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So, this ended up being an extremely long post, with a ton of information. Hopefully it will answer a lot of questions that people have had. Go ahead and post any other questions you might have as comments and I'll see if I can go ahead and add them to the FAQ.

What are your plans going forward?

Currently I’m working on the website, which I intend to release a test version of before January. The test will go like this: anyone will be able to make a free test account. Your test account will get 100 points that you can spend on the system. I will actually take a week and fulill the results of the test voting for that week for free: basically a trial run both for the website and my ability to complete the work that gets voted onto my to-do list. If it goes well, I’ll launch the website for real, and only people who buy a membership will be able to access the voting system.

My to-do list on the website will take the top 20 hours worth of work each week, but I intend to work on the game even more than that: this will be my full time job until next August, when I’ll probably be going to grad school. After August, I’ll re-evaluate how much time I can put into the game. I may have to adjust the voting to-do list down to 10 hours worth of work each week. So, people who purchase the membership should be aware that the amount of work I take from the to-do list is subject to change when August comes. You should take that into account before you contribute any money.

Regardless of how the voting content pans out, the next things I’m going to be working on are:
1.     Exploration and Events – You will be able to go places and things will happen there.
2.     Dialog and Quests – You will be able to talk to people and they will ask you to do things.
3.     Refactoring – Once I’ve completed the two above additions, I’ll have a much better idea of how all the basic game fundamentals fit together. I’ll basically go through all of my code and rewrite everything that I need to from the ground-up. This will be a long process, but when it’s finished I’ll officially have a stable beta version, and I’ll be able to, from that point on, just directly add content. This is probably the step where the biggest game changes will occur.

Basically, up until now I’ve been hacking things together as I couldn’t predict how they would ultimately need to interact when the game was finished. I needed to get a better idea of what all of the different traits, monsters, and game aspects would have to eventually do and how they’d have to work before I could put them together. When I refactor everything, I will be able to make the game work much more intelligently from the ground-up.

Unfortunately, I don’t plan to add a lot of new gameplay content until the refactoring is finished. Don’t expect many animations (aside from those that win the voting each week), or too much storyline content aside from the content I add to test the exploration, event, dialog, and quest systems.

How do you plan to change the way stats work?

I don’t like the way that stats work in the game as it is, and intend to change them. I’m removing growth mods from the game entirely. Also, I’m changing the way that stats grow considerably.

Stats will max-out at 100. Instead of growing or shrinking every time you breed two monsters, stats will have “XP” and “level up”. Breeding modifiers will be a clearly shown number, and will tell you how much “XP” breeding with a particular monster will contribute to particular stats. There will no longer be negative modifiers (and no less than stat client requirements).

Breeding mods will no longer be randomized on new monsters (all store-bought catgirls will have +DEX only, etc), so if you want to raise a particular stat you will need to have bought a monster that raises it to begin with, but you will be able to transfer breeding modifiers between monster species through their offspring. There will also be more monster-specific traits.

Breeding and harvesting will be two different limits, STA will affect breeding and WIL will affect harvesting.

Consumables will be used for their effects, which will now vary based on the stats of the monster they were harvested from (a holstaurus with higher stats will produce milk that increases fertility higher). Obviously some of the consumable effects will have to change.

Your monsters will have “Happiness” that increases when they’re fed consumables that they like and bred with monsters that they like, but decreases when you don’t feed or breed them for a while. Happiness will govern their chance of disobeying you, or running away.

When will you put in the animation for [insert pairing here]?

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is: I do not currently intend to make animations for every monster pairing in the game. This is something that I feared would eventually happen when I started making the game. Its basic math: every time I add a new monster or visual trait, I have to make more animations for it than the last one due to the combinatorial nature of breeding monsters together. If I were to make animations for every possible pairing between different monsters, futa versions, neoteny versions, and futa neoteny versions currently in the game, it would be well-over 200 different animations. That would be over 400 hours of work for me just on animations, and this number would go up with every new monster I add.

Basically I have two options: 1. I could keep making unique animations, but only make animations for a limited number of pairs, or 2. I could make standard animations that will fit together regardless of the pair. Personally, I think option 2 would make for boring/ugly looking animations, and I would much rather have fewer but more unique and interesting animations.

The good news is: I will pay attention to comments and posts and try to make sure I add animations for pairings that people are asking for the most. Also, if you really want a particular animation in the game, you will be able to put money towards it to request it in the voting system. This is true for harvest and cum-shot animations as well.

Also, I’m not against the idea of ever making standard animations that fit together regardless of pairing. Eventually I may have this in addition to unique animations, so that some monsters will have unique animations and some will have standard ones. However, this would take me a lot of additional work and I have no plans for it currently.

Will you put in content for [insert fetish here]?

Possibly! I try to put a diversity of content into the game, even if it’s not a thing that I’m personally into. Anything that is something that some players might not want to see, I’ll try to make as an option that can be removed.

There is, however, a list of things I won’t do.

The game will not contain: snuff, gore, ryona, vore, scat, watersports, any blood, or basically anything that I personally feel is too violent or too misogynistic for me to be comfortable with.

(Note: If you don’t know what any of those words mean, I would suggest you don’t look them up)

How should I report bugs?

Bug reports are very important to me, and one of the ways that people can help the most in contributing to the game is by submitting them to me.

If you want to report a bug, you should make a blog comment under the patch notes posted for the version of the game in which the bug occurred. The more details and specifics you can give me about the bug, the better.

Information that helps me the most:
- Version number
- Can you reproduce it (can you get the bug to happen again?)
- If you saved or loaded the game at any time prior to the bug occurring (and if the save is from a previous version, which version you started the new game in)
- All ranch upgrades that you owned when the bug occurred
- On menu/hotkey errors: the specific order in which you opened/closed menus and what you clicked/what keys you typed to do it
- On monster errors: the monster's type, all of its traits, the monster types and traits of both of its parents, whether or not it was a child of the player, and what consumables it and its parents had been fed with
- On animation errors: the monster types of the involved monsters, which monster was first (orange) and which was second (blue) in the breeding menu, if any of the involved monsters had default colors show up (blue hair on any monster, orange fur on catgirls, brown fur on stallions, brown wings on harpies, red fur on demons)

You don't have to give me all of this information to post a report, obviously, but it helps me more if you do.

Unfortunately, I don't always keep very good track of the known bugs, so I don't mind when they're reposted. Just make sure that the bug exists in the version that you're posting under, and not in previous versions. I may not always respond to bug reports, but I try to read as many as I can.

Do you take suggestions?

Yes, I do. A lot of the best features in the game were suggested to me by fans and people from the forums. I read many of the comments that are posted on the blog, and in the near future intend to have an entire forum for contributors to offer and discuss suggestions.

Unfortunately, a lot of the time I don't remember who offered a suggestion, and so I can't credit them. Often I will read a suggestion that I like but not get a chance to respond to the person about it. However, I do take notice of people who are particularly helpful.

What kind of suggestions do you take?

The suggestions that help me the most are ones that will either take a pretty small amount of work to put into the game but make it a lot more fun, or will actually save me work and make my life easier. While I still like to see suggestions about what kind of monsters or animations people want to see in the game, I already have a ton of that work heaped up already, and even if I like your suggestion it will be a long, long time before I could get it into the game.

As a rule of thumb: if it doesn't require me to make new art, or do a lot of programming, then it's a useful suggestion. Things like small UI changes and small gameplay changes are the kind I can use the most.

Do you need any help with art or animation?

Yes! One of the biggest bottlenecks that I have in getting content out faster is art, as I'm honestly not as good of an artist as I'd like.

1. Landscape and environment - Landscape art is one of the biggest bottlenecks to the exploration system and further expansion of the game, as I'm not very good at it and it takes me a long time. Anyone who can make good environmental art would be a massive help to me, and if you're not used to working in vector formats don't fear: I can handle converting art from other formats or styles. 

2. Animation - Anyone who has a good handle on flash animation can very easily help me out by making more sex animations for the various pairings. I can supply you with all my sprites and all you'll have to worry about is tweening, etc. 

3. Character portraits - I'm looking for people who are willing to make dialog portraits for various NPCs and the like. I'll be giving you some basic descriptions and you can pretty much go wild with drawing them how you like, though ideally with some resemblance to my style just so that the art is cohesive.

4. Writing - People who would like to contribute dialog writing for NPCs and side quests would be very welcome. It's likely that I will do a lot of editing of what you submit to fit my ideas for the game, though, but it will still make my life a lot easier. Unfortunately, right now a lot of the specifics involving events and side quests aren't nailed down yet, but I'd still like to get in contact with people who are interested in doing writing work once I do.

As far as compensation goes, I can offer anyone who contributes art more control in the direction of the game, memberships, and voting points, and for individuals who are willing to contribute a very significant amount I can offer you a cut of the money from the membership website each month.

If you're interested in contributing art to the game, please e-mail me at with some samples of your work. Please state clearly in the subject line that it's about "Breeding Season Art Help". Unfortunately, I get a lot of spam and it might get filtered out or I might miss it, if I don't get back to you right away don't hesitate to bug me on the Legend of Krystal forums or in the comments section of this blog. 

Not everyone who wants to contribute will be able to as I'm going to be kind of choosey about making sure the visual design of the game is consistent. I still really appreciate the offers, though, even if I don't feel your style fits the game.

A lot of people have offered to help with programming or game design. I appreciate the offers but unfortunately the game isn't in a state yet where it would be easy for multiple people to work on the code, as much of it still needs to be re-factored and is poorly commented. Feel free to continue offering suggestions concerning programming and game design in the blog comments and on the Legend of Krystal forums, though, as these continue to be a huge help to me.

How should I start making my own games?

Where you should start with making a game depends a lot on what kind of experience you have already. It has taken me years of learning to get to where I am, and I'm still a total novice, so if you want to go anywhere with game development you have to be ready to put tons of effort into it. The first thing you should do is learn how to program in object-oriented style. The programming language you learn to use isn't as important as learning the basic ideas behind it. I don't have any specific tutorials, but there are plenty of great programming tutorials on the internet if you spend some time on google. A tutorial focused on teaching you object-oriented programming is more important than a tutorial focusing on game programming specifically, but if you can get a tutorial that will teach you both that's the best.

Secondly, you should learn how to use an API Reference. will teach you almost everything you could ever possibly want to know about programming in Flash, but you have to know how to understand that information. You should also learn to use resources like, because if there's anything you want to do, it's likely someone has tried to do something like it before you and has had similar questions.

Mostly, though, you should just realize it will take you years of constant improvement to get to the point where you can make a big game. Start with very small projects, like super small, and work your way up. Make your own version of pong, then move onto the next step, etc. Don't get discouraged if you can't make the game you want to right from the start. If you keep at it, you'll be able to make that game eventually, and probably get a ton of even better ideas along the way.


  1. Glad to see such awesome motivation. And I, for one, welcome our Dickwolf overlords.

  2. hello, i found your game back in march on $chin and i WAS HOOKED!

    i am glad to see your effort(neoteny rules too)!; and if you need help with writing, design,dialog, forum creation or a modest donation bi_weekly, i am your man!

    i love this game and want to show i much i love it!

    my email is

  3. I'm glad to hear the stat system will get overhauled in the future, the changes you've planned sound like they will make it much more manageable to satisfy the more difficult customers. I'm a little curious how the Cruel-trait will work in that system (if at all,) but I guess time will tell.
    Best of luck to you, and I hope life won't kick you while you're down again.

  4. could you consider making a free play mod. i love the challenge, but i like to Lesly play.

  5. Happiness seems like way too micro-managey a stat. I definitely wouldn't implement it until there was a way to breed multiple pairs of monsters at the same time.

  6. I see that every possible pairing would take a long time but could you just finish all the basic ones? And then add others in whenever you can.
    I think people would like animations more than the other stuff. Obviously at the end of the day it's up to you but I would get a few more pairings done so we have a lot to enjoy while you implement this other stuff, because adding so much will probably create some annoying bugs and obviously break saves.
    So basically leave us with half the game that works while we wait for the new stuff.

    Also you could ask for some help with animations and whatever else there seem to be a lot of people that could do it, just to lighten the load a bit.

    1. I agree with this. I personally believe to at least finish current animations before adding anything new. If required, possibly start looking for a team of people.

    2. I do intend to keep on adding animations over time, and I am currently talking to some people who I can bring on to do some other animations.

  7. "Happiness will govern their chance of disobeying you, or running away"

    Running away? While realistic, I think that would end up being more annoying than anything. Obviously, that depends on the exact implementation.


    Why specify misogynistic? In what way is porn that involves (imaginary) women getting (fictionally) hurt misogynistic? Is ballbusting porn misandric?

    1. I don't intend to have an extended discussion on misogyny or what constitutes it in my comments section, sorry, as I can only imagine the discussion will fail to be constructive for any party.

      When I specify misogynistic content I'm referring very specifically to content that is actually directly misogynistic in nature. As in, it is overtly stating a misogynistic position. Unfortunately there is a large amount of pornography out there that pairs itself with a misogynistic worldview, and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

      For the record, I don't support misandric content either.

  8. while i really like the main idea of this game, i was mainly hooked by the combination of animations with the breeding process and while i understand the reasons for not wanting to make more animations because they take way too long to make, i have to say that sadly that was the main seller for me, well that and the neoteny + futas

  9. ugh! can u just focus on completing the monsters and animations first?? instead of keeping on adding a lot of things, id have u know we 'audiences/patrons' actually care more for more actual content with every release. and by content, i mean more monsters, period. by actual, i mean having allll the animations and traits that can be..

    1. I have to make the fundamental game strong before I can begin adding things on top of it, so I apologize but you'll have to wait. If I keep piling on content on top of a game that isn't fundamentally finished yet things will just break more in the future and content will be harder for me to produce.

      Basically, I have to do this now in order for you to get more porn animations later.

  10. I really wanna help animate and draw this but then I couldn't fap to it!

  11. just an idea but why don't you set up standard animations (option 2) first as a place holder then add in specific animations once their built? best of both worlds and as i understand it you would have to make the "models" (don't know the proper word) anyway, the only reason i suggest this is that right now maybe half the animations are in (if that) and in the future that will just get worse as more combos are possible. I like my porn games to have porn lol. great work by the way and I'm glad you're back.

  12. Maybe you could put together a .fla file that lists art needs and contains all of the game's sprites and instructions on how to use or modify them. It would make it easier for contributing artists to get into the project and easier for you to import any content that they make, since you'll only need to move things from one flash file to another.

    1. This is my intention, actually, I just need to get around to it.

    2. If you plan to freely distribute this on the blog whenever it's done, then if I see it I would love to try my hand and helping out, maybe see if I can emulate your work. What kind of priority is this?

    3. Fairly high priority, as I have a number of people who have offered to help with animation recently.

    4. Sounds good. I look forward to seeing if I can make some decent animations to take the load off a bit, then.

  13. You seem to have a major system overhaul planned (Beta version?) ... is there any point in testing the current versions as it reads like the mechanics are going to change significantly?

    1. Balance/gameplay wise, no, it won't be that useful to test right now until the changes.

      However, it still helps me if people are reporting bugs, graphical mistakes, etc.

  14. I'm currently unemployed and won't be getting a job any time soon. I really like this game and where it is heading and would love to dedicate the ocean of free time that I have to helping out. I haven't worked with flash in a very long time, but I'm sure that once I get going I'll get the hang of it again in no time.
    I suppose I'll have to get in contact and ask for details.

  15. I've sent you an email but just to reiterate here, if you'd like help with the writing aspects of the game, such as dialogue, events, descriptions and all else that would entail the position, I'd be more than happy to contribute.

  16. Only request, please, would be futa harpy/player, futa harpy/female harpy, and futa harpy/female elf slave. harpies get so little love in comparison to many other things out there, and it would be wonderful to finally see them get the attention they deserve.

  17. Hartista - What's your long-term vision for this project? Do you have a finalized goal or are you just sort of thumping your way along and seeing what happens? Is this an opportunity to labor towards mastering a craft for a larger future project, or more of a hobby?
    I ask because you seem to want to appear transparent, and this subject is where my interest lies.
    As for your project, it might behoove you to have two boards; one for general discussion of ideas and gameplay and another dedicated to bug-squishing. I realize you are working towards a new site and such a board scheme might already be planned, but I thought I'd say it.
    I won't judge the game in it's current state - it sorely needs the changes you've mentioned (i.e. places to go, instances to cause, some variety in general, etc).

    When you give a population of wild monkeys free fruit, most will take that to mean you are their inferior and are offering them a bribe to leave them be. However, if you have more fruit they typically feel encouraged to threaten or bully you into handing it over until their is no more fruit. In the world of free downloadable video games, the amount of fruit is unlimited. Enjoy your well-intentioned efforts. I hope the monkeys are nice to you.

  18. I'd be willing to donate, but will we receive updates on time?
    Not like before when it went months with no news.

  19. This is some great news, I hope you will be able to get a decent animation team together because I personally feel people see that as a very important aspect of the game(As do I) And would like to see most if not all of them done. Also polishing them a bit because honestly a lot of them look very "jerky" for lack of a better word compared to some that are very well done(Dickwolf and Catgirl for example). The Stat system change actually sounds great - I'm interested to see what you come up with. Have a great Christmas Harista.

  20. Are you going to have an open discussion on what was good/bad of the Alpha version? It'd be a shame if you started making the same kind of error/difficulties all over again after all.

    1. Haha, I've kind of considered this an open discussion about what was good/bad all along :P. That said, I'm still open to more, and I might make a specific post or something just to invite people to list their pros/cons all in one place.

    2. Seemed like this post was turning more into a 'art recruiting post' than an analysis, hence my question.

      Anyway, let's point out the good points first:

      The basic breed system (not the stats, but the offspring generation) is pretty inspired and the incest mechanic you added later was a great idea. That seemed to be the biggest challenge to the game (building all breed modifiers to pluses). I personally think the negative modifiers work fine and helps pace the game a little trying to remove them. As far as that part of the system, only minor tweaks are needed (base offspring chance could stand to be a little higher since the game start you with monsters that can only breed once or twice a day at best, maybe instead have the monster unable to birth more than one child in a day).

      And the Bad:

      I think at the core, the thing that was happening that cause most of the critical breaking bugs was that you were not properly 'refreshing' windows that you left opened when you went to other windows (i.e. the clone bugs, some cosmetic issues due to a monster "learning" 'albino' or 'are you sure you're not adopted?' , etc.) and then returned to the previous window with outdated info. A lot of those bugs could have been avoided by just allowing on one of those window to exist at a time (i.e. cannot open the 'global' buttons with a window open). Either that or a function that is trigger upon close any window that updates all the data for every window.

      The other weakness you had was that at times you'd 'overcompensate' for a particular issue with three or more solutions at the same time; particularly the growth function. Keep stuff like that simple, adding complexity a step at a time. Something that helps me is to think of it this way: If you cannot replicate what you are planning on paper with nothing more than a pocket calculator; it's probably too complicated to work well or you don't really understand it well enough to code properly.

      Other thoughts:

      Sort by monster type would have been better served for consumables (since there was nothing limiting those the list could be quite large)

      Unless you NEED a number to be decimal, it should be an integer. I'm almost certain that's the problem with the caps that will show it hit the max at one moment and then not the next. Integers are just easier to work with.

      Traits the gave consumables powers of other consumables was a bad idea; with those in play, monster types stopped having meaning as the consumables ability was the only unique thing that set monsters apart.

      That's about all the major points I think, other stuff either won't matter due to the system change or have been mentioned already, except you mentioned the two animations methods... I think you ought to consider option 2, even if all the animations are the same position or looks stiff, or whatever; It'd ought to be a lot faster to setup (stock footage, it doesn't need to be high quality either) and can serve as placeholders in the meantime until you (or one of your volunteers) can get the intended animation done.

    3. I agree with most of what you said, particularly the idea of increasing base fertility but having a monster only able to reproduce once a day. I've always enjoyed trying to breed a monster with all positive stats. I personally would like to see the negative stats go and have each monster just increase one stat. Maybe the Elves would have the charisma stat and would require an event to unlock them so it would be more monumental to finally get that monster that has a positive for all six stats.

      I disagree about the traits that give consumables powers of other consumables. Personally I liked having one creature that I could harvest and get a consumable that would allow me to keep feeding a creature and also increase fertility. It helps when you're trying to really ramp up fertility for your best creature so you can spend a day having one ultra fertile stud breeding with the different ladies to help keep the gene pool diverse.

      One thing that concerns/interests me is that the happiness idea seems to lend itself more to fewer monsters, otherwise you'd spend all your time just trying to keep all your monsters happy. For example, with all the different permutations of catgirl, I have one that I keep around without the neotany or futanari traits just so that way I can see a plain old catgirl get fucked from time to time. Sometimes I keep around a monster with lower stats just because I happen to like her face and coloration. As long as happiness doesn't wear away too fast or if it's easily built back up then it wouldn't be too bad, but it would be irritating to lose a day breeding all your prettier creatures with lower stats just so you don't lose them.

    4. The once a day idea was a spur of the moment thing, but there you could have a ranked trait 'Litter' with the ability to have more than one a day.

      I've been trying to avoid coming up with new traits and stuff since we don't know what's staying and going; but this one I think is too good to pass up.

      I didn't like the consumable power traits because it cause the identity of specific monsters to go down. If you have a monster that can do anything, why keep anything else? I just think that there should be a game-specific reason why a say, a wolf is a better to breed with than a stallion for some reason . Something like breed specific abilities than can only manifest in those breeds.

      Like currently (rather beta expectation), a Wolf template has this:

      Base Breed Modifer: STR
      Consumable Ability: +1 Breed

      ... and that's it. It might has some specific traits its prone too; but those can be passed through inheritance.

      I'm suggestion have maybe a unique ability that only wolves are able to do. For example:

      Digger: a special event where the wolf has dug up something (money, special items, etc) due to inactivity (i.e. unused breed, harvest, fed).

      So there would be a special reason to keep wolves over other beasts.

      Which reminds me: I think that having individual barns are not a great idea in the long run as it'll start getting memory intensive before long. Kinda how if you keep a lot of consumables, the game will so down.

      Maybe instead of that, have one barn that holds just a few monsters (say 4 to start). As you become more financially stable (... no pun intended >.<), up can expand the barn by one room at a time (increasing cost for each room). Then, you could furnish the individual room to tailor them to keeping a particular monster happy (toys, beds, etc). Those furnishing may also help boost the monster abilities some as well. Or you can use rooms to build other things (like the alchemy lab). It's a little more flexible that than what you're doing now in alpha I think and should help keep the save file a little more manageable.

    5. I think that ranked traits are going and traits are going to be tied in with stats, like Fertile would be tied to Wil or something to determine the increase in pregnancy rate. I could see Litter getting tied in with Sta so the higher the creature's stamina, the more offspring she can produce.

      If you're worried about monster identity going down, then I would suggest futa also get changed so that it doesn't cause pregnancy. It makes some sense. All the futa monsters don't have testicles, so they couldn't impregnate other monsters, plus that keeps the requirement for male monster types. I started off with a good futa catgirl early and was able to get up to harpies and holstauri without even owning a dickwolf.

      I could see keeping Geyser, Too Stronk, and some of those other traits specific to their monsters.

      I like your idea of special events being specific to individual monsters, but isn't that enough to make you want to breed a particular monster? I would say make the special events not even reference a special ability, but be like the clients. In order to participate in said event, you must have a wolf with enough str to dig up the item or a holstaurus with enough sta to fill the most buckets at the milking fair or a horse with enough dex to keep up with Marchioness Claire's insatiable desires.

      I can see the merit in your barn being furnished to tailor a particular monster, but I don't like the idea of the barn being the only source of rooms and forcing the player to choose between housing a monster and having a lab. I prefer the idea of the ranch being more natural and using breeding and monster secretions to improve stats, then using the guild's lab as a last resort.

    6. Hmm... as a player of rts games, that idea about 'barn expansion / upgrade' seems feesible, however i agree with Sapphic that it could also be detrimential in some ways.
      the pros - it does have depth of game play and plays well with the happyness idea with the upgrades. it also alows the player a little more control over the envirnment in areas other than the monster breeding.
      the main con- unless we start out with more than 2 rooms in a single starting barn idea, a low birth rate combine with the evil devil worshiping woman coming around will make it abit anoying trying to keep up. combined to wihth the curent system for breeding/ harvesting haveing the same counter, haveing a small monster starting base with preset useable starters makes it.... unkind in chooseing your starting monsters as the starting monsters are fairly cheap in all ways with low stats and because of that a low harvestable value. at current, the game is playable, i only succeeded the first few months in paying that monthly premium (lol) because i got lucky and my monsters breeded on the first 3 days, so i had 4monsters.

      a suitible improvement? - perhaps the upgradeable barn idea can be kept with a different type of multiple barn idea... like maby the males in 1 barn and females in the other. however this also becomes a kind of con as some of the barns themselves just look cool. where as haveing multiple different monsters all shacking under the same roof will tend to get a little bland.
      generally though, no mater how you devide them, if people try to colect more than 1 of each monster, expanding barn sand such is still gonna add size to the overall game. which is exponentially increased in number of monster types and in consume able types. i believe the analogy is putting different pretty curtains over cracked your only really changing how it looks. sure not having as many larger 'items' may help a little in the beginning, but i believe that i will also agree with ironvein slightly, with the fact that recoding the game and taking out the unnecessary code and cleaning up the good code will do alot more on figuring out weather changing the barn type will be necessary in the long run.
      besides,you still have beta testing to add core game-play material. atm you have an awesome and (really important) working game that people like. personally i havent seen many of the bugs that others have seen so perhaps im lucky?
      at any rate im still really enjoying the game. and i do sugest 3 pages, 1 for bugs, 1 for pros/cons, and 1 for like expansion ideas which actually could just be a bulletin board of stuff you plan to do that people can help with. as the only specific thing on it atm is animations :)

    7. which i also have afew quest/ unlockable ideas as far as content, dialoge and backrounds are concerned that should/ could fit well with the game and not be too complicated. just waiting to see how some of the other ideas you have pan out since your considering altering the living areas..

  21. Im an animation student so work like this is up my alley. Im definetly interested in doing some work for this. Ill post my portfolio at a later time!

  22. I have a lot of thoughts and suggestions for this game... too many. I've tried to cut this post down to 'hi-concept' and not get too weighed down with specifics.

    I don't think the focus should really be on making the game 'hard' - at least not in terms of merely surviving. Challenge should be used to bring variety and choice to game-play. Keep in mind that stimulation is the primary game reward, if you make things to hard then it becomes impossible to actually enjoy on that level. The player needs to have a enough slack that they can have a cat girl get railed repeatedly just for their own enjoyment without worrying that a few 'wasted' game days will doom them.

    On Animations:
    The game does need more animations - currently if you stray from cat girls and dick wolves you very quickly end up a situation where you see almost no actual sex. However, it makes sense for the most obviously desirable aspect of the game's development to be part that you get people to pay for. So yeah, as much as I would love for you to focus on churning out animations for every pairing, I can't objectively say that you should actually do that.

    On Happiness:
    Happiness could easily be a micromanagement nightmare. It definitely should not be any sort of mechanic that amounts to "push this button every X turns or lose". I have more detailed thoughts on the matter, but I'm trying not to make this post a giant wall of text.

    Without going into too much detail: Passive factors should set a baseline. Some actions would have a happiness cost. Direct player interaction to prevent catastrophe should only be required to counter the player's own actions and occasional random events. "Feral Dickwolves broke into your catgirl kennel! The wolves chased them around for a while but fortunately none of your cats were seriously injured." Obviously there is a balance that has to be found in terms of the frequency and seriousness of those sorts of events.

    1. Smart post. Well said.
      Merry X-mas.

  23. you're going to make so much money...

  24. hey boss, truly luvin this game. defuinatly time consumeng and with alot of content. i havent noticed any cons yet other than animations that havent been added yet. but on that note, i noticed that you mentioned on LOK that it was likely you wouldnt be makeing Custom animations for each monster combo because of the housrs of animation involved. well as i thought of that i thought of an idea... now i cant animate myself, but ive seen alot of stuff, and it seems to me it would be possible to make a small program that loads premade 'ragdolls' and alows you to position them for custom animations. as it is all the scens monsters would be same preportions - i.e. the but stallion would be the same size in each animation, just a different position. so if said progam exsisted, all you would theroreticly need to do is load the characters youd like to do the animations for and position them, and then adjust the ragdoll positioning to create small loop animations,and then save them as a loadable file.mind you, i dont know much about createing shock wave files, but i do know that the final game is a big compiled file. so it seems like that something like this if possible would save you some hours of raw creation and mostly leave you to minor tweeking like the slight penetration resistance simulations. it also occured to me that with such an awesome game, alot of people would possibly like to make some of those missing animations themselves... would ther be the possibility for these people to submit these animations for your game to save you a little animation time? and lastly on the animations it, it seems to me that the female/ female animations dont really need alot of variation, and are possibly the easiest to make as there arnt alot of drastic state changes, the mostly retain the same overal positions. so it seems some of those could be recycled,, if not a little more detailed.

    1. sometimes... just sometimes,i feel like i should not read a blog after midnight lol, dis regard second half of this statement, and i apologize for the text walls, i tend to get carried away when typing

  25. ok my second post, i decided to divide these for content, makes it easier to follow the replies lol. this 1 i title 'sustainment' - things you could keep the same since they work well. i saw that you planed to change the current breeding/ stat system. basically i kinda like the current system of needing to breed the monsters in order to increase their stats, and the idea that stats increased depend on the opposite monsters 'perks'. i also like the trait system aswell. not that i wouldnt play a new system, just pointing out that this system is a decent 1. i also like that the offspring is stronger than the parents, meaning you get to plan carefully and work twords stronger and more well rounded offspring. i like all of the monster models so far aswell, you already have a fair variety and they suit alot of fetshes. i personaly dont like the blood, gore and other discusting stuff myself and tbh i dont feel any of it would fit in this game anyways. all in all you have alot of great work and ive spent like 20ish hours on this game and i have only had it afew days lol, perhaps this is a bad thing???? :P

  26. ok, my 3rd post. this 1 i call 'additions' - things id personly liek to see in the game. so yeah, ill try to keep these ides in line with what apears to be the overal idea of the game.
    first off,is thier any posiblity of female demons, posibly a succubus? i would think this is an obvious fetish, and could be similar to the elf builds except with some sort of sealing tatoo,and and horns. their back story if possible is that they were bored of the demon world and decided to be up here for a while, and the seals are necessary for them to remain in this plain of exsistance.
    2. would it be possible that, to aquire certain building expansions, that you have to do certin things, such as breed 2 elvin female slaves of certain stats for a demon lord to unlock the demon lair.
    3. to ad some other depth to the game, would it be possible to add a 'rateing' system to the breeder? this would be based on the monsters that are raised and sold. this would possibly alow yo to aquire certain monsters, or higher teir monsters, certain traits and such. you have a similar system with the client system, which works, but could have more depth.
    3.5 Clients - insted of haveing the clients list just a menu option right at the ranch, could it be possible or was it planed to have this function in a building in town? a little more depth on this could be that normal 'clients' would post requests in that building while 'special' clients such as lords/ ladies could come and offer to buy an exsisting monster or request certain monsters/ and possibly place a time limit. for these random personal encounters, their could also be a cutscene with the client trying out thier purchace before they buy it. possibly this could relate to the demon lord idea.
    4. the beginning conversations gave me an idea. is it possible that their is more interaction with the guild, the elfs, and that 1 mean woman trying to thuroughly shaft you? i had considered the idea that their could possibly be a special encounter with miss shaft when you pay off your debt. that she comes by to try out your monster stock as she is curious about them since you were doing so well to payoff that rediculas debt. and perhaps the guild rep could give you a 'special reward' for doing that,or for completing certain guild requests.

  27. (Sorry for bad englando in advance)

    " When will you put in the animation for [insert pairing here]?"
    This question bothers me. The sole idea of thinking there could be a limit number of animations involving holastauri makes me sad in so many ways.

    I have an idea that could actually help. I wanted to elaborate, but the more I think on it, the larger the post will be, so, is there a skype or something were I could give you my idea/help you with the site?

    I must say I won't pay or donate for any hentai game, but this one catch me so badly that I would def donate.

  28. Hey Hartista.
    First of all, Merry Christmas! Hope you're having a great holiday.
    I wanted to let you know I'm a big fan of this game. I've been following for a while, and I'm excited any time I see an update here.
    Anyway, the things I am usually looking forward to the most are the animations. The gameplay is certainly fun, and can be addictive, but at the end of the day the real reason I would spend time playing this game and investing myself in it is the desire to watch random mythical creatures get it on.
    I understand that asking you to make an animation for every paring is pushing things a bit far, and I certainly prefer the unique animations to a bunch of cookie-cutter loops that all look the same, but I worry when I see that exploration and dialogue are so high on the list of concerns. Now obviously the site isn't out yet, and when the voting is re-implemented the fans will get to have a real say in what they want, but personally I believe the animations and the crazy pairings are the hooks for this game. (I still watch the 'Harvest' animation for Dickwolves almost every time.)

    Anyway, I'm sure you get tons of comments like this, but I just wanted to comment something. The game is looking great so far, and I'm excited for the future.
    Keep it easy, man.

    1. i would have to agree here, the animations are kind of the whole point to an adult game like this. why i cant really get into the text based games like fenoxos CoC. while its a pretty good game, it just feels like its missing something without neat animations, though he did finally add some pics.

      anyway, i think if the animations got put on the backburner for lengthening the already long, difficult, and sometimes annoying gameplay; i and many others would probably just move on to something else.

  29. about environment art, I could probably lend a hand about it from time to time,
    like if there was a list of needed BGs I would sometimes (read as "when i'm bored enough" :P) make one and send it to you or post in on the forum

  30. this is an awesome game ive been on it for hours. maybe you could get a few animators on your side to help you out?

  31. Im going to just throw it out there but futa elf cum shots or any futa cum shots

  32. Hartista - You need to be more interactive with your community here. After all, we play the game, we make the donations, we are the feedback.
    If you can't afford the time then get someone you trust who you communicate with to assist you.
    My two cents. Take 'em or leave 'em.

    1. Hbomb's been doing weekly updates since he came back from hiatus and is active on the LoK forums. With the site he's going to be launching soon I think communication will be well in hand...

    2. You have a lot of faith.
      His communication track record is not so hot.
      But you're right, there are changes a-comin'.
      And so we shall see what happens.

  33. Hi Hartista. I posted this on the forum, but I will post it here too. I wrote this as an early approach. It's regarding the question about the animation help (the more the number of characters grow, the more time consuming it will be).

    It would be good if you can read it, maybe you could found something that could help you on your website develop or on your animation troubles.

  34. Hey Harista, I just want to apologize on behalf of all the whiners that either don't shut up or went on and on about your disappearance like you don't have some sort of a life beyond the internet, sincerely, sorry :P

    And thanks for continuing, it's easy to give up with all the negativity thrown at you but you didn't.

  35. ahoi put in animations first and than do the rest of the game cause its made for porn, the gameplay itself is more secondary

    would you finish the animations with all current monsters especially cumshots I would pay you whatever^^

  36. If we submit animations to you, do they need to be in .fla form, or is it okay if they're in the form of gifs?

  37. Well I'll throw in my two-cents about which animations to avoid...

    I DON'T want to see.
    - Demon x any other male characters
    - Cow Girls (Forgot the actual name. Forgive me.) x Harpies

    1. On the other hand here are the animations I wish to see.

      I WOULD want to see.
      - Dickwolves x Everything (Except demons...)
      - Catgirls / Kittengirls x everything
      - Cow Girls x Demon
      - Male Elves x Player
      - Butt Stallion x Everything (Except demons...Again)

      I don't hate demons. I just personally think seeing them have sex with another male unappealing.

    2. Also can't wait for you to possibly add minotaurs to the game.

  38. Hey I'm a freelance artist. If you are ever interested in hiring someone to make your artwork I would be up for the challenge. I can handle any artwork outside of animations. I feel i could bring this game visually to the next step if you are interested. I have practice in GUI, Illustrations, Background, and i have used flash for artwork before.

    reply to this and i will email my contact information, and we could discuss this further.

    1. Go ahead and e-mail me with some of your work.

    2. Is hartistaPipebomb a gmail account i can reach you at?

    3. I sent the email. tell me if you get it.

  39. I understand that it is a lot of work to add all of the animations but honestly those are what people want to see so I think you should at least add in all the basic male monster x female monster/player animations soon.

    1. I think nearly the same, just add all animation for all the content now (i know its much) and after that overwork everything you wanted

  40. when will be human pet? i will love to adopted girl/boy or men/women. so it will be nice be f**k by other monsters or elves.

  41. For an alpha game, this is pretty impressive.
    I'd like to see more species, though. Many of the current ones just don't appeal to me. Someone already mentioned minotaurs, and I think that would be a good addition. But what I'd like to see most is more exotic species. Add dragons or gryphons, and I'll definitely pay for this. Nagas or centaurs might be interesting too.

    Oh, and give us an option to play as a male. Even if that won't have any animations.

  42. Lots of good ideas going forward, but I'd just like to provide one more voice saying something that should be patently obvious: animations are the entire point of the game. There's nothing remotely erotic about breeding two creatures together and getting the message "And then they fucked." If we wanted deep, strategic gameplay, we'd go play Total War or Civilization. That's not what we're here for. I think you should be careful not to lose sight of the basic motivation people have for playing your game - which is to have something to fap to. New features and creatures are all well and good but they're pointless if you don't have animations for them. It's my opinion that animations should be your primary focus, since that's why people play the game in the first place. How many people do you think get excited when they see an update because they want to see what changes you made in how the stats work? Maybe a few, but I'd wager that most by far get excited for new updates because they want to see what new animations you put in. After all, you can only watch a Dickwolf nail a Catgirl so many times before it doesn't do anything for you anymore

  43. I could help you with the landscape art. I'm a game design student and i know a lot about flash and photoshop and illustrator.

    If you want to see some of my work check out my facebook page

    so let me know if you need some help.
    (contact me by sending me a message on my FB page)

  44. I am willing to help, if I am able, I was a web major, and got an associates in Web and Multimedia, but I changed majors to physics after I transfered into my 4 year.
    I am not that great with drawing, however I was good with animation and coding, however I haven't coded since Flash cs 5.5, if you're using actionscript 3.0 for cs4, 5, or 5.5 I'd be glad to devote a few couple of hours to week.
    you can contact me at if you're interested, though I will warn you that I may recode just about everything if I don't like your programming style.

    1. On a side note this game is relatively low interaction as long as someone else handled the animations I could rebuild this game within a week, given that the animation sequences are done by someone else and that I can just call them up in a loader file.
      And a suggestion to add depth and cut down on the work load would be to make certain breeds only able to reproduce with other certain breeds
      lets say nekos and dickwolves are one species and male or female determines which is which, they are compatable with mammals, so they could only have offspring with the elves, horses and cows
      and you only animate if they can create offspring, this way it sort of hints to the compatablitiy and you have less to do

  45. Okay, struggles with posting have made me type this 3 times now, and I managed to think to copy it this last time, so this is the fourth attempt... I'll just make this quick: You said earlier that the reason you take so long at times is the animations. You want variation, but that takes forever. Well, you could just START with a standard animation, and then, when you finish a new variation, implement it into the next update. That should be overall helpful. You would take less time between updates because of the standard animations, but with each update you could implement a varied animation for something you've already added. And, seeing as you're in college and all, or, maybe at this point, out of college, this just became depressing. 'Cause I can't start college for another 2 1/2 years at LEAST. Just 'cause I have college credit does not mean I'm in college. Well, please don't reply- If I ever see this again, it won't be for another year at LEAST. ~Hasta la pasta!