Monday, April 29, 2013

Alpha Build 3.4

HOTFIX 4: 3.4.4
- Should fix the issue where traits were not being correctly recognized by clients.

- Hopefully fixed trait unlocks via clients. Let me know if it works correctly.

- Altered how store monsters were generated to hopefully make clients less trivial. Also upped the cost for the ranch upgrades.

- Fixed a bug that was making gold clients not fulfill correctly and letting you spam it for infinite gil.

UPDATE (4/29/13): Alpha Version 3.4
Still a good possibility of game-breaking bugs. Let me know right away if you find any.

Player Pregnancy- The "first draft" of player pregnancy is now in the game! The player has a 1/15 chance of getting pregnant when you have sex with a male monster (this can be increased by fertility increasing consumables and traits). The player will carry the monster through a 7 day term, at the ending of which the new monster is born. The monster will be the same type and appearance as its father, with a very high probability of retaining its fathers stats. There are two rare traits that can only be obtained through player pregnancy. Currently there is no option to turn off pregnant animations, but this will be included later. Let me know how you feel about the very exaggerated pregnancy.

Status Screen- There's now a menu for viewing information about your player and the traits that you've unlocked.

Let me know if there's any bug fixes that I've missed. There's still a fix incoming for the weirdness with the way the hover-over works inside the monster pens.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Delay in Updates

Sorry I keep pushing back my expected updates. My tablet broke again so I need to repair it again. Unfortunately I won't be able to release the pregnancy until next weekend (the 27th) and likely the cum-shot endings won't be able to go in until 5/4 . The fix for the recent gameplay changes might not come until next weekend as well. I apologize, just a lot of unforeseen problems have been cropping up, both with the game itself and my schedule. At the very least, I can absolutely promise that both the player pregnancy system and the cum-shot animations will go in before 5/15.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Alpha Build 3.3

SOUND WARNING: Some of the animations have sound

UPDATE (4/15/13): Alpha Version 3.3
There's a high probability of game-breaking bugs in this version, so let me know if you spot any ASAP and I'll try to hotfix. There have also been some big balance changes that haven't been thoroughly tested so let me know how it is. For the most part this update is pretty small. Also, the tutorial is now out-of-date in many places, sorry.

- Reputation has been removed, and replaced with a system that determines the stats requested by clients and possessed by store monsters based directly on the stats of monsters that you've raised so far.

- Delilah raises her demands based on how much money you've made (this system is still a placeholder, right now she just asks for an additional amount equal to how much you have left over when she comes for the check, so it can be avoided by going on buying sprees right before she comes).

- Clients have been changed (thanks to Ironvein for the suggestion): Ranch upgrades are no longer unlocked through gold clients and instead are all available at the start of the game as long as you have enough money to buy them. Instead, when you complete a silver client a new trait will be unlocked, and when you complete a gold client you have a chance to unlock a rare and powerful trait in addition to the chance to unlock regular traits.

- Consumables now increase MOD by twice as much and are worth half as much money. There are also new traits that, once unlocked, can give a monster the consumable effect of another monster type in addition to their own consumable effect.

- A number of minor changes to how various traits and stats work.

- One unfinished cum-shot animation :P

Also, since some are wondering how the implementation of the pregnancy and cum-shot animations will work:
Player Pregnancy -
The player has a rare chance of being impregnated by a male (or futa, once added) monster. This chance will be increased by special traits and consumables. The player will be pregnant for seven days (subject to change) during which she'll take longer than usual to perform actions and will be visibly pregnant in her animations. At the end of this period she'll lay an egg (with animation, time permitting) that will hatch into a monster of the breed she was impregnated by. This monster will have special traits/appearance. In the future I may make it so that special hybrid breeds are only available this way (ie, player can breed with a dickwolf to get a wolfman).

Cum-shot Animations -
When you breed two monsters together you will be able to view a cum-shot finish. The monster will cum inside or outside depending on whether this breeding produced offspring.

Additional Notes:
- The day changes instantly now instead of there being a night animation. In the future I might add some little thing to indicate to you that the day has changed as it's a little confusing
- I'm aware of the weirdness with how the name flickers, etc, when you hover-over monsters in the pens, it is currently a work-in-progress

Player Pregnancy and Cum-Shot Endings Win!

The first round of donation voting has just finished. The winning features are Player Pregnancy with $120 and Cum-Shot Endings with $90! Thank you so much for your incredible generosity, guys. This money helped me pay for repairs for my tablet and buy some time off of my busy schedule to be able to work on this game, and your support has really made a difference in my ability to continue working on it.

I intend to have player pregnancy in the game by next weekend on the 21st, and the cum-shot endings should all be in by the 28th.

The next round of voting will end on 5/15. Currently Threesome Animations are in the lead with $65, followed by the Futanari Trait with $55.

I'm going to be putting up an update to the game later today. This one will be primarily minor changes with a big impact on the gameplay. Saves from the last version will not transfer over. Sorry for making you guys restart from the beginning with all of these early updates. Soon I hope to get to a point where I can have the saves transfer between releases, but it's still so early on that too many things change between versions to make that possible.