Saturday, October 3, 2015

Breeding Season Informative Post

-The main team members are-
H-bomb -creator of the game, programmer, writer , calmness issues 
S-Purple - artist, main designer , assistant animation designer , concept artist, anger issues
Fleet- programmer , code maintenance , bug fixing, master of the ocean
Vanilly- artist, main animator, co-designer, concept artist , owl entrepreneur 

-Our contract workers are-
Vaha- web developer, site maintenance
Taiikodon- still image/pin up artist

-Regarding project itself-
Breeding Season began on LoK forums on January 8th 2013. The development was slow due to H-bombs personal life and studies getting in the way as well as being a one man team. He was receiving donations at the time to help him maintain his focus, eventually his paypal was frozen and project was put on halt for 4 months.

A year later on February 23rd 2014, Spurple officially joined the team as designer and art lead. After a small negotiation, H-bomb decided to launch the first Patreon page which would go live in March 19th 2014!

Two months into the patreon campaign we’ve amassed around 8000$ per month on our patreon, and have contracted a variety of animators. On August 20th 2014 Fleet officially joins the team as assistant programmer!(hooray!)

Fleet is then responsible for creating many essential parts of code that would speed up and automate the implementation of various parts for animations and ingame mechanics, as well as fixing countless bugs, he is also the father of the fishing system.

Skipping further ahead Vanilly joins the team on December 26th 2014, her first mention on the blog! She will then be responsible for creating and concepting countless animations that are seen in the game today. 

Her initiative to shorten the gap between us and the fanbase as volunteer PR manager is what brought you (our beloved fans) the daily streams that the team hosts  these past few months! (As well as intensify every other team members workflow)

And so that brings us into year 2015, when we’ve been overhauling my old assets, and with the help of Vanilly and Fleet, the art team has been developing and finalizing the newly designed variants for all the monsters , allowing you ( the player) to choose whatever you want to have on your ranch without gender based hindrance!

What is in store for 2016 now that 2015 is coming to a close? Well that’s for you all to wait and find out!

Now then to some common questions-
“You’ve said the designs were done, why aren’t they in the game?”
A lot of time and work goes into taking a still image , cutting it up, adding variants, putting it together, animating it, adding color and skin variations - its a lengthy process that takes quite a while, saying that design is done is about 40% of the overall work done.
These are numbers for a single complete variant’s idle:
  • Concept Art 
  • Finalized Art 
  • 6 Face Variations
  • 6 Hair Variations 
  • 4 Skin Colors
  • 12 Color Palettes
  • 3 Various monster icons for UI
  • 5/10 Pen Silhouettes
  • 1 Consumable interface icon
  • Cut Up
  • 1 part assembly
  •  Fixing parts to ensure they don't break after testing the assembly
  • 2 animation loops

“Why aren’t you putting out animations faster?”
At the moment we’re focusing on closing the gaps in the designs for all the monsters before we tackle their animations, as for the process, the average speed at which our art department can produce a quality animation is 2 per 8 days. An idle animation takes less of course but fixing it adds another two or three days depending on complexity of error. Not to mention if something breaks when implemented in the game.
“Why aren’t you hiring more people?”
Despite the numbers shown on Patreon, we are not exactly swimming in money. Its true that our income is still quite respectable , after tax reduction, fraudulent payments, declined credit cards and what have you, we’re left with way less than what the ridiculous numbers people calculate .
With that said, we are already planning on our team’s expansion in january , we’re trying to pick the best possible options for our team’s additions in order to maintain the quality of animations without having to have every new addition re-adjust to our process of work.
Thank  you for reporting the bugs! We're getting a patch out as soon as possible!

If anyone has any questions or would like to inquire more about other inner machinations of the project they’re free to comment below~!


  1. I saw this on your tumblr and was hoping you posted it here as well.
    Thanks for keeping us all informed.

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  2. You guys and gals are awesome. I, like most your fans, know your all are working hard and will support you no matter what. Please don't allow a few complainers effect you and this kickass game!

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    2. Whatever you said I did not get to see it, this is because I have a decently busy life. Honestly I don't care, I will support them even if it is at a slow pace. All great things take time!

  3. My questions are still same. I will pass the art part of the game. Lets talk about coding..

    H-Bomb started to code this game at 2013, now we are nearly at 2016. You can be slow at coding at beginning at this could take your time for first tries to figure out the things you need to use. Including this you got Fleet at 2014 as a second coder. This game is not it's first kind as idea. The core is simple to plan and execute. You get creatures, you mate them. There is stats and results. A leveling system is just with some math. After you finished your core code there should be no problem adding any material like a new creature, merchant, mission, npc.

    After 3 years, there is no way to not finish that kind of a flash games coding. Even you start from the beginning, you are already experienced and you would redone it maybe 1/4 time of the older progress. You can tell me now that you are adding new aspects to the game. After you finished the core, they would be like expansion or DLC's. Finisih them and be sure that they are working and then release it. Or you break everything with it.

    I am pretty sure that, i can give to a Indian freelance code writer some money, maybe 2000$ max 5000$ and let him finish all this games code including the new aspects and more just with placeholder images in 2-3 months. In this 2-3 month, i hire freelancer 2-3 artist/animator, discuss about the concepts of the monsters, gave them the positions and they could finish all of the variations at least for 4 creature and 1 player in 5-6 month. Let's give them 5000$ and hire 3 of them.. The total will be 20000$ for the game and it would be finished totally in 6 month. Then i start to sell it as a finished product. Then i can add anything more with same ppl, new creature, new features..

    If there is no patreon and just a kickstart, this would be what will happen. I would support something from the beginning and i will get the result in that year. BUT with PATREON, there is no time limit. Later is better for the makers. This is not right for donators. This is system abusing..

    I calculated the price 20000$ above. Maybe i am wrong but let's say 100.000$. Not in 6 months, make it 12 months. Let's say you get not 40000$ from patreon but half of it. In 12 months, you get 240.000$ per year. If you take the half of the 20.000$ and give the other half to that freelancer indies, you can have your game finished in one year and you will have a pure 100.000$ in your packet.

    This s the truth, maybe you would not want to believe it or simply you wont care it all. but it's there. Every fetishist donators will give you at least 1 dollar for years and hope that he will get what he dreamed of 10 years ago. And they will tell this legendary story to their wifes/husbands and children.. owwww.. i think they wont.. anyway but they will have a little smile and when their children asked the reason, they will say "Long story my little child, i cant tell you know but maybe after you became 18 and got some sick ideas in your mind, just tell me and i will give you a present."..

    Sry for my bad english..

    1. I don't want to sound mean but your post has a lot assumptions. You might be right about the money but labor cost calculation is almost never straight forward or reliable, especially when considering labor from overseas. If they kept it in a localized small group they will have more control and know the quality of what they are getting.

    2. I'm not donating what I am so eventually I will have a finished game, that's the prize at the end of the tunnel. I am donating because I see a group of talented people, and I want to see them continue doing what they love.

    3. One thing that must always be considered is the "Mythical Man Month". When a software development team hires a new person, the team must spend time and money to bring that new person up to speed. This can actually delay a software project. Throwing more money and people at a project does NOT make it go faster, and in fact can slow it down. Furthermore, you must always take into account quality. They COULD pay some freelancer to write all their code, but at what price? Then they have no idea how there game engine even works. What if he sucks at what he does or the engine needs a major refactor? Having such dependencies could kill their project.

      The reality of software development is that it is time consuming and expensive and having more people on a team does NOT mean that they will make a better game. They are currently doing the smart thing and THINKING before they spend all of their money.

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  6. Just a suggestion. Could the last 2 builds (the previous month's alpha, and the hotfixed beta from 2 months ago) be posted when public builds go up? The team seems to be adding a lot of new features/variations (and often instability) with these latest builds and it would be nice if we could see the somewhat more polished hotfixed builds without having to be adventurous with new content.

  7. I fully understand this isn't a smooth ride but that's just life and it will all be worth it at the end just keep working hard guys.

  8. Hey guys, I wish I could donate more than the 1$ a month I currently am, but circumstances do not allow it (I'm a NEET). You guys are doing great, and even though progress may seem slow at times, ya'll get a lot more flak than you deserve. Keep up the good work, and don't let the vocal minority get you down, ya'll kick ass.

  9. I understand that making a game is a long and drawn out process but seriously. Animations>Art. The game is unplayable, at least in my opinion, without animations. As far as I can tell you guys gutted like 80% of the animations out that were already in place and now it's like the same thing as any other farming simulator out there. I started donating because I liked the non patreon version so much that I had to donate to receive the latest version. And as of right now it's one of the biggest disappointments I've made donating on patreon. I don't know if you guys understand the fact that 95% of the people that play your game aren't actually interested in the gameplay/rpg aspects. Sure they're a nice bonus but people play it to jerk it. Can't expect people to be able to jerk it when you gut all the animations and make it extremely fucking boring.

    1. I'd say that the 95% of yours, is more like 30%

    2. so you're telling me you play this game for science but not jerking off ?

  10. It's a shame all of this traffic isn't in the IRC we could all chat about this there and decrease the gap between devs and patreons more efficiently.

    1. Note: If you don't stay long enough to at least say something and wait for a reply it won't start a discussion at all.

  11. Be patiently waiting for everything!-One of the cheap patreons hahahah

  12. The gang should really consider making a mobile app version. that'd be cool

  13. All these people saying they are slow need to back off. They started with a simple code and thanks to increased demand and funds were able to advance it forward. Rewriting code to allow for this takes A LOT of time. What parts of the old code can be used with the new? What issues will arise? Then there is bug hunting and optimization which take some games YEARS to get to a decent level. And they are doing that WHILE coding. Meaning that new additions later could interact with old bug fixes in a way they didn't expect.

    And thats just the coding side! I can't even think about the time it takes to develop a concept, have the entire team agree or modify it. Finalize it. Code the art to move without breaking. Gods. And by the information I have gathered saying 3 years they have been working on this is REALLY REALLY unfair.

    All four of them have together only been working on this for LESS than a year! Sure they had a lot done before then but then they overhauled like ALL of it to meet OUR demands. The amount of progress these guys have made in that time is nothing but ASTONISHING. MY god they are moving at an insane pace.

    Thanks for the addicting game and keep up the good work.

    My ONLY question is if they plan to eventually add some music to the game. I am not all that interested in sound effects, most similar style games dont have very good sounds and getting new ones would be expensive. But like different background pieces for each area. As fun as the game is I have to have SOMETHING playing in the background otherwise it feels weird. I don't even care WHEN just whether they have thought about or discussed it.

    1. they are using actionscript i'm pretty sure. which isn't even real code.

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  15. Haters, do you even code?
    Let me make it simple for you. It takes about a minute to make a simple if then statement without graphics and with only one string if you know your code. If you make a mistake then it takes 3 times as long because you have to comb through the whole program. I'm currently taking a class in java and one of the assignments was to create a simple piece of code that would calculate change back to the customer in quarters, dimes, nickles, and pennies. This is what it looks like:
    import java.util.Scanner;
    import java.lang.Math;

    class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {

    Scanner scan = new Scanner(;
    System.out.println("Please Enter the Cost of the Item:");
    double c = scan.nextDouble();
    System.out.println("Please Enter the Amount Paid:");
    double p = scan.nextDouble();
    double change = ((double)(((int)(100*p))-((int)(100*c)))/100);
    System.out.println("Change Owed: " + change);
    int q = ((int)(change*100)/25);
    int d = ((int)((change*100)-(25*q))/10);
    int n = ((int)((change*100)-(25*q)-(10*d))/5);
    int z = ((int)((change*100)-(25*q)-(10*d)-(5*n)));
    System.out.println("Quarters: " + q);

    System.out.println("Dimes: " + d);
    System.out.println("Nickels: " + n);
    System.out.println("Pennies: " + z);

    All to find change.
    Also have you ever looked in save files, that's not the code, that's the variables in the code. So sort of like the double c = (...) statements in the example above. In total this assignment took about 30 minutes and I am no pro. This code is a dwarf compared to what goes into a game. It was early in the class so there are not even if then statements which can be an organizational nightmare.
    Now you might say, "Games like COD, Halo, and GTA take about two years to make." And I say that they also had very deep pockets, 50 people, 500,000 man hours, and an archive full of graphics from past games.
    Another thing, GRAPHICS TAKE FOREVER. Though I think it is explained pretty good in the post.
    All you guys and gals see are the out put, the System.out, you don't see anything else.
    My point is before you hate, think about it. I think they are moving at a very reasonable rate.

    1. As a professional developer I say they're moving at glacial pace.
      I could feature-complete this game in less than a month at a fraction of what they're getting.
      There are countless talented artists out there that churn out amazing work way faster than they're doing.

      also the snippet you shared is taught to little children as an introduction to Java, it would hardly take 30 minutes for a very slow person to write it.

    2. I'm interested to see what you could turn out.
      Really, I mean it :)

    3. Foodrizbar, I'm just trying to make a point that it takes a while. I wouldn't post a huge script on the form because my post was getting long already. And I SAID I was taking a class to learn java. I could probably do it in five now but at the time I wasn't as well versed.
      Why don't you take Squark's challenge. Make us a game, a little competition is always good for the market. It puts puts the pressure on both competitors to make a better product. Be thankful they are at least putting time into making this game. You saw some potential in the game, right? That's how you made it to this blog. You want to see this game succeed. The game is a great idea and what it has so far is good. I mean it is better than nothing. If you don't like what you see then try to do better. I wasn't trying to offend anyone, just informing.

    4. FooDrizBar, I'd also like to see you make something similar to this, we need more games. we will eventually burn out on this game, so then we need something new anyway.

  16. Not to insult her, but why does Vanilly look like a meth addict?

  17. im just wondering when you guy will update the game for none paying people

  18. I like how you quit working on this game for a while because you wasn't getting paid it shows how much you care about this game you are probably working at a slow pace so you can get as much money as you can from this project and not because you want to make a good game