Monday, December 29, 2014

Response to Patron Comment

Hey guys, I'm currently working on getting the New Years update up and running. I just wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that despite it being an incredibly hectic last couple of months I am paying attention to feedback and I do read nearly every comment left on the blog, even if I can rarely spend the time to reply. I read a well-considered comment recently that echoed a lot of sentiments I've been getting from concerned supporters of the project and I thought I owed it to you all to write a formal reply and hopefully clear the air regarding things that have been worrying people about the project.

"First of all, an introduction: I'm a patreon. I sat here quietly for the last 5 months, spending my money on this game and waiting.

When patreons got, after 1 1/2 month of silence, nothing but 3 little flash animations I said "well, at least it's something". At this point, there were already promises of a soon rewritten game.

After that, the process seemed to pick up pace. Big words about new content, improved code, easier and faster to implement new stuff and almost 40% of the rewrite done.... So I waited and paid the monthly subscription in the hopes of better days.

But this update did it. This update is the final drop that lets all of my frustration and disappointment overflow. That's it. I had enough. I'm out. After over 4 months of rewriting, I leave. Yes, it is H-Bombs decision on which part of the game he lays his focus.
Yes, it is H-Bombs decision to determine how he spends his time and money.
Yes, it is H-Bombs decision to plan how to please every little fucker that thinks after paying 1$ or nothing he has the right to determine what is important or not.
But, after 4 months of rewriting and another deadline and another excuse and another promise, the game gets a holiday event instead of fixing things that are way overdue like saving & loading, introduction to new monster system, text for every npc, map, almost everything with consumables, town hall, events, flashing out the request system, traits and balancing overall.

Let us look back a few days. Friday, 19 Dec.: "I'm planning on a release complete with traits, events, and the new save system for Patrons". All he did was 1 tiny event that needed a hotfix after the release and the npc introduction for Roxie. I'm not sure if you can call it "complete trait system" when the trait names are "Test 9 1" or "Test 8 2".

It is not only this... let's call it setback, it is the whole series of big promises after which follow minor failures. Yes, every update brings new content but every update also leaves 2 new things that need a rework, a fleshing out, a redesign which comes late or complete balancing.

It's just so frustrating to pay for a game which has so much potential and every month you think to yourself "next month for sure" or "well, we all have a life to live. Shit happens" but by everything that gets my dick hard, we paid 25k this month for that update? Fuck, for 25k I can get my own programmers and flash animators and get this done in a quarter of the time. Only problem is, I don't have 25k. And don't come with "you don't know about programming". I know a shit load about programming because I did it for the last 6 years of my life. I pay my bills with it and I paid my monthly patreon with it and it finally reached a point where I can say "this is not worth my money".

Again, yes it is H-Bombs decision how to make this game. That includes team members, content, speed of production and everything else.
But I also have the option to say "fuck it, I'm out". My decision, my choice. Same goes for every patreon. I can't make you support or un-support H-Bomb. I can only state my opinion, see if you relate and hope that you change your decision. Hope that you see that this is not how things should be.
Maybe, one day, I will come back. But with this progression speed, I won't look back nor regret this decision. The only thing I regret now is that I ever believed and forgave every false promise while paying for it with my money.

Good luck everyone, I'm out"

Firstly, I want to thank the author both for generously supporting the project as long as they have and for expressing their criticism in a thoughtful and constructive manner; both these qualities are a rare thing and I am consistently impressed by how civil and intelligent fans of my goofy porn game are.

Secondly, I have to concede where I have been unambiguously at fault; I have very consistently made promises here on the blog on deadlines that I could not follow through with, and I've done it to a foolhardy degree and disregarded reasonable suggestions by fans to come up with better systems of setting expectations for releases. I will not lie: I have been terrible at learning from my mistakes in this regard, but I do recognize them and I sincerely apologize. Additionally, I created expectations when I first set up the Breeding Season Patreon system that did not reflect the eventual realities of development; I led people to believe that I would be able to make consistent monthly content releases with a playable build, and I don't blame Patrons at all for feeling betrayed by the fact that I have not been able to uphold this.

Much of the problem can be attributed to my inexperience with a project of this size, and I have to admit that a lot of the delays and over-optimistic deadlines have been a result of myself needing to learn on the job. In some cases the amount of work necessary to finish a task has ballooned wildly beyond my predictions; I honestly believed if I pushed myself I'd be able to finish the October deadline, and that proved to be absolutely incorrect to a degree that I wasn't at all expecting and was fairly laughable in retrospect.

I also have to admit that my intense desire not to disappoint you guys has been a big driving force in this problem and I've made some poor decisions over the course of the project because of it. Each time I fail to uphold a promised deadline I want to make up for the disappointment to my awesome supporters by having a twice as great release next time, and I try to promise as much, but in doing this I've put myself in a vicious cycle of creating unrealistic expectations for each new release and that's really all on me. I recognize that this needs to stop, and not only am I hurting myself by setting unrealistic expectations but also the people that I owe for even allowing me to be able to do this project in the first place.

Now, as to why this development process isn't going faster, particularly with the amount of resources we're being supplied with, this is due to something unintuitive that I didn't understand at first either. I've been reading The Mythical Man-Month by Frederick Brooks in order to brush up on project management, and I've found that what it's been saying rings incredibly true from my experiences (quoting from wikipedia's summary):

"Brooks discusses several causes of scheduling failures. The most enduring is his discussion of Brooks's law: Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later. A man-month is a concept of a unit of work proportional to the number of people working multiplied by the time that they work; Brooks's law says that this relation is a myth, and is hence the centerpiece of the book.

Complex programming projects cannot be perfectly partitioned into discrete tasks that can be worked on without communication between the workers and without establishing a set of complex interrelationships between tasks and the workers performing them.

Therefore, assigning more programmers to a project running behind schedule will make it even later. This is because the time required for the new programmers to learn about the project and the increased communication overhead will consume an ever increasing quantity of the calendar time available. When n people have to communicate among themselves, as n increases, their output decreases and when it becomes negative the project is delayed further with every person added."

Realistically, this project will take a long time, perhaps another year or more, and I cannot speed it up no matter how much money we're given. By adding additional labor now; more coders and artists and animators, I can massively increase the amount/quality of content that you guys will be getting once the game hits beta, but I just cannot make beta come any faster, and the more people I add to the project the farther away a finished version of the game will get.

Now, I know this is in some regards extremely unfair; particularly because we have thousands of awesome and generous supporters who are donating a massive amount of money every month for a project that will take months and months to reach completion, and with necessarily inconsistent releases along the way. The Patreon system honestly doesn't fit this project nearly as well as I hoped it would when we started; Patrons are only rewarded for donations month-to-month when their donations aren't really going to bear fruit until long into the future, and some months Patrons have generously donated money and got barely anything in return as a reward. I understand fully if Patrons who have contributed to the project decide to cease donating for a time and instead pledge again later when the project is closer to completion.

I want to add that I am paying attention to the Patrons who have donated significantly and consistently in these early stages and I do have records of who has gone above and beyond to support the project. I am absolutely looking into ways to reward and give back to these generous donors. One thing I am considering is adding every Patron who has donated over a certain amount in total to a mailing list that will allow them to receive the $10 level rewards every month regardless of whether they're still contributing money to the project or not. That way people who have given a lot already won't be required continue giving to receive rewards like early versions and debug codes later on.

As for what is happening with this excess money that we can't immediately turn into more labor; it's not just disappearing into the aether or getting spent on hookers and blow or what have you. I apologize that I haven't done a big financial breakdown on the blog before, but essentially right now the money we get from Patreon is about $17,000/month (this is what we get of the ~$25k/month pledged that shows up minus the cost of credit card transactions, Patreon's cut, and a large number of declined/fraudulent pledges that inflate the apparent number). Then I have to pay taxes on that money (15-20%), pay each of our contractors for the work they've done that month (Mittises, Fleet, PalmarianFire, Nono, and now Vanilly, though this cost can be inconsistent as it's based on how much work we were able to give them that month which varies based on the development state of the game, etc), and then S and myself take our salaries from what's left with a significant portion set aside and saved up specifically for future development costs.

I've ensured that I have sufficient savings stored up now that even if the Patreon money were to instantly dry up and disappear tomorrow I would have enough money to continue working on the project for another seven months and complete it (though I would have to do a significant reduction in scope), and ideally I'll just be able to reinvest it into the project instead, but again that takes time. The major point being that no matter what happens now, I will finish the project and see it all the way through to the end. It's just a matter of time.

Hopefully that addresses some concerns and gives you guys a better idea of where we're at right now. Please feel free to leave further comments and questions in the comments section and I'll try to get to some more of them, but I need to continue working on this New Years update.


  1. As a Patreon, and someone who has been considered a "hater" in the recent few updates and blog posts, I would like to say I'm happy for the response, but a response at this time is not enough.

    I don't want to sound blunt for hateful in tone, but this is one of the times where you need do something to regain the confidence of the people. Wishful thinking and written blog updates like this are nice, but they're not enough to turn the tide. As of right now, my position of questioning you as has not changed. I do want it to change, but I can't do it freely each time you write an update like this, or when you do ONE good update.

    And honestly, no one else should be easily swayed either. Easily flipping on love and hate based on single based updates. Unfortunately, you currently have a history of bad updates and questionable decisions in the past month or so. It is unfair of us to berate you or force a change immediately, but you and others need to realize it's unfair for the players to be forced to change their mind as well based on a single update or post. Not all the people realize this, easily yelling at you, or others, for disagreeing with their decisions.

    For now, like before, I will be watching you. But my current position and recommendation to others is not to support you as of right now. This doesn't meant pulling Patreon money or anything, but it means that we shouldn't blindly back you anymore and ask questions. Doing one good thing (let's say you get a really good update next update or something) isn't enough to regain confidence, and shouldn't be enough. It's similar to a game developer releasing questionable games, releasing one good one, then releasing questionable games again. The idea works for updates.

    Anyways, my recommendation and hope for now is to continue working, deliver on your promises, but you need to keep it consistent. One is not enough, and two is not enough. It'll be a slow process, and may be painful at times, but it's necessary. Please consider this, and show that you can change not just for a moment, but permanently.

    1. I think the last month he's been making forward decisions though. His troubles were mostly avalanched from October, which he's still catching up on. The code rewrite looks near complete, now he just needs to re-flesh the game. I remember playing alpha builds that had the entire game wiped several times before moving forward with beta. Crowdfunding rather than angel investor backing or in house backing really is just showing us all of this. Coupled with the fact that he is a new game program lead, he's probably screwed up less than most, but as I said, Crowdfunding and wishful promises show us Every flaw and mistake. Should he answer to us? Yes. I believe there was too much hate directed towards him though, even with his delays and mistakes. I see decent progress towards a finished, or at least beta, build, and that is the game we are paying to play, not these alpha builds. It'll just take time.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Ack, I screwed up posting that.

      But, I personally have found it quite interesting that despite all the constant criticism in the comment sections here, from the ones that are verging on flames, to ones that are more substantial like the one responded to here, every time I look at the Patreon, the pledged total per month has gone up. While clearly more needs to be done before this considered a well managed project, clearly things aren't as dire with regards to community relations as would be implied by some of the feedback that's been going on, if you follow the money.

    2. The thing is: as much as people post and all it has yet to hit 3% of the total of people donating, and while those people of speak out are very important (they give a lot of feedback and stuff) they are usually in the minority.
      I'm guessing most people treat the Patreon like a kind of kickstarter, putting the money there and waiting for the final result(that's what I do anyway).

  3. maybe you should focus on one aspect at a time,

    right now i think you should make sure the game is as stable as before then after that you can do a few events, new monsters or new animations but (none at the same time except maybe an introductions event ex:new monster-new encounter chance event)

  4. These were exactly the problems and issues brought up when the previous "donate to get/vote for x" system was scrapped and the Patron funding campaign was first announced. Whelp, see you guys in a year; will keep an eye on the project for a reason to come back sooner. Till next time!

  5. Just want to say (more as a casual observer than an avid follower) that this game seems to have 10x the potential of most other porn games out there. The worst thing that could happen is that you lose heart in your work. I've seen plenty of people peter out mid project and leave them unfinished. ( is one example that I feel rather sad about) Most every person that complains about this or that is someone that cares enough to complain. So know that we're rooting for you.

  6. Well its all understandable from my point of view so thats why i dont complain, i will contribute with my money until the games is done, anyway H-bomb is a guy with passion i think, he wants to do really much with this game and load it with soooo much content
    hell i dont mind waiting another year for this game cuz i know it will be well done and full of re-play value ^^

  7. personally, i'd like to see you focus on getting the game working again, before anything new is implemented. the intentions are always great; seasons, seasonal events, new monsters, new encounters, new, new, new, but i'd be far happier with the game, as it looks now with it's shiny new ui and redesigned monsters, to work as well as Alpha 5.3 does. honestly the guild, options, harvesting and saving were the things i was looking the most forward to in the latest update and i can't say i wasn't a little disappointed.

    however, i will continue to support the project as long as you're willing to keep tinkering away at it, because it really is a great game, but i sincerly hope that your self-management will improve. one or two small promises a time and you and the team will be able to meet your goals just fine!

  8. Christ, either he's not spending enough time updating and replying to comments or he's spending far too much; anyway you look at it, he can't really please everyone, can he?

    I'm not happy with the progress either but y'all need to calm down.

  9. H-bomb I know you are trying as hard as you can personally i'm pretty fine with how you work I am fully aware That a lot of things like goof-ups or some stubborn code even delays life is strange like that I still plan on becoming a patron as I really like the game and want to support you just keep working hard H-bomb stay awesome.

    1. I know that coming from a nameless, faceless person isn't much, but I've seen your supportive comments on a ton of H-Bomb's posts, always positive. I really like this project too, and appreciate your attitude. H-Bomb needs all the support he can get.

  10. All your supporters want is to know what's happening. I mean, yes, obviously, actual progress in the game is wanted and expected, but most of the backlash you are receiving is at least in part due to the problems you mentioned here (not meeting deadlines, 'disregarding' people's suggestions for alternatives, inconsistent updates etc)

    I can tell what S-Purple is working on; his little previews are PERFECT, keeping fans on edge while also showing them what is actually in progress. I can sort of gleam what progress you have made from your relatively vague updates. I have NO clue what the rest of the team is doing; there is no link to any of their blogs, sites, etc, no mention of the other animator's progress, no mention of the soundtrack, no mention of the planned forum.

    Take the time to make a checklist, a progress bar, a planned features list, ANYTHING. A single page with a list or paragraph explaining what is being done, what needs to be done, and what has been completed. Use it to replace the dead wiki. Just, please, address a problem PHYSICALLY instead of just talking about how disappointed in yourself you are for yet again failing to meet the standards you have set for yourself.

    Anyway, thanks for the explanation and update. Patiently awaiting the new build.

    1. H-Bomb. Since you read all comments, please re-read the one above, and implement this.

      Surely you already have a list somewhere for what you need to work on right? I've had one for any lengthy project, particularly when working with other people on it. Spend a few minutes fleshing it out, and let us know.

      I personally would love to see whats being worked on, and how close it is to being completed. This would also help a lot of complainers realize that, even if they cant play yet, tons of stuff is progressing nicely and you aren't just sitting on your ass all day.

    2. Too add on to whats above maybe giver a percentage of how close things are to finishing so people can see some progress as it happens and can gauge the amount of content that will be in the next update.

    3. @Anon 10:44
      Asking a person who is chronically bad at estimation to estimate progress in percentage is bad idea. Really bad.

    4. Asking for percentages would be really hard for even very experienced designers, especially when you KNOW that you will need to add to/look back over things later on. It would be much easier on everyone to add a little statements of what has been finished, and new things that are starting; IE "Finished all dialogue for Roxie" or "Started on new scene with Lily" or the like.

  11. All the comments have been reasonable, for the most part..... then came the chucklefuck... oh goddess above forgive me for being misanthropic.

  12. I have to agree with you anon at 7:22PM unfortunately not everyone can be happy with this but I don't think there was a need for the other anon to respond so rudely.

  13. Well, here's my schtick. every day, I give 3 cents to a guy who may or may not be spending that day working on a game I, myself, will spend about 15-20 minutes every couple of days jerking off to. Other people give more money, and that's their perogative to do.

    But here's my own opinion: If a man says he'll give you something for free, adn then says if you give him a dollar a month he'll give it to you sooner, and then he doesn't give you anything for say, 3 or 4 months, you're out 3 or 4 bucks. which is, what, a small meal at McDonalds? You fuckers are seriously arsing about and screaming over the loss of a Happy Meal?

    And yeah sure, you can give more but all H-Bomb is actually ASKING for is a dollar a month. any more then that and it's your own foll fault for buying into 'hype' (which is a terrible thing to do. never get over-hyped about something.

    because for fucks sake, he's said BEFORE this is his first project of ANYTHING approaching this sort of size or complexity. You're all telling me you thought a literal first time game dev could pump out updates at a pace some entire companies can't match? I gave my dollar a month thinking it'd get me a release per YEAR.

    1. Well, that only shows that you are naive and can't think outside your own box and beyond the perimeter of the tip of your nose.
      Why don't you take the time and read the comment from that very disappointed patron who had HPB create this thread? It is not about a guy receiving cents and about you losing a few bucks. The whole situation has grown way past such small-minded problems. Where you see yourself as the snarky little wisecrack that only lost "a meal at McDonalds" others can see a pyramid of countless "meals at McDonalds" that is beginning to fall apart because patreon itself makes this whole deal shrouded in half-truths and empty promises.
      If this project was donation based again, where people reward the authors for finished work, instead of paying a monthly, a ridiculously high monthly salary in advance for nothing specific, then we'd see a lot less negativity.

    2. Yes, but, Anonymous @ 6:42 am, if he doesn't want to see beyond the scope of where his money goes, then so what? I honestly think it might be better; I've commented before on other posts about this-

      I've spent the better part of $7 this year on this game, and I'm not too concered about it, considering I wouldn't have done anything else with it aside from buying a soda. Or Pizza, if I put my money together for 7 months. Or other, very small and random crap. The 25K isn't your money, is it? If it's not, then why are you concered about money in other peope's wallets?

      It's "drops in a bucket", from quite a few thousand people who, instead of getting a nightly soda, invest in H-Bomb. It doesn't make him "niave" because he doesn't freak out about it; and if it does, I must be too, because at one point I said H-Bomb can take my dollar and fry it in hot oil as long as he keeps working on the game; which he has (Please don't make me swim through past comments to find that...). For me, that Christmas event, despite not having even played it yet, was worth my whole $1. So he can, again, take my dollar and make a paper airplane with it.

      I however still do not agree with how things have been run on the actual UPDATES, and do agree with you wholeheartedly about half-truths and empty promises, but, nevertheless, this is worth my soda for a whole night. Even if all he does is put out 1 update a year. Stop being nosey. it's not your money- you don't pay the bills, and you're not thinking outside the box, you're thinking the leather on another man's pockets; the dollar amount shown on Patron is just a public figure of how much people are showing an intrest in the overall project, and how much people think it's worth. I think it's worth a dollar a month, and others do as well, and it's snowballed into $25,000+ who think this game is worth that $1. I love this game and just want to see a little progress done every now and then; not just promise after promise that it'll get better.

      H-Bomb, if you're reading this comment; then I agree with above. A progress tracker of sorts would help appease people. A changelog, where you can gauge what's left, and how close you are to completion? And posted in a public area so all people can see?

      I don't mean to come off as negative anywhere in this comment, and I don't really have a good way to end this wall of text, so boop.

    3. Oooh, wait, thought of something!
      I really think the Stallion X Catgirl scene looks very well done.

  14. Thank you H. We are all just so ravenous because we love it so much and we want your amazing content as soon as possible

    1. Indeed some of us do go a little crazy sometimes I guess that's how much we like the game i'll still be supporting it. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

  15. I think you should animate all the possible sex scenes and post them as a gallery without any game. That's all I really want.

    1. Are you rly so desperate to want wstchsimple 15 framed gifs? Is your internet limited or what ?

  16. Really, I think if ya stopped with self-imposed deadlines things'd be a lot better.

    I liked it more when there were updates every couple of days that told us "Hi. X is done." or "This is where X is at." or "Here's a look at the future." Simply telling us about the state of things and not about WHEN things would be done.

    I really do cringe every time I read something like "should be up by the end of the month" or something similar. Then that turns into a feeling of...I dunno...pity(?) when the inevitable profuse "sorry" and "ASAP"s come.

    Course, i'm not about to pull support. It's only twelve bucks a month ($10+ a month ain't worth it when the only reward i'd ever use are the debug codes) and the game is still progressing. I'd just love it if i'd stop saying "Damn, dude. Just stop." every time a new update is posted on or near a projected release date.

  17. As one of the heaviest patrons and a veteran of many software development projects, I have to say that Hbomb's estimates have always seemed impossibly aggressive - I even told him as much - and while I'm not gratified to find my gut instinct so validated, neither am I upset. Basically, I chose to support an inexperienced programmer because 1) he'd already demonstrated an embryonic talent for game design 2) he was willing to go places other people weren't without being nasty or derogatory about it and 3) I hoped dropping a decent-sized chunk of money in the tin every month would let him know that if he keeps plugging at it in good faith, people who actually know how hard this is would keep supporting him through any amount of good-faith failure to live up to impossible standards.

    Now, I think a lot of people have the default assumption that someone who continually fails to meet self-imposed goals must be playing us for fools. All I can say is that such people cannot possibly have significant experience with development, as even experienced groups led by veterans are constantly revising schedules, dropping features and missing deadlines. the difference between a neophyte and a grizzled veteran is that the veterans can hit a deadline or deliver the entire feature list as long as you only pick one or the other, while the neophyte will realize almost the whole code base will have to be refactored about a week before the project is due and will effectively never deliver all the features. I don't think Hbomb has ever claimed to be a veteran, so his performance in terms of project management is strictly par for the course. Which is to say wretched, but only as wretched as usual.

    That's not to say Hbomb shouldn't shape up in terms of learning to make goals more discrete, articulating them for an audience, then spending a scheduled hour a week updating that list with progress, commentary and changes. This not only updates us, but more importantly it keeps Hbomb focused. I could make more recommendations on specifics, but honestly I've already been more specific than necessary - there are many ways to get this done. But bullet points are a must. If you can't articulate at least your next three tasks as bullet points, you're probably not as clear on your project as you need to be.

    TL;DR: performance so far within expectations; we also expect you to get better.

    1. oh, and put those three bullets IN ORDER. Not only does it force you to think about sequencing up front, it lets you know when you've gotten distracted. If you find yourself not following your sequence, stop, consider, and revise.

    2. Chris Roberts, we know it's you

    3. Not too long ago I was brought into a project to work on shoring up a major subcomponent for the x.x.1 patch release. After tinkering with it for a while, I discovered that the entire subcomponent didn't work at all and only appeared to because the error system also didn't work. Eight months of feverish work later we finally delivered most of the features we'd promised would be in the x.x.0 release.

  18. Just keep working,improving and progressing further I know this will take some time to get done i'm still going to support you and I know not everything will go according to plan as there will be hiccups like you said from this project will take a long time to get done have a happy new year i'm sure next year will be even better.

  19. "Sorry guys" is not cutting it. It stopped working after the third time this happened, and has gotten progressively less effective with every single update after that. You're not getting things done, its unprofessional, and you don't deserve anyone's sympath.

    You just keep putting the same dirty, bloody bandaid on the same wound over and over. At this point, all you're doing is inviting an infection.

  20. I'm hoping that things become a little bit more organized for next year and PLEASE H-bomb no month long silence :'( the last three months have of been vary rough on everyone I think. H-bomb the project is great and i'm glade that you're still looking for feedback as well from us the good, the bad and the ugly I hope to see the project continue to grow see you around man.

  21. i've had enough if i don't like what i see (again) new years im done 10 dollars may not be a lot but I've been a patreon a while and i've been defending h bomb from "haters" but now i see their point there haven't been any pin ups for the longest time and not all the creatures have animations no elf to elf animations only small details have been taken care of i feel bad backing off from a project with really good potential but u know what i have that right and u can call me a hater and thats fine you are entitled to you opinion Harista i sincerely hope that your other supporters have more patience than me in the coming new year i guess ill just play 5.3 for the rest of my life

    1. If you want visual updates, follow s-purple's tumblr.

  22. No promises, no silence and no deadlines would make everything so much better for everyone... (Well, of course you need deadlines, but don't share them with us!) Breaking promises is one of the worst things you can do if you want support, so why make them? An update could be a happy surprise instead.

    1. While your idea has merit, the issue is with Patreon. The idea is that you pay a certain amount every month, and you get something in return every month. If H-Bomb didn't release or communicate for three months, you know Patrons would either be screaming for H-Bomb's head on a pike or just withdraw their support entirely.

      As it is, Patreon is helping and hurting. Helping because he's getting much-needed funds, and hurting because H-Bomb could make a lot more progress if he didn't put out smaller updates.

      Having to assemble smaller pieces into a working product takes a surprising amount of time that he could be using to make the game as a whole. But there's a large part of the fanbase that can't get that through their heads and wants high-quality flash porn RIGHT NOW.

      Couple that with H-Bomb's passion for this project and wanting to put out seasonal content for people to enjoy, and even the longest delays are perfectly understandable.

      This is a super slow burn.

  23. Another excuses another delays.. I don't have time to read them.. replies are much more funny and realistic..

    1. First, how can you not have time to read his update, but have time to read through almost a hundred comments per post?

      Second, you're really in your own little world if you think the negative comments are "realistic".

  24. As far as my own opinion goes, when it comes down to it releasing these incomplete builds, it unfortunately doesn't please anyone. However perhaps one way to go would be to work with that you have and start simpler, I am by no means saying that you can't consider making things expandable for the future in fact you absolutely should. But perhaps you should focus on making a playable build with one creature type completely finished, with good, expandable code behind it. Then add in your traits system, with good, expandable code. Then use that code to implement the rest of the creatures, one at a time, like you did before. Of course, this time you have the hindsight of where you went wrong in the past, as well as inevitably better programming skills.

    If you make your base classes rock-solid enough, clearly documented with meaningful variable and method naming and a clear understanding of what they do at any one time, new creatures would be able to be easily inherited from your base classes.

    At the end of the day, it's your project. And hell, I'm guilty of trying to set and meet high expectations myself. But after following this project since near inception, it would certainly seem like one way of doing it.

  25. H-bomb... Do your best, as usual. You did a very good job since the beginning of this adventure.

  26. BS is a very complex and ambitious project. Nobody is obliged to spend money on it. Two universal truths.

    Beside numerous setbacks and complexity traps, there IS progress. Everyone who does not recognize that is simply ignorant. The only thing that sucks harder than ignorant people are ignorant haters.

    Project management is rightfully in critique. Spending money as a PATRON is NOT the same as buying anything. If you feel progress is slower than you like, don't spend ridiculous amounts of money. It's as easy as that.

    The Internet is full of fapping material - so give BS the time it needs to ripen.

    Visit s-purple's tumblr and have a look at upcoming art and animations. There is a LOT in the pipeline.

    Adding more people to a project introduces new perspectives and different approaches which not uncommonly initially slow everything down but pay out when everything gets into the flow.

    Accept it. This is reality. Quit dreaming.

    Good luck BS team. One step after another. Don't rush. That helps nobody at all.

    Cheers and best wishes for 2015 everyone. Yes - even to you haters.

    1. and this guy missed the point.

    2. theres more than one point and he hits some of them

    3. 1:"BS is a very complex and ambitious project. Nobody is obliged to spend money on it. Two universal truths." addressed read post above -1 point

      2"Beside numerous setbacks and complexity traps, there IS progress. Everyone who does not recognize that is simply ignorant. The only thing that sucks harder than ignorant people are ignorant haters." both points addressed again read post above -2 points

      3"Project management is rightfully in critique. Spending money as a PATRON is NOT the same as buying anything. If you feel progress is slower than you like, don't spend ridiculous amounts of money. It's as easy as that." again read post above -1 point

      "The Internet is full of fapping material - so give BS the time it needs to ripen." its a game, true there's people who came here to fap but its still a game, i agree BS needs time but i'm sorry - 1 point

      "Visit s-purple's tumblr and have a look at upcoming art and animations. There is a LOT in the pipeline." true +1 but it doesn't excuse the slow progress on making the game playable. i will admit its excusable do to the lack of experience but no this.

      "Adding more people to a project introduces new perspectives and different approaches which not uncommonly initially slow everything down but pay out when everything gets into the flow." addressed in post -1 point

      "Accept it. This is reality. Quit dreaming." implying people who are getting impatient are generally delusional -1 point

      "Good luck BS team. One step after another. Don't rush. That helps nobody at all." rushing will only cause damage +1

      "Cheers and best wishes for 2015 everyone. Yes - even to you haters." blatant fanboyism, if people came to hate on the game saying its shit and insulting the style of the game it would be fine but this post implies people who are impatient are haters -1 point

      he hits almost nothing.

      i think we should be patient but that pacing is expected to receive complaints.

    4. You can't just counter someone's points by saying they're wrong and putting -1 next to a quote of them. What they said is not contradicted by H-Bomb's post.

      Then you minimized what you did agree with by using the phrase "almost nothing".

      If you have a discussion to contribute, I'd love to hear it, because as it is, it's only happening in your own head.

  27. @Anonymous 6:56 PM
    It's Chuckle_FISH_, not chucklefuck, this is the wrong devoloper! :D

  28. Some advice, Hbomb, that I think you're starting to grasp on your own is to just stop setting deadlines for updates, even if its something you know with certainty you'll be able to meet. All a deadline does is set up an expectation of visible improvement that if not met will result in backlash. I think people would be happier hearing what your working on each week or what you have planned for future updates than a guarantee of progress that you may or may not be able to meet. Additionally you might consider doing fewer updates altogether. Even if progress is being made in the code or whatever, that's not something everyone can really see or appreciate, so coming off of previous more functional builds some people feel like their getting shafted. If you were to regularly just keep people aware of what your working on, what your planning, and held off on updated builds until you have something more functionally complete I think it would make everyone a lot happier.

    To summarize:
    - Don't set deadlines
    - Regularly update us on what your working on (today i did x, y, and z...)
    - Give more updates on planned content (here's a few monsters we're looking to add in the distant future)
    - Only release new builds that significantly improve on previous ones in a tangible way
    - Eat more fiber
    - Put dragoness in the game

    This game has improved massively from the first time I saw it and I'm looking forward to it's future.

  29. Moving to 1 dollar donation, but haven't been disappointed since day 1. ^_^
    Communication and clarity is golden. Self-awareness is priceless.
    Keep at it, H-bomb!

    Also, everyone's entitled to their opinion folks. I imagine I'd be upset too if I'd had big expectations.
    I just hope those who do decide to leave get a chance to be notified when the full game is released.

    Ciao, fellow gamer/pervs!
    ~ <3

  30. Wow H ... Lot's of valuable and good advice that almost makes dealing with the trolls worth it. I mostly agree with the majority ... and you should as well. My only 2 cent addition ... Make the next update playable, AND don't promise anything or release it until it is. We haven't had a working release since 5.3 and as far as I'm concerned you can put everything since in the dumpster. It's my turn to be at the "last drop" point. Screw the demo crap, if the next release isn't playable I'm out of here as well... and I've been $10 supporter of this project since the second day, and I intend to see this project through, but even my resolve is beginning to waver.

    PS ... if you want to really play like you're in the big leagues you need to wipe out all of the bogus "version revision numbers" with an apology and make the next PLAYABLE version 5.4 ... you don't assign incrementing version numbers to the "Nonfunctional Demo Crap" we've seen since September.

    We are still here ;-) now make it worth it my friend

  31. Honestly, the lack of "proof of progress" has been the only thing keeping me from throwing a dollar at H-Bomb. I'm not referring to the porn scenes (I generally play with the sex scenes turned off) so much as the general lack of functional builds. But I understand it's a big project that gets bigger every time you learn something new, and once I see that you guys have a solid handle on things, I'll be much more inclined to financially support you. In the meantime, I'm more than willing to wait it out.

    I'm confident I won't be disappointed.

  32. I hate that all he thinks about just the patron but where does he get the Patrons from he gets it from the public.But it looks like he forget about the public and its not right and not fair to the public. I wish I could become a patron but I live from paycheck to paycheck please don't forget about the public

    1. Well, the only difference between patrons and the non-patrons (aside from the money) is the fact that non-patrons have to wait a bit longer for whatever H-Bomb puts out. But since non-patrons like myself have nothing invested, we also have far less reason for concern.

      But this isn't about patrons being upset about a lack of ROI, nor is it about non-patrons somehow getting the short end of the stick (though we're really not).

      It's about H-Bomb being able to set realistic goals and milestones so that his watchers- be they patron or no- are no longer disappointed by the regular flow of missed (self-inflicted) deadlines and underwhelming content releases. The ball really is in his court at this point. He can either learn from his mistakes and turn things around, or he can keep doing what he's doing and continue to make a lot of people upset.

      At the very least, he seems to be working in the right direction.

    2. I agree with you anon at 9:34 AM The things you mention have bugged me from time to time I'm thinking that H-bomb will improve and get better as time go's on. I'm still going to be a patron as I like the game and want to support it.

  33. Everyone knows H-Bomb can't finish this project or else he'd lose his current funding and have to start all over on a new project (with potential for equal or even less funding). The slower he goes, the longer he can get paid - as long as he doesn't go too slow and piss off his backers.
    He's learned just how quickly to go over time, and he'll keep riding this train as long as he can.

    Don't listen to a word he says.
    Just look at his results.
    React however you feel is appropriate.
    We're actually all intelligent adults here.
    Happy new year :)

  34. Well, I’ve been reading these comments for months. I appreciate H’s comments. I believe the game will be playable someday. And it eventually will be “Finished,” or whatever that means regarding this project. That said, I absolutely think something is fundamentally broken.

    When H had his meltdown at Halloween, he absolutely swore that he’d get himself a project manager. He said it would be ABSOLUTELY the next thing he did. And just look at the comment sections ever since. It has been a clusterfuck of poorly understood updates. Unfinished builds. And frustrated patreons.

    I don’t know if he really needs a project manager or not. But what is clear, is that he is wearing 2 hats.

    1. He’s running the project.
    2. He’s the lead programmer. And the lead programmer is completely underwater.

    Since the work that needs doing RIGHT NOW is programming, this makes him the damn holding back all potential progress in 2 very fundamental ways.

    At the very least those two things are giving the perception of epic fail. And I’m guessing that it is creating a real and palatable dysfunction among the entire team. I mean, consider what it must be like. The guy is totally underwater, and who has the entire internet baying at the moon calling for all his Patreons to stop giving money. How can that guy, push his team to perform? How can he keep them inspired and on schedule when he obviously has no ability to reliably keep himself on schedule. How can he expect great work from them, when he hasn’t done an inspiring job at either of his core responsibilities.

    Quick caveat. Under his programmer hat, he may not in fact be behind schedule. He may actually be right on schedule pressing ahead on all the core systems doing stellar work. But because he’s also wearing the manager hat, he looks like a flailing disorganized lunatic.

    Having been an art director and part owner of my own software company, and having opened many businesses since my software days, I can totally understand why he’s making the mistakes he’s making.

    Whether he likes it or not, this is his company. He is in charge. He is responsible for its failures and successes. He is the Boss. And when that is true, it’s often hard to turn over responsibility to another manager, so that you can just get on with the work of programming. Or hire a programmer to take over core functionality and just trust them, and let them make the mistakes he is making now, and let them learn the job the way he’s been learning it. Let that programmer chip a tooth getting it wrong. And fully do the designer/project manager job.

    Every small or personal business goes through a moment like this. When the guy in charge finally learns how to delegate work. He has to pick his own strengths and focus on them, handing over the reins of other work to other qualified people. Or he doesn’t.

    I’m guessing H doesn’t fully appreciate what is happing around him. And he cannot really imagine actually delegating work. I’m sure he thinks to himself, there is no fucking way I can hire a flash programmer right now, and hand off all my responsibilities. He is right, because he is thinking about what is going to be delivered next month. BUT that is not what a project manager actually does. A project manager has a plan for the artists, sound guys, programmers and so on. When their work on breeding season is wrapping up, he’s got them doing high concept art for breeding season 2 or brain storming the next big idea. He is a leader. And he steers the direction of the project and the company. He does not get caught in the weeds of whatever GUI Gizmo he’s slaving away on.

    H really has 4 options for how to proceed from here. I’m going to lay them all out.

  35. Option 1: Keep on, keeping on.
    He keeps doing what he is doing. Fumbling along. Trying to be both the lead programmer and Boss/project manager. Maybe the guys he’s working with get tired of the dysfunction and move on. Maybe not. Maybe Paetron drys up and he runs out of money. Or maybe not. Maybe he bumps along and a year and a half from now he “Finishes” his game. Maybe not. What does he do after that? Not sure, but I doubt he looks like some kind of Rockstar who people want to invest money in for the next big idea.

    Option 2: Band-aid
    He hires a PA (production assistant) in his home town, to actually work with him at his house. This person probably needs to get paid about $1200 a month. Needs to be a 22 year old self starter who is HUNGRY. This person needs to be his personal assistant and become the central hub of production. They need basic excel, word, photoshop, illustrator and flash skills, or the capacity and interest to learn them. And preferably this is a female. Someone with a tough personality with clear communication skills. You want someone who is no nonsense.

    This person becomes a wall between H and the team. Giving him enough breathing space to be a programmer for 6 hours a day. And spend 2 hours a day, planning and handing out work assignments to the Production assistant. And planning what PR announcements get made for the week (If any). This person becomes the “enforcer”. All art and sound deliverables go through her. And she keeps people on schedule and hounds people to meet dead line. She has a responsibility to give regular updates on facebook and the website 2 times a week, these are big picture how are we progressing updates. Everyone on the team knows she speaks with the authority of the boss, but frees him up of all the psychology of coaxing the work out of his team. She becomes the schedule keeper.

    When she is not doing this, does menial art asset and sound asset organization and management. She probably needs to learn how to write design documents as well. But her core responsibility is scheduling enforcement and co-management.

    Option 3: Real Project Manager
    He hires a real project manager. This person is costly. This is someone in their late 20’s early 30’s with experience. This person needs about $2,500 to $3,500 a month. Someone who is absolutely running the project. This is someone responsible for managing everyone’s time. They should have an Office in H’s living room. And all managerial and scheduling concerns can be turned over to them. They can plan out in detail all aspects of the project including all art assets and sound assets and keep everyone on task throughout production. This allows H to act exclusively as lead programmer and Lead designer. This person needs to become a partner to H. A trusted hatchet man, hard ass, slave driver who isn’t afraid to crawl up H’s ass when he is fucking up. This person also takes over all PR responsibilities and keeping the public updated.

    This person is hard to find, and if he does, will probably become his business partner for life. H handles the creative/programming. And this manager becomes his production management partner. This needs to be someone he really respects, and isn’t a lackey working for him. Instead it is a strong willed person who helps steer the business along with H. Someone who’s opinion he trusts and someone who criticism he will accept when he is fucking up. If he finds this person, H would become an unstoppable force in porn.

    If you look at all the great and visionary company bosses that created companies that really worked, most of them have a right hand man. Steve Jobes had Tim Cook. One guy with vision and standards and one guy to get the work done. This is THE super dynamic when it happens. But it takes 2 to really make it work. It takes a partner. Who you can work with closely. (Read: In the same room). A partner you totally trust.

    1. Option 4: Take Control
      I suspect H will choose option 1. He will probably muddle and bump along. He will not figure out how to turn his superstar Paetron base into a juggernaught of porn production. But if he does manage it, will probably be because he figures out option 4. How to take control of his own company. This is the option everyone seems to be demanding from him. They want him to step up and lead. Have a clear vision. Lay out that vision in public. And have a team capable of carrying out that vision.

      In this version, he stops being lead programmer. He might do some programming on the side. Work out some problems by coding himself. He might do what Sid Myers does and focus on prototyping and do some himself. But ultimately, he leads his team. In this version, he frees himself up to lead, by hiring a programmer to take over all his day to day programming responsibilities. He focuses on design, inspiring his team, and creating a clear vision for the company in public and within the company. He doesn’t think one month ahead or one deliverable ahead. Instead he maps out short, medium and long term plans for the company, and figures out how he is going to get that done. He organizes the team for short term deliverables. Next two weeks, next month. Sets the work in motion, and keeps the machine running. If artists, programmers sound engineers aren’t working out, he gets new guys who want to be a part of where the company is heading. (When you really have a plan, that is not nearly as hard as it sounds.)

      Medium term goals, how are you going to get to late beta and when. How many people do you need? Who is doing what? When do the sound guys come online. When does art production start and stop?

      Long term goals. What is next? Breeding Season 2? Or something even more ambitious? When do you move people over to high concept mode for the next project?

      Really leading a company is very hard for someone like H to do. You get so mired in all the details of your own work, (programming) that it becomes impossible to lead. The entire team feels this, and the entire team suffers. Work gets slow. Things suffer. Momentum is lost. People get frustrated. And he’s got the added problem that the internet is so far up his ass, it becomes impossible to breath, and see the forest for the trees. How to get out of this catch 22 feels impossible, incomprehensible insurmountable. It leads to procrastination, overpromising, depression, failure and possibly losing everything you’ve worked for. I’ve been there before.

      Knowing what I know now… If I where H, I would take the hit. I would hire a programmer. Someone good but affordable. I would mentor them. Teach everything he’s learned in the last year, turn it over to someone else. And like Sid Myers, transition immediately from coder to leader. This will add 3 months of short term pain. Absolutely it will. BUT it will create years and years of more productive management, where H can do what he does best. Create prototypes. Control the creative vision. Work with super talented artists, coders and sound people. And make great games that people want to play.

    2. Realistically, he probably can’t do this tomorrow. He probably has to get the code to a working state. Get the basic features working so the public can fiddle with the game, in a playable state. No new art assets integrated. No new bells and whistles. No new features. Just basic and playable, before he can bring this person fully online. But if he hired that person now, used the next month bringing the program to a playable state, while slowly handing it over to that person. In about 6 to 8 weeks he could be in a leadership position. With a programmer up to speed. A fully planned feature set. Art assets in the bank ready to be integrated. And him firmly where he needs to be, in the captains chair rather than down in the engine room covered in smoking hot oil. I think there is probably a 5% chance he’ll actually do this, but it is absolutely what has to be done. Will he? I doubt it.

      So, I guess I’ll just settle in for another 6 months of comments sections like this one. Promise, fail, excuse, trolling, people understanding how hard it is. Rinse. Repeat.

      But it is kind of sad, because we all see so much opportunity, and it is depressing to see it squandered in real time.

    3. PS: What he is saying about the mythical man month is absolutely true. But not in Breeding Season's case. He does not have 30 programmers, and he's not adding 10 more.

      This is more fundamental than that.

  36. PPS: One accusation that goes around a lot is that H is milking this, delivering nothing trying to keep the Paetron payments coming forever, by not finishing the game. I suppose that is possible. And it would make sense to a certain kind of conspiracy minded person, (I love conspiracy theories by the way) that thinks H is some sort of Paetron money milking mastermind. But I think it is far more likely that he’s scared shitless that his good luck is going to disappear tomorrow. And that his team reads this blog and they worry about how much longer the gig is going to last. And they hope the work doesn’t dry up.

    I’m sure everyone would rather be settling in for years of fun work on exciting new games. Rather than wondering if this Mutherfucker is going to disappear in a giant puff of smoke.

    For himself and his team’s sake, I hope he uses that savings account he mentioned to get out ahead of curve, rather than staying behind the 8 ball until it all goes to hell. Find talent. Get a programmer. Create relationships. Give the team the direction it deserves. And you know what. Have an awesome prototype ready in 9 months so Paetrons have an exciting next project to be excited to invest in. That takes planning, ingenuity, creative juices and a team excited to follow you. H stop coding. Start leading.

    Working like crazy, and coming up short is not really leadership. And it’s not what your public, nor your team deserves. Do better.

    1. Conspiracy theory? Really?
      It's no theory of any stripe. Try common sense.

      What people here are paying for is the feeling that they've contributed to something they enjoy. Progress is required. A finished product is not.
      It's a symbiotic relationship.
      But hey, spend your damn money any way you like, folks.

  37. I say this because I care: Move off of Flash as soon as you can.

  38. Huge post's cliffs:

    - H-bomb quotes a former patron
    - Patron: "I've been supporting this game for months, but all I got was unmet promises and too slow of a progress"
    - Patron: "I'm out"
    - H-bomb apologizes, admits he failed consistently in predicting work amount and in setting deadlines
    - H-bomb argues that adding programmers to the team doesn't always mean faster progress, in fact it'll go even slower
    - Brief explanation of what his 25k/month whittles down to
    - H-bomb "progress won't go faster, but I will see it out to the end"
    - H-bomb is aware of the comments/feedback and is always watching you fap, so keep commenting, criticizing etc.

    (ok, so maybe that last one wasn't 100% accurate)

    1. So what is the practical solution to our collective complaints?
      Like, how can this be realisticly resolved?
      I want to hear from the people consistantly defending H-Bomb.
      (And for the record, I care solely about fapping.)

  39. LOL Anon4, funny you mention that. Even Chucklefish already released a pretty good and playable Unstable Patch for Starbound (which is quite good IMHO). :P



  41. It was obvious that this project won't go faster while there are a lot of different work to do and H is still have more to learn to finally start producing playable stable builds. So personally I criticized rather H's manner of posting goofy stuff and making those legendary promises than project progress itself. And personally I won't stop donating even if my 1$ isn't really much. Because I can see significant art progress and in latest updates had a peep at partly redrawed and changed UIs, locations etc. I saw S's art in tumblr that excites my imagination and I'm pretty sure there will be more in beta.
    So yes, everyone makes his mind on his own, but I don't see any significant reason for this game not to become playable in a year or two. Creating a really juicy game takes quite a lot of time, so we have to arm ourselves in patience and wait... It doesn't mean that we won't be more eager to follow and support BS if H will finally start to produce playable builds. :P
    And I want to say it once everyone is so excited about how to spend patreon money - I believe H knows better how to manage them and some people really don't need to be so obsessive in their wishes and prompts on this theme. As proverb says, "Don't count money in other peoples' wallets"...

    1. he makes $300,000 a year. he made 100,000 in the last four months while pushing out crap. support him if you like, i dont see any reason to keep supporting nothing.

    2. Someone doesn't read what's right in front of him, H-bomb has addressed that he makes FAR less than what Patreon says on the front page, due to rejected/fraudulent donations, due to Patreon's cut, and due to the tax on the money itself, then of course having to pay each member of the team appropriately.

      Stop making these claims that H-bomb is raking in ridiculous amounts of money people, it's simply not the case. He's stated this fact at least twice now, and in this post alone. It really doesn't help people take your complaints seriously when you clearly haven't even read up on the subject.

    3. TM93 Sadly not everyone is going to take the time to read it and understand it they just see a well of text and get upset.

    4. Well I've gone through it all, and all what I saw was an admission to a true fact (the mismanagement and shortcomings); but absolute zero plans about future improvements and ways to resolve it. And that kinda says a lot about the project. Over the months, this progress kept decelerating til it has turned me from a serious fan into -someone barely interested in the game.

      Sticking to deadlines has been a year-long problem, back then ppl didn't complain -too much- because new features were plenty with each update. It's mostly because the new features now take at least twice or three times as long as they did in the older versions (not as far back as the simple v4.2, but the newer ones with s-purple art like 4.6). So apologies and all is a decent thing (H-bomb never denied that progress was running slow), but faster progress and/or meeting deadlines consistently is what I want to see.

      I'm no project manager, but I've said my suggestion several months ago to avoid this cycle; As a programmer: limit your goals and expectations, finish them, and only then start thinking about adding new expansions. It's very simplistic but it worked for me both in programming and creative projects that involved up to 10-13 individuals.

  42. To say a what a lot of others here are saying: do NOT set deadlines for yourself. it only leads to more "i'm so sorry" and "thank you all for your patience" blog posts when it turns out that something causes it to be late (and something will ALWAYS do so, it's the nature of a project of this scale).

    keep us informed on what's done, what's being worked on (and how far along it appears so far), and musings or vague hints on things for later to keep folks interested and thinking. be it by blog post or progress bar, we need some sort of tangible thing to look at and say "oh cool, things are getting done" so people don't think that whatever money they might be donating (patreoning, whatever) is being shoveled into a fire. also i quite like the bit in this post that calls folks out on that--it's not as if you personally are pocketing 25k a month. there's fees and taxes and employee salary to be considered, and lots of people forget that.

  43. I just came home from a long day at work. Sorry guys, but this whole thing is TL;DR. I only glanced at snippets.

    Here's all my feels:

    1. Hire a programmer. The Bible of Brooks be damned. Even if you have to train them, a long as they have good flash experience it wont take long, and you'll have a fellow programmer bro soon enough. H-Bomb is lead programmer still anyway, so all you'd need to do is review their stuff. In my experience, I may have had to train people to do a job, but once they get started, it's just a matter of reviewing their work. Takes a lot of pressure off me.
    2. The patreons love this project and want it to continue. People love strategy games. People love porn. People love a variety of porn. I love how Breeding Season is open to m/m, f/f and m/f, fat cow girls, horsedicks, and elf boy traps.
    3. I've been playing 5.3 as a strategy game. I even turned off the animation because it was getting in my way.
    ...3a. I turn it back on eventually.
    4. Needs moar traps.
    5. Where was I going with this...

    Screw it I'm gonna go stream something

    No wait

    6. Make the game playable before another version is posted. People keep posting on the patreon forum not getting the fact that it's a goddamn demo. Since you've already promised a new years version, post it, but make it the last demo for a while.
    7. Even if I'd been donating for a year, I'd still be donating. It's just a dollar. I drop one in the coffee shop tip jar every morning after buying a 6 dollar latte.
    8. Cute baristas.
    10. Maybe a list of in-work features with a percentage of completion beside them. AKA:

    Traits: 55%
    add old animations: 75%
    add new animations: 8%
    Events: 30%

    Blah blah you get the idea.

    time to pass out

    1. Given his past history, it'd be a fool's gambit to expect much from percentages of completion. If anything they'll be the same as his missed deadline posts.

      In example:
      "Traits: 55% towards completion."
      "Running into some problems, Traits: 40% towards completion."
      "I'm REALLY sorry guys, I wanted to do give you something, but I couldn't in time, Traits: 20% towards completion."

      Also, a trap is defined as "a convincing transvestite." Therefore, a trap is someone who dresses like a female (or male) and successfully convinced people of their opposite gender as such. Just because a male looks feminine or a female looks masculine doesn't mean they're a trap if they're not hiding it. So, male elves aren't traps since they're not hiding anything, nor are there any traps in the game (that we currently know of). You're getting your definitions wrong.

  44. In short, "I am not learning from my mistakes; I just keep apologizing for the same damn thing." You've been given some good advice, H ... it's time for you to do something with it. I realize it's too late to re-implement the old engine/UI and just add new art; I mentioned some time ago that you would have been better off doing the code rewrite in the background, rather than slowing down your entire production pipeline and leaving you with an unplayable game in the meantime. Now that you are stuck with completing the rewrite, though, don't release any more unplayable stuff. Get it to at least the same level of functionality you had before. Then you can dink around with additional content, additional events, and filling in the huge matrix of creature combinations and sexual positions that would build on that. Any rewrite can go on in the background, while your Patreons can enjoy a few new animations or options at a time.

  45. I haven't chosen to throw money at this project as of yet because I could see the potential problems that would arise trying to meet new and improved builds on a monthly basis, at least when it comes to a game very much in the early programming stages there is to much under appreciated and under estimated behind the scenes work that needed to be one first. Once I start seeing updates that aren't as focused on the stuff that goes on behind the scenes then I may choose to update.

    I will give one small suggestion, perhaps get some sort of PR person to go though and focus on the community so you can focus more on the programming.

  46. TL;DR
    Making games is hard!
    Doing something (anything...) professionally is much harder than doing it as a hobby!
    Managing a project is hard!

    I have to say, in a very schadenfreude way I'm enjoying the way you dove in and then realized that you can't, in fact, swim without those inconsequential thing you belatedly realized were floatation devices.
    Don't worry, it gets better!

    Here's my 2 cents:
    You are not as good as you think you are. Aim lower. Keep future and expandability in mind, but for now, aim low. Finishing any game is hard enough. Realizing your dream of a game...

  47. Dear H-Bomb.

    I am not a Patron, and I've not been here that long either...

    But from what I can, you are at least trying hard to get what you probably had starting out as a labor of love now turned into just plain labor.

    But, I don't care if it takes you longer than first promised. But I am also not able to put money forward, so I guess that colours my views.

    I enjoy the game no matter what, and as long as we the gamers enjoy it.... Isn't that what really counts?


  48. first of all , my native language is not english sorry for the errors and im doing my best here trying to express my opinion and experience.

    making game is hard , i am making one myself ... butt he only reason i cant spent time and more dedication into it is that i dont have the money for ... you make way more than i would ever need ... heck 1 single payment per month that you have would be enough to pay all the licence of my programs or 2 years of rent, now i know oyu share this with a team but still split in 6 youve get a better paycheck than some people in the industry... making it easier to just sit home and work on it in order to complete it , but it seem that since youre the first in making an interactive custom sex game, youve got all the patreons as the other games get little to no recognition and suport ... that is a problem because since you have all the people who can only afford to suport 1 project and you where the first, you owe to them to give them better than the projects they overlook and it seem at this point that youre taking this as serious as the few first months, ive been programing , making flash animations and 3d models , in 1 day 8 hours full of motivation and whitout worries about your next rent you can make ALOT happen, sure even if you have many team member you still need to get communication ` validation and feedback back and forth but this is still not as little as this

    if i recall you had a milestone saying that you will be working on it full time. it seems unlikely and its only action script its not even c or c++, so the worktime on the codes should be halved and somtimes even have multiple fixes in a single day

    now this isnt a serious game , its a sex game so id assume it would be mroe of a side project than a main focus on an average of 10 hours of work per week.
    now this is only an estimate but for 40 hours of work a month this still dosent match, especialy for how much your team make

    once again sorry if my grammar is horrible.

  49. Happy New Year!!! It's about an hour in Russia, Moscow and no way to sleep around here))) Too much pyrotechnics and it blusts everywhere. So many happy people!!! Happy New Year to everyone!!!

  50. Happy new year, everybody!

    Eyes forward, H and S. We're with you.

  51. boohoo, you are a liar and a manipulator. People make way better games than this in less time. A professional would have finished the game by now. You sir are just lazy and inept.

    1. Or...


      ... He's not a professional! Yet, at least!

    2. Professionals are actually not that great about deadlines, in my experience.

  52. I already give my two cents towards the project, or rather my ten dollars. That ball is in your hands. If I were you' I would see this as a very humbling experience, though. You've still got a chance though, something not everyone had. Personally, I'd be content if you said there'd be significant progress by the end of 2015.

  53. Meh, I liked the original art work. It went from a nearly complete basic flash game, to a monstrously non functioning clunky series of deviant art pics. I dropped financial support as soon as it went from expanding to re-tooling. I check from time to time to see if it's functional, but it never is.