Sunday, May 1, 2016

Status Update

Hey, for those of you patiently waiting for 7.5; we're dealing with some last-minute bugs with the new UI giving us a slight delay on the update and I want to polish things a bit more before I unleash it on you guys. For now, expect the patron update to go up around 6-7 AM CST today (5/2), so about 5-6 hours from now. If you guys want to hang out or help with testing I'll be streaming up until release and dropping downloads to test versions in the stream chat periodically as I root out the bugs:


  1. That's cool, Looking forward to seeing the new UI.

  2. Nice please update as soon as possible :)

  3. what i would like to know is when you guys are going to get the in browser Version up and Running again?! just how much longer do we as the free Users have to wait to play it again?