Friday, May 15, 2015

6.1.1 Hotfix, Acen Panel Canceled

Hey guys, here's the 6.1.1 hotfix you've been waiting on. It'll be for Patrons in the Creations section, as usual. Not sure whether there will also be another mid-month release or just 6.2 at the end of the month, I'll keep you all updated.

Also, I'm sorry to announce that the panel I was hoping to hold at Acen this weekend has been canceled :(. I had a minor family emergency come up and I won't be able to attend the con this year. I'm sincerely sorry to anyone who was looking forward to hanging out with me and attending the panel, and I promise to do panels at other cons in the near future.

Finally, we'll be holding a poll soon for you guys to vote on whether you like the new redesign of the dickwolf that S has been working on.

Anyway, here are the patch notes for the hotfix:

6.1.1 hotfix

- Added the ability to talk to Lily in the guildhall and the "Rest Stop" event back to the game
- The Marchioness quest and event are back in the game (she doesn't reward you with Seraphs yet, though)
- Kay now gives you the Mermaid Jetsam at the beach, though you need more than 650 affection with her to get the event
- You can now use the shift key to skip dialog
- Added a debug code for adding energy
- New dialog box and new dialog tags for Marquis and Co.
- Tags will show up in the town for you to talk with the shopkeepers, but you can't use them yet

Bug Fixes
- The game now starts in May
- Fixed some more events to recognize player gender, but haven't fixed all of them yet
- From now on, newly added traits and events should be correctly added to saves loaded from older versions as well (starting with this version)
- Can now see traits and effects on a monster in the selection menu (when releasing or fulfilling requests)
- Dickwolf Jizz increases hearts like it should again
- The Pink Pearl should no longer disappear after reaching 10 quality
- Consumable effects won't "stick" to monsters accidentally any more and will be removed correctly each day
- Demon x Catgirl has been fixed
- Fixed the catgirl idle hair issues and noses
- Fixed Dickwolf x Dickwolf hand
- Animation arrows no longer pulse
- You can no longer donate after choosing to keep a new monster
- Gross is no longer a reward
- Request reward gil has been reduced back
- You need 650 affection with Margo to get the random guild donation

Known Issues
- The game hangs a little when starting a new game; it's just pre-loading some things
- The Alchemy Menu and Building Upgrade Menu don't work yet, so the Alchemy Building is not worth buying
- Marchioness quest can't be completed yet
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- There's no tutorial yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues (maybe you should try liking words more)


  1. I hope enough people like the new dickwolf design that it wins the poll... it's... nice
    (o )/u//(o )

  2. "Also, I'm sorry to announce that the panel I was hoping to hold at Acen this weekend has been canceled :(. I had a minor family emergency come up and I won't be able to attend the con this year. I'm sincerely sorry to anyone who was looking forward to hanging out with me and attending the panel, and I promise to do panels at other cons in the near future."


    Just kidding, I'm not even in the country where that happens (wherever it is).

  3. Not sure if anyone else has discovered this, but harvesting 5.5 star quality items (quality 11) breaks items.

  4. Thanks for the update H-bomb sorry to hear about family emergency hope everything's ok you can always do the panel next year keep up the good work also the new redesign of the dickwolf looks awesome.

  5. Sorry to hear about your family emergency. I was looking forward to talking to you guys at ACen this year, but I understand priorities are priorities.

  6. How do you get the pink pearl?

  7. How do you get the pink pearl?

    1. You have to go to the beach and at random hope you get the event to help the diver who "Seems to be struggling" and when she thanks you, you should choose pet the tentacle back and she'll give you; Aitako's Pink Pearl

  8. from playing so far and noticing the game is slowly starting to return to what it was before everything changed the female/male breed seems incredibly nerfed and is in dire need of a boost; such as how while you have monsters the amount of time you can feed them the breeders amount stays the same. In a sense the monsters are stronger than breeder when shouldn't it be the opposite. as for traits as the traits are returning Human Intellect should return and be a default trait for the breeders to grow. as for animations upcoming the breeder stomach has to stretch out and swell since she is smaller than a cat girl.

    As for farther in the future for the game I think that players should have a choice on the skin tone of the breeder I personally love how she is already but for the game's sake down the line some individuals will bitch about why both the female and male breeder are white which i personally prefer, other people most likely ponder about this and will bitch and be butt hurt because someone alway pulls a race card on this game just some warning for down the line people will complain and I think that this is relevant that down the line people want diversity in their hentai games how some would like to see landing strips other prefer cleanly shaven, other prefer black main characters, some who suffer pedophilia like loli/ netony. the game has huge possiblities for diversity. which mean i still have my hope up for mermaid being added as a fuckable monster rather than a consumable.

    as for stated above about customization should be taken into consideration for the future such as different hair colors for the breeders red ,brunette, black blue, pink etc. skin tone is definitely an issue to but not exactly essential as of now.

    Thank You for reading my comment nice update hope I don't sound to stupid. Can't wait for the female breed and harvest animations

    1. The desire for customizable skin color might have less to do with race and more to do with sexual preferences. Some like petite pale pixies, some like buxom brown babes and some like muscular mocha men. Every one has a kink in their hose if you catch my drift.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. my first reply was more of saying just in case and my original comment i was trying more to point towards the unique diversity of this game but it shouldn't be to hard to make a hair color breeder take spurple's super sayan 4 breeder you have a different hair color for example. i would like to see the super sayan 4 breeder implemented as its a hot drawing and would be cool to have as like an alternate costume I digress and more to what i was saying that it most likely will be an issue in the future but it would be best not to address it now because we'll have to wait even longer for the very much missed female breeder harvest and breeding animations

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. In old versions of BS i remember perk "Human intelligence". Which, in latest builds, i never saw anymore. It has been removed? =(

  11. Bug: When you breed XP get lost for exampel Level 1 Monster x Level 50 Monster, Level 1 Monster gets 300 XP, it only gets to level 2 insteat to level > 2 so 2XX XP Ponts get los

  12. Anyone else have the problem that the Affection numbers on the contracts card don't change? ie It is impossible to advance/unlock events. Is it just not implemented yet?

  13. Also, very small issue, I'm noticing that my elf girl futas can only have one facial expression on their sprite (sad). This despite the portrait in the breeding menu smiling (and a ton of inbreeding that shouldve sinched the smiling trait lol).

    1. And my elf-girl gremlin is not visible in the elf house

  14. Is anyone else having trouble with save? It might just be me being stupid but, whenever I go to load a save file I select it and the the game says "Save File Loaded" but just sits there at the import/export file area. Anyone got any advice?

  15. Hit another bug. My consumables list wont scroll. Also if I sell down to where I can see the end, if I harvest more then the new consumables don't appear in the list.