Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alpha Build 3.2

First of all, thanks so much to everyone who has donated! The response has been fantastic so far and way better than I could have hoped. I really appreciate you guys helping support the game. I've already begun working on some of the high-ranking features (though I may switch my priorities around depending on where the donations go). This round of voting is going to end on 4/15, so expect those features that win to be implemented within a couple weeks afterwards.

HOTFIX 3.2.1 (3/18/13):
- Fixed lock-up issue with the Consumable Store buy/sell menu
- Added a button that you can click to leave the donation page
- Fixed a problem that temporarily disabled hotkeys

Known Issues:
- Closing the breeding or client menu with the monster type selector combo box open will cause a crash (silly problem, but I need to make some changes to how menus are handled to fix it)

 Alright, lots of new gameplay stuff in this one, not too much new art or sex scenes (just a couple of holstaurus animations, still no harvest). Unfortunately I've been working on adding things all day so I've had barely any time to test it. Let me know if you guys find bugs and I'll try to fix them quickly.

 I've made huge changes to the balance of the game, but like I said I haven't been able to test them yet so it may be entirely out of whack. Don't be surprised if the game becomes impossible or EZ-mode out of nowhere.

 - Stat Caps: Monsters now have stat caps. Monsters will always inherit the greater of two stat caps from their parents, as well as an additional amount of stat cap growth. A monster is stuck with its stat cap forever: if you want to get high stat creatures, you're going to have to breed or buy monsters with higher stat caps.

 - Trait Stacking: You can no longer get duplicate traits. Instead, certain traits can stack (ie, breed a monster with Added Value 1 to another monster with Added Value 1 and you might get a monster with Added Value 2, additionally if you were to breed a monster with Added Value 2 to another monster with Added Value 2, you could get a monster with Added Value 4). Traits can stack up to 10. To counteract how potentially powerful this is, HERP-DERP has another horrifying consequence: it will remove all other traits.

 - New Traits: Tons of new traits. They all SHOULD be working, but there's a high chance that some of them might be buggy. Let me know if you find any. - Species-specific Traits: Some traits can only be found on specific monster types (for instance, Greased Lightning can only be found on Catgirls).

 - Increased Client Difficulty: All Clients will now scale up the number of demands they make with your reputation. They also now will request certain stats to be UNDER a certain value. - Debt Payments: Now at the beginning of every month you must make debt payments to Delilah or you'll get a game over (currently there's no penalty with just continuing on after a game over). She starts at 2,000 gil and then doubles her demand each month. It's not necessarily intended for you to be able to keep up with her, as this is just a placeholder for how the actual debt system will work. It's also technically possible for you to beat the game now (and I even added an ending!) if you pay off the entire 10,000,000 gil that you owe to Delilah. I don't actually know whether this would be any fun to do, though.

 - Bug fixes: Tons and tons of little bug fixes and convenience additions. Some things (out of many more):
     - Scrollbar for Clients when their demands fill the entire box
     - "Sell All" button in the Consumable Store
     - Breeding Modifier colors fixed at high values (BMs should also cap at bright green and not get any higher)
     - Hitting SPACE with no windows open will return you to the RanchMap
     - Moving between locations will close all windows
     - Various duplication bugs should be fixed I am sure there are still plenty around, though. Let me know which ones I missed.

 Things that just barely didn't make the cut into this version:
- Shortcuts for the Interaction Menu
- Tooltips to let you know how long actions will take and warn you about incest
- The ability to see your monsters' fertility and pregnancy chance

 Hopefully I didn't forget anything. (Oh, and sorry for the annoying opening plug :P)

 EDIT: Knew I was forgetting something! The animations are frozen in the various monster pens to look like snap-shots. This is intentional: the monster animations were causing lag problems. It does look kind of weird, so this might just be a temporary solution until I come up with a better idea.

Update Incoming

Hey, 3.2 incoming, expect it at about 10:00 PM PST.

Also, people in 4chan: Yes, it is me.

EDIT: Gonna knock that time up to 10:30 PM.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Donate to Vote on New Features!

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates for a while. I had an unfortunate busy(/lazy) spell.

However, there's good news! I should have a new game update ready later on Sunday. This will include some changes to the Traits system as well as the addition of heritable Stat Caps. Ideally, these Stat Caps will make breeding an even more important part of the game, while extending the amount of gameplay you can get out of the game. Unfortunately, your saves will not transfer over between versions yet. Depending on how much I can manage to get done, there might also be additional Holstaurus animations, and just maybe a sneak peak of the next monster. Maybe.

In even more exciting news: I have finished putting together the Voting Donations Page! Now you can support the game while also shaping the direction it moves in by putting your donations behind the features you'd most like to see included. Every month I will take two top rated features and put them in the game. If your feature doesn't win, don't worry: your money will remain backing the feature you picked forever until it gets implemented, and everything I've put up on the donations page is a feature I intend to have in the game eventually (emphasis on the eventually).

If there's something you'd like to see added to the list of features please head over to the legend of krystal forums to suggest it, or post it right here on the blog. I will periodically be holding polls on LoK to see which features seem most popular and are good candidates for adding to the donation list.

Also, the donation system is something I half stole and half hacked together, so if there's any issues with it be sure to notify me immediately; I should be able to get them sorted out pretty easily.

Also also spread the word! Feel free to upload the game wherever you please and post it up on forums and message boards, so long as you make sure it all leads back here to the blog. Let me know where you put it up or if you happen to stumble upon it elsewhere: I like to be able to see as much feedback as I can.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Alpha Build 3.1

HOTFIX: Made a change to Holstaurus Milk that should hopefully make it work better.
EDIT: Oops, accidentally posted up my cheater version with all the monster unlocked. Fixed now.
 NOTE: You can use SPACE to close menus quickly and skip through dialogue.


 -A lot of bug fixes: most of the older major bugs should be sorted out by now. Saves should work reasonably well now. If they're still a problem let me know.

 -NEW MONSTER: HOLSTAURUS. Most of the animations are still missing though, sadly.

 -New animations were added for the Butt Stallion, please enjoy them.

 -A tutorial has been added. It's a little crappy, but it'll do for now at least.

 -A terrifying new punishment has been added for too much incest