Friday, April 10, 2015

Hotfix 6.0.1 for Patrons

Yo. Here's that hotfix I promised, though to be honest it ended up a little bit like a small release :P. Managed to knock out a lot of little bugs. Next build will be 6.1 and I'll be releasing that in roughly another week and a half. I'll do the 5.9 public release at the same time.

6.0.1 patch notes

- Futa Holstauruses are now in the game
- New futaurus/catgirl animation
- New dickwolf/melf blowjob animation
- New felf/stallion and felf/demon animations
- There's now a snowy version of the town in winter
- The different monsters each now have unique consumable abilities (still balancing these)
- The gallery has been updated with the ability to set futa/neo and change the background
- Kala's camp is way prettier now (still nothing there, though)
- The futaurus/male elf and catgirl/futa elf animations have been added back to the game
- The Incorrigible trait has been added back to the game

Bug Fixes
- You can no longer duplicate monsters by continuing to hit "keep" after they're born
- Futa elves will show up correctly in the elf stockades now
- The Player's portrait in the status menu now shows correct gender
- Pens now refresh correctly after you donate or release a monster
- Menus should now refresh correctly when you fulfil a monster request
- The shop menu and breeding menu now sort correctly when the list is refreshed
- You now have to meet NPCs for them to give requests/show up in contacts
- Your first three requests will now always be a bronze, silver, and gold
- The monster and consumable shops will now periodically get new stock in without you paying to restock
- Breeding menu no longer randomly shows crit XP when it shouldn't
- Monsters should always level up when they reach enough XP now
- The Neoteny trait now shows up in the guild trait order menu
- You should no longer get requests for monsters over level 100
- Level request now scale slower, and request duration scales with them
- You now get trait description tooltips on the guild services menu
- Traits now have a stack size limit (most traits only stack up to 5)
- Ordering monsters now removes the correct amount of GP, and the length of time the order takes increases with the rarity of the trait
- Fixed a number of small animation issues
- Fixed the thing with the catgirl nose (you know the one)

Known Issues
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues (maybe you should try liking words more)
- Dickwolf/Dickwolf is missing a hand, as well as a handful of other animation errors that are still floating around

And, just for fun, here's a sneak preview of a special little mini-game you'll have the chance to take part in at the beach in order to get materials for crafting stronger consumables:
And yes, there will be a chance you might end up finding yourself reeling in a much bigger (and sexier) catch as well :).


  1. Anyone else think that level requirement for fulling contracts is really unbalancing? Think about the the end game here, each month you are meant to fulfill a quota, and most of that month you'll be spending it breeding the required monster, and leveling it up to meet the contract requirements. Unless you can complete 1-2 contracts (each month) to meet the quota, I doubt there is little possibility to meet the year quota.

    Either lvl requirement for contracts need to be removed and replaced with just stats, or monsters breaded have to spawn on a certain lvl, Maybe 50% of the level difference of the Mom/Dad? So lets say Dad is lvl 100 and Mom is lvl 50, the difference is 50, and 50% of that is 25. So if they breed the spawn would be lvl 25. Something to balance out the contracts lvl requirements as I can see it getting really tedious trying to fulfill a request for a lvl 50 Dickwolf while spawns start at 1.

    1. Hmm now that I think about it, I think it would be better to just do 50% of the highest level monster used to breed. Or else you would be getting lower level monsters the closer the level of the 2 breeders are which is pretty dumb.

    2. Monster requests as they are now are going to work a lot differently in the future. There will be stat and trait requirements in addition to level requirements. My intention is to actually have level requirements cap out at a fairly low level (like 30 or 40) and then from then on request difficulty will increase primarily by having higher stats and more traits.

    3. Lvl 1 offspring is better than inheriting levels.
      You get 99 chances at a stat increase by maxing it out. (Ignoring the daily feed increase chance)
      If you bred two Lvl 100 monsters using your idea, the offspring would be lvl 50 and only give 49 chances to increase their stats.
      This would be terrible for chain breeding for max stats, making it extremely slow.

      The 'Monthly Quota' mechanic is a placeholder. I believe H-Bomb has said it will be replaced with an actual story in the future, which would be great as you would no longer have to exploit the system just to make rent each month (which makes for very boring gameplay). The repayments exponentially increase up to hundreds of thousands (and millions) per month which is impossible to cover simply by breeding monsters and I could only make it by exploiting consumables (which the new 5-cap will likely nerf).

    4. Monster level requirements on contracts, Monthly quota, offspring level inheriting, changing/adding/removing any of this mechanics would balance out the current economy system that you're trying to build.

      @Wraithsight I'm sure you are aware that stats are inherited so even if you have a 49 chance to increase them, you would still start out with a bonus, and even if it isn't at its complete potential, it is a lot better than grinding a level 1 offspring to 50 just to sell him/her to fill out a request. Which can drive anyone insane. Lol

      Besides, if a feature like level inheriting is implemented, I'm sure stats inheriting aren't going to stay the same.

  2. Holy shit, H! This is a hell of a hotfix! Even a hell of a mid month release! Nice going team! Cant wait to get off work and get off at home!

  3. Now all we need now is for the updated versions to be stable versions now. I can't download the new versions on my device. Can someone fix this or am I along with other mobile users going to forever be stuck with the 5.8 version?

  4. This is awesome! Great job on fixing some of the glitches and the animation is good too. Would it be alright to ask if there is a chance for a tutorial to be installed? I feel like it'd be helpful because when I started playing it was all trial and error. But other then that I've noticed a strange monster on the Paetron site for Breeding Season. Some sort of gray female giant with yellow eyes and a crown. Is she going to be in the game? Thanks again!

  5. Replies
    1. for some reason the swf version runs much better for me, but yes, the lag gets horrible fast.

      i wish the dev would prioritize optimization of the art instead of making everything worse by adding more details.

      Seasons, moving backgrounds, snow, fading messages and such should be kept to a minium

    2. Lag is going to be one of my next big priorities. I'm not happy with the amount of lag going on currently, I'm well aware it gets really frustrating really fast. I'll be trying some major optimizations soon; probably remove fading from the message text, using way more bitmaps where possible, making the menu code more efficient and reducing number of symbols on screen, etc. Worst case scenario I'll make some drastic changes.

  6. If I may request that the human intellect trait be re implemented that used to be so much fun try my hardest to get intellect +2 in the first month its a much missed trait

  7. Greased Lightning trait seems to be increasing energy costs rather than decreasing.

    Also, all futa elfs seem to have the same mouth when viewing them in the house.

  8. Hotfix breaks male breeder animations with catgirls and elfgirls, as well as resetting monster selection when breeding with the PC.

    1. also breaks female breeder PC selection after breeding

    2. I'll be throwing together a 6.0.2 hotfix ASAP to fix the breeder issues, the save issues, and hopefully the new memory leak issue.

  9. i just had an idea about releasing monsters, maybe if release monsters some times Kala will give you free item/monsters

  10. I don't think she'd ever give you a free monster because I think she's against that sort of thing, but it would be very apt if sex with Kala increased the breeder's stats/level/something of that nature.

  11. oook im a patron how do i download 6.01 now ._ .
    dont tell me i dont get latest releases

  12. So, as a mac user who is semi-allergic to technology, I am having a hard time seeing the game. I am not a patron supporter, and I think its very generous of the team to allow free users to see as much as they do, but I can't access any of the new files do to the type of computer I run as well as my aforementioned incompetence. Will the newer versions be embedded on here any time soon?

  13. I'm not a Patron, and as such, I understand completely if you want to ignore this, but could you switch the .swf version of the public release back to the dropbox link that opens straight into the browser? Thank you for reading this.

    1. You can just open the .swf with your browser. Right click, open with and all that.

    2. That's what I've been trying to tell them. I'm with ya John.

    3. There's no right click for mobile users.

  14. Even if I renewed my patron status I wouldnt be able to see the new content above the 5.3 version due to my software. Please return it so that you can play them in the browser?!!!!!!! Please for the love of all that is good!!! I'll even become a patron again if its fixed!!!

  15. new futa haulstarus / catgirl is adorable

  16. Ok I know this is a old version but I just have to see the old sex scenes again! I'm dying to! I'm not a patreon and i'm not sure I can even get this but if there is anyway I could maybe download this please pleaseeee tell me how!

  17. Ok I know this is a old version but I just have to see the old sex scenes again! I'm dying to! I'm not a patreon and i'm not sure I can even get this but if there is anyway I could maybe download this please pleaseeee tell me how!