Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Insomnia Streaming

Yo; can't sleep so I thought I would stream some event/dialog writing. Ya'll welcome to hang out.


  1. Cool i'll step on over for a few minuets and see whats happening.

  2. I don't believe you. No one has danced the minuet for ages.

  3. Aww too bad I missed the insomnia stream

  4. i love this game although i know its hard work i still miss the harvesting it was fun

  5. Can't wait for a PLAYABLE version 5.5+, with feeding and harvesting etc.

    1. Same. I miss being able to actually play it without hitting a wall and having to give up, like not having guild features and no respawn in the shop. I hope those things are next.

    2. I'm rather waiting to see how feeding works NOW, since I was kinda confused about how worked back then as well.
      Did it raise the effectiveness of raising the other's stats during sex, or what?
      Cause those weird numbers next to the stats never made much sense to me, except "the higher, the better".
      Still I was kinda annoyed by NOT being able to "upgrade" the creature I already have, through feeding.
      I did like the whole "breed them to get ALL stat-raisers in ONE creature of EACH species", which was my game goal altogether, lol.
      I used to breed until I had 1 of each "Super Creature" per species, and then just fuck till I got the client-needed baby out, so I could SELL it (after some quick stat raising through using yet another Super Creature, or even the same one, in case I had "free time" and wasn't pressed for MORE babies).
      But the constantly rising repayment demands sometimes made it too annoying to "grind" for babies AFTER I already bred ALL of my Super Creatures basically to MAX (as in 950+ stats).
      Also, I kinda don't understand how INCEST works, since I had it applied even to "cousins" or something (creatures that DIDN'T even SHARE a parent).

      Anyways, THE reason that I actually started WRITING here, isn't so much THIS game itself.
      Though, yes, ASKING for a PLAYABLE UPDATE, was a huge incentive for doing so - but I also wanted to SHARE a funky IDEA that I've had for a LONG time.

      Are you somehow familiar with THIS?
      If hopefully YES, do you think it could be used for a HUMAN breeding HENTAI game in the following manner?
      1. Age curve (4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20) for girls; includes breast and hips growth (there are more measurements you can change, but these are fundamental for my idea).
      2.Same age curve for boys (kinda ugly, but it was just a quick sketch).
      3. Different skin colors (10 in total, left out the pitch black one), haircuts/colors (50+ colors and dozens of haircuts), different nipples (10 types, though I hate inverted ones, so only 4 really unique ones).
      4. Different pussies (6 in total, too small scale to see clearly, but you can always zoom in), also there are 80+ poses you can choose from.
      5. OPEN pussies! There's also the ability to "cum", though it is kinda off, since it's rather PISSING based on the hole it oozes from.

      To make it short (yeah, as if, lol) - this editor lets you make a HUGE roster of characters with unique bodies, plus lets you put them in a lot of poses for different purposes.
      Oh, and there are also CLOTHES and PREGNANT bellies (I of course FORGOT to show it, lol).
      All in all, a perfect editor for a COOL hentai game, breeder or otherwise.
      Any thoughts?

    3. Shit, was hoping for WORKING links there...

    4. 4-20. 4! really!? that's slightly messed up imo

    5. Who said they'd be "usable" at that age?
      I was going precisely for "let them MATURE first, yet you can use them for INDIRECT stuff much earlier".
      Also, lol, in THIS game you can use someone JUST BORN, so LOL.
      Not to mention that BESTIALITY is way more REPULSIVE than LOLICON - at least these little girls are HUMAN (or HUMANoid enough).
      My major point is BREEDING - and that pretty much SHOULD include "babies", ya know.
      Also, I'm already thinking about simply making it stages of maturing, instead of actual ages, see below.

      Anyways, while being offline for these few days, I thought of a nice background story that'd remove the whole "pedophilia" problem to begin with:
      I call them "Fuckemons", lol.
      Yes, another twist on the famous (annoying) franchise, but this time in a FULLY human form, just with another time-distortion twist, namely that they grow at the rate of "week=year" (thus, they mature in just a few months).
      This enables a pretty fast realistic-time game play, where you could combine DAILY routines with GROWING UP in a compatible way.
      (Instead of forcing "turn=year" or something, OR disabling the daily routine ability.)

      But I guess I'm just fooling around with the editor's capabilities, lol - since it's the best SIMPLISTIC body editor that still allows you a LOT of diversity.

  6. Can't even play 5.7, has anyone else been able to? Is it even better than the 5.3?

    1. Isn't really PLAYABLE, since a lot of options are MISSING, but it is PLAYABLE as far as the SWF goes.
      It implements a different stat system logic, which is still somewhat unclear due to the MISSING options (like FEEDING).
      Can wait for a FULLY PLAYABLE update, yeah.

  7. For real.
    Thanks for the answer, I just want some new animations. In 5.3, the portraits look ALL weird, the animations have the same style and then some don't? I could play 5.6 and at least all the animations and portraits and stuff looked all alike, I CAN'T EVEN play 5.7, is there any way to remedy that? Or is it a "some can, some can't" type deal?

    1. Ah damn, fucked up the reply. That was supposed to go to Super Vegeta

    2. I got THAT, lol.
      I'm rather upset by the WEIRD problem of some FEATURES getting "messed up", since they AREN"T NEW at all.
      I call shitty programming, SORRY.