit of potential that Breeding Season has and make it into the game that you guys deserve!

On a related note, I want to welcome Fleet onto the Breeding Season team! Fleet is the first dedicated Flash developer we're adding to the team, and along with aiding in the art asset import/set-up process he'll be helping me tidy up the messy, messy code-base to make our ability to deliver content way more efficient. Fleet will help us fix one of the biggest bottlenecks we've been struggling with, and over the next month or two I foresee a very big increase in the amount of content we put out!

I also wanted to let you guys know that we're currently talking to two very talented artist/animators who are interested in contributing to the project; I won't name any names until things are all worked out, but I will say that there's a good chance you might be familiar with some of their work already.

Also, since I'm sure you guys are dying to know by now: I'm planning on releasing the next update late on the 23rd. There's a chance that will spill over to early on the 24th, but I'm trying to prevent that. Sorry about having the updates squished together at the end this month. I'll be putting up 5.2 for patrons and releasing 5.0.1 to the public.

5.2 will be relatively small: expect a couple of animations, an event or two, and some bug fixes/cleaning up of earlier animations (futauruses will definitely be fixed up). We have much bigger things planned for 5.3, at the very least you'll see Seraphs in-game and a few new animations, beyond that it's a little early to say but we have some things we've been working on that should be going in within the next few updates.

Finally, I thought I'd leave you with some new art from S:
This is Inquisitor Darkholme. Some particularly devious Inquisitors have made names for themselves by seducing unwitting victims into attempting to violate Imperial mandates of chastity and decency, and then betraying and arresting them when they fall for their traps. Darkholme is the undisputed master of this style.

 To monsters, not having sex is akin to starvation. As such, the idea that there're humans who aren't having sex or are even entirely celibate is a matter of great concern to certain compassionate monsters. Out of pity for these poor humans, a band of demonic monsters have formed a charitable organization known as the "Fuck the Humans Foundation" based around bringing sex to humans in need. Unfortunately, for some reason people seem to keep getting the wrong idea about their noble mission.

By the way: the one on the left is a Semen Demon.

Merrith is the loyal butler (butt-ler?) of the Marquis and Marchioness. She's actually one of the oldest elves alive, and has served the Marquis' line for generations upon generations. She is rather uptight and a bit stuck in the "old ways" of the elves, but she takes great pride in her ability to serve.

And, finally, here's a peek at a scene that I know a lot of you are looking forward to: