Sunday, March 15, 2015

Alpha Build 5.9 for Patrons

Expect some bugs in this one as it includes a lot of new bits that may be a little broken. I hope to get them ironed out ASAP so please report them.

5.9 patch notes

- There is now a debug-code-accessible-only animation gallery that allows you to view the animation for any breeding pair you want with whatever visual variations you want
- Stallion x Catgirl animation has been added
- The Futanari trait is now available again on catgirls and female elves, still need to reimplement their animations, though
- Consumables now have special effects and can be bought and sold from Kay
- The Guild Services menu now works, and you can use it to upgrade the shop or to order a monster. The order system has now changed: when you order a monster from the guild services menu a monster of the selected type with the selected trait will show up in the monster shop 7 days later
- Incest now has repercussions! If you inbreed your monsters too often you'll start breeding Gremlins. Gremlins cannot have any other traits or be used to fulfil requests.
- There are now stat tooltips to indicate what monster stats are doing, as well as visual indicators of when stats have increased and how much XP your monster will get from breeding.

Bug Fixes
- Requests loaded from save files should be possible to complete now
- Save menu shows unlock monsters (also says Import/Export to be less confusing)

Known Issues
- Can't sort by monster type in the Item menu yet
- Pretty much all of the in-game stat and price values are placeholder; do not expect things to be remotely balanced just yet
- Events do not correctly recognize the gender of the breeder yet
- The breeder will sometimes become duplicated in the breeding menu

I'm looking to have the public release of 5.8 a bit later in the month.


  1. It seems like many male monsters have the futanari trait

    1. Yeah, other monsters can get the trait but technically they're just carriers; right now only the catgirls and female elves can be futanari

  2. When mating a holstarus with the curly shoulder length hair with a demon, a different hairstyle is displayed

  3. OK some questions:
    The monster store still not automatically restocking, that's intended?
    I noticed that the traits, don't unlock by doing gold tier request, it's also intended?

    1. normaly yes its takes alot of time

      also you can pay for restocking too

  4. oh . you unlocked futanari trait for catgirl , i'm impatient to see all versions trait for each species ( if stallion / mare , dickwolf, lupus / cuntwolf lupa and demon / Succubus as well . Female specie to males version would be cool too . avian , bullman , felin )
    it's a bunch of work , I admit .
    one random question .... where you got the name box? can we put a name in roll random listing choice ?

  5. wane I chouse to play as male I get female story lines

    1. Right now the game has only female storylines written

    2. Wait there is gonna be male storylines as well !? AWESOME

  6. While I appreciate all the hard work you guys do, I must say for the first time, I'm somewhat disappointed with one of the animations; especially since it's one I was so looking forward to seeing. I suppose it's all a matter of taste and opinion, so I figure my words don't really carry much value or merit, but; With the CatgirlxStallion scene, it almost seems like... the stallion's phallus has shrank from the previous animations? Is this smaller phallus (assuming it's actually smaller and not just my imagination) going to be canon for all future animations? I must say, I'll be pretty let down if so. Even still, perhaps it's ok if it appeals to more people, rather than just weirdos such as myself... if true though, I admit that I'm considering dropping future patronage to the project.

    But in any case, I applaud the project-team on it's good work. The previews from all the revamped npcs, town-screen, and etc are shaping up to look much more professional and high quality with all the polish. Keep up the amazing work!

    1. I noticed that as well, for that animation the phallus seems to be about 2/3 or 3/4 of the size it appears to be in other animations.

    2. That's not the final animation, there are lots of things I need to fix with it regarding adding a full start up, the sex, then the cum animation! :>

    3. Well that's a relief! Thanks for the quick reply Vanilly. c:

    4. where can download version 5.9

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  8. How does importing save files work? I chose the save file, and it said the file loaded, but nothing shows up on the load screen. Am I doing this wrong?

  9. Too many futanari--futanari everywhere in the shop. Even the males have futanari but it's useless for them. -- Need the futanari box to work in the options so I can get rid of them.

  10. Will I actually be able to play the public release of 5.8, instead of something telling me to download, then not even working? I understand that the public don't get most of the good stuff though, it's just a bit irritating.

  11. Thanks for the new release, it's coming along nicely :D
    First Impressions:
    * I like the icons and animations on level up, and the glowing green "this is how much xp you will earn" bars are a nice touch.

    * I also like the mouse-over popup on stats showing exactly what each stat is doing (including trait buffs like Too Stronk!)

    * Updated request nameplates, I remember Levi's plate taking over half the request card, making it hard to read. New plates are much nicer/less obtrusive.

    * New guild points board is an improvement, although it is a bit unintuitive if you are not already familiar with how it works (and the arrows on the monster request part are downright misleading). Also, it might be a good idea to provide some mouse-over info on what the traits available in that request screen do (Ideally, the same popup as you get on the monster cards).

    * Even though consumables have been added, the NPC events which give you some freebies (like Kay and the Elves introductions) do not give you anything. (I feel like this is just 'not yet implemented', like part of the NPC overhaul rather than a bug)

    *The export/import changes are both less and more confusing. The Import and Export buttons make sense within the save and load screens where they are, but having the words export/import replace save/load on the Main Menu screen is confusing. This is made worse since both options appear to take you to the same screen (visually), with nothing different indicating the two screens do different things.
    A more intuitive layout would be:
    1. Main Menu has 'Save' and 'Load' options.
    2. Save screen has only the 'Export' button at the bottom under the list of available saves.
    3. Load screen has only the 'Import' button at the bottom.
    This way, similar functionality ideas are grouped together, whilst retaining a minimalist layout that still indicates the purpose of the screen. To further distinguish the two screens, you could use different colours for the bordering disk art. Like the 'Save' screen could keep the existing blue shade, whilst 'Load' could use a red shaded version. Just my $0.02 :)

    Anywho, that's my first impressions of the new build.
    I'm off to spend several more hours exploring it in-depth ^_^

    1. Updates from further playing:

      * The Marquis nameplate still covers the request text. Maybe remove the blue squiggly bit, or make the text portion of requests the top layer (over the top of the nameplate).

      *Catgirls still have the old and new faces layering over each other glitch in some animations (It's especially noticeable in Catgirl X Catgirl pair).

      *Similarly, some of the skin colours layer weird. I had a dark skinned Holstaurus getting screwed by a Stallion, and in the animation she had a pale lower half. Weird thing was, when the belly was distended due to a deep thrust, that distended patch turned into the dark colour the rest of her skin was supposed to be.

      *On the consumable screen, hovering over certain areas of the item list (especially near the borders) causes the info panels and the highlighted box to rapidly flicker between items.

      *I thought monsters could only store so many hearts (limited by WIL) before 'taking matters into their own hands' and presumably resetting to zero stored. This does not appear to be happening, so I end up with like 58/12 hearts stored on neglected monsters.

      *On a similar note, the Breeder is storing hearts. Which seems strange as I don't think stored hearts serve any use except for consumables? (although if I could 'harvest' her I'd be rolling in gold lol)

      *Upon donating (or releasing) a monster using the 'building' screen, all remaining monsters in that building disappear, making it appear as if the building is uninhabited.(I thought for a second I'd donated *all* my kittys!). Exiting and re-entering the building makes them reappear.

      *When you are purchasing a monster, if you select one monster and then hover over different monster, the price for the selected monster changes to whatever the hover monster costs. Selecting a different monster causes the price for the original monster to reset back to its original value.

      * The monthly repayment didn't actually take any money, and was increased to [DebtPayment]. I do remember you saying you had disabled the monthly repayments so maybe that is why.

      *According to Roxie, she should sometimes restock overnight. Three months in and this hasn't happened yet, apart from getting the single new monster when specifically ordering from Guild Board. None of the rest of the stock changes, you just get the new monster appended to the list. I recall it used to auto restock relatively often back in 5.3(I think, the last stable version before the massive rewrite). On that note, Roxie's chat text mentions that Donating has a chance of reducing the cost to force a restock. Never seen that happen either.(Although I don't think that has ever actually been implemented).

      *Triple Dickwolf rape(?) event still has BLAHBLAH placeholder text.

      *So far I have only seen 'Bonus Heart' bonus as an added effect for Dickwolf Jizz. Are there supposed to bonuses for any of the other consumables?

      That's all the issues I found so far ^_^
      I like how difficult breeding is now to get good traits/stats. Back in 5.3 you could break the game by end of Feb with the combo of a couple of key traits.

    2. May I add that the Iron will trait doesn't show the tool tip and that the pen (any pen) is empty once you donate someone from the pen. Also if you rename it doesn't show changes until to leave the pen. It's not a big deal though.

  12. I found a loop bug in 6th catgirl's birth. In conclusion, i took 3-same-cloned catgirl's in a few second lol. Even after i donate the other catgirl, naming bar of 6th catgirl doesn't disappear. I'm sorry but i'm not a english user, so i can't explain about this further...

    1. After all, i like this version verry much.

      I'm waiting a playable version of this game for months.
      Yeah... it was a long wait but i have no offense. This is an indi-game, right? I can wait more months, or years.
      Actually i think there is no right for us to keep squishing them for the result, or lashing fans who wait with patience.
      All of donates are totally self-selection, isn' it? (is it a right sentence? i have no idea...)
      They are not a child, they are grown up. Seriously, if someone have bad feeling about this game, just get away from it.

      by the way, i got a problem about understand a new stat. I would happy with little guide about them.
      There is someone who can teach me about that?

    2. You express better ideas in English than most native-speakers.

    3. Dear god FOF, is there a post of yours when you DON'T brown nose someone? You just love to circlejerk, don't you?

      As for my impressions of the release, I would like to say I'm disappointed, but I suppose I'm already used to it.
      I haven't notice any more bugs than those mentioned. Futanari galore and unstable chaos.

  13. I don't have a whole lot to say, really. This is a work in progress, I understand, but holy damn! This needs a LOT of work yet. Keep going, though. I can't wait to see the finished product.

  14. When a stable version will be coming out?

  15. I noticed two issues.
    1. When "I hate words" is active the wild catgirl event gives 2 identical catgirls and costs 400 energy (still works at 200 energy)
    2. If you select one monster in the shop and then hover the hover over a different monster you can buy the selected monster for the price of the last monster the cursor hovered over.

  16. Bug:
    Futa elfgirls dont show up in the elf pen.

    Would it be possible to get those old skip buttons for the mating animations? So we can skip to the next animation loop?
    It also would be nice to have penetration animations for elfgirls for demon+elfgirl and stallion+elfgirl.

  17. @HartistaPipebomb: I notice that you stated in the update notes that monster incest can now produce Gremlins. Does this change mean that you'll be removing the "Incorrigable" trait from the game (if it wasn't already), or will you be leaving that trait (or something like it) in the game? Personally, I'm hopeful that you'll leave that trait in the game (or put it back in if it was removed) since it was something that added to the game's charm along with all the other fun and interesting traits.

    1. I'm sure it's still going to be in the game. Besides the whole Ogre Princess thing, gremlins are punishments for incest. Because you're bound to have a sis boink a bro, incorrigible will still likely be a staple of desire for use breeders everywhere.

      If we were a fandom, would we call ourselves the Breeders?... like "Oh God, it's the damn Breeders again! They're worse than Whovians."... That would be a surprise to say the least.

    2. us* ... I always overlook one mistake before I hit publish.

  18. hi guys, thanks for a new version to play. It's great fun so far. I just noticed the info button isn't working (I wanted to check reputations etc.) Is that not implemented just yet or does it count as bug? Also Kala and the Noble Elves don't show up when visited on world map. I guess that's not working in that version? Also a note, I'd not come across any animations for Harpies yet, will there be any added soon?

    Thanks and keep up the good work

  19. You might want to reduce the time the top message floats around after doing something.

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  21. This is the first version i tried since 5.3 because that was the most finished one before the code change. I noticed that 5. runs awful slow compared to 5.3. I also noticed that the status update for each action has a big delay aswell. Are these two things combined? Is this version so much slower because the status update always tracks back with the code/log to inform us about done action?

    Judging by the current situation, the rewrite had a huge impact on performance and not a good one.

    Oh and can we get some male breeder on female breeder action in the gallery in a future update? Like a bonus or something or maybe as random encounter in the game? :)

  22. Bug 1: Futa Female Elves' mouth does not change on full view. Changes on profile pic though.
    Bug 2: Gremlin Stallion pic needs to be resized in selection menu.
    Bug 3: Restock changes in currently selected tab, does not revert to 'All' tab.
    Bug 4: Releasing or donating a monster clears the rest from view in the pens.
    Performance Issue 1: Lags like hell when scrolling down in breeding selection menu.
    Performance Issue 2: Message like "XX mated with YY" -> "Gave birth to..." -> "ZZ Donated/Released" lingers too long and can keep going (over an hour) until the output buffer is filled depending how many times you can trigger it.

  23. 5.9 keep freezing up when i play 5.8 it dont freezing up

  24. Please make it possible to create new monsters by crossbreeding. Human-Dickwolf, Dickwolf-Catgirl, Dickwolf-Kittengirl, Female Dickwolf (Cuntwolf)-Stallion, Stallion-Holstaurus, Harpies-Chickadees. This would be very nice. And the Feral Trait would be nice too. So please, please.

    1. NO.
      Let them FIX all the existing BUGS FIRST.
      THEN, we may talk about ADDING new features.

      But I LOVE this idea, of course.
      Except making actually NEW "species" names, instead of what you suggest.
      Say, Werehuman, for one.
      Oh, and I'm still confused as of WHY all species are GENDER-based (except for Elves).
      Unless Dickwolf was the FIRST concept to appear, thus making it pretty hard to eliminate, since his species is "hard-coded" to be MALE.
      Cause Cat-GIRLS may have Cat-BOYS to toy with, ya know.
      This would actually be VERY nice to have at some LATER date.

  25. Well what do you know, negative comment do decrease after they disable anon comments...anyways can anyone share debug code with me plz? :p

  26. 1) 5.9 is really slow compared to 5.3. And looks like it have some kind of memory leak since it become slower longer you play.
    2) Notices about events like about donation or monster birth... looks liek they are part of lags. if you breed a lot, you may recieve messages even after you rest and go to shop, or breed again. And more messages you recieve - slower game runs.
    3) About new system. in version 5.3 it was really fun to cross-breed monsters to get "ideal monster". To gather most perks of high lvl in one monster. It was challenge! Plus you could get 2 "human" perks from breeding monster with breeder. In current version breeding with breeder have no point at all.
    4) 4some and alphawolf events. Pause, before action starts, is too long. Make is shorter please.
    5) Waiting for more animations and futa design.