Monday, February 17, 2014

Status Update

Sorry it's been taking so long, guys. I haven't been able to work on the game as much as I'd hoped recently, but I'm still chugging along. I ended up splitting myself between a few projects rather than going all-in on this one like I had wanted to, so I apologize that progress hasn't been as quick as I wanted to make it before.

My plan is to have the test version of the website up on Friday, but that's only if everything goes smoothly and I don't screw anything up (things never go smoothly :P). As for the next game update, I'm planning on having a small-ish update next Friday the 28th, but again there's no guarantee.

Once the website is all finished I plan on ramping up the amount of work I can put into the game significantly, but I still kind of prefer fewer, more spaced-out updates. Expect updates to be coming out once a month, but hopefully they'll be much, much bigger than before.

Also, I want to add that if you offered to help me out, I haven't forgotten you! Really sorry for taking so long to get back to everyone, but I do hope to have everything organized such that I can actually support a lot of people helping me out very soon, so wait just a bit longer and I'll be getting e-mails out to everyone who is still interested.

I chanced upon some security issues with how the website is currently set up due to my lack of familiarity with AJAX and I want to rewrite some of it before I put it up for testing. Right now I'm going to shoot for Sunday, but as always that's subject to change.


  1. As long as you keep giving us updates on what you are working on (so we know you aren't dead), I'm pretty sure most of us will be happy. Keep up the good work!

  2. Let the good times roll H-bomb! Good to see you back on track man.

  3. I'm curious - what does 'HartistaPipebomb' mean?
    I get the pipebomb part. But Hartista?
    I wonder about stupid shit too much...

    1. Hartista might be H-artist with an "a" added for good measure.

  4. if u have many tasks to do , and u can't clear it . Just achieve little goal everytime .
    happy to seen u around ^^

  5. Anyone know of other decent games in this type of style? Not really a CoC fan.

  6. try hentai sim brothel for games like this one

  7. Hentai Sim Brothel 2. it's stll being worked on but is playable. not flash though

  8. i much rather have small updates every week than big ones once a month...but as long as make new updates i am fine.

  9. agree for update , do just little things for our hunger

  10. Really Nice that you're giving more info when you're having hard time! More Feedback mean more chance of donations from me. Keep up with with good word Hartista!

  11. Lol I realy laughed at how you managed to miss your own deadline again! BUUUUUUUT you informed us, what are you doing and why the update is delayed, so everything is fine for me !

  12. I offered help before for programming, but since you have said you have it covered I could also lend a hand to animation, and if you end up straying away from the LoK engine I am willing to offer my help reprogramming.
    This is major overhaul, but it's really going in a wonderful direction.