Saturday, December 12, 2015

Progress Update

Hey guys, just an update on what's coming this month:

We're working on trying to get as many of the feral variations as possible implemented by the end of the month. There'll also be an update to the Yuelia Christmas event with some new scenes!

I'm also putting a lot of work into some UI and gameplay changes. Primarily with the breeding menu sorting system, which should hopefully make gameplay a deal more fluid/less frustrating. I really want to hear your guys' suggestions for UI changes; what you think will be most useful, what you find most frustrating to deal with currently, etc.

After that, my focus is going to be on designing the ranch assistant system. You won't likely be seeing it in-game until next month, but either later this month or early next month I plan to do a blog post to explain how the system will work and get feedback on it.

By the way, if you noticed the sudden drop in pledge amounts on the Patreon page don't freak out: Patreon has updated our pages to show the actual amount of money we receive each month after all of the fees and declined pledges have been removed, and they kicked out the deadbeat patrons who weren't actually paying. I wasn't lying when I said we didn't get nearly as much as it looked like we did (granted, it's still an incredibly respectable amount due to your guys' awesome generosity).

It seems that Patreon may have also changed what kind of payments they'll accept as well, and some people have been having problems with making their pledges. I'll look into it some more and see if I can't find any solutions.


  1. i was going to pay. i was saveing up money TO pay but when i checked they woudn't let me pay up. They kicked me out because i didn't pay in time. i wont let me support you anymore

    1. Patron's new display projection doesn't actually remove or kick out non-paying patrons. Patrons who default on their pledges month to month can continue to do so without Patron doing anything to stop them. It's just a projection algorithm based off previous months' actual pay-through to create an estimation of what is likely to be expected in the coming month, at the end of the day - it does nothing at all to the actual patrons, whether paying or not.

  2. I'm so happy to hear that feral are FINALLY getting in the game itself in the next version. :P

    Also I have a few ideas for UI changes and the ranch assistant.

    1. Make all the buttons and scroll bars 10% bigger. This would alow people like me to play the game a lot better on smaller screens, touch screens, or the slightly visual impared

    I have a few suggestions for the UI and the ranch assistant.

    1. Make the buttons and scroll bars 10% bigger so people can use them on smaller screens better. I play the game on my windows tablet. ;P

    2.Make the store order counter visible in the breeder info or some other menu so we don't have to keep checking by trying to order again.

    3. Add more hot keys for the other menus and buttons.

    RA -
    1. Allow the RA to be upgradeable with guild points, gp seems to be pointless after you max out three shop and order what you need.

    2. Allow the RA to automatically fish for you and make potions if the other items needed are avalible.

    3. Allow the RA to auto breed monsters you pick to breed for you.

    4. Allow the RA to auto sell items for you that are lower than a certain rarity you define.

    And here's my list of things I'd personally liked changed or improved/removed.

    1. Restrict the amount of consumables Kay will buy from you or the amount the pays if she has too many in stock. It's TOO easy to make money with her once you unlock the gyser trait.

    2. Make the player use 10 energy to go places (like the old "time" macanic in the old versions of BS) and to prevent exploiting the random encounter tricks.

    3. Reduce the value of fish. They're too easy to profit off of in the early game.

    4. Add an option for custom filters for list.

    That's all I got for now (as of version 7.0) keep up the good work! :D

    1. Also... make the RA breedable, much like the player character, or even with the player character.

  3. Typed last message and this on on my phone.

    Forgot one item.

    5. Allow us to filter what messages show up in the scroll bar.

    I've always wanted to make a series on BS but I don't have the courage to do it on YouTube and I want to show the animations too any one know a site I can do that on? If not I'll just make one myself and upload them there.

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  5. You should add a favorite system so if your breeding two creatures together over and over it's easy to get them picked out and breed them.

  6. That's great looking forward to seeing new reworked Christmas event and feral's keep up the good work guy's.

  7. UI annoyance: When you're in a building, say the Harpy Aviary, it's annoying to have to leave the room to go to the next one - there should be a button to do that. Better, just use a list of monsters, like the breeding pen. Or even better, just make it possible to donate / release monsters from the breeding pen.

  8. I don't want to sound like an asshole, but as someone who watches the streams from time to time and support the game for the last year, I would like to get the free updates that we are promised... I do not have the ability to support you with Patreon but we were promised that at the start of each month we would get the previous' month's patch... Please be on time.

  9. Some UI suggestions:

    Favorites/Couples tabs: These would be two separate tags. For favorites you would select whatever monsters you want and only those monsters would show up in that tab. This would prevent having to jump tabs if you're breeding two different species or if you have a long list of monsters. The Couples tab would be for a single monster who you have paired off with other monsters, sorta like the monster's own personal favorites tabs. When you select a monster you can choose partners as favorites and those favorites would show up in the tab for that one selected monster. This makes breeding certain monster to get certain traits much faster to deal with.

    Rapid breeding: For people with slower computers, it's annoying to press the breed button with very fertile monsters and having to sit and wait for the monster to appear over and over again until we get the one we want. Rapid breed will do two things. First, when you select two monsters for breeding, you can perform rapid breeding and have them breed until either A) They use up all their hearts or B) you run out of energy or C) A monster gets sick from another that has the Gross trait,. This way we wont have to sit and watch monster pop out one at a time. Second, for rapid breeding, you can select the parameters for what traits you wish to see come out. So when rapid breeding begins, whatever monsters that are born that aren't within your requirements are auto-released/donated to avoid having to be stuck with ones you dont want. You may also set it to wear if you get a monster that fits your requirements you can stop the auto breed before any of the 3 ending conditions listed above would be reached.

    A filter for monster traits would be nice to. So if im looking to breed certain monster, select a list of traits and only those monster will appear in any of the tabs to cut down on having to dig through the lists of monsters.

    Tabs for the new monsters if thats not already in the works, though I would have thought they would have already been in the game by now instead of having to go to the ALL tab to find them, unless im missing something.

  10. UI Suggestions:

    Grey out monsters who can't breed anymore that day

    The ability to see which monsters will have an Incest warning when you select a monster (Right now you need to select another monster to see if there is a warning)

    Automatically switch slots for breeding when you select the first one. Right now you need to select a monster and then swap slots to the empty one in order to breed. Automatic swapping would be a nice quality of life change

  11. Add an incest toggle so we can more easily avoid making relatives bone their family. The idea in my head is you hit the button, select a monster and any relatives to it get greyed out. You can still breed them if you want but it'll flash an 'Are you sure, this runs the risk of breeding a gremlin' prompt that you can yes or no out of.

    Other than that, just general optimization to stop it from hanging when you do things, the ability to separate monsters on the breeding screen- I.E in the farm- and removing the meter from the fishing game is all good.

  12. The most frustating is the Summoning Sickness hands down. It needs to go. Other than that a way to manually sort your inventory would be nice, hate having to sell off a bunch of stuff just to get catgirl squirt and dickwolf jizz grouped together.

  13. I'd like to see the breeding pen organized a bit better. More broken into gender and race (or the ability to toggle gender for each tab). As it stands, it's just a massive wall of potential breeders to have to try to sort through.

  14. Is there any way to make using the Breeder for breeding more desirable endgame beyond Seraphim? Like perhaps higher stat modifiers?

    I find I use the breeder frequently in the beginning, but do nothing with them after a season or two simply because they don't provide any benefit which is met in excess by another, bred, monster.

    1. Yes, it seems like that would be a great way to add some value to the breeder. Plus it would be a great way to add quests or other activities - "Addding traits to the breeder quest".

      And of course, something I know won't happen - changing the breeder to a Futa.

    2. I love the idea of conniving a way to give the breeder traits too, I typically play with the male breeder and it would be awesome if you could turn him into your breeding 'stud' for the farm with time and effort.

      But I don't know how difficult that would be for the developers to implement. Which is why I thought the just changing the stat modifiers might be an easy compromise.

      They might need to rebalance the stamina->energy conversion, but otherwise it would definitely make me use the breeder for endgame breeding instead of just letting him languish.

  15. The only thing I can think of wanting in terms of UI is the option to move a monster from one pen to another

    1. Just thought of another thing- for convenience sake have traits appear in the same order as stats and have similar traits be grouped together:

      IE stats appear as Str, Dex, Sta, Cha, Wil, and Fert. Have the traits appear as Too Stronk, Greased Lightning, All Night Long, Kawaii, Iron Will, and Fertility. Just have it so that it skips traits that it doesn't have

      IE grouping similar traits like Genderbent, Futa, Neoteny, etc or grouping similar traits Added Value, Geyser, Nymphomaniac, etc.

  16. i try to keep the type of monsters seprate from eachother. Ill have a pen for 5 catgirls, 5 catguys, 5 kittengirls and 5 kittenboys. This would be a lot easier if i was able to switch monsters around to other pens (within their shelter of course)

  17. Discovered a bug/cheat in the new 7.0 version.
    Max. number of identical items is capped at 1000 pcs. in the inventory.
    When I gather 1000 of the same item and collect more, the game will say that I collected, but inventory number will stay the same.
    After that I sell 500 pcs. of the item in the shop (not everything), I just need to enter/exit sell screen of the shop and the number of items will increase by the number I harvested above 1000 every time until 1000 mark is reached again.
    Basically, once you get 1000 pcs. of the item, you get infinite item.
    May I suggest either fix that bug/add it to cheats, or at least increase the cap of collectible items in the inventory (like 10000 instead of just 1000).

  18. Is there a way to contact the authors? I have some suggestions as a game designer that I think they would find very pertinent.

    1. well either you have to hope they will read your comment, or you can join the stream and try to contact them there :)

  19. get rid of the map and put placeholders on the main screen, like a beach in bottom left corner as it already looks like a sandy area, unless its sposed to be a desert area for later on?? and a section of forest to click on to get to ferals and house hilliard and maybe some way to zoom out the main screen so you can see the whole area instead of having to scroll around

  20. Hi I'm Shindeiru, unknown as of yet. I'm hopeful both for breeding season which in my opinion is a great idea and for my own labors for which I've put on hold for the moment, not really sure what i wish to say merely that I wanted to contact you and perhaps my input that I believe you all are doing a wonderful job yes it's taking a while but it is your baby and you have a vision of the finished project. Thank you for your services and I hope perhaps we get a chance to chat until then Shindeiru out ps don't let anyone get you down or knock your work it is definitely going to be a great game and piece of art

  21. OH, another thing. Add a way to sort consumables by how many stars they have. I don't think anyone uses the lower star stuff once higher ones appear.

  22. Hi.
    A small pack of suggestion.
    Skills of the main character (Library / books / coaches(mb quest of regular char) / laboratory)
    (For example:
    impossible to please without special skills ferals
    improved ability to pairing with a variety of races
    and so on)

    Assistant breeder (Male / female)
    for fees or for regular wages
    With their skills (+ unique skills)
    Fully human models and possibility of viewing animations of all types.

    Clothing accessories (and imagination rolls)
    (starpony, double starpony, SM attributes).

    Loyalty Index.
    Low - little animals have to tie (or sleep drugs)
    For example some races do not want other or male of some race dont like BL

    Genetic Engineering
    Lamia / mermaid / slime
    Harpies lay eggs

    ...small pack...

  23. Add Human Intelligence back as a trait, thank you

  24. You've impressed me with this update. Thank you for the hard work.

  25. I don't know if this has been addressed, but perhaps there could be a menu or guide for keyboard commands. I know that some are shown on screen, but they occasionally don't work or are not used anymore. Also, I'm not sure how many there currently are, but perhaps more keyboard commands could be implemented. I, personally, enjoy a healthy balance between keyboard and mouse usage. I know this is not necessarily a priority, but I thought I'd mention it. Thanks for all the great work you all are doing, and I continue to look forward to the, eventual, completed game.