Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yes I am serious about this project

Expect the hotfix in 6 hours. I'm not sleeping until it's done.

Join me in IRC if you want to keep tabs on my progress.


  1. We believe in you guys!!!!!
    Justify our hopes!!!!

  2. And we will donate you!!


  4. Don't break the poor guy peeps, I was expecting a lot of delays month one due to the serious shift in both team members schedules. Suggestions for a dedicated animator to help you out still plenty good as a suggestion, but I'm chill. my $1 a month isn't going to waste here.

  5. A 3 day delay has become 6 hours after a few complaints.

    Expectations = Progress, this should be a pretty good lesson.

  6. Keep a hold on how much work you put in a day on your game H-bomb. Seriously think of it as your job; 8-10 hours a day, take breaks and for gods sakes, sleep. Don't kill yourself over someone complaining on the internet.

    If you have worries about a schedule or deadline, be open and forthright about it as you can. You're replacing everything on the game, it's gonna take time.

  7. Im with the last commenter.

    1. i`m agree too.

      " Don't kill yourself over someone complaining on the internet."
      It`s very true.

  8. If you want to get trolling down to a minimum you might want to type in updates as to what you're doing in terms of your life and coming through on your milestone achievements. Have you quit or do you plan to quit your other job, is there any progress on finding a third member (I recommend getting a dedicated animator), and what is the status on getting a website up and running? Answering things like this help people understand what to expect and stop the rampant speculation. You'll still get troll, but at least you'll minimize the "you must not care about this project/your just out to suck up our money" talk.

  9. @H-bomb, you are doing an awesome job . This is the internet where people are dicks. Ignore them and keep up the good work!

    Also, Making games is hard-- do get sleep. We need you rested to finish this game. :)