Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ranch Assistant System and Monster Request Ideas

I want to go ahead and give you guys a sneak preview of our plans for the ranch assistant system. This system is currently in the works: look forward to it being fully functional in 7.4, though some small parts of it might be ready by 7.3. I'd love to hear feedback and suggestions:

Ranch Assistant System

After completing certain quests and events, certain NPCs will become ranch assistants that you can have work at your ranch. You’ll have a limited number of ranch assistant slots, so you can only have so many working at your ranch at any one time (at the moment, we're planning on 5 assistant slots and one special slot for the NPC you choose to marry). Any assistants that you don't have working will still be in your ranch assistant pool, however, and can be switched in later. Based on which ranch assistants you have assigned you’ll get special ranch-wide bonuses.

Assigning Tasks

Ranch assistants will be able to be assigned tasks to repeat every day or week. Different assistants will be capable of different tasks. Assistants can be assigned as many tasks as they have the energy to do.

-          Breeding: The ranch assistant will be able to be assigned monster pairs to automatically breed together every day; they will always breed for as many times as the two monsters are capable.

-          Caretaking: The ranch assistant can be assigned to a ranch building where they will raise the happiness of all the monsters each week as well as grant stat bonuses based on their own stats. They will also automatically harvest all monsters in the building whenever that monster builds up all their stored hearts, without the downsides of an auto-harvester.

-          Sell Consumables: The ranch assistant can be assigned to sell your consumables every week. You can also indicate that only consumables under a certain level of quality should be sold, or that only consumables that were produced by your monsters should be sold (and not items you've gotten from events or through alchemy).

-          Gathering: The ranch assistant can be assigned to bring back a collection of random items every week. The type, number, and quality of items will be determined by the ranch assistant's own special abilities.


Most ranch assistants will also be able to breed with the monsters on the ranch, and will have their own stats/traits and appear in the breeding menu. Some ranch assistants will be the exclusive source of particular special traits. If an assistant is in your pool, you’ll be able to use them for breeding even if you don't have them working on the ranch.

Assistant Stats

STR – Gives a small bonus to the special assistant effects of each other stat
DEX – Reduces the energy cost of adding new tasks for this assistant
STA – Increases how much energy this assistant generates each day
CHA – Raises how much happiness they confer on monsters in a pen when caretaking
WIL – Reduces the chance of bad events or task failure
FER – Better chance of passing on any of their unique traits to offspring


There will be a wide variety of bonuses for having particular ranch assistants active. Additionally, all ranch assistants will have special hidden bonuses that you'll have to discover through experimentation. For example: Alita: The player generates 10% extra energy each day, Hidden: this bonus is increased based on the number of ranch assistants you have unlocked

Now, the other thing I wanted to announce is that we're looking for fan suggestions for monster requests (that is to say, the bronze, silver, and gold requests that NPCs make for monsters with certain stats/traits, etc). We're looking to put in a large volume of these and I thought it might be a fun area for fan participation.

Monster requests can consist of stat, trait, monster type, and/or gender requirements, as well as a small text blurb from the NPC requesting the monster.

Example: Roxie might ask for a monster with high STR in order to help her move things around the shop, or Kay might ask for a monster with Geyser in order to fill up a revitalizing cum bath.

If you'd like to submit some ideas, go ahead and post them in the comments here on the blog! We'll pick out ones that we're particularly fond of for inclusion into the game.

Finally; S and Fleet and I are going to do a bit more streaming of us playing some ARK tonight since it's a Sunday. If you'd like to join us, check out my Twitch channel here:



  1. Now That's awesome I'm gale to see you guys are working hard keep up the good work.

  2. I gotta say, that sounds very cool indeed and I look forward to what you all have planned for the future of BS.

  3. So, for an order idea... How about a produce farmer who needs cows or horses to pull a plow?

  4. Well that's interesting, but meh, I don't think that will be ready soon.

  5. maybe the priestess can ask for any monster wit the altruistic trait to help in the church?

  6. :o does that mean Alita will be in next patch? seeing that you mentioned her.

  7. Does that mean that the ranch assistants will have animations with the monsters? That would be cool, though it's another hell lot of work...

    As for the request suggestions:
    -Harpies with High DEX for Cordelia, so she can send them on research missions, or use them to deliver dildos
    -Male Cows/Horses with high STR for helping random NPCs carry stuff and help with physical work
    -Feral Elves with All Night Long for the Marchioness, so she can make orgies (after all, she doesn't like the average stuff, and Primogems are quite interesting)
    -Neo monsters with high WIL for Lily, so she can start a praying circle (It doesn't make sense, I know xD )
    -Any Ferals with high STR or STA for Kala, so they can help her tame wild monsters
    -Kawaii neo monsters for Kay, in case she wants to make a K-Pop team :P
    -Monsters with Iron Will for someone, who wants to dominate in S&M, and Cruel monsters for someone, who wants to be dominated ;)
    -Nymphomaniac monsters for Cordelia in case she gets tired of Dildos
    -Male monsters with Too Stronk for Levi, to help him with his building work
    -Cows with Added Value for Elle, because their milk makes the items taste better

    I also thought, that later along the way it would be coold to make the NPCs be the reason to unlock all the special traits (just like Marchioness unlocked the Seraphs), so for example:
    -Kay gives the Breeder a mission, where he has to deliver a certain amount of some-level quality consumables from each monster type (so every monster has to be unlocked first) and then she creates a bath, which after submerging a monster in it, made that monster give birth to the first Neoteny ever. And then after like 7 days Neotenies could arrive in the shop.
    -Futanari could be unlocked through the Marquis. He asks the Breeder for a monster, which will be a nymphomaniac and Greased Lightning for the Marchioness, but just to play a trick on her, he also wants that monster to be Cruel. Then the Marchioness gets very pissed off, curses that monster (though I'm not sure if they can use magic, so it might not work), and throws it out in the wild. After like 10 days or so, there are sightings of Futanari monsters, and the trait is unlocked.

    1. Then it would take far too long to get the Neoteny trait.
      Though she is a good trigger for Neotony and seems a bit cum-addled I don't think it would be the best course of action to bequeath such a trait for something that would unlock very late/never in the course of normal play.

      I like the idea for the Futa trait through the Marquis, but instead of the unsure "Curse" thing, a simple alchemical potion would suffice. This potion may be a one-off specific recipe, but once she discovers the monster's Cruel nature, she needs it soon. VERY soon. Hmmm.... how would she throw out a monster that doesn't give two flying farts about her?
      Succeed and she'll reward you (take a guess), but fail and she can and will make things very, very difficult on you.

      This would first require the alchemical lab add-on, but I think it works better this way. The sightings and subsequent unlock is fine. I have no particular issue with that.
      We would also need some flavour text so nobody will be going "But but we can make a futa potion we should be able to be futa bawwww". Maybe one-of-a-kind ingredients.

      Also a thought - it could work if there was a special 6th level for some of the stat traits thast require doing something special for the NPCs in town.
      For example, Levi would unlock Too Stronk 6, Lily would give you Iron Will 6, Kay would give you Greased Lightning 6 and Roxie... um... Fertile 6? That leaves us with All Night Long. And Cordelia.

      I also read on the Wiki that Aitako is going to be replaced eventually due to... reasons. Are there any further developments on this yet?

    2. I was just throwing ideas, so of course they can be changed and adjusted ;) Of course now the game is in Alpha, and the main purpose is finding bugs etc. but actually once it reaches beta, having such challenges, as unlocking all the monster pens before being able to unlock feral/futa/neo etc. could be nice in terms of gameplay :D But it would probably be dissed, just like the summoning sickness.

      The level 6 traits sound good too, it adds some nice flavour to the game, and makes the NPCs seem more useful in the game ;)

      Do we know if Aitako is going to be just replaced with something else? Or is she being temporarily removed? Hopefully not permanently!

    3. From the Trivia section on Aitako's page in the wiki:
      "Aitako was added to the game as part of a collaboration with Schoolgirls Love Tentacles, a hentai card game. However, the team behind Schoolgirls Love Tentacles never fulfilled their end of the trade. Aitako will be removed from Breeding season once a suitable substitute is created."

      It's a shame. I was fond of her as well.

    4. @Artakons

      Never dismiss Summoning Sickness criticism as a simple dis. It's an unnecessary fix to a non-existent problem that nobody has reported. It genuinely ruins some people's enjoyment of the game and is completely at odds with the established lore of the game.

  8. So we also get assistant breeder animation? Like Robo-chan

  9. Perhaps monsters like Satyrs, Incubus/Succubus, Chimeras and Arachnes?

  10. "No harvesting animations cause there will be hell lot of works cause we are focusing on main animations." Well say ye-bye to this awesome old features that had been ripped and forever will never returned. Now presenting new feature, "ranch assistant"? Interesting but looking from the list, there will be hell lot of works to do? No complain just hoping this feature will not overcome the priority of finishing the animations first.

  11. Hey guys, awesome job with the assistants idea and i'm tottally looking forward to it, about the monster quests:
    -Kay: Geyser and Iron will monsters to produce more consumables, the quest about the bath, mentioned before is also a nice idea, though the breeder could also get in there to replenish some energy(lets say after some times you have to change the contents of this bath
    -Lilly: Altruistic monsters to help calm down the mobs of angry empire people
    -Cordelia: All night long is a good trait for her, also since she runs a lab she could open a quest where you can "insert" new traits in your monsters, with cost and failure rate based on the unlocked trait you want(for instance Kawaii: 75% rate; Neoteni:45% etc..)
    Roxie: high str monsters for the shop and some neoteny to play with her
    Levi: Before the alchemy lab quest- high str and the usual- After the lab quest, lets say he's developed a taste for Holstauruses
    Margo: Nurturing monsters, because "She's heard that drinking their milk/cum makes your parts grow bigger"
    Delilah: Cruel monsters to "show people what they really are" but after delivering them you go to the church and hear her and the captain having some fun with their newly purchased "toy"

    Also i was wondering, is there someone that have a favorite monster? I always end up having one or two that i always put my breeder to fuck with, i was wondering if there could be a house extension where you put these monsters. It could open after an event, like if the monster loves the breeder(namely) it could escape his cage at night and get under the breeder sheets, the breeder then could choose between fucking or not the monster, if yes he wastes all his hearts during the night, after this event the monster would refuse to breed with anyone but the breeder, and if Levi has already built the alchemy lab you could talk to him to build one personal space for this monster(where he could give in and say he himself had made one for his monster) the insides could look just like the ones of the other monsters and the breeder could have the option to lay down in bed with this one at night(now with no costs). Since the breeder doesn't have any traits he could have a dim chance of passing forward this monsters traits, the downside is that this monster wouldn't level, provide xp and wouldn't be "marketable" anymore. The breeder could dispose of this monster at anytime(costing him all the affection)

    sorry for the long comment ^^'

    1. It'd be actually a pretty great idea to replace the starting pens for cats and dicks with a single "shared" pen that'd normally store overflow, and a limited number of rooms in the houses for personal "pets".

    2. That's the idea, and it may turn the breeder into a more interesting breeding match if he could get to transmit the bronze stats of these pet monsters to his breeding monsters

  12. well i have suggestion about some special traits for monsters
    for instance special trait quest for demoness like 'allure of succubs' which grants extra stats when they breed or for seraphs 'divine form" which grants extra happiness or something like that

  13. Are any of these possible assistants established characters or will this be a new batch of NPCs?

  14. (1/2?)
    Note: I think that for some flavor texts, different levels of difficulties can be linked to it. For instance, if Margo request help to carry heavy stuff in her shop, it can be bronze level: a holstaurus or stallion (since they are strong) ; silver level : a holstaurus or stallion with high strength or stamina ; gold level : a holstaurus or stallion with high strength or stamina + all night long or too stronk.
    I had a lot of ideas, so I tried to organize it depending on NPCs. I only did it with NPCs I'm familiar with, though... I don't really know the new ones (Ferris etc)

    Margo :
    A client is scared of monsters, so s/he'd like an elf. They're the most human-like, so they can help him be more at ease with the idea.
    Gross trait
    « This one is a bit weird, but we have a request for a gross monster… Whatever the species. The client say it's not for him/her but for a friend. »
    Female + Nurturing or kawaii or altruistic
    A client afraid of women wants a female monster to build his confidence. She must be nice and patient, to ease her into it.
    Male + Nurturing or kawaii or altruistic
    A client afraid of men wants a male monster to build her confidence. He must be nice and patient, to ease her into it.
    Greased lightning or high dext + harpy
    A client wants a harpy to hunt birds. She needs to be quick.
    Genderbend catgirl
    A client wants a catboy for a steamy romance.
    Added values
    A loaded client want a monster, and one of special quality, so as to rub his wealth in everybody's face.
    Those monsters are rare, so a rarity-loving client would like one.
    Any specie (+ genderbend?)
    A client that really love this particular specie would like one.

    Added value
    She'd like a well-selling monster.
    Any trait/specie/stat, really
    A restocking friend asked her for a monster fitting those requirement.
    She'd like to restock locally.
    Nurturing mandrake
    She doesnt have time to take care of her garden, so she'd like a mandrake focused on caretaking of its fellow plants.

    Levy :
    Stallion/Holstaurus + All Night Long or Too Strong or high stamina/str
    He needs an extra hand for a construction project and wants a tough monster.
    A friend of his wants help on a building site. Levy told him the player could help.
    After the holstaurus was given to him, a request for Nurturing
    [Name of the holstaurus]'s tired with the children. He'd like some help for her.
    After the holstaurus was given to him, a request for Kawaii/All Night Long/Greased Lightning
    [Name of the holstaurus]'s good for the children, but she can't be everywhere. He'd like a monster to play with them when she's busy.

    High strenght/stamina
    She needs a strong assistant to carry products, crate and such!
    She needs help to sniff out some, eh, totally legal products to spice up her beauty care or stocks !
    Nymphomaniac/All Night Long
    She wants to go to the beach, but wants to have company to calm her down after the last time.
    She wants a monster, but one that's of a size that she can easily handle!
    She wants a sexy seller that have a radically different kind of beauty than her ~

    She wants a fertile monster to create a lineage of color-matched servants.
    Feral (+ demon?)
    She needs a feral to « try out some ideas »
    She needs a monster for her dungeon
    She's bored as usual. She wants to feels something, even if it's disgust.

    Elf + High charisma
    He needs a fellow elf to help him convince humans that elves are open and friendly.
    Elf + kawaii
    He needs an especially beautiful fellow elf to help him convince humans that elves are open and friendly, and fuckable
    He needs a monster for his dungeon

  15. (2/2)
    She likes their company as representant of the « purest » breed of elves (maybe a cruel primogem, to carry out her fantasy of submitting to the master race? :p)
    She needs help to clean and maintain the dungeons.
    Catgirls (+ greased lightning?)
    There are rat in the castle.
    She thinks that roaming birds or prey circling around a castle bring a beautiful sinister aura to it. A beautiful sinister aura that repells unwanted humans… visitors.
    Dickwolves (with high str/dext/sta?)
    The hunting pack of the marquis need a new member.

    Any trait/specie/stat, really
    She needs a monster fitting those specific requirement! FOR SCIENCE!
    High willpower/stamina
    She needs a monster able to stand the rigor of, hah, scientific experiments.
    Fertile/all night long/incorrigible
    She wants to study traits's succession over generations, so she need monsters quick to breed.
    She wants to study her own resistance to monster-transmitted illness, so she need a gross monster.
    This trait fascinates her, as it's precious in understanding monster genetic.
    Those are pretty rare, and thus fascinates her.

    High charisma
    She needs a monster to help her in her campaining for monsters' acceptance in society, so a creature at ease with people.
    Genderbend demon
    Since demoness are really clever, she'd like a qualified one to sweet-talk people in trusting monsters, especially since demons are so often, well, demonized.
    Feral direwolf or horses
    She needs a trusty messenger to discreetly deliver a message to guild allies.
    She finds much in common between herself and those creatures, and thus especially cherishes them.

    She wants an assistant of about her size.
    Greased lightning/high dexterity
    She wants an assistant with enough reflexes to protect her from the explosion risks.
    Too stronk/high strength
    She wants an assistant that can carry heavy crate of materials for her.
    Geyser/all night long
    She wants an assistant that can supply her with enough material for her experiments.
    Iron will/high willpower
    Sex disgusts her, so she wants a steadfast assistant. (She might later request a kawaii/nymphomaniac assistant to satisfy said steafast assistant once it'd had enough)
    Cruel harpy
    She wants to inspire respect around her alchemy tower.

    Gross feral demon/swine/stallion
    To show the world how much monsters don't care about puny human aesthetics!
    Any traits about strenght/stamina
    She needs a monster worthy of her/of one of her pack members
    Charismatic/kawaii catgirl
    Catgirls love music. She'd like a dancer to shed a bit of joy amongst the camp.
    High willpower/dext (+ elves or demon, a clever monster anyway)
    Her shaman needs help with some experiment, and most of the tribe is too impulsive, so he needs a careful hand.
    Genderbend demon
    Same problem - her shaman wants to conduct a ceremony and needs help; female demons, as shamans in the wild, have the magic and ceremony knowledge to help.

    1. Wow, this is really well-made and thought through :D Good job :D

    2. This is seriously impressive. I can honestly imagine this being the reasons why they need the monster. Since the characters are sometimes standing in town maybe they could actually be clicked on and have personal requests (missions) stated on the left hand side along with the reasons why on the right hand side. Great job in making this.

  16. out of curiosit, what happens if the breeder succeeded in breeding with an assistant ?

    1. Trafficking in your own offspring? Dark, but entertaining thought. Or you breed new assistants? I have no idea how they will address this.

  17. Customer: Delilah
    Looking for (4 stars): Holstaurus (feral & genderbent: Minotaur) w. All Night Long + high STA.
    She needs it for "showing people the horrid truth of what these brutish monsters really are. These beastly, raw, animals, with their huge, throbbing...". Also don't tell anyone about it, or else.

  18. [Possible spoiler ahead]

    Hbomb thought of a quest where Cordelia builds a fucking-robot and becomes addicted to it.
    Cordelia should first request a nymphomanic monster to test the robot and once she uses the robot herself, she should request another nymphomanic monster to get the first monster to stop using the robot 24/7.

  19. " Breeding: The ranch assistant will be able to be assigned monster pairs to automatically breed together every day; they will always breed for as many times as the two monsters are capable."

    How would the assistants deal with the offspring of said monster pairs? I can see this becoming a problem when you have S breeding stats (str, fer, dex, sta) and all the breeding traits to level 5 (fertile, too stronk, all night long, grease lightning) on the monster pairs. These monster pairs can have 20+ hearts bearing 10-20 offspring per monster pair.

    My suggestion would be to be able to select exactly which stats, traits, facial patterns, hair style, and color you want on the offspring. These will be based on the monsters being paired, so that you can't select anything that the monsters cannot bear.
    Also, you can add a tab system for each assistant showing the monster's offspring. After selecting the tab you can donate which ones you don't want or keep the ones you do.

    Thank you for reading.

  20. So I doubt any of those assistant breedings will be animated right? Although just seeing the usual breeder animation when that happens would be cool, that would be a lot right?

    1. It's not specified if they'll be animated, but if there are possible 5+ assistants, it would add a lot more animations to make. Perhaps once many of the base breeding animations are done, the team will consider animating the assistants? :D That would be cool, I would love to see some of the NPCs getting it on with the monsters

    2. What are your thoughts on the part where it says you can marry an NPC? You think they'll have an animation for that or a cutscene? How about NPC assistance who aren't humans?

    3. I don't think any of those animations would be coming soon (unless perhaps Vanilly keeps working on the breeding animations, and Subtank would make the assistant breeding and married NPC "wedding night" animated). I think the marriage thing is going to be mostly about flavor text, but who knows ;D The devs haven't really specified anything yet.

    4. No I think text would be good enough for marriage. I'm just hoping the NPC's would have some monsters included. If it was just humans then that would mean the team would have to make new designs for new characters. If they made monster NPC's then they could just add something like clothes and a moving mouth to make an emphasis on being assistants. That and if you think about it, having human assistants sounds like it would cost have some sort of cost right? Added to the debt in the game and the fact the guild hasn't really helped would mean the player would have to pay right?

    5. Yeah, it would be great if there were non-human NPCs already in the game. I also really dig the idea of having a love interest with an NPC :D

      It would be really cool to have the assistant breeding animated (just for the sake of seeing some other characters getting it on with monsters ;D ) But I guess it's all up to the team. It wasn't really specified yet if ranch assistant meant more animations to do.

  21. I think that, when you click on your house to go to sleep, next to the "Are you sure you want to sleep" notice, there should be a bulletin board looking thing that shows all the things you wanted your assistants to do, and have check marks next to them if they are done. Just in case you want to know what was done that day and what to do the next day, and if you need to do something.

  22. Just thinking.
    Some of the ideas posted here are quite interesting, but could possibly place them in a second special case (similar to Purple) and require a trait of a specific LEVEL as well.

    For example: A Noble of questionable morals from a neighbouring area has recently been deposed and needs a monster to subjugate and terrorise his enemies. (Requires Feral, Iron Will 3, Too Stronk 3 and Cruel).
    These requests would naturally be more rewarding (in terms of Gil) to compensate for the time, and would not unlock any specific trait. I think trait unlocks via requests should be limited to Gold level, not Gold and Purple as Purples have no time limit imposed on them.

    By the way, in 7.1 Public, the trait list is still spilling off the bottom of the screen. Has this been fixed yet for 7.1.1 or 7.2?

  23. Suggestions:

    Margo -Kala wants a strong female for something about "who have the strongest cunt" competition. (Female Monster with Too Stronk)

    Levi -.......I want....gross female............for reasons...........carpenter reasons........ (Female Monster with Gross)

    Lily -Hello my child, the Goddess has made an appearance in one of my dreams, she demand me to "purify" a female, I leave it in your hands my child. (Female Monster with Cruel)

    Margo -A teacher from the school of the town is looking for a childist monster to teach the younger ones about some sexual education.(Monster with Neoteny)

    Kala -Kala tired of weak dicks, Kala wants strong dicks, big dicks, powerful dicks, indomitable dicks, unstoppable dicks, you know what Kala means. (Male with high STR)

    Cordelia -I´m near to discover something about the void but lately I feel a bit stressed so, can you give me a male? You know...research purposes. (Male Monster)

    Kay -I feel lonely lately since you don´t come to my store.. JUST KIDDING!! Now serious, i need a monster to fulfill the amount of requests that I have. (Monster with Geyser)

    Roxie -My last Stallion has escaped from my store and I don´t know why...Can you give another monster please? Chuu~ (Male Monster)

    Margo -An unknown soldier from the Imperial Legion "urgently need" a female for his longs nights in the guard. (Female Monster)

    Margo -A rich woman from the town wants a lover that can endure all her lust "I´m tired of my husband flaccid penis, why have I married a man like him? oh because the money right" she said. (Monster with Nymphomaniac)

    Marquis -I have a big reunion with the another elves houses and I am a bit low of personal since my sister bang them until they escape scared so perhaps you could help me with one of your servants (All types of Monster)

    Marchioness -Lately I feel like breaking something cute with my sweet meat hammer, you can bring me something cute right? Because you look cute if you don´t want to. (Monster with Kawaii)

    Margo -A group of friends have decided to give a present for a virgin friend of they, he already know something so they want a futanari female to make it more "Special" they said. (Female Monster with Futanari)

    Levi -Brother of mine reached age......he need become a man..........give me manmaker..... (All types of Monster)

    1. Cordelia -I have broken my favourite dildo... It will be repaired soon but I can´t wait anymore! It´s been one day! You have to do something!! (All types of Monster)

      Roxie -Sweety~ my back hurts like hell since my last encounter with a wild monster so, could you bring me a good companion to "massage" me for hours? (Monster with high STA)

      Lily -There are some people in the town looking for a blessing therefore I will require one of your loves to keep my mind clear. (All types of Monster)

      Kay -My sister just stolen me my precious bucket of quality jizz! THAT WITCH!! Plz I can feel my skin drying up! buahh~ (Monster with high STA)

      Margo -There is a... villager yeah! Who want to try something new so... give me a female futanari and don´t make questions. (Female Monster with Futanari)

      Kala -Kala need train, Kala cunt strong, Strong cunts need strong cocks, you give Kala what Kala want. (Monster with Feral)

      Cordelia -It´s a bit sad to work on the lab all alone, can you give me someone company? (Monster with high CHA)

      Marchioness -I´m tired of normal creatures, give something strange to satisfy my "little friend" he was having hard times lately. (Monster with Genderbent)

      Levi -Many clients.......need give cute things to you.........maybe... (Monster with Iron Will)

      Roxie -I have to do a new restock in my store, my sweeties are ready for lovey dovey~ now is your turn sweetheart! (Monster with Fertile)

      Marquis -It´s been three days since Merrith got angry with me because my feral gangbang surprise to her, I could just bang her but I rather wait like a dickwolf

      looking at his prey, bring me something instead breeder. (All types of Monster)

      Lily -I have a important quest from above my sweet child, I can´t fail so help me with good company, you know what I mean. (Monster with high WIL)

      Margo -A band of bad guys are paying a good amount for a new member "ready for cocks everyday" they have added. (Monster with Selfish)

      Kay -I´ll have a free day soon! I know that you won´t spend the day with me >:( but someday you could right! Looking for it!! In the meantime I should enjoy a bit right?! :P. (All types of Monster)

      Kala -Enemy tribe stole dicks and cunts, Kala revenge terrible, need power, you give Kala power, Kala crush enemy dicks and cunts. (Monster with Nurturing)

      Cordelia -I have scientist meeting soon, my friend believes that she´s the best because she invented the double vibrator, she doesn´t know my new invention but I will need a good cumdump I mean...companion, give me your best stuff! (All types of Monster)

  24. Maybe you could add foxes/kitsunes?

  25. I've posted this a couple times before, but could you please make the Breeder viable endgame?

    As it is, I only use the Breeder at the beginning because of the monster pair shortage, and toss out all their offspring once I have a good breeding stock. I wouldn't use the Breeder at all if the game's energy mechanic didn't force me to, what with their awful stats and lack of traits.

    To be honest, these Breeding 'assistants' sound like better breeding material than your player character, which kind of sucks. Previously I had suggested giving them better traits to make the Breeder viable breeding material endgame, but it sounds like you might be going a different direction given the assistant mechanic.

    From a gameplay perspective, could you guys do anything to give the Breeder greater staying power than what they have already? I kind of imagined you'd be able to use them as your broodmare/breeding stud at some point in the game, but as it is they're kind of a burden that hinders the gameplay rather than abets it.

  26. Ugh, one typo, I meant:

    "Previously I had suggested giving [the Breeder] better STATS to make the Breeder viable breeding material endgame"

    Which would at least inspire you to use your breeder to impart improved stats upon their offspring. But even that benefit has limited utility, as soon as your breeding stock exhibits better stats, and positive traits besides, your breeder will once again become obsolete.

    1. I concur. And if not better stats (cheese Aitako's Pearl for these), a way to make traits available to them.
      The only way to make your breeder at all viable later in the game is to export and edit your save.

    2. personally i mutate my breeder with the sandwiches, but the 5% chance promote saveskumming, would be nice it they had higher chance to mutate since the ingredients (the shark namely) cost minimum 100 energy to get but usually a lot more since it's random what you get even if you grab the right shadow you have about 4 different result making a sandwich on average cost 400 energy and while fishing is nice early game late game you simply don't have energy for it.

  27. I have quite different suggestion but can you split option for neoteny and feral trait into separate gender option like to have only enabled shota or loli and only female or male ferals?

  28. In regards to the likes list, if a monster's like of the breeder goes high enough that monster can become a helper, protector and/or companion of the breeder. Like the reason for the holstarus request by levi in 7.1 to get the place for kayla's sister.

    An addition thought to this was if the breeder looses the ranch somehow, the breeder can choose to leave for the wild with the helper monster or maybe a monster of the breeder's choice accompanying the breeder. Loosing the ranch could be something like how the older versions could end when the end of month payment couldn't be made although that game ending appears to have been discontinued.

    Following the five-star request of Marchioness the breeder can return at any or certain times to have a session with either or both elves.

  29. Lily: There is a holy day coming up. I need a monster with All Night Long 2 (or All Night Long 1 and Greased Lightning 1) for the celebration....

    Cordelia: I need a special "assistant"...hey, I'm serious here...for my latest research project. Elf with Futanari.

  30. Recently discovered the game and I've been having fun!

    Regarding the ranch assistant system, I’d really like to know your approach to its gameplay design. There’s a tension between the sandbox element of making cute sexy monsters do cute sexy things, and the strategy element of using your resources as efficiently as possible. For example, the gameplay discourages non-reproductive mating if you’re into that. Seems like assistants, which link automation together with stat bonuses, are going to alter the sandbox-strategy tension somehow.

    Monster request ideas:

    Lily: I’m taking a short trip soon. I would like to bring a ride and traveling... companion. (Feral)

    Cordelia: I need a monster to help me compare some dildo designs, preferably one who won’t take all day to get through them all. (Female, Greased Lightning)

    Margo: A client has requested two males who have a preference for each other. She said, and I quote, “it’s not cheating if I just watch, right?” (Two Males who like/desire/love/worship each other)

  31. -Monster Request: Bronze/Silver/Gold.
    -NPC: Cordelia; Lily; Kay; Marchioness.
    -Species: Harpy/Seraph (Bronze/Silver); Harpy (Gold).
    -Gender: Any (Bronze); Female (Silver); Male (Gold).
    -Traits needed: Too Stronk 1/All Night Long 1 or higher (Silver); Too Stronk 2/All Night Long 2 or higher, Genderbent (Gold).
    -Stats Needed: Sta >= 10 (Bronze); Str & Sta >= 30 (Silver); Str & Sta >= 65 (Gold).
    -Days needed: <= 30 days.

    --Bronze: I want to try some aerial "tests;" I need something with wings and high endurance.
    --Silver: Aerial breeding seems possible; I need something with wings that is strong and durable for my experiments.
    --Gold: Aerial breeding seems interesting! I want to try it for myself!

    --Bronze: Perhaps performing sexual acts in higher elevation will bring us closer to sexuality? I need a winged subject for this ascension.
    --Silver: I need a trustworthy winged subject that can maintain aerial balance for extended periods of time; aerial copulation could become a stepping stone to sexual evolution.
    --Gold: I wish to stretch the limits and partake in aerial breeding among the winged creatures; this should propel my efforts by exponential levels.

    --Bronze: I need assistance in reaching those higher shelves!
    --Sliver: I want to increase aerial deliveries; females have more "compartments" to store objects inside of!
    --Gold: Males seem to have more strength and stamina; I can increase production with one of these!

    --Bronze: I have an interest in aerial "activities." Please assist.
    --Silver: I am planning a nice surprise for my husband; I need a winged creature with adept durability.
    --Gold: I want to experience aerial copulation for myself; it may be interesting enough to entertain me for a short while.

    ...Whew. All done.

  32. I really like this idea but can someone explain this, can the breeder have x with the person their married to or no?

  33. Margo:
    - TIGUY: A client wants to discover firsthand if they really have spines, or if it's just a myth.
    - HOLSTAURUS or MILFTAURUS: A client is searching for a wet nurse for her children.
    - TAURUS or MINOTAUR: A guild client needs something to serve as an arena fighter.
    - DIRE DICKWOLF or DIRE TITWOLF: A hunter requires a faithful hound to help with tracking big game.
    - STALLION or MARE: A client from one of the big cities needs a bouncer for a club.
    - STALLION or MUSTANG: A certain client has been doing stretches and feels ready for a challenge.
    - BRUMBY: A client asked for a monster that's "JRHNBR." Margo doesn't understand, but maybe the breeder knows.
    - PRIMOGEM or ADDED VALUE: A well-to-do client requires something with a little elegance and flash.
    - MOLOCH or EMPUSA: A client needs a truly imposing monster that can put the fear of the gods into his enemies.
    - HARPY (ANY): A client is in need of a courier for letters, small parcels, and occasional trips to the mile-high club.
    - HARPY (ANY): One of the guild's clients wants to see a whole new world - a new, fantastic point of view.
    - HARPY, ADDED VALUE: A client is looking for a golden bird, so he can meet some round knights or something.
    - SERAPH - A client ordered way too many candles, and needs to use them up somehow.
    - NEOTENY: Two middle-class clients seek a playmate for their only child.
    - ADDED VALUE: A client's neighbor has a pet monster, and now that client is looking to one-up him.
    - GROSS: A hermit from the disease-ridden swamp needs a monster who won't keel over and die when it gets home.
    - MALE or FUTANARI: One of the guild's clients is sampling differently shaped dicks, to expand her palette.
    - ALL NIGHT LONG: The client keeps getting ambushed by horny monsters, and needs something to keep them preoccupied.

    - GEYSER: One of Levi's draconic siblings keeps burning things. He needs a monster who can... extinguish fires.
    - STA+ or IRON WILL: Levi needs a rugged monster who can withstand a full day's work.
    - WILL+ or IRON WILL: Levi needs a worker who won't get distracted by sex.
    - DEX+ or GREASED LIGHTNING: Levi needs someone to deliver invoices quickly and efficiently to his clients.
    - STALLION (ANY): Levi wants to train with his siblings, but doesn't have the time. He needs a monster who can show them how to get swole.
    - HARPY (ANY): Levi needs someone who isn't afraid of heights.
    - NEOTENY: Levi needs a playmate for his siblings to pal around with.

    - DEMON (ANY): Ellenor needs to bind a demon in the creation of a hellish concoction.
    - HARPY (ANY): Ellenor requires ice from the clouds for an experimental mixture, but she needs a monster who can fly high enough to gather it.
    - PRIMOGEM: Ellenor needs a crystalline being to focus some magical energies for her experiments.
    - HOLSTAURUS or MILFTAURUS or HEIFTAURUS: Ellenor is in need of a source of cream for her tea. She could go to Kay, but Kay is... exhausting.
    - SWINE (ANY): Ellenor needs a monster who will eat anything, so she can dispose of her failed transmutations.
    - GEYSER: Ellenor has fallen low on raw materials, and requires a quick, efficient burst.

    - STR+, NOT FERAL: Kay is having trouble getting the lids off a few of her jars. Send help.
    - STA+ or GEYSER: Kay needs to fill a big order, FAST.
    - CHA+ or KAWAII: Kay wants an adorable mascot to stand outside her shop and attract customers.
    - FUTANARI: Kay wants a futa. In the cum business, it's two for the price of one!
    - NURTURING or KAWAII or ALTRUISTIC: Kay needs cum from a monster whose disposition is sweet like candy.
    - SELFISH or CRUEL - Kay needs cum from a monster who's bitter and foul.
    - DEMON (ANY) - Kay wants cum from a monster with a devil-may-care attitude.
    - HARPY (ANY) - Kay needs to fill an order for cum that's greasy and sleek.
    - ELF (ANY) - Elf cum is so fancy! Kay will make millions.
    - PRIMOGEM - They say you can't get cum from a stone. Kay wants to prove them wrong!

  34. Marquis:
    - CHA+: The Marquis needs a charismatic monster for a bit of backroom politics.
    - MUSTANG or BRUMBY: The Marquis is entertaining guests, and wishes for a monster to pull the carriage of an important person.
    - ADDED VALUE: The Marquis wants a valuable monster, to increase his prestige among the other elves.
    - CRUEL: The Marquis seeks an exceptionally cruel monster to fight (and fuck) others for his amusement.

    - DEX+: The Marchioness needs a flexible monster to try out some new positions.
    - STA+: Everyone keeps fainting! Why? The Marchioness needs a monster with a little more stamina.
    - ELF (ANY), INCORRIGIBLE: Inbreeding is the bane of any noble house. The Marchioness hopes to fix that.
    - MUTAGENIC: The Marchioness is bored of predictable partners. She needs something that can surprise her.

    - MALE: Cordelia wants male subjects to life-cast new types of dildos.
    - TIGUY: Cordelia wants to create a new feline dildo. No two barb patterns are alike.
    - STALLION or FOAL or MUSTANG: Cordelia wants to craft a new equine dildo. There's no limit to all the different flares and shapes!
    - TAURUS or VEALTAURUS or MINOTAUR: Cordelia wants to create a new bovine dildo. Just the dick, no bull.
    - DICKWOLF or DICKPUP or DIRE DICKWOLF: Cordelia wants to craft a new canine dildo, so she has a different knot for every occasion.
    - MOLOCH: Her life-cast demon tentacle dildos are on the cutting edge. Why doesn't anyone understand?
    - FEMALE: Cordelia wants to try her hand at penetratable toys.
    - GEYSER: Cordelia needs ample ingredients if she wants to invent new materials.
    - STA+ or ALL NIGHT LONG or NYMPHOMANIAC: Cordelia wants to stress-test her collection, but there are only so many holes.
    - DEX+: Can more flexible monsters handle more toys? Cordelia's looking to find out.

    - MANDRAKE: Sometimes, the stock gets out of hand. Roxie could use an extra tentacle or two to help restrain them.
    - STR+ or TOO STRONK: Roxie needs to clear the rubble created by some of her wilder stock.
    - HOLSTAURUS or MILFTAURUS or HEIFTAURUS: Roxie needs a busty, milky monster to feed a few of her pickier creatures.
    - MALE or FUTANARI: Roxie just needs a dick. That's it. Like, right now.

    - FER+ or FERTILE: Kala requires good, fertile stock to grow the Ferals' numbers.
    - CRUEL: Kala wants a monster who understands the cruelty of nature.

    - SERAPH: Lily needs a seraph to complete a sacred rite.
    - CRUEL or SELFISH: Lily is searching for a lost soul, that she might show them a bit of kindness.

    1. Impressive work o_o! Inventive, mood-appropriate and really fitting the universe. Congrats!

  35. I have a few things to say, as someone who frequently watches your streams, a patron and as fan of what you guys do. I have to agree with Herutderp up there in the comments. The breeder is currently not as viable as she should be in late game. Considering that you guys are putting loads of time into the animations that involve the breeder it would be a better option to make her more usable in the game. Players would get to witness the animations you've put so much hard work into if she were more usable. Adding these assistants basically rids her of her purpose. Unless you were to balance the game so that assistants provide minor perks while the breeder carries more perks without setting the game off balance. While the idea of adding assistants is an excellent idea, it also adds a complex level of game balancing that I don't feel that this game is ready for. I think it would be better if your team were to complete the primary objectives in the game before continuing onto these other developments. If the core of the game was to be completed in its basic elements, with all animations, leveling, events, scaling and balancing complete; your team would have a much easier time implementing the system and balancing the changes. Thank you!

    1. You made some good points here. Hope they put some upgrade like better stats to the breeder first. No offence but thought it will be better for them to implemented this in beta release where all the base animations has been settled so they could focus entirely on making the ranch assistant animations and other details. This feature come with "ranch assistant can breed with monsters." Of course, you will only see the sex scene after 2-3 years. The excitement might wear off and some might demanding the sex scene of ranch assistant, well just like days ago, few patreons who favors m/breeder were hoping to see the new m/breeder sex scenes sooner although knowing the dev were making the f/breeder first with 7 animations per month.

  36. Adding more features without any animations? What are you guys smoking exactly?

    1. they're making the animations actually. The only thing is that only animators are Vanilly and Subtank. Vanilly is making the FBreeder x Cats animations this months, and Subtank is working on the Valentine event.

  37. Marchioness: I'm bored give me something new to play with
    Request: cycles between every monster type you have unlocked. So first might be a dickwolf, then a catgirl, but if you don't have harpies unlocked it cycles back to dickwolf. Or make a quest out of it and have one character ask for one of every monster type, make it extra hard if you want to throw in variants like feral, futa, or genderbent as well.

    Kay: I have a new shipment coming in and could use some help
    Request: Stallion to pull carriage or something

    Kay: I want to expand my shop with online ordering, but I need some help with deliveries.
    Request: harpies (amazon drone reference)

    Kay: Someone has been stealing my stock, I could use some hired muscle
    Request: Demon, Dickwolf, Stallion, or Genderbent Holstaurus

    Levi: Tits/dick
    Request: female/male

    Ellenor: I require materials for my research
    Request: monsters with certain traits or consumables

    Kala: Your last one broke give me a stronger cock
    Request: Male with high str

    Marquis: I fear my sister will drown in her sleep if the cum on her sheets isn't cleaned up more often could you send us some help?
    Request: holstaurus with nurturing or catgirl with greased lightening

    Roxie: My stock is getting low
    Request: Any or monsters with high FER

  38. Hello! New here! I really enjoy playing the Alpha game so far. I can't wait for the animations to be finished, or even caught up. I really like the game so far. I was kinda wondering if you could add Succubi and Incubi by the way. The demon and the demoness are pretty cool but I'd like something dark with a tail and wings. :D

    1. I think at the moment they added all the monsters that will be used. Every new addition makes a ton of new animations to be made, so most probably we won't see any new monsters for a couple of years, until they at least finish those animations, which are now waiting ;)

      During one of the streams, Vanilly said that they have lots of ideas for new monsters, but unfortunately they cannot put them in the game, because it adds a lot of animations to the work (and if you check the wiki, you can see that there is already A LOT of animations, that need to be made)

  39. I also see here that no one has talked about gremlin orders, it would be natural for cordelia to order some gremlins to see what damages continuous inbreeding may cause to monsters

  40. Lamia, spider Queen, Queen Bee, Elemental creatures(fire,water,etc.)

  41. Sorry to show up late!

    just a couple

    Harpy, 15>STR, 15>DEX, 15>STA, Level 5+: [NPC] wants to get some fliers delivered to nearby towns, advertising their business - find them a flapper that can go the distance!
    Male, FER>25, Level 15+: [NPC] is feeling a little paranoid after certain recent events - they need a bodyguard so frightening that even [Delilah/Lily(if D is making the request)] would be scared!
    Elf, CHA>20: [NPC] is throwing a posh party, and needs a proper waitstaff to set the scene - get them an Elf with a bit of class.

    Stallion, STA>15, All Night Long: Kay is trying to get fit, and needs a mobile chin-up bar that won't weaken before she does. A giant horse cock seems like a good match.
    Holstaurus, CHA>15, WIL>10, STA>10, Geyser: Kay wants to experiment with milk baths as a beauty treatment - find a cow that can fill a tub for her.
    Mandrake, CHA>10, Level 10+, Altruistic, Added Value: Kay is trying to alter the scent of some of her products. For entirely legitimate reasons, she assures me. Not to improve the odds of sneaking it into her sister's drink and food. Find Kay a Mandrake with a a heavenly scent.

    Elf, STR>20, CHA>10, Level 20+, Too Stronk, Neoteny: The church has demanded Lily's presence, but we need to make sure she's safe on the trip - we need a bodyguard that not even the church can find threatening.
    Catgirl, WIL>15, DEX>15: Lily, despite her grand...position, is a very health-conscious woman, and needs a partner to train with to stay flexible. A catgirl should do well, and can give the saint a bath, afterwards.
    Seraph, CHA>20, STA> 15, Altruistic, Nurturing, Kawaii: Lily is going out to educate some outlying towns and villages, and needs a monster to show - one of those angelic critters you got should do the trick, if it has a sweet enough disposition.

    Catgirl, All Stats>20, Feral, Genderbent, Cruel: Kala needs to get wrecked. Needs to show tribe how to be. Needs a cock that won't show mercy. Give this cock to Kala. Before Kala demonstrates the qualities of such a cock on you!
    Demon, All Stats>15, Level 20+, Too Stronk!: Kala needs worthy cock, cock that can be fought, spear to cock, and inflame both lust and aggressive warrior spirit! Must show tribe how to be Mighty, like Kala! Give to Kala, before Kala practices her combat on you!

    Elf, Primogenitor, Added Value, Mutagenic, Iron Will: I...sort of borrowed one of Cordelia's dildos...again, and, well, it kind of broke? so, I was thinking, to make it up to her, why not give her the biggest, liveliest dick-shaped chunk of rock I could get you to find? If you could make it variable and sturdy, that would be really great!
    [Random monster], Mutagenic, Genderbent, Feral, Neotony, Futanari, Gross: Cordelia wants something "weird as fuck." I find it best not to ask...

    Stallion, STA>20, Level 20+, Too Stronk!, All Night Long, Greased Lightning, Geyser: Y'all ever had the urge to be plowed by a horsecock until your insides and outsides aren't distinguishable, on account of the thick creamy mess covering everything? No? Guess I was thinking to little. Still, I do miss those days something awful, on occasion. Help a woman out, alright!?
    Mandrake, DEX>20, WIL>20: That Blasted Kay leaked a tub of Dickwolf Jizz all over my cotton-picking roof! Can't send any of my stock up there, on account of them just adding to the mess in short order, but if'n you got one of them plants that can get a root up there to siphon the goo, and enough restraint to not add to it, you got yer'self a deal!

    1. Derp, Roxie, not Mara. Where did I even get that name? Chariot Penis or no, that's just a weird mistake to make. I should mention, I kind of wrote a lot of these as if it were Margo telling you about the request, not as if the character was asking themself...though, it shouldn't be too hard to re-write them. sorry about that.

      Cockwolf, CHA>10, STA>10, DEX>10, Genderbent, Feral: My younger brother wants a dog. Out here? Wouldn't do that to a dog. But, you've got something like a dog. But nothing with a dick, got it? I don't want them to grow up, except when they're ready.
      Harpy, CHA>20, Feral: So, I heard singing helps keep rhythm. Good for construction. Me? I don't sing. Get me a songbird.
      (After you've gotten Levi his nursemaid heifer) Elf, CHA 10, Level 15+: Listen, you remember that monster you sold me? Well...She says she needs a little help. Says she needs someone with manners, for my siblings. She hasn't been wrong yet, so...Just get me some fancy pants tutor for them.

      Demon, Gross, CHA<10, Level 5+: I desire a proper example of your whorish depravity, to properly remind everyone what a horror torrid sexuality is. Bring me some terrible naked cock. Not that I want such a dick, mind you. This is strictly for the Empress. I mean, not FOR the Empress, but...OH, your corruption is making this so much harder! Just get me some benighted offense against divinity, this instant!
      Seraphim, Level 10+: HOW DARE YOU MAKE THIS TRAVESTY IN AN ANGEL'S IMAGE! I Demand You Turn IT Over At Once! Can you, also, cover it up? I'd hate for anyone to associating such a debauched image with myself.

      Mandrake, CHA>10, Kawaii: I need a new fragrance. Something to get me la-*cough* attract some attention to me as the guild representative. I could certainly use a cute flower, like the one you have there.
      Stallion, STR>25, STA>15, Level 10+, Feral, All Night Long: We've noticed that some farms have trouble getting into town - I think this could be a great PR moment for the Guild - Get me a horse that we can loan to various people, so they can travel easily. The farms are far away, so we'll need one with both strength and stamina.
      Holstaurus, CHA>20, FER>20, Fertile, Added Value: I need a...I mean, I would like you to...I mean...AW FUCK IT, I want milk, dammit. There. I said it. Kay won't shut up about how a pregnant Holstaurus' milk can expand a bust, and well...don't make me say it. Just get me a cowgirl.

      (next time you see her) Cordelia just reminded me that no monster stays "pregnant" for more than a couple seconds, from our perspective. I am going to KILL that munchkin!

      Catgirl, WIL>15, Genderbent, Neoteny, Too Stronk!, Greased Lightning: I think I'd like a small catboy to ream this evening. A simple request, I think. It'll do for a start.
      Elf, Primogenitor, All Night Long, Level 30+: Ah, you do have one! And IT Does look the very spitting image of grandfather! I simply must insist you allow me to take it home and care for it. I can promise you, it will receive the very best! Not a day will go by when it isn't penetrated by at least 5 youths.

      Demon, DEX>20, Feral, Gross, All Night Long, Kawaii: I feel the need for a bit of a nightcap. If I can walk straight in the morning, you aren't the breeder I think you are.
      Seraph, FER>20, Futa, Too Stronk, Fertile, Added Value, Cruel, Altruistic: I am glad to see you are having some success in breeding my gift. I'll be taking this home - it's skull looks eminently fuckable, and the claws on it hands could tear my flesh to the bone. It's a mild entertainment, but it will do for a Tuesday.

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