Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Alpha Build 6.0 for Patrons and 5.8 Public Release

6.0 patch notes

- Nearly all of the character portraits have been graphically updated, and now have animation
- There's a 3/17 St. Patty's Day event with Bailey for the female breeder! (mostly finished, a little missing dialog)
- The player menu and the contacts menu now (mostly) work, and you can use them to see your affection rating with NPCs that you've met
- The Neoteny trait is back in the game, and you can obtain Kittengirls
- Added 7 other new traits
- The ranch is now scrollable, and the background will change with the seasons (snow and rain not implemented yet)
- The look of the Town has been completely reworked
- Delilah now takes her monthly debt payment from you again
- Your monsters now have happiness, which rises each time it is mated but goes down a large amount if the monster ever goes over its stored heart threshold (doesn't yet have a big effect on gameplay)

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the major memory leak that was causing performance issues in some menus
- Events should recognize your gender now: there's a good chance I've missed a few lines of gendered dialog here or there so if you spot any let me know
- You can no longer purchase previously selected monsters after a restock
- Fixed some of the menu text and made some text boxes unselectable
- Price should update correctly when hovering off of monsters in the shop menu
- Fixed some bugs with the animation gallery
- The breeder should no longer become duplicated in the breeding menu
- Made the save buttons less confusing AGAIN :P

Known Issues
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- XP in the breeding menu sometimes displays crits when it shouldn't
- "I hate words" can cause strange issues

5.8 Patch Notes:


  1. Anyone else notice the little guy running between the trees that is near the water on the left side of the bottom of the map, just under the ranch? If I am the first to notice this little guy, I should get something for that. xD

  2. Nice one thx guys.

    For which update are you guys planning more animations?

    1. This month (and the next) we're focusing on finishing all possible catgirl x ____ animations and then completing all of the fbreeder and mbreeder x_____ animations!


    harpy futa still doesn t work.

  4. Is this an April Fools joke?
    I was expecting better from yall.

    1. Me too! I thought Hartista and crew would come out to give me a massage and tell me I look perfectly respectable in jeggings, but I didn't get so much as a hello. It's all terribly disappointing.

    2. April Fools jokes stopped being cool ages ago.
      Get with the times, ya dingus.

  5. Gotta say I'm incredibly pleased with this update overall. The NPC's look amazing now, the city screen is so much more slick and detailed, and best of all, the new Kittengirls are absolutely adorable! :3

  6. The St. Patty's day event is boring.

    1. It's actually about ethics in underwhelming events.

    2. lmao but seriously, the design was shamelessly based on Goobergate's personally crafted waifu (which was originally made out of bitterness over some randy on the internet) so I kind of knew it was doomed from the start.

    3. I'm sorry it wasn't enjoyable! :(

    4. i wish we get to keep the drunken monster on the saint patty's day event as a special monster

  7. when is the dickwolf,demon,and stallion f breeder animation going to be re-added ?

    1. When Spurple and I finish all catgirl x ___ then we'll work on all fbreeder and mbreeder combinations

  8. Upon seeing the Valentine's Day animation for the first time... it's truly amazing. The attention to detail is spectacular and the huge amount of work that must've gone into it is plain to see. This is definitely my favorite animation so far!

  9. ^^ Great game!

    1) no sounds or music?
    2) no animation for owner breeding?
    3) and last, there is possible to get infinite encouter by going from farm to town and back. I recommended 1 encounter per day max.

    Ty for hard work

  10. Excellent work. Its really coming along. Thanks for your hard work. New art updates looking fantastic, as well. And can't say enough about the animations, Vanilla- fantastic.

    Still looking fwd to getting back futaurus, futa kittengirl and also to having back many of the old animations we had in 5.3. Also the upcoming harvesting animations I feel will add a lot back to the experience.

    I havery a question on the game play for you, H. I'm learning the new system of leveling and breeding, and seeming to struggle a bit to make the required levels as the clients increase their level requirements, and all of my newborn monsters start off at lvl 1. Is there a trick to this I'm missing or is this part of the balancing that you'll be working on in the future? I hate missing those payments, so I find myself selling all my high lvl monsters at the end of each month :P

    Oh one more thing, the live streaming is really cool! Great idea. It really gives us more insight and connection the the BS project. Also, I'm hoping to get on later and post some of the bugs I've encountered, as you've asked. Thanks and have fun!

    1. Since the money you make selling monsters is quickly outpaced by the exponential increases in required payments, Possibly you could use Too Stronk, Kawaii and All Night Long combo to quick level new monsters to sell to clients, but I doubt it would make enough money to overcome that exponential repayment increase. If you make it to the end of the year you end up with like 1Million gold to repay for that month.

      I wanted to see what happens if you *do* manage to pay it all off. I exploited the Geyser and All Night Long traits(both at level 10+) on a Dickwolf with a C in STA. Get him to lvl100 and you end up getting over 100 hearts per day (far more than WIS allows you to store). Harvesting him gives 11(or more if Geyser is higher) Jizz per heart. Sell the 1000+ jizz in town for like 80k gold per day. Make sure its a Dickwolf since their consumable has the Extra Heart trait which doubles its price.

      Anyway, I finally obtained the 8.6 million gold I still owed at that point and slept until the month change.
      My reward:
      Margo and Delilah accusing me of cheating: "WTF HAX!" lol!

    2. Thanks for the responses and advices. Hopefully this feedback is useful to the H-man is some way. I'm sure he's got a bunch of stuff on his gourd related to game play and balance as it is.

  11. Error: The Marchioness conversations refer to male trainers as female.

    Error: Any queued ticker messages seem to slow the game to a crawl, and the slow speed of ticker messages guarantees huge queues.

    Some vague thoughts that I hope help you through some completely unrelated stuck point:

    The shop and breeding menus always chug when handling more than a few monsters. Perhaps instead of animated sprites, these menus would benefit from static images, like those in the monster pens. BS could generate these screenshots whenever the monster list updates, but then I guess it would need to assign an entity to each individual monster.

    Place a Quick Breed button in the breeding menu, which does not call the ___x___ scene, and instead calls a static scene. Each static scene consists of no-faced monsters on a background, and places facial details as necessary. In these images, the no-faced monster is uncolored, and BS places color swatches beneath it as needed, then places the facial details on top of the colored image.

    Again, just vague thoughts to work the noggin, and probably complete nonsense. There's a concept in there somewhere but I don't know what it is.

    Keep up the incredible work! Looking forward to the next update. Props for the amazing Amadour x Male scene and super-hot Elfboy x Dickwolf deepthroat!

    1. I'd like to chime in and say that I originally requested the Elf/dickwolf pairing back when that was a donor perk. I'm immensely pleased with how it turned out, too.

  12. hello. Where are "human" perks now (intellect, adaptation)? Mate with the breeder does not effect :(

  13. Hello BreedingSeason Team!
    I haven't posted here in a while but I felt like it was time to show a little proactive interest and offer some of my opinions and thoughts on the game so far as a long-time follower of the game! (Seriously, since H-Bomb was working alone!)
    First I'll start on a nice high-note and commend Purps and Vanilly on their truly incredible artwork and animations, seriously, you two make some of the nicest sprites and animations I've seen in a very long time and it really makes this game worth supporting! Heck, you two could release just the animations and I'd probably still be supporting this project :) big fan of you both.
    I love the direction the game is heading in too, it's looking better and better, the content is getting more and more exciting and really shows why so many people are supporting this games evolution! However I do have some more negative things to say about the game and how it's been changing/updating as of late and I don't want to point fingers at anyone because it's clear you're all doing a fantastic job.
    1. Like always, the way content is being released is still really poor. Since the game started it's been getting less and less in it! I know this is down to updated graphics and advancing the gameplay/story/events but I just feel like with this method you're just slowing yourselves down and making less progress now than ever before! A sad state of affairs.
    1a. I've made this comment in the past where I feel like if you focused more on one aspect of the game at a time you could knock off chunks of it faster and get around to adding more/improving the game in the future, now I did see Vanilly's comment on finished the Catgirl x ____ animations first and then moving on to the next line-up and I was shocked that this is finally happening! Focus on one part of the game! Well done! :D Seriously, if you did this from the start you'd probably have a lot more in the game rather than flip flopping around trying to make it look prettier all the time (This is your 3rd graphic change) when you could of finished a lot of the animations of at least the basic pairings (MxF) for actual breeding (reproduction) and left all the sexy extras for when that was done; by that I mean the Lesbian/Gay/Neotany/Futa animations.


    1. -here it is!-

      2. As stated above about the graphic changes I can see why it was done, and it was definitely a good move, Purps and Vanilly are amazing artists and their contributions into this game are more than welcome perks- however I just think the constant (again, it's changed twice now) change of art and graphics in the game has slowed the whole thing down again. S-Purps art was stunning by itself, the new change is amazing, but could've waited until you had more content and then did a gradual change over later on like you did when you changed from H-Bombs vector art to S-Purps pixel art. Basically I'm saying I think there has been too much focus on making an already attractive game more attractive than giving it more depth.
      However I can see why this happened if Vanilly's joining to the team has led to the change, for whatever reason I'm unaware of. Though I am glad Vanilly is part of it and I cannot wait to see more of the animations the team cranks out.
      3. The game and its overall build; H-Bomb, watching you improve and make this game more and more fun to play has been a pleasure, and it's clear, even if you struggle with meeting deadlines, you have done as promised and made this so much better since its initial release way back when. I like all the additions, UI improvements and all that pretty stuff and aside from the odd bug that pops up (happens to every game, not faulting you) it's been a real pleasure seeing each version of the game change and become better. Well done :)
      Anyway, that is all I gotta say for now. I probably repeated myself a bit and made some moot points but overall I have to say that you, the BS team, are fucking awesome and I can't wait to see the gem you all make when this project reaches it's finally.

    2. Sorry for the wall of text and zero spacing... I got a little carried away xD

    3. Hi! Thank you for your in depth comment! I just wanted to say that the graphic update was so H-Bomb could focus on coding, since implementing animations is incredibly harder than people think. The NPC's and backgrounds were easiest to implement. We're still working on ways to streamline putting in animations, (So they don't glitch, colors work correctly, and it won't take so long to put them in). I understand that the graphic update may seem trivial, but it's also so that future animations won't need to be updated, since that could also take a very long time. We still have to eventually go back and redo a lot of old animations so that they're not just a couple of loops. Every animation will have some complexity and then a final cum animation. Because they're becoming more complex, it now takes me at least 2 days to complete a full animation. This new process we're trying should smooth things out greatly. Hopefully I've addressed some concerns!

    4. I would like to start by just thanking you for replying, it's so nice to see so much activity from the team here, though I hope I'm not distracting you from your work. And thank you for reading that big 'ol wall of jumbled mess.

      I do want to say I hope it didn't seem like I was trivialising the amount of work everything in this game takes and that I do truly appreciate how difficult making animations to that quality can be having tried and failed many times myself and I really do admire the amount of effort and professional level skill you are all putting into this.

      And I wouldn't go so far as to say the graphics update was trivial, I clearly have never worked on a project like this before so I do claim some ignorance to the inner workings and how difficult it truly is getting everything working together the way it does, and I understand you with the way you're updating the graphics and how much there is left to do. I for one would like to give you a jolly good pat on the back and say, well done, you and the whole team.

      My apologies if I did however come off as a bit rude or offensive during my lengthy post, was entirely unintentional.

    5. Thanks for the response and insight, Vanilly. And Mr wobble well done for sharing a lot of valuable feedback that I'm sure many of us agree with. You had some great points and were very constructive in delivery- a breath of fresh air within this blog over the last few months. So glad H moved to requiring login for comments.

  14. Can we voting for position and combination for animation in future?
    example : harpy X dickwolf
    A sixty-nine
    B doggy
    C Reverse

  15. Dear breeding season team vanilly and spurple

    thanks 6.0 is great and love the progress with the game I've noticed that with the ranch you can look around is this a possibility that there are going to be more monster types being added to the game if so i have suggestion that would make a great addition to the game. Mermaid fishing where you use consumables as bait to catch mermaid or mermales at the beach. sorry about that little off topic but I hope to see a return of the human intellect trait other than that thanks for a wonderful game

  16. Is there a list of the pairings that have been animated?

    I miss the old wiki. Any chance of a new one being created?

  17. There is no reason to pair creatures with the human now? No stats, no perks.

  18. Idk if this is doable, but how would people feel about children of breeders being half-human monsters?
    i.e. Fem. Breeder x Stallion = Centaur

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