Monday, August 26, 2013

Alpha Build 3.8.2

UPDATE (8/26/13): Admittedly another less-exciting update, but the good stuff is still set to be released next Sunday.
- New Holstaurus/Holstaurus animation
- Bug fixes concerning issues with Neoteny
- Changed the way the animation in the pens works, should look much nicer now
- Other assorted bug fixes

On 9/1/13 expect:
- Options menu
- Last holstaurus animation
- Kittengirl sex animations
- Vealtaurus and Chicky (no animations)
- Male/Male animations
- Demons (no animations)

Update Tonight

Sorry, I was caught without internet access last night. Update will be up tonight at 11:00 PM PST.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Alpha Build 3.8

HOTFIX 2 (8/19/13): A bug that broke player pregnancy should now be fixed.

HOTFIX (8/19/13): Gamebreaking store bug should be fixed now, let me know if there are any more problems.

UPDATE (8/18/13): Alpha Version 3.8

This update is relatively unexciting, unfortunately. Mostly just functional stuff. Never fear, though, next update will include a crop of new animations and ideally some more storyline content.

The Neoteny trait is now in the game. Currently only the Kittengirl is included, and none of her sex animations are included yet and she has only one hairstyle/no facial feature variation yet (other monster types can get the Neoteny trait but it has no effect). Players start with Neoteny unlocked in this version for testing purposes (though it doesn't show up on the unlocked traits menu). The options menu also isn't implemented yet, so it won't be possible to turn off Neoteny until the update next Sunday. Mostly I just want to see if there are any serious bugs with Neoteny.

As an additional bug fix, the consumable store finally allows you access to consumables from every monster type from the beginning.

Features that should make it in by either the 8/25/13 update or the 9/1/13 update:
- Options menu
- Last Holstaurus animations (finally)
- Kittengirl sex animations
- Vealtaurus, Chicky (no animations yet)
- Male/Male animations
- Significant gameplay tweaking
- Demons (also finally)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hotfix for 3.7

Today I'm releasing a very small update with bugfixes, and pushing back the rest of the content until next Sunday, the 18th, at 11:00 PM PST.

Here's the deal: Neoteny is being a pain in the ass currently and not working right. It's complicated because it's a trait that essentially makes your monster a new monstertype, but still capable of giving birth to monsters without the trait, and on top of that has to be optional such that it can be turned on and off. The truth is that this conflicts very strongly with the way I have monstertypes set up in the game right now, so I'm having to rewrite a lot of the code for how monstertypes work, and every bit of code dependent on monstertypes. The upside of this is that once this is finished it will support a lot of new types of traits (the futanari trait, in particular, will be a lot easier to add in, though it will require a ton of animation work). Sorry, I just don't have control over it.

HOTFIX (8/13/13): Various small bug fixes, menus should refresh correctly/client button should work better, etc.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Alpha Build 3.7

EDIT: Pushing it back a couple of days, sorry guys.

This is only a small update, as I've just finally got everything tied up at my work this week and can now enjoy unemployment. It means bad things for me, but great things for you guys, as my update schedule has been pushed up to once a week what with all the time I have on my hands all of a sudden. That means that the next update will be on 8/11/13 at 11:00 PM PST  8/13/13 at 11:00 PM PST.

A donor pulled out on the male/male animations, so they've been dropped below neoteny and the futanari trait for now, but once those two are done the male/male animations will go in along with elves. My plan currently is to simply grind away at all of the long-overdue donation features and polish the content that I've got in already that needs some more love, and once that's finished I'll get the donation site back up and start working on more storyline/exploration content. At the very least, all of the donation features will be present in the game by the end of the month (though they may be rough/unfinished).

Next weekend I will have all of the female neoteny monsters in the game, but they are likely to have relatively few animations.

Alright, so, this update 3.7 (8/4/13):
- Updated breeding menu. Click once to select the first monster, again to select the second, you can click the colored box or hit the 1 and 2 keys to change whether you are selecting the monster corresponding the the first (orange) or second (blue) spot. The tabs on the left allow you to sort by monster types. You still must breed a monster with itself to get it to breed with the player (this will change). Let me know what you think of the new menu

- Implemented dialog choices. Not using them an awful lot just yet.

- Messed with rate of trait accumulation. Let me know how it works.

- Hopefully fixed the bug that was causing you to have two games going at the same time when you went back to main menu and started a new one.