Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Alpha Build 6.2 for Patrons

Sorry for the delay on this one guys; I've been sick and having a difficult time staying awake. I'll plop up the new public release tomorrow.

6.2 Patch Notes

- Futa Harpy can now be obtained
- New animations: Futa Harpy x Catgirl, Female Breeder x Catgirl harvest (right now you can access it by breeding as harvest animations aren't implemented yet)
- Huge balance rework with how stats grow: instead of random chance they now grow on their own "XP bar", that becomes harder to level the higher that the stat is, and consumables give a set amount of "stat XP"
- Rough version of the fishing system is now available to play around with (unfortunately, fish aren't useful yet)
- Alchemy system is ALMOST ready, right now there's only one test recipe (catgirl squirt + dickwolf jizz in the bottom two spots + whatever in the top spot), I should be able to have a hotfix within a week or so that implements a number of actual alchemy recipes and hopefully the alchemy starting quest
- Margo gives you a special request for monster types you haven't bought the ranch building for yet (currently just for Harpy and Stallion)

Bug Fixes / Balance
- STA and DEX have been nerfed a large amount (this change may only be temporary based on feedback)
- Different monster types now have their own natural base stats
- The lowest growth mod is now F rank
- Growth mod inheritance has been altered substantially, it should be easier to get high ranks on monsters with high affinity for that stat but harder to keep high ranks on monsters with low affinity for it
- The player now has passive stat growth from leveling
- Messed with the price of ranch buildings
- Reduced the amount of money you get from fulfilling requests again
- Doubled the rate at which new requests are obtained
- You can't accidentally release new monsters by hitting the space bar now
- Buying a ranch building automatically restocks the store
- You can feed consumables in the pens now
- Gremlin chance is higher
- Fixed a number of minor menu bugs

Known Issues
- The game hangs a little when starting a new game; it's just pre-loading some things
- The Alchemy Menu and Building Upgrade Menu don't work yet, so the Alchemy Building is not worth buying
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- There's no tutorial yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues (maybe you should try liking words more)


  1. Good update, but i found bugs! Check patreon=)

  2. Great update though i do have to say this bring a ship load of potential to the game and i have a suggestion

    with the addition of the fishing system you have to Implement aquatic monsters that are catch able and can be breed on the farm such as mermaids and tentacle creatures more hoping mermaids, and with that suggestion to add more depth to the game you could add a quest that rewards you with a special bait/ or bait recipe that will allow you to capture mermaids or whatever else.

    Now i have to shout out to Vanilly and the Fleet thank you for the awesome fish animation, and the catgirl x female breeder animation it looks sexy af. and i can wait to see the animation of the female breeder getting porked by stallion,demon, and the dickwolf

  3. alchemy . i don't expect it so soon . It will be interesting . thk for that's team

  4. Does the gremlin chance stack? Because if it does, its really going to get unbearable really quick.

    1. I don't think so. It seems to take a while for that to happen and your chances go down when you stop the inbreeding and the colors change instead of seeing horrible lime green from all the inbreeding.

  5. So now that you've done away with random stat increases, my level 100 breeder cannot increase his stats except with pink pearl since he only increases stats passively with leveling. Probably an over-site, but could you make it possible to increase stats for a max level breeder?

  6. when is the new update for public?

  7. As a curious aside... Just saw some of the art some of SP's blog, for MElf and FElf... and it got me to thinking: given our lore background for why the elves are here to be bred with monsters (long lives, sexual over exposure, need to go out of their way to get their kicks now etc.), then shouldn't any sex scene between elves and elves alone, have them looking bored out of their skulls? Would be hilarious, mind you, but just a thought that came to mind...

    1. Or elf x elf in any combination should be super mega ultra kinky. Also, one should involve scorpions.

  8. Two bugs.

    1) Harvesting my level 100 Elf Girl resulted in all consumables disappearing/becoming untouchable in my inventory, except for fished items and Royal Elf Juice (which had been gifted in an earlier scene). Harvesting monsters further causes no new items to appear in inventory; it's like they've all been made invisible by some sort of formatting/text error in the higher-tier Elf Juice?

    2) Greased Lightning is bugged. Two monsters with Greased Lightning 5 breeding incurs MASSIVE energy costs as they level up and increase their Dexterity. One monster with Greased Lightning 5 breeding with a monster *without* Greased Lightning results in NEGATIVE energy costs (which means you actually gain energy). Similarly, harvesting a monster with Greased Lightning 5 results in you gaining energy.

    The Greased Lightning thing seems to be a math error, where two negatives are turning into a positive (i.e. -0.5 * 2 = 1 [that is to say, -50% energy cost reduction multiplied by two monsters results in +100% energy cost]). I would suggest that whatever math is being applied with Greased Lightning being altered. It seems to be, right now:

    x = base Energy cost
    n = final Energy cost
    g = Greased Lightning rating
    d = Dexterity

    WITH GREASED LIGHTNING: n = (x / d) * -(g)

    100 base energy cost / 50 Dexterity = 2 energy cost
    (100 base energy cost / 50 Dexterity) * -(Greased Lightning 5) = -10 energy cost

    Just an example, but you get the idea. The negative or whatever is causing the energy cost to dip into the negatives needs to be changed or taken out of the formula in order for it to work properly.

    Otherwise, as it is, it makes Greased Lightning very unappealing for all monsters, because it becomes basically impossible to breed two high-tier monsters with Greased Lightning more than once or twice per day.

    1. True story!
      But if you breed first monster with Greased Lightning and without you got a lot energy and then you cen breed Greased Lightning monsters x2 :D

    2. ADDENDUM: My consumables are not invisible. Instead, it seems like the VERTICAL SCROLLBAR has disappeared, preventing me from scrolling down. By selling a fishing item, it revealed a consumable. I sold another, another consumable appeared in its place, and on and on. So all my consumables are still there, but something caused the scrollbar itself to disappear, preventing me from being able to scroll through my inventory. Similarly, clicking the monster tabs on the side doesn't do anything either.

    3. Found a bug with Altruistic and Selfish. I have a breed request for a cat girl with both traits altruistic and selfish. But these two traits don't seem to be able to breed together. After breeding and reloading over and over trying to get these traits to stack, manually edited a save to include selfish, but this would not stack until i removed the altruistic trait.


    1. Late! Sorry about that public release will go up tonight, my apologies.

    2. Just don't stay up 24 hours to get it done, there's really no reason I can wait.

  10. (Sorry if this ends up a repeat, I don't think my message went through the first time.)

    I first found this great game on Newgrounds, which was version 4.??, but followed the links there to find here and was overjoyed to find that so much great work has been done to this game and I have been a huge fan of it right from the get go. While I am not a patron, I have patiently waited for each new public release and been very grateful for it. Thanks for that.

    However, since the mechanics change around version 5.4~5.5, I have been a little uncertain and confused by a number of the new things in the game. The original tutorial did a great job of explaining things, but with that removed since the new mechanics were put in, I have been left somewhat in the dark on things. While the core of it is still easily enough figured out, mostly thanks to my previous experience of the old system, there is a lot that I have questions on (most notably being that weird little bucket of hearts on a creature's profile) that I have sought for any sort of explanation of on here.

    I acknowledge that there may be a post buried somewhere in the blog with all this info but after some time of searching, I've not managed to locate it. So, if if this was posted previously, I apologize for bring it up again, but I am hoping someone, either a creator or one of the well-informed players, could maybe post an explanation of things. I recognize that a lot of things are not working or are implements for future features that have not been activated, but I am honestly not sure what is what.

    I send my thanks in advance to anyone who can help me with this as I have made myself crazy trying to figure some of these things out (like the bucket and how I empty it). I am a great fan of the game and I like everything that has been done, I just really wish there was some kind of general page with instructions or explanation of things.


    1. Every monster can store a certain amount of heats.
      At the end of each day any heart that hasn't been spent is put into the bucket.
      The size of the bucket is determined by WIL and the Iron Will trait.
      When the hearts in the bucket exeede the capacity it will empty and the monster looses some happiness.
      The bucket can be emptied by harvesting the monster wich will give you a consumeable for every heart.
      You can't harvest from the breeder so you'll either have to live with that or use demon fire to reduce it.

    2. well the hearts are beside the bucket are the stored hearts which generally mean from what i get from playing is that it is the amount of times a monster can be bred or harvested each and the smile face is the monsters happiness. as it stand thats all i know as i'm a very frequent player if anyone else on the site has something to step in and add go right ahead

    3. well the hearts are beside the bucket are the stored hearts which generally mean from what i get from playing is that it is the amount of times a monster can be bred or harvested each and the smile face is the monsters happiness. as it stand thats all i know as i'm a very frequent player if anyone else on the site has something to step in and add go right ahead

    4. Thank you. That helps. I'm currently running 5.9 and I think all that is stuff that was implemented in later editions, which explains the confusion. (Harvesting wasn't even turned back on until 5.9, and it's limited, so I haven't been using it.)

      Okay, some other questions: What is the max energy for a day? Does it change based on stats? What do the letters beside stats mean? How do I raise stats now, other than with consumables? (I see them occasionally raising, but don't know how it happens)

    5. did you check google hangouts i sent you some more info on the game there

    6. I haven't gotten onto any of the Google apps since I made this account about seven or eight years ago. *snicker* I haven't even checked my gmail inbox since around 2010-2011. I'll try and see if I can get into those things and see what you sent, Thanks

    7. The starting ammount of energy each day is 1000 + (1/4 of what you had at the end of the previous day). The maximum ammount you can get through this is therefore 1333 energy at the start of the day. However this would waste a lot of energy.
      If you have more energy than that (for example through negative breeding or harvestingcosts thanks to greased lightning) the absolute maximum is 2000 energy at the start of a day.

      The letters besides the stats are the growth modifiers. Everytime you breed a monster the stats have a chance to rise. The lowest modifier is - which is 0%. E is a pretty small chance. D is a little better..... it goes on.
      Starting with v6.2 the system changed. F is now the lowest breeding modifiert and stats have a progressbar that fills up. The growth modifier determines how quickly they fill up.

    8. Thanks for all that. It helps a lot.

  11. Greased Lightning and DEX current balance ache. Only ideaisto apply Diminishing Returns to DEX and calculate reduction:
    TR = (1 / ( 1+ MDEX*GLR/COF ) * 100
    TR = Result Time reduction
    MDEX = Monster Dex
    GLR = Rank of Grease Lightning increased by 1 (So rank 1 will double Dex in formula and no rank will multiply DEX by 1, not 0)
    COF = Amount of Dex for 50% time reduction
    22 Dex with Rank 2 GL using 50 as COF
    (1 / ( 1+ 22*3/50 ) * 100 = 43 (57% reduction)
    Short "Table" of reduction (COF = 50)
    DEX / NO GL / GL 1 / GL 2 / GL 3 / GL 4 / GL 5
    5 / 91 / 83 / 77 / 71 / 67 / 63
    10 / 83 / 71 / 63 / 56 / 50 / 45
    25 / 67 / 50 / 40 / 33 / 29 / 25
    50 / 50 / 33 / 25 / 20 / 17 / 14
    75 / 40 / 25 / 18 / 14 / 12 / 10
    99 / 34 / 20 / 14 / 11 / 9 / 8
    Point here: More reduction for starters, less reduction lategame. On GL2 first 25 DEX gives 60% reduction, while next 25 (-> 50) will provide only 15% additional reduction.
    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18HNj09NEoUyRpv-bM-SQPI4oFVRgccRIhVjnqjgGHCU/edit?usp=sharing - Table with calculations

    1. Hope author won't kill me...

      Hard way:
      Implement DR -> 3-4 lines of code and playtest around Coefficient
      Pros: Energy Reduction will NEVER go Negative; DEX and GL will always provide benefit; Change 1 Static Const to tweak balance;
      Cons: Harder to calculate "sweet spot" for balance (Suggest 80 or 66*)
      Soft way:
      Implement HardCap (Linear) -> 1 condition to block reduction value
      Pros: Energy Reduction will NEVER go Negative; Change 2 Static Const to tweak balance (Reduction per dex and Cap); Linear reduction is easier to balance;
      Cons: Energy and GL perk won't benefit after some point or GL perk will become quite mandatory.

      *Why 66? Coefficient 66 is more closer to current value as both do 50% at 66 DEX, while 99DEX do 40% with DR and 25% on current formula without GL trait; But when GL trait appears it's 67 DEX for -0,5% and 68 DEX for -2% reduction (It will restore energy) while DR will provide 33% (So much nerf? Nope It's bearable and not game breaking)

  12. There seems to be a problem with the pregnancy chance.
    I have been breeding two monsters with "Fertile 5", one with FER 18 the other with FER12.
    The pregnancy chances are 10% and 7% and the combined chance is displayed as 17%. Yet they produce offspring 100% of the time.
    I looked at the gains for repeated breeding and they are 54% and 36%.
    So I Think the game adds up all off these values even when breeding for the first time to 107%.

  13. I know there's supposed to be a loading time when starting a new game, but I've been stairing at a white screen for 5 minutes now.

    And is there a way to import a save from 6.1? It seems that with all version upgrade, I lose all saves.

  14. where I can download the new version?

  15. Is it just me, or is a futanari/neoteny combo extremely hard to breed now? In many of the previous builds, it was a simple thing to get these two traits onto a single monster, but I've tried a staggering number of times in this build to achieve this combo, and I've had no success whatsoever. Due to this, I've been hung up trying to complete the Marchioness' request so it won't just sit there eating up space.

  16. Where is public release i couldnt find it can you give me a link

  17. As i know, public version bases only here (dev blog). All what we can do niw is just wait for developers upload new version.

  18. Please give me link for download game

  19. Nice :D
    A couple more updates and I'll start patroning again ♥

  20. are their any debug codes for 6.2

  21. i kinda miss the albino trait o3o or is it an unlockable. idk