Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alpha Build 7.3 for Patrons

Update 2: Uploading a second fix, should fix more save issues. Let me know if issues continue to pop up.

Update: Issues with loading saves should be fixed now. If you were getting a white screen, try re-downloading now. Let me know immediately if any problems remain. Sincere apologies for letting that one slip by: Fleet has been instructed to take me out behind the shed and shoot me if I ever upload a release without testing an old save on it first again.

Hey guys! Alpha Build 7.3 is going up on Patreon in a few minutes. This will include our first batch of new breeding animations! In addition, we added a new minigame to the Amadour event (in a style you might recognize if you play a lot of flash sex games :P) as well as made it available for the female breeder as well.

The beginnings of the ranch assistant system are already laid out, but until we get the UI in place it won't be available in-game. Expect it to be available in 7.4, though likely the ranch assistants will be limited at first as we'll be expanding upon them and the system as we introduce more storylines involving the characters.

7.3 Patch Notes

- New Breeding Animations: Fbreeder x Catguy, Fbreeder x Tiguy, Fbreeder x Futa Catgirl, Fbreeder x Catboy, Fbreeder x Kittengirl
- New NPC Animations: Fbreeder x Amadour, Amadour MnF parody minigame (addition to the Valentine's day scene)
- You can now choose to have animations auto-play, as well as choose to hide bulging in sex animations (disabling bulging doesn't work with holsxstallion atm)
- Ranch Assistant system back-end has been added, but it won't be available in-game until 7.4

Bug Fixes / Balance
- Good news for people who hate words! The hate words option now works correctly, courtesy of Fleet, who hates words
- You can now see Blitzkrieg during the Yuelia event
- Fixed how Kala shows up in the request menu
- Fixed issues with some events due to animation loading problems
- Fixed a number of small animation issues

Known Issues
- There may be some weird game behavior when monsters with disabled traits are obtained
- Some animations have been disabled or are glitchy due to the new overhauls and colors
- Colors are incorrect in a number of pens and animations
- No tutorial yet (but soon! thanks choco!)

As for the public release, expect it some time next week, as we'll have to do some testing regarding setting up a browser version with the split swfs.


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  2. Alright, so... Any new saves I make that I try to load result in instant white screen. No GUI, no monsters, nothing accessible. I'm a longtime fan, but... this seems pretty bad? And I mean *new* saves, like starting an entirely new game on 7.3, getting past the intro, saving, then loading: white screen.

    1. Yeah it's the same for me as well.

    2. yup can confirm getting the same thing

    3. Yep! To clarify this happened with my exported 7.2 saves as well. So basically, loading any save = white screen.

    4. Same here for 7.2 & 7.3, is this a Windows 10 issue?

    5. I'm not using Windows 10 (as Windows so loves to remind me with constant pop-ups), so nah. I'm on Windows 7.

    6. Blank screen when reloading saves here too.

    7. Will look into this bug and attempt a hotfix ASAP. Please e-mail an export of your affected saves to

    8. File sent. Good luck with the bug hunt :)

    9. Welp cant play it, they should have said its for PC users only, Mac users wont be about to play this.

  3. Wow. Yet another month with no progress. A couple new animations is a good thing but with so many animations still missing these additions aren't probably even noticeable. Nothing new related to gameplay unless the broken save/load system is counted as such. With this monthly funding scheme you should have *definitely* shifted to a release system where there is clearly something new and clearly visible in terms of gameplay every month. Making some background tweaks just look like you had yet another vacation no matter how much you worked.

    1. Actually, I would say this is the first time we get an update with SOME content. Animations started to come out, and we get the pre-stage of the ranch assistant, which is something. Also, if you checked the streams, HBomb has been making character stories and backgrounds, so perhaps the storyline and gameplay will improve over the next updates.

      HOWEVER, the progress is still rather slow. The whole month Subtank spent making the Amadour animation, and as far as I know, it was rather "meh", and needed to be tweaked. Sorry, but that's unacceptable! Especially when there are so many animations to be done!
      Also, I really don't like that almost a whole week of work has been spent by Spurple remaking the wolf faces. There is so much more work to do, wolf faces were not an issue (outside that Spurple didn't like them). The team really needs someone to take charge of planning their work, and keeping them on their feet, so such things don't happen.

      And I'm really hoping that the animations will not be coming out at such slow pace later in the future, once Subtank ACTUALLY starts working full time (because if a 5-10 second animation was his "full-time" for the month, then he should be kicked out from the team, like RIGHT NOW, and replaced with someone, who knows how to animate properly)

    2. Also, I would like to point out, that the team was "a month ahead" on the poses etc. and Vanilly promised that she is "able to make 7 animations a month", also Subtank is supposed to be an animator.

      This month we got 6 animations from BOTH of the team members. If that's not slow progress, I don't know what is...

    3. Six animations from promised 7...For how long? Since v7.0 which is like 3 months. That a hell long for 7 animations. You are right, Artakons. That rather slow progress. Still want to thank for new animations though it's not well done. Like handjob we got to see cumshot but when it comes to penetration, wee see none cumshot/cumflowing like futa holtsaurus vs catgirl scene. Why? Kittenboy? Can't tell if it anal or not. Not a great view so I just skipped over it cause it is lame and boring. Feel shame that future dickwolf scene and taurus will be in crappy position as this. The only best is the feral male cat cause it has a good view and we know it definitely a vaginal penetration.

    4. Well for me the positions are okay (some will be better, some will be worse, it's fine. Especially that after a while playing, the Breeders are less used than monsters, so actually Monster x Monster animations will be seen more). My problem is obviously the speed. 7 animations per month is not nearly enough, and even if that's the maximum of what Vanilly can make, she still managed to finish only 5 this month... And this month was supposed to be very prepared for the work etc. because of being a month in advance (January they were working on prepping everything supposedly).

      It's very worrying. Animations need to be coming out in bigger amounts, if the game is EVER supposed to be finished. Subtank has spent the whole month making the Amadour animation, and it's very unnatural looking, and lasts like 3 seconds...
      Also, if even now, when the animators were "ahead", they couldn't make more than 6 animations TOGETHER (it was supposed to be 7 anims from Vanilly only), which right now are BreederxMonster, how are we supposed to expect any improvement, when it will be MonsterxMonster, where both monsters have different colour/hair/face variants?

      I imagine that it is a very comfortable way of earning money, and I don't care whether or not it's a scam. GET A GRIP BREEDING SEASON TEAM!

    5. Why are you guys complaining, this is the same complaints every "release/update". They are obviously scamming and fooling all of you. With the amount of financial support they are getting, they arent creating a fraction of what they should. Hell, they are even lying in your face about this whole process. Yet you guys keep funding them through Patreon. I can promise you that the ONLY thing that will make them actually get their sh!t together is huge cuts in the financial support.

      As most have already pointed out, this release was supposed to be a huge update as they've been behind up until now. Yet whats being released it something that would classify as a "tweak" or a "fix" in any other game.

      Stop supporting them financially if you want change, until then - dont complain.

    6. As written in the blog, Vanilly lost about one week of work to a termite outbreak and the loss of a family member. I think she might be forgiven for this scandalous lack of productivity. (Spurple, Fleet and Hbomb also had their health/family issue - as said in the blog, too).

      S-purple is quite ahead of the others, hence the fact that he allowed himself the luxury to re-do the titpups' heads, which he began doing in fact during the week-end (= during his break), to take up even less work time. He's paid to make the game artistically sound, too, which include correcting art assets which look unsatisfying to him.

      It's said nowhere that Subtank spent a month doing solely the Amadour animation. He is also and mainly in charge of sketching poses and doing cut-ups. It is normal that his first animation should seem different than the Breeding Season style, since he is new to animating in their style.

      I prefer diverse (= not only penetration shots, not only focused on a view of the genitals) quality (= not hurriedly done) animations to repetitive animations. This goes with letting the team switch into their new rythm without stalking any occasion to jump on their hide. Hurling insults, mindless criticism and odious insinuations at each new posts will not help - to the contrary, it is deeply demotivating harassment.

      There are people with negative, but constructive feedback. Then there're people who complain because animations don't exactly fit their taste (ignoring the fact that their liking is not the end of the world; I for one like the animations Blood Maroon dislike; should I also claim that my taste is paramount and that any other animations sucks?), scream that previsible lateness (i.e. loss, termites, internet problems) is an intolerable plot for money, that much-need art update (the old monster models vs the new, thin-lined ones) etc.

      Has the team had organization problems before? Yeah, big surprise, none of them were professional. Are they trying to improve? Yeah. Will shouting at them help them? Nope (though you may be attempting to give them artblock or make them quit - in which case, yeah, keep it up, guys).

      Constructive criticism. Surprisingly helpful. Try it. Also try not rehash the same "but the vagina isn't clearly visible! How may I know the vagina is penetrated by the penis thrusting at vagina height? HOW CAN I KNOW WHAT HAPPEN IF I DON'T SEE GENITALS!" complaint every posts.

      I swear people listen better when you don't insult them. Write this down: this wise advice might help you in everyday life, too!

    7. The whole team worked extremely hard this month. Vanilly completed all but one of the animations she was attempting to have done for this update despite both having a death in her family this month AND having the Amadour minigame sprung on her mid-month screwing with her originally planned animation schedule. Meanwhile, Subtank was designing a number of poses and additional artwork for us in addition to being introduced to the animation process (and making animations for this game is by no means simple; it takes time to develop the ability to pump out quality animations quickly and this is the first animation we've had him produce for the game yet, please remember that he is brand new to the team and still being adjusted to our workflow). Spurple needed to work on the redesign of the titwolf faces NOW because this was the last chance to change any of the monster designs moving forward (before we get to actually producing the wolf animations, which comes next).

      As a point of fact, the last update that had animations was 7.1.1 which dropped on January 26th and had two new sex animations for the Yuelia Christmas event, and in general I'd appreciate it if people would try to actually know what they're talking about before they go insulting my team.

      Do any of you have any actual metric for the speed at which this game should be produced except that it "seems slow" to you and you want it to be faster? I understand that you're all eager for the game's completion and I appreciate that, but our concern is making the highest quality game we can produce and that requires doing things in order and taking our time where necessary. I don't know of anyone doing what we do at the quality that we do it and with our team size any faster than we do. We try to balance releases with new things to excite players, but realistically we are still a small enough team and still early enough in development that we can't tailor the content of individual patches to be whatever will make players happiest; we are still building the groundwork of the game (and yes, despite the fact I've been working on this project for three years, we are still relatively early in development: the prototype I was working on before S joined the project doesn't even qualify as the same game, we've only had any funding at all starting about two years ago, and since then the nature of Patreon's expanding budget and additions to our team have required us to radically redefine the scope of the game many times; it's only really now that our full plans for the game's development have been able to solidify, and they extend far into the future). Once we reach beta we'll be able to have content-heavy patches every month, but that is still many months away. I'm not sure if most of you appreciate the scope of this project and of the eventual finished game, but there is still a huge amount of content to come and our team is far from having reached its full size (though hiring and integrating team members, again, takes a lot of time). Even though I'll readily admit that I'm guilty of having made projections in the past that didn't pan out (and honestly a few that were way off the mark), I've always tried to be extremely up-front about the fact that this game will take a long time, that much of our timeline has been highly uncertain because of variables beyond our control, and that you guys should set your expectations accordingly. I think my team has been doing a fantastic job in producing content at the rate and quality that they have, and I have no clue what example you're generating your standard from if you believe otherwise. I suspect that a lot of people are pulling it out of their asses.

    8. I'm proud of the level of transparency that we've consistently worked to bring to this project, but it has also been a very difficult thing to work with. It's easy for people with an insufficient understanding of the details of the project to draw the wrong conclusions from the limited information we can share with them, and we five people don't have the time to fully explain the details of the going-ons of the project individually to literally thousands of people while still maintaining productivity on the game itself. We've been trying hard to balance this out with streaming much of our work and making regular blog updates, answering questions where possible and employing the help of dedicated fans to spread information for us, but no matter what we're fighting a constant battle between dedicating time to project work and dedicating time to PR. Even hiring a dedicated PR person is a major drain on our resources considering that the money (and more importantly, time) we spend on it could also easily be spent on another much-needed component of our development team. You guys all only see this from the perspective of the fan who's eager to see the game completed and anxious to know if development is progressing at the rate you want to see it, but from the development perspective we are faced with constant decisions about how to prioritize what will most benefit the continued success of the project and while keeping our followers and patrons informed holds a high spot on that list, it's not always on the top. We can only do so much to keep you all in the loop.

      Thank you for your patience.

    9. with all due respect i think the issue people are having is that considering the amount of animations that need to be completed, finishing in 2-3 seems implausible

    10. Hm, I just checked our wiki FAQ on this and it appears it was false due to a misunderstanding (fixing it now), but I have been consistent in saying that there will NOT be an animation for every possible monster pairing, not even close. We will include as many pairings as possible, but the plan has never been to have an animation for every pair of monsters and I can be quoted as having said this every time it has come up. Doing so is just not feasible, and rather we have always said that we intend to make as many pairings as possible.

    11. Thank for replying HBomb, and sorry if you took my comments as "Unconstructive criticism".
      It's true, I don't have any programming/animating experience, so my opinions are based on what I see during streams, what I read on different forums and this blog, and also what seems like common sense.

      And from a perspective of a fan, who really wants this project to succeed it looks like this: February was the first month in a longer time, where actual work has been put into BS. It's visible in the content, it's visible in the stream. I'm sorry, but You cannot convince me, that everyone has always been on their 70-100% all the time, when many times during the streams someone would leave for a 2 hour "shower break", or just play some videos for over an hour, then touch a bit of whatever is being streamed, and then again 1 hour of nothing. That happened a lot in January, and before. Which is why I'm glad that February has been a busy month for You guys, because You proved to everyone that You still care to finish this project.

      I expressed my worry about the animation, because I want this game to be a success, not because "I just want more fap material, FAST!" ;) And it's just worrying, because when Subtank has been officially added to the team (as far as I know, he did help from time to time before), it kinda seemed like "wow, now that there are 2 animators, things are going to get CRAZY xD". So You have to understand my concern, when after 2 months, what we got was a rather choppy 3 second sequence. Of course I'm sure Subtank will improve over time.

      It's sad that not all of the breeding combinations will get to be animated, but that's understandable. I understand that Your resources are limited, and there is only this much possible to be done without losing the quality. I don't know what the reality of Your resources is, but if I may suggest, it's best to implement new team members sooner rather than later, because just like with Subtank, it will take time to fully introduce them to the project.

      All in all, great job on this update! I hope to see more great things from BS :D

    12. "Not all breeding animations got animated." Have you made a list of the unfortunate pairings, perhaps in next blog or in wiki? So there will no rage in future like "Hey, where is stallion vs demoness? We were dying to see it like years and now you saying you are not making it?" And you got to wrote a very long explaination, over and over again. It's okay to be heartbroken right now rather be disappoint after years of waiting. Just saying.

    13. i would like to see a list of animations you plan to be doing and which will never happen

    14. "You guys all only see this from the perspective of the fan who's eager to see the game completed and anxious to know if development is progressing at the rate you want to see it"

      A lot of us have proved the opposite.

      I see it from the perspective of a developer. I said it before and I say it now, you're using all the tropes available. yeah, there is progress and work but one thing do not negate the other.

      And talking about transparency...

      Did you rent an office and everyone moved to work as a team?

      Have you formalized this project so you can hire people legally?

      Have you legally contracted to any member of the project?

      If there is some contract, thing that I really doubt, we're talking of 4h contract, 6h? Or is just pay per work done?

      Since you apologized for have no experience and fail on arrange the project looks like you have improved, but how real and deep are the plans, milestone, objectives, goals? There is any real consequence if you do not achieve it? Or is just "no problem, we can keep playing with the trust of people"?

      After many years as developer, and with a lot of developers friends, I can assure you that most project are not developed as intended. Here, where most of you are new blood, nothing bad about that, I can assure it to you that this gonna happen.
      So if there are a lot of job to do, even when the 4h working day is finished, members keep working? Because when there are a LOT of job to do, expend more time is the usual.
      And not, this is not a whine, or a cry, or attack against you, In the same way I express my doubts and concerns when I feel that something is wrong or can be done better, I keep supporting you and the project since the beginning, even when I feel scammed more months than it should.

      You have no idea of how lucky you're having the chance of develop the project you want, of how many artists, musicians, developers, singers, etc, who will never have that chance, so take advantage and do not become another cubeworld.

    15. So there won't be every pairing animations because you guys don't want to make them? Is it because "it's too much work"? You guys should do all of the animations but work on the intended ones first then IF you guys even finish the game, work on the rest of the pairing animations. That would work best.

    16. uhmm you dont plan to make all the animations, thats fine but you should change the wiki then because it says you plan to do 1500 animations...

      "How many animations are there going to be?"

      There are currently 51 different breedable monsters in the game, each able to bred with each other. So there are (51+2-1)!/(2!(51-1)!) possible combinations of breeding pairs, or 1,326. In addition to breeding with each other, monsters can breed with the male or female breeder, and have an idle animation, mean each monster has 3 additional animations.

      So the total number of animations that be accessed through the breeding menu is 1,479. This number does not include quests, holiday events, or character encounters.

      All together there will be more than 1,500 animations in the game once it is completed.
      -breeding season wiki Q&A

    17. They should fix it ASAP. Tell us specific number of confirmed animations to be made and erase the monster pairings that is not going to make it. Make it clear cause this false info gives people, especially new fans false hope of believing they will see 1500 animations but the truth is not.

  4. Oh hey, was heading here to ask a question & there's a new build. Neat timing!

    I love this game, btw. Since I haven't said that to you before, there. Now I have.

    Now first off I have to clarify I'm kind of unfamiliar with and confused by porn terms, especially as I often consider various sex characteristics (eg penis, fat distribution, beard, breasts, etc) separately from each other. But I was wondering, why is 'Futanari' disabled on 'male' creatures? It's defined in-game as having 'both male and female reproductive organs', which I assumed referred to penis and vagina (and uterus)?

    I guess some people might expect a different animation but that sort of thing you could put off until the Very Very End since it's perfectly reasonable to assume someone with a pussy and a dick might use their dick. Honestly you don't even need to change the idle poses. Basically the main change is that breeding two 'male' creatures where one or both has Futanari trait would have a pregnancy chance. Is this something you might change?

    1. I think the problem is they did not exactly treat Futanari the correct way. Because Futanari means having both reproductive organs, and what we can see in the game, Futanari has just been made into "a female with a d*ck".

      It's very niche, but probably very dissapointing for those, who have the fetish of a man with a vagina, or hermaphrodite fetish.

    2. Because that's what the fetish has evolved into, search for futanari anywhere and chances are that the only thing you will find is girls with both reproductive organs, that being said, is not what futanari means, it just means "two forms".

      If you want to apply logic to it, it (kinda) makes sense they are all "female", after all if you are going to bear a child you'll need the upper part to provide for the kid too, although the argument can also be made of they having to protect the child as well, so you'll end with a tit-tied bodybuilders?

      To be honest, if you are looking for futanari, chances are you are provably looking for girls with both parts, that's what the term has evolved into, actually you have to go really out of your way to find the counterpart, as you actually have to search for "male futanari", and even that may not yield the desired result, most search engines interpret that as "futanari on male".

  5. Only the Fbreeder x Catguy and Fbreeder x Catboy animations seem to work in gallery mode. Thanks for the hard work you guys put into this, keep up the good work.

    1. Make sure that you have "Neoteny", "Feral" and "Futanari" checked on the Options screen if you want to see those animations in the gallery. Otherwise it will just display the standard catgirl animation instead.

    2. Nope. I tried everything, but the fbreeder x futacat, fbreeder x kitten, and fbreeder x tiguy just don't work. All they do is show up as fbreeder x catgirl. I did everything i could to get it to work but nothing got it. Probably just a bug or glitch in the program (being a program designer, i know this happens). Just letting you know so you can maybe work on it. Love the stuff you put out too.

    3. To be clear, I'm referring to the boxes on the Options screen that shows up at the beginning of the game and where you enter the debug codes, the ones below the boxes for enabling Male/Female, Male/Male, and Female/Female animations, and not the ones in the Gallery menu itself. Make sure those are checked, because otherwise the game defaults to replacing those animations with fbreeder x catgirl.

  6. Will female ferals and neoteny be able to be futanari in the future?

    1. as it stands now, nope. if you ask again in 3 years, one can hope

    2. I believe the current design is that futanari, neoteny, and feral are all mutually exclusive. Genderbent female monsters can be futa, and regular female monsters can be futa, but neos and ferals were never intended to be futa, but only futa gene *carriers.*

  7. why cant i load my saves? my old version or same version as 7.3?

  8. Wow, so much hard work! You guys are doing great, and thanks for such a brilliantly fun game!

  9. Does the download link need to be updated? I went to the download link from the email sent last night after this post got updated, and I'm still getting white screens. I'm not sure it actually downloaded a different file.

  10. Hi , i tried myself about saving pblm , and yes White screen. (previous files and new build too )

  11. FBreederxStallion not working, unless someone else reported it already.

  12. So this is just bug fixes and more animations? No meaty content?

    -I don't mind having some updates like this (animations are cool). I just don't want to bother downloading/playing til the next real content makes it in.-

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  14. Thanks for the update, quick question though.
    The new animations all look really rigid/choppy and aren't flowing smoothly at all.
    Is this something on my end?

  15. How many of you who complain about everything actually watch the streams they do everyday? They work hard everyday for SEVERAL long and extreme hours on this game. You people act as if they don't have a life to live or cannot take care of their health. This game is still in it's EARLY stages, why do you expect so much to happen in a week? Have they not been updating you? Have they not been keeping steady with work? Do YOU want a quality game that WORKS and is VISUALLY appealing? Have you ever heard of trial and error? Making a good game takes time, get over it and learn to have some patience. Damn, ya'll will never be satisfied. You keep complaining like this and you're going to make them stop developing the game altogether. There's a difference between constructive critisism and flat out discouraging. I'd like to see YOU make an amazing game like this and go at the pace you all set for them. Get a grip.

    1. What you are asking for is impossible, they like being dicks when the comment its pretty pointless to have a discussion with them. I don't mind if they have "criticism" but holy fuck they assume this game can get done within a month concepts,soundtrack,story and so on they just want a rushed shitty fapping game.

      Sadly, They'll never be satisfied I'd say just let them say whatever they want this blogs nearing the end of its days anyway.

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  17. Awesome update keep up the good work guys.

  18. Is the Kittengirl animation supposed to be just a single unending stage? Other than that, looks good!

    1. Only one loop of the animation made it in time for the update: Vanilly is currently adding the rest of the loops as I write this.

  19. hey theres a problem with the fbreeder with 3 dickwolfs animation in the gallery

  20. Hi guys, I've been following your work for about 2 years, although not a Patreon thanks to international credit card issues since I'm not American. I'd like to say that I'm really happy with how things have gone until now. I've read the whole discution above, witch started with Slarkki, and I totally agree with Galael, I believe when you say that it is not being easy and all the delays that happened were caused by unfortunate events. I also agree with Galael when he says that people should give negative, but constructive feedback if thats the case, so after 2 years following you but without saying a word, I have decided to give you my "negative, but constructive feedback". I work at the development of Apps, I know that it's not the same thing, but still, in every project in every area, time is one of the most important factors, starting by that, here goes my analisys:

    According to your Animation_Tracker (, you still have 1417 animations to develop, that counting only the animations on the tracker, which means excluding event animations.
    Now, considering an avarage of 8 animations completed every month, you would take 177 months to end all of them, which means almost 15 years. Now, considering that Subtank is able to learn and eventually keep up the same pace as Vanilly, considering Vanilly alone keeping an avarage of 8 animations per month and Subtank 2 in the next, 3, than 4, until he reaches 8 per month as well, it would take 90 months to end all animations on the Tracker, which means 7,5 years. I don't know what you think about it, but in my oppinion, that's too long. I know you guys are amateurs growing in to a more professional state and I also know that your work is unique, but, that doesn't change the fact that 7,5 years is too long. I used to play every public release of yours, however, now I only have time to follow your growth through this blog. Who knows what might happen in 7,5 years, maybe I wont even be interested in your work anymore...
    What I'm trying to say is, you have to do something to accelerate your development, otherwise all this enterprise might be too risky. Remember, in the software or game development area, the longer you take to develop your product, the riskier your enterprise becomes, since it could become outdated, or maybe a competitor might appear, or simply lose the attention of your investitors.
    Now, I really like you guys, and I have some suggestions for you:

    -First, I think you should decide a releasing date. I'm not talking about an exact date, but a period in which you pretend to release the game in beta. In my opinion, 4 years starting now is a good time (still too long for a professional game market, but since you are amateurs and are few, this should be good).

    -After deciding that, you should make a project with a schedule over those 4 years and try to follow that. Notice that a nice schedule should always predict problems so that if they really happen, you will know what to do. I would recommend doing that on a software like MSProject, but it's too expensive. But there are many other good free project softwares that should do the job. I also would hightly recommend one of you to do a project management course in order to be able to organize it in a more professional perspective. Also, there are many cheaps but good project management courses around, you just need to search a little.



    1. Finally, my last advice: I have worked on the development of an app that would do many things, but we decided to delay its release in order to implement more stuff. What happened is that another app developer released his own app that should do almost the same stuff our app did, although much inferior. We could have released at the same date they released their app, but we though that since our app would do more stuff, we decided to delay. Unofortunatelly, our competitors app had grown really fast in popularity, and when we released our app it was too late, even ours beeing better. Later, with the profit from its first releases, our competitors app had implemented all the features our app used to have, and even more, forcing us to abbandon our app!! Today you might know my competitors app, it's called "WhatsApp"!!
      What I'm trying to say is, even if you don't have competitors, meybe it's better for you to finish the basics and release your game sooner, other than keep implementing stuff that could be implemented later on future versions of the game. You have done that already by finishing all monster variables and that was great! But you keep implementing more stuff. When I started to follow your work I though that you would include the ferals only in beta or something like that, but you decided to implement them before having all other things ready. I loved them, so that was ok for me, but again, a few days ago, you've said that you'll implement a ranch assistant system and even you saying that the assistants sex animations are not going to be implemented until all other animations are complete, one time you will need to implement them, and there would be A LOT OF THEM!!

      I'm sorry if I said something wrong, but as you said earlier, it's hard for us to know all that happens to your development process.
      Well, think about it
      Love you guys, know that I'm cheering for you, and I'll become a patreon as soon as I can.

    2. I agree.. with Nicole 100% It would hurt to see a game with as much potential as this end up in the shadows because someone put something out on a more official scale. Even with you guys being first and better, most of us know what would happen. "Oh yeah.. Breeding Season is just a copy of [insert name here]." And it seems hard for games of any substance to be taken seriously once dubbed a copy. That being said. I am glad that there are animations finally being thrown back in. That is what personally drew me to the game back when I found an old 5.0 build floating around the internet.
      Just watch out dudes... because there are a lot of flash game makers that are making a lot of stuff with similar traits, just not all of them together.... and some of them do talk on the forums I frequent, which has already resulted in nice collaborations... Don't want them stealing your thunder because this is an amazing game.

    3. I used to thought the same when they introduced the ranch system which I think should be something we see in Beta version. I used to peek their streaming doing stuff for mermaid and new event character arts. Sure they are great but looking to the speed of their productivity right now I think these should be pushed aside because there hell of lot of thing to do. Animation is one thing. The breeder research lab need more fix especially on recipe list. The ranch upgrade is not 100 finished. The punishment event where you failed to pay the debt is still not functioning. Feral forest scene and so more old features that is incomplete. Nicolas was right. 17 years there will be many competitors who strive for recognition are going to develop similar game with the blueprint of BS.

    4. I have to say this post is super trippy for me. I literally just worked on a spread-sheet (Looked into triangular-numbers to get the formula) to figure out how many animations were left. I was going to start off with a quote from The Martian, "Lets do the math". With that information I was going to look at what the timeline for completing this project was given its current production rate. Have to say the initial numbers were mind blowing, like Nicolas pointed out. Also on a side note my name happens to be Nicholas S. I did a double take and made sure I didn't post the previous comment while black-out drunk or something.

      Anyway the overall message I was going to post mirrored pretty much everything Nicolas posted. Though the numbers I came up with were 104 breeder animations and 1378 creature on creature animations(52 creatures so (52 * (52+1)/2).

      Lets put a pin in the creature on creature breeding animations talk, I'm saying this because of what other commentator have stated, it was never the intent to have every mating combination possible.

      I will move on to what I have seen reported as the current intent, which seems to align with what we are currently seeing. Lets focus on the breeder animations, there are currently 52 creatures (7 cat, 7 dog, 7 bird, 7 cow, 7 horse, 7 demon, 7 elf, Seraph, Mandrake, and Swine). Take that number times 2 (female and male) that leaves us with 104 animations. Of that 104 animations 7 animations are completed by the new standard with 5 older standard. That leaves with 92 remaining animations (97 if they revamp the old). Lets take the previous outlined example of 16 animations a month. Focusing on just breeder animations we are looking at 6 to 7 month till that work is complete.

      My first gut checks leads me to thinking of a way data can be collected about actual usage of features. Adding hooks that anonymously report this data would help in knowing where to focus development effort. Now I will admit this opens up a huge kettle of fish on privacy concerns. I'm sure it can be achieved, just a question of how much dev time.

      The reason for bring this question up is I feel feature pruning is needed and it would help to settle on what a core release would look like. Than focus on expansions (aka, the futa expansion, the feral expansion, the ranch system expansion, etc..)

      If we scaled back to the main creatures just male/female that leaves us with 17 creatures (2 cat, 2 dog, 2 bird, 2 cow, 2 horse, 2 demon, 2 elf, Seraph, Mandrake, and Swine) so that is 152 animations. Honestly I think it would be worth going one step further and dropping Seraph, Mandrake and Swine. Going with those numbers we get 105 creature on create animations needed. With the production rate of 16 a month that leaves us with a time-frame of roughly 7 months.

      I will say I'm a huge fan of the Futa(my secret love), Neo and Feral additions however looking at the majority of the breeding I do the "core" 105 cover most (as in 80%+) of them.

      Also a comment about drawing new patreons (being a 11 month patreon myself) not having Cat-Dog, Cat-Cat, Dog-Dog anymore really hurts the initial impression of the game I feel. Again this maybe how I play the game but with the aid of anonymous data collections these kinds of calls can be more calculated.

      Hope all this feedback comes off as someone that really just wants to help in the best way they feel they can towards a project they really like. Also all the numbers I have posted are more intended to gauging scale than be actual time-lines or fact.

  21. love the new animations but at the same time dissappointed in that they have handjobs for breeding seems that should be harvesting

    1. True, but there will be no harvesting animations, so they have to put all the different positions and styles into the breeding animations ;)

    2. i get that. its just odd to get preg, from a hj.

  22. still get the initial white screen. no change

    1. Same here. Thought to continue where I leaved yesterday but when I hit save file it goes wham! Everything turns white. I even tried to do export save file stuff but it was useless. Hope this get fixed immediately. To play a game from starting point again is a bit too much.

  23. Ok, so the bugs i found so far are these:
    * Saves are broken completely. Even saves i made after the new version.
    * fbreeder+stalion animation crashes and you are presented with a blank screen.
    * If you use debug to unlock everything at the guild and then go to store, sometimes you will be presented with an | error. I think this is in relation to a specific combination of traits or looks.
    * In debug mode gallery, one of the animations crashes, specifically: DickwolfFoursome

    Other than that, the new animations are appreaciated. The game is starting to feel like a game now. But is it possible to shift the focus for a couple of months to focus more on animation than further development of story etc? (this is not a complaint on "where are our animations and shit") A lot of the drag of this game is the actual breeding of different species together, and when most monsters have little to no animation on them, its a big turnoff.

    For example, starting the game up fresh, you end up not having a single animation for dickwolf+catgirl. The things you start with don't have animation, i think that is a bit of a turn off to new players as well as more seasoned players.

    All that said. Good job guys, and keep on trucking.

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  27. don`t forget to add female swines and male fluffdragons =)

    1. Female swines are very far along the way, and fluffdragons have been removed by titwolves

    2. About fluffdragons - it's sad. They look very pretty and sexy ^^

  28. I have been watching this projekt since H-bomb was alone on the legend of krystal site with the ifrit like demons and this projekt has gonne realy far.
    The base of the game is finished now it can only go uphill looking forward 2 it.

  29. Saves aren't working with the .SWF file. Both imported and saves originated with version 7.3 lead to a blank white screen.

  30. "HartistaPipebombMarch 2, 2016 at 9:15 PM

    Hm, I just checked our wiki FAQ on this and it appears it was false due to a misunderstanding (fixing it now), but I have been consistent in saying that there will NOT be an animation for every possible monster pairing, not even close. We will include as many pairings as possible, but the plan has never been to have an animation for every pair of monsters and I can be quoted as having said this every time it has come up. Doing so is just not feasible, and rather we have always said that we intend to make as many pairings as possible."

    Well i think in that case just remove those monsters from the game. What is the point having them in the game then anyway? Really, that is the whole point people are still here, we are waiting for the animations.

    1. The question here is "which monsters are going to be the sacrifice? How they are going to decide which monsters paring worth to be animated and which one is not? I know they got reasons for doing so buy hey, they've added so many monsters race into game and now everyone have different preferences of what pairing they love the most. Everyone don't want to miss their favorite couple lovemaking scene. I am not opposing their decision but it will be really unfair to some of the fans who is waiting patiently for years to see the animations, unknowing to them what they wished will never happens. Maybe to tell them the heartbroken news earlier will make they lose huge amount of supports. I mean how can you still want to donate or support devs after knowing your favs swine vs felf sex scene is not going to being made?

    2. Not everything is about the animations tho :/
      They are nice, but I can live without having every pairing done.

      I'm guessing the cat and wolf parings are going to be finished, but the rest are not so certain.
      I hope they figure out a limit they can go for, and have the rest be done by the community, and people could then add them like mods. that way people can choose the ones they feel are up to par

  31. lol, this makes for good comedy.

    I can do 7 animations per month
    We got a second animator guys so things should go faster now

    3 Months later

    Oh sorry guys, I'm lazy
    Here's a picture of someone's house that had termites 15 years ago
    Here's my 5 animations for this month
    Sorry it wasn't closer to 21 animations, even with 2 animators now
    Oh also, some of the new animations are bugged
    Sorry about that too

    Now that we added some animations, you're happy right?
    So we will be waiting another 3 months to give you 4 new animations
    Expect that in June
    Maybe July

    What why are you yelling at us
    We are working really hard
    600 hours per month is really not enough time for four people to put out new content
    You guys can't understand how much time goes into development
    You're just stupid fans
    How could you possibly understand how hard we work

    It takes 1800 hours to make 5 animations
    That's like a full time job for almost 11 months

    Whee, roller coasters are fun!

    1. Pretty much that's how it looks like most of the time...

    2. I particularly like the part where anyone with any criticism doesn't know what they're talking about because they've never made a game so there's no way their criticism could be valid

    3. After all you need to have made a game before in order to know, that it takes exactly a week in order to color-fill 5 pixelated pictures (though I have to admit, since February Spurp has been working a lot, so I'm happy about that)

      I'm mostly torn about the animations, because I see a lot of opinions from other programmers and animators, who are laughing at the speed of Vanilly's work. I don't know much about the process, but it's worrying to see so many arguments "against", and only a few arguments "pro", which mostly come from people, who actually don't seem to have any idea what they're talking about...

  32. I just want to share some info regarding how come the animations took quite a time. This is also based on my personal experience in the past where I work on a game where character display will change depends on what kind of equipments worn. There are helmet, armor, gloves and boots, which each equipment slots have more than 10 different items with different image as well.

    The problem with this game is that the variations are too vast. For example catgirl have many different combination of hair styles, hair color, eyes, eye color, face type, skin color, and mouth expression. The artist will have to draw each combination, and for every combination he/she have to sync the animation for each small images so any combination above will run properly. A single animation sprite might consist of hundreds or even thousand of smaller image parts. This is very stressful to manage

    That's why animating breeder is easier and faster than monsters. Breeders doesn't have such combination except facial expression. So please, do not just "another month and only 6 animation??" or such. Each of those animation requires lot, lot of efforts due to those variations.

    If I were the dev, I would do these:
    1. Start with less variations. For example, just the eye shape, eye color, and hair color plus facial expression. There will be less images to draw and should be faster and less stressful to manage.
    2. Start with simpler gameplay and contents. Rather than giving non-functional happiness bar, or empty places, give people something that works. "Teaser" is a double-edged sword, the longer they are not playable, the more users will complain.
    3. Set priorities. There are lot of creatures and fetishes. Pick priority and finish them first. For example, first few months will finish dickwolf and catgirl animation. Fulfill that goal until each combination of breeder-catgirl-dickwolf completed before attempting to do another creature. Also, start with more common fetishes. Finish straight sex animation before attempting gay, lesbian, futa or any other.

    After you've done it all, then you can start fulfilling your patron's desire by adding skin color, hair style combinations, more complex system, more places and NPCs.

    Just my 2 cents. I just become a patron recently so I don't know how does the past development progress looks like. Sorry if I stated something wrong and pardon my english.

    1. I think it's quite a good piece of advice, I just have 2 things to say about your suggestions:

      1) I think it's actually better to work with all the variations, because if they would later keep adding variations, people would be dissapointed ("nothing new added, only some hair and faces!") and also that would probably lead to bugs each time they add a variation. Working with all of them at once forces the team to fix the bugs immediately, and helps them learn to avoid those.

      3) If they would work on straight sex animations first, it would be a loooooong time before we would see any other fetishes, and people would lose interest (for example, I want to see MxM stuff, so I don't want to wait let's say 2 years before first animations with those arrive). I would rather suggest, that instead of working fetish by fetish, they should work variation by variation. What I mean is, after they finish the Breeders, they should work like:
      I. All the basic monster combinations (catgirl x dickwolf x harpy x holstaurus etc.)
      II. All the genderbent variants x basic monsters
      III. All the futas x basic monsters
      IV. All the neoteny x basic monsters
      V. All the ferals x basic monsters

      After that they could move to the I-V x genderbent, then futa, then neo, and finally feral.

      Or if it's too bothersome, at least they should make all the basic monster animations, since those we see most often. Then eventually go back to how they're animating right now ;)

  33. I browse through the post archives. They really took their time here, especially in 2015. They keep adding new monsters concepts, giving people hope but kinda slow in the deliveries, even from fellow developers perspective I can say it's slow.

    But I kinda understand the dilemma. When you have good artist, but need SWF animation, there will be many things to learn, lot of time to spend, even need different people who specialize ni that. Not every artists who good at drawing out there are also good at animating. Expecially swf, its different kind of beast compared to gif.

    Now I see why you suggest they should add more variation and fetishes so people wouldn't be bored/lost interest; because the devs took quite some time for this. I was thinking about 1-2 year timestamp for this game, but 4 years is just too much. I read previous comments, they had to sort their own stuff with the staff, or anything else. I just hope the progress will be much faster in the future.

    ps: I'm kinda amazed how they managed to gather so many, many patrons. I gotta learn how they do the marketing for this game. Might help me publish my game as well. Any tips? :)

  34. Look, I liked this game, and I really think it can be one of the best ever made. But I think you are trying to do the impossible, make animations to everybody.

    You 9 species, that can be male or female so this means 18 types, plus 18 because each of them can be neotany, plus 18 because each of them can be feral, plus 18 because each of them can be neotany and feral, 9 because females can be futa, +9 futa and neotany, + 9 futa and feral, + 9 futa, neotay and feral. This makes 108 types, 110 if considering the breeders. and since this is sex you need two of them so 108*108 *3/4 (because male-female and female-male are the same thing), what makes 8748 animations

    At the pace you guys are making them, you will not finish this in your lifetime. So you have two options, or chance this thing to 3D so you will only need to work with skeletons and animations one time for each (instead of frame by frame) or reduce the number of phenotype traits removing feral and neotany to reduce the number of animations necessary to 729.

    1. Feral, neoteny and futa are separate. So there will be no futa and neoteny, or feral and neoteny, or feral and futa ;) It's still A LOT of animations to make, but if you read the comments above, HBomb says, that they will not make all of them...

    2. It is still almost 3000 animations. I read the comment about not be every animation to every pair, but they already started it when they made every possible cat pair with female breeder. At least they should be consistent and have the base male/female to every base male/female animation before start making the specials phenotype trait animations. I will not say that this is a slow development, I know that work with 2D animations e heavely complicated and time consuming, that is why I think they should remove part of the content they intend to include if they hope to finish this project.

      They already started it in 2D and change now would take too long, but for this project, I would seriously recommend to be made in 3D, you would only need to make the skeletons, the random models algorithm and ajust animations, so the program would make the rest for you. that is the reason that every fighting game is going to 3D, even making video tricks to make them appear 2D. ut this is already done, and it would take too much time to change the platform. I just hope they can finish this before people begin lose interest.

      And please HBomb, put somekind of music and sound effects, even if they are just placeholders, there are some free to use if you look in the internet, I learned it when I was messing with RPG Maker, the way it is now is too dull, it really needs some music.

    3. 3000 are you sure?

    4. Sorry I may have disconsidered something in my calculations. 7 phenotypes per species times 9 species 7*9=63 63*63 = 3969, according to the wikia page you shown me they take half it from repetitions, I took only 1/4 in my calculations since I forgot that there isn't only male-male, female-female, male-female and female-male. So taking half of it it would still be almost 2000 (disconsidering breeders), less than before, but still much for the current pace.

    5. Its approximately 1500 animations not 2000. Feral elf has no gender variation (both male and female).

      However, that doesn't make any difference, if they can only pump out 6 animations every three months. Sigh....

    6. They've said to finish this game in between 3-4 years. Now they've confirmed not all pairings get animated. Keeping up with 7 animations per month, means 84 animations per year. So 4 years the total animations made will be 336. Nice. That only makes 1/5 of total animations.

    7. That's why they should hire an additional animator, or somebody to plan their work more properly, so they don't slack off during work hours. The earlier, the better, till the resources are still there

    8. Especially that I can imagine once it comes to MBreeder and there will be gay stuff to illustrate and animate, I can imagine the team will not be too enthusiastic (I think they're all straight?)

  35. As much as I like the variations (I truly do), I have to say, PLEASE JUST DROP NEO, FUTA, FERAL, SERAPH, MANDRAKE, AND SWINE. Only keep the base monsters and their gender variations. And you better do it now than later. It's one thing being ambitious, however, you guys simply bite off more than you can chew.

    Let's be realistic, you guys are NOT going to finish this game in the next two years. If you drop the variations I mentioned, it will reduce the amount of animations down to 222 (-2 because fbreeder x cat are already complete). That is much, MUCH realistic and feasible. Once you are done with the base monster pairings, you can call it BETA. At that point, you can add whatever you want.

    As of now, we have cat, dog, bird, cow, horse, demon, and elf. With their gender variations, we have 14 unique monsters in total. If you guys can just pump out 7 animations each month, you can complete all the pairings of one unique monster/breeder every two months. For instance, you can tell your fans that for MARCH and APRIL, we will be working on the fbreeder animations. By the end of April, all of the fbreeder animations (with the 14 unique monsters) will be done. For MAY and JUNE, mbreeder, July and AUGUST, catgirl, ..etc., so on and so forth. Some people are complaining that this project lacks organizations. Doing so will effectively organize this project.

    I am 100% certain that the fans will understand and will also like that. DO A POLL IF YOU MUST.

    1. I did the math again, excluding the repetitions, the total animations of 14 unique monsters (minus 2 for cat x fbreeder) is 131 not 222. Even better~

    2. Hang on, who made you project manager?

      You've just suggested they remove effectively 50% of the content, and for what? Seems like you just don't like that content. Three of those six you can disable in the options. And you can avoid the rest by not building the habitats (the only possible exception is the Seraph).

      "If you drop the variations I mentioned..."
      What this translates to in the context of everything else you've said, it's "Do what I say, or else." Yes, it will reduce the workload they've placed on themselves. That's fair enough. But what of those of us who like Neo, Futa, Feral, Seraph, Mandrakes (Ew, not me) and Swines (haven't seen them yet, but I know they're pig beasts)? Should we be put on the long finger because of you?

      Also, needless capitalisation. Please stop shouting.
      "At that point you can add whatever you want."
      Do you realise how obnoxious this sounds? You're telling them how to create their game, not suggesting ways to improve productivity.
      It probably sounded perfectly reasonable in your head, but once committed to paper (screen in this case) it becomes something of an order. Coupled with the needless captialisation, it's just plain rude.

      Now, I'm not saying that the pacing of development is in any way perfect but can you stop trying to insert yourself as CEO of Breeding Season?

      I have no doubt you're a fine upstanding human being, but I do not like anything you said.

    3. "I have no doubt you're a fine upstanding human being, but I do not like anything you said."
      So do I.

      For your information, HBomb has said it that "not every pairing will get an animation". You also said it yourself, "Three of those six you can disable in the options." HOW ABOUT FINISH THE ONES THAT CANNOT BE DISABLED? What part of this simple logic can't you not understand?

      "You're telling them how to create their game, not suggesting ways to improve productivity."
      NO. I was pointing out the obvious that you failed to see. This game has been in alpha stage for three years. Six animations per every three months will take 125 years in order to create 1500 animations. Hence, I "suggested" a reasonable goal based from their pacing of development. And, according to you, that makes me the CEO of Breeding Season?

      Also, no need to be a white knight. Be realistic.

    4. You know, if you take 3 days to do an animation full with variations, they need at least 393 days (for the 131 animations said earlier)to finish all of them (and dont forget, inspiration doesnt come by magic, so that might take more time). You add the fact that they need to code the system of the game, which takes at least 3 months for it. There is also the debbuging who take time. And you must also understand that they actually needed to recreate the existing code (far more difficult than create a new one).

      Its true, H-bomb started in 2013, but his code was uneffective and he hadnt a true design (sorry bro, but that true).
      When S-purple arrived in 2014, the project didnt had a true defining line, so he just redesigned the art.
      Fleet arrival permit the team to access a code usable by a team rather than the coder himself, that started the regular paced of the project.
      Vanilly permit to speed up the redesign and started animation but you still need the code to implement it so without it you cant have animation in game(even if they have done it).

      Like they said (on the team history here )its only in 2015 (they only became on december 2014 for god sake)that the project really start to find it form and they start talking to us.

      Before ranting please watch all the info you got
      (sorry for my bad english, its not my 1st language)

    5. @ataqio

      What you said only adds to my point. Don't you think that 393 days for 131 animations is much reasonable than 1500 animations and God knows how long?

      Also, why did you bring up the team's history? That has nothing to do with the fact that they just spent 3 months to create 6 animations. Telling them to be reasonable does not equal ranting.

    6. I just don't understand, why do you want them to REMOVE that extra content. What stops them from just making the basic animations first, and then moving on to the other ones WITHOUT removing neo, futa, feral, seraph, mandrake and swine?

    7. not to mention, probably removing, and later re-adding the content would lead to bugs. It's easier to just keep it in the game.

    8. "What stops them from just making the basic animations first, and then moving on to the other ones WITHOUT removing neo, futa, feral, seraph, mandrake and swine?"

      Of course they can do that. However, based from their slow development (6 animations every three months for a total of 131 basic pairings), you won't be seeing the extra content until 10 years later.

    9. Well removing the content will not speed them up. What I meant is, they should do the basic animations (like you mentioned), but still keep the neo,futa etc. in the game (just without the animations).

      It saves them time on removing that crap, which could possibly create bugs (which then would have to be fixed etc.), and then after a few years again re-adding it back (possibly with new bugs)

    10. I'm saying they take time to add animation because of the code. This is the hardest part of the project. Your complaining about the animation which take even more if time without the code, since you wont be able to see them (even if they exist).

      For me they will be out of alpha stage before finishing the animation when they will have the game system finish.

      Last thing i have to ask do play this game for the animation or for the gameplay. For me, its for the gameplay i can see the different monsters i have, breed them, upgrade their stats, building my ranch... I know i cant see them fuck(i like to watch) but thinking of it after 3 or 4 time seeing it i wont really watch it.

      I rather have new feature in the game than new animation (its not like i dont want them but i know they are coming)

    11. @ataqio

      Do you actually understand what I said? Because everything you stated only adds to my point. If they are having difficulty writing the code, then the more reason that they should cut back and aim for a reasonable goal. Your point only shows that they bit off more than they can chew. Maybe you should get your logic straight.

      I think many people play this game for the animation. If you are only interested in the gameplay, then there are many better alternatives. I don't see the point of having the variations if there is no animation.

      Also, stop using the argument that adding/removing will create bugs. That sounds super lame. They are suppose to ADD animation with each update and there are always bugs.

    12. Yep.JYS got some points over here. If many people prefer gameplay over animations then tell me why this game when it was in earlier version of 4.6, while it got poor undeveloped system/gameplay mechanics but still able to attract many people to play it? It is the animations, of course. But then they screw it up by removing the animations for a revamping them but then they barely work over the animations. They keep adding races and upgrading the game mechanics. Until one point, people show rage in version 7.0 and with lost many support, they finally start working on animations again. So yeah, its the animations in first place, not the gameplay.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. Good job guys, I've been playing since version 4.5 it has gone down in the amount of animations, but the graphics are way improved, I really cant wait to have this game done and all animations in place.

  38. not trying to be a pest but what happened to the public release? been over a week it seems

  39. Hey, I'd just like to know one thing: why the horse cock on the Taurus? I've seen this (putting horse-like penises on bovine-like creatures) on a LOT of works from different authors around the internet, and hoped it would be different in Breeding Season.

  40. Fod@ que o cara faz tudo isso e nao coloca um link pra download!! '-'