Saturday, March 5, 2016

Programming Update

Hey guys, still working to correct save issues for people using the installer, should have a fix for that up soon. There will also possibly be a small hotfix next week with some additional bug fixes, small animation fixes, etc.

This month we're planning on starting some overhauling of the UI (including a finish to the sorting system), so please recommend any ways that you'd like to see the layout of the UI updated. The ranch assistant system will also be implemented this month, though likely not in its complete form.

As a small aside, Fleet's working on adding the intro stills we had made, which will just serve as a little intro showing the breeder making it to the ranch in the beginning of the game.


  1. My suggestions for UI overhaul:
    1. more pronounced indication how many times left to breed for a monster
    2. color code monsters backgrounds - dickwolf archetype, lets say, cyan, catgirls, orange - or something along the lines.
    3. instead of making last bred monster the first one, just highlight it - shuffling of monsters in the list really confuses me. 1 and 2 points might alleviate the confusion, but in current build this is whats impeding the progress the most.
    4. manual sorting would be nice.

    Personal preference: less stylized and more functional layout in general. Less making it look like a cross between a bookmarked book and two pages and more like, idk, a PDA or something so that more than 10 monsters could be picked without scrolling while retaining all the info about picked ones.

    Also did You ever consider moving game engine to C#? I'm forced to work with Cocoa (MACOS variant of Objective-C...) and making such engine does seem easier than flash (could still run animations as flash content)? I've no flash experience, but basing this on Your earlier posts and general speed of the project. Though i understand that you'd want the patreon to stay like that forever...

  2. Hey, I've got a suggestion for the next update. Now, I understand that it takes a lot of time to complete animations, but perhaps for the animations that at least have a concept image, you could display at least a still image in game instead of absolutely nothing. It'd give us SOMETHING to look at, and show people, (a lot of whom seem to think you aren't working very hard, even though I personally know better because I've been following the video streams)that you are indeed making meaningful progress. I think adding at least a still image is a nice way to appease some of those critics. and show kind of a sneak peak to the rest of us.

    1. Honestly, haters gonna hate. If they put stills in to show the work in progress, the people bitching will just say "WTF, they're not even bothering to animate anymore! Lazy entitled devs!"

    2. It is better than nothing. I mean, if the dickwolf x felf (that is still in progress) But already have concept image. It will not be bored to play this game rather than nothing happen when you click breed button. Maybe for a better, you can add still image/art to harvesting that will never have animations.

  3. My UI Wishlist:
    1) Able to advance breeding animations by clicking anywhere on the screen. I am lazy and needing to click the X over and over during repeated breedings gets annoying.
    2) Highlight the last bred monster rather than shuffle it to the top of the list. Also fix the scroll bar bug that does not have the bar return to the top when the pane does after selecting your first monster to breed. The shuffle is disorienting and throws off the rhythm making you look for a specific monster.
    3) Get the inventory (consumable) sorting tabs up and running. Inventory management gets annoying late game with many consumable/fish/special items.
    4) Manual sorting of monsters as a sorting option would be nice in order to put preferred breeding pairs together regardless of species.
    5) When you have multiple pens of the same type to expand your monster capacity (ex two Dickwolf pens) give us a way to switch between the two while within the pen itself. Currently you need to back out of the pen then click the other one which is wasted effort.
    6) A background to the travel map. Right now it is just icons on creased paper, maybe an outline of the continent/region?
    7) What does the grey box next to your breeding license, and above the NPC affection tab do? I have never seen any use of that yet in game.
    8) In the breeding menu, when you click on your first monster to breed (orange folder) it should automatically switch to the blue folder rather than requiring the player to click over.
    9) Energy required to harvest the current monster should be displayed in the breeding menu next to the bucket button.
    10) Mandrakes and Seraphs are the only species that still do not have a humorous species description in the monster shop.

    *11) Personal Preferance: I absolutely hate the models for Mandrakes, they are not sexy at all. Eva and Amadour are supposedly Mandrakes and they are hot, but look nothing like the monsters we receive and breed. This is a lot of work to replace at this point but Mandrakes are my least favorite part of the game currently and I never use them.

    I would like to say great work on this game and keep up the good work. Incorporating feedback like you are doing now will make for a great game when it is done!

    1. Great points :D I would also love the option of moving monsters WITHIN the pens. That way I could have one pen full of Dickwolves, other full with Titwolves, then neo etc. I'm a neat freak like that :D

    2. I like that idea a lot. Being able to organize the pens would be great. Though I'd probably arrange them so that pen one is my prime breeding stock, pen two is for my allnight/geyser consumable farming, and the rest are more expendable monsters, or something like that.

  4. Sometimes, especially when my monsters are relatives / look alike, I'd like to be able to "favorite" them so I know which one I'm working on towards that time consuming gold objective.

  5. I think adding something that could make the game screen to be closer to 16:9 aspect ratio would be great, like a quick access sidebar i.e.

  6. I would like a tab of "Favorite Breeds" so you could click hold and drag your monsters to it, to easy breed them again and remember who was breeding to who.

    In the guild, that upgrades thing must have somekind of in-game tips (when you hold the mouse over).

    A calendar instead of the sticky notes for the requests screen. you could have a calendar with a sidebar, so when you click on a deadline, the respective request could appear in the sidebar, and the ones without deadline could be listed on the top of the sidebar.

    To have more information about the game at that licence screen, like how much energy do you gain per day, how many requests failed, things like that.

    Something more pretty for the options during dialogs.

    I also would love somekind of sound. there are musics and sound effects free to use on internet, to at least serve as placeholders. It is too dull without nothing to hear. (I only played the 7.1 version)

    Also the Ui looks too colored to me, make it with more shades and things like that, I am sure you can find inspiration on many games out there.

  7. Adding sounds would be super cool!
    I know a copyright free site that you could use, won't cost you a penny to get the sounds and stuff;

    As for music, try this site;

  8. Ability to left click / right click to add monsters into the left or right breeding selection.

    1. This is simple and smart

    2. ...but it may be hard to implement - Flash grabs the right click for its own purposes. Let's not overload our devs, let them finish the game first. Left/right arrows would suffice.

    3. What about middle mouse button?

  9. I think it's already been mentioned, but in the gallery, the dickwolfFoursome seems to be bugged.
    You can see the female breeder moving as if she is in a foursome, but the wolves are invisible

  10. 1. For improvements to the UI, could you make the monster's fully appear rather than them being obscured by the other buttons.

    2. I've mentioned it before, but it would be a lot easier to search and use for consumables if they could be sorted by monster, gender, and rating, as well as a different section for other items. As well as having the feature to sell multiple items at once so it could easier to remove all the junk at once.

    3. For the Breeder's affection tab, to able to accept or deny affections gained from monsters, like monsters names - they kinda build up fast after a while.

    Also, as an aside, I'm probably the only one a little underwhelmed by the whole addition of a ranch assistant system. I mean, will they be completely original characters or will they be the characters from the town (I guess, I have Cordelia/Roxie on lock anyway soooo...). It takes a month for animations from a single monster paring, this would be like quadruple your work load. And a marriage system? Eh okay, I guess. I just hope you guys put some kinda story or something behind it, but in the end I've learned to just remain neutral, and just be surprised.

  11. It'd be a major help to either have a ui for the pens that's more like the one for breeding (with a list of ALL your dickwolves), or at least a way to go from a monster in the breeding ui to that monster's pen menu (and preferably a way to go back, as well).
    As it is, the breeding ui is the most efficient way decide which monsters to donate/sell and which to keep, but it's a pain to have to go and find them all the pen to get rid of them.

    It would also be nice to be able to harvest monsters from the 'make room for a new monster' screen. If you don't want to (because balanced gameplay), I'm alright with that... but it makes my earlier point that much more critical.
    This also applies to the 'choose a monster to fulfill a request' menu.

  12. Also, Mandrake and Swine tabs are needed badly, and a Fluffdragon tab is pointless with Fluffdragons disabled.

  13. I'm sad that your getting so much flack for "lack of content" just remember there are a lot of us out here who love your game and don't mind waiting for tasty updates. <3

    1. Stop that white night sheet.
      You can wait untill ur death.
      I understand that pople "flack"
      Cuz that lack of content is lack of fulfilled promises.
      And the progress is realy slow.
      As example what happend with the monday art update and friday programming update how much were on time? They just fuk around and waiting for money

    2. How is saying you're okay with waiting "white (k)night sheet"?

    3. I was mostly refering to:
      "I'm sad that your getting so much flack for lack of content"
      And saying i am ok with waiting just puts them evan more to sleep
      like they are sloth like working and if ur ok with waiting they just fall asleep or die off.

    4. Stop feeding and protecting them
      They fuk around with their fans and you guys just bend over and smile like idiots

    5. Swag Are you just fooling around or are you just being a dick its hard to tell with the way you are wording it.

    6. He's just buthurt, let him whine.

  14. Hmmm....Some feedback and bugs I've spotted, along with a couple of suggestions:

    At present the option to hide monsters that have already eaten and bred influences all menus. This means if I breed a monster and get a better offspring, I may not be able to trade in the monster I want to trade to make room for the newbie.

    there's also a bug associated with the scroll wheel on a mouse. If you scroll up or down an extra tick on the breeding menu, the portraits all disappear. Sometimes scrolling back a click brings them back, sometimes they're gone until I change menus and come back.

    Are the altruistic and selfish traits mutually exclusive? It seems like they might be, but for the halloween event I got the mission from Cordelia asking for those two traits and I'm having a hard time getting them to show up in the same critter.

    It'd be nice if there was a keyboard shortcut for going to different places on the map. going to and from the beach to try to trigger events is a bit tedious at times. Maybe when you have the map up, the arrow keys could take you to the four locales? Are other places going to be added to the map at some point?

    Also, I love that the elves are so androgynous, but from a mechanical perspective, on the breeding menu, since you don't get the full body shots, it can be a little bothersome trying to figure out which ones are boys or girls. Maybe a male/female icon on the portrait?

    At the moment, once you get above a certain number of traits unlocked, the guild special order menu gets a bit unwieldy and at present, the last trait (I think?) hangs off the bottom of the screen where you can't read it.

    It'd be nice if a monster's traits always appeared in a specific order, to make it easier for us to compare one monster to another.

    This is more a mechanic issue than a UI issue, but When you sell a monster, anybody who "likes" that monster really needs to either instantly drop them from the list of preferences, or at least the affection should decay rapidly. My breeder still seems hung up on a monster I sold months ago that she sexed up like twice.

    As a side suggestion, Maybe rather than preferences for specific monsters, characters could get preferences for specific traits? Like Neo, Futa, Feral...

  15. UI suggestions

    Show more of the monsters body in the breeding screen. This is where we spend the majority of the time, but only the portraits are shown - let's see that gorgeous artwork! In the selection list anything else wouldn't really be feasible, but when you have selected a monster it would be great if more of it was shown in the right hand panel.
    The optimal would be to show the entire monster, but this would probably require either the stats being an overlay on the monsters legs, or increasing the screen size of the whole game to give more space.
    Alternatively you could do a few tweaks, such as putting the stats in two columns and scaling them down a (maybe 40%). By having STR, DEX, STA in one column and CHAT, WIL, FER next to it, you'd gain a significant amount of vertical screen space.
    The "Gain: * XP" area could be shrunk down a bit as well, or placed between Preg chance and Energy cost.
    "Gain: " can be replaced with for example a green arrow up, and "Energy cost" can be replaced with the energy symbol. Tooltips will help if it's unclear.
    The hearts/happiness/XP could be an overlay over the bottom of the picture.
    A less preferred solution (but easier to implement I suspect) could be to have a mouse-over on the right-hand portraits, which gives a tooltip/zoom showing the entire monster.
    Maybe you have much better ideas of how to do it yourselves already, but the point is simple: Lets see the monsters :)

    It's not actually possible to see what gender a monster has in the breeding screen. With regards to elves in particular, that's an issue. If not directly on the selection list portrait, then have a gender sign in the right hand panel when the monster is selected. This would be a non-issue if full monster portraits are implemented.

    Persisting filter you can apply to the consumable feeding screen. Basically where you can choose to only display items of certain types (checkboxes: dickwolf, holstaurus, catgirl etc.) or certain quality (only of, above or below X quality). The filter should stay saved until you de-select manually.

    Not *really* UI suggestion, but more a usability one:
    Unless you want to have different gameplay effects for Catguy Squirt/Catgirl Squirt etc. don't make them separate items, it's just more clutter and manual work. You can find names for it that work for both genders. There are a LOT of item types, and late game you drown in scrolling lists (though some of that will be alleviated by the assistant as I understand it).

    Thanks for listening and thanks for making a great game :)

    1. I agree that the breeding menu could use an overhaul as it is the most interacted with window. The art in the game is great so showcasing it a little more in the breeding screen would be smart.

  16. I really need to be able to put monsters in groups. Like i have a "red" group where john kevin and jane are. Because of that i am able at the start of the day quickly choose a group, do what i need and then start another day.
    The way it is now is very confusing and takes a lot of time and concentration to try and make something complicated

  17. are we just not doing monday art updates anymore?

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  19. I do not know if you will answer me, it is because demons and angels so I am sad places goo girl also

  20. Will Mandrakes get a tab? Its kinda tiring scrolling to the very bottom of the monster shop just too see the new mandrakes

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  22. Usability requests:

    1) Let us put inventory items in an action bar at the bottom of the screen. To feed a monster or breeder with that inventory item, hover the feed icon you'd click, but press that item's number instead.

    2) Get filtering working.

    3) Make the roles of happiness and incest clearer. If likes do anything other than affect happiness (a CHA or STR bonus, say), show that too?

    4) Make the way you combine the two pregnancy chances of the two participants clearer

    5) A small editable field of notes on each monster you can see from the breeding menu?

    Balance suggestions:

    6) Improve M-M and F-F pairings somehow. Maybe let them grant 10% more experience to make up for the non-breeding?

    7) Add dislikes, not just likes?

    Bug report:

    8) Sometimes, using an item on a monster while another monster is in the other slot causes the second monster to gain stats. If this is intentional, some explanation of how or why would be great.


    9) rather than fitting whole portrait on breeding page, show whole portrait if you hover over their face?

    1. Detail: I suggest that the notes could be put to the right of the name and level in the current layout. The field does not need to be big!

    2. clarification on point 9 - I meant, some users have asked for the whole portrait, but I think that's a bit much.

  23. Once I've unlocked traits up to cruel, I can't special-order traits below that. I can see that there is one, but I can't get down the pop-up list that far.