Sunday, May 12, 2013

HELP WANTED and general updates

Unfortunately, there's more bad news in that the game update isn't coming tonight either. Sorry to keep stringing you guys along :(. I uncovered some big changes I'm going to have to make before things will play together nicely. I'm going to push the update back all the way to this Sunday just because I don't want to set another deadline I can't keep. Also, I will declare the winner of this week's voting tonight at midnight PST.

I'll be uploading a game update later tonight (EDIT: Eek, I lied, the next update will most likely be tomorrow night) that will have rough versions of the all the cum-shot animations, among other game changes. I think that I've discovered that a schedule for implementing donation features that should be feasible to follow every month is: Top donation winner will be added around the 1st of the month, second-place donation winner will be added around the 15th of the month.

My priorities for the next month (not including the donation features) are going to be:

1. Bug fixes and game balance - As always

2. Redo of the breeding menu - It's kind of awful as-is

3. Storyline - Implementing exploration, branching dialog trees, and faction reputation

4. Butts - 'Nuff said

Another thing I'm going to try to start doing is adding sketches/more information about the various donation features so you guys get a much better idea of what you're voting for.

These are very rough sketches that don't necessarily represent what the final product will look like, but they should give you a better idea of what I'm going for. Here's some examples:

Alarune - In this case, this is actually the unfinished art for the alarune already in the game

Neoteny - Here's an example of what a Kitten Girl would look like
Bunnygirl - This sketch is super rough and likely to change the most: I actually most likely intend to have a "from behind" shot for the bunnygirl pose

And, of course, if you donated already and don't like the way it's turning out, let me know and we can work together to come up with something more to your liking.


Thank you so much for the donations guys! You've all been extremely generous. It's not an exaggeration to say that I've only been able to keep up with the game due to your support, and you're a huge part of what's keeping this project moving instead of dying.

In fact, I'd like to pick up the pace of the updates but I'm having difficulties doing so due to a serious art bottleneck. The intermittent problems I've been having with my tablet haven't been helping much either. As a result, I'm looking for help from any artist who's willing to contribute. I'm looking for people who can do any of the following:

1. Landscape and environment - Many of you may have noticed that the town looks awful :P. Landscape art is one of the biggest bottlenecks to the exploration system and further expansion of the game, as I'm not very good at it and it takes me a long time. Anyone who can make good environmental art would be a massive help to me, and if you're not used to working in vector formats don't fear: I can handle converting art from other formats or styles.

2. Animation - Anyone who has a good handle on flash animation can very easily help me out by making more sex animations for the various pairings. I can supply you with all my sprites and all you'll have to worry about is tweening, etc.

3. Character portraits - I'm looking for people who are willing to make dialog portraits for various NPCs and the like. I'll be giving you some basic descriptions and you can pretty much go wild with drawing them how you like, though ideally with some resemblance to my style just so that the art is cohesive.

As far as compensation goes, I can offer anyone who contributes art more control in the direction of the game (possibly in the form of "donation vouchers" you can use on the voting page), and for individuals who are willing to contribute a very significant amount I can offer you a cut of the donations each month.

If you're interested in contributing art to the game, please e-mail me at with some samples of your work. Please state clearly in the subject line that it's about "Breeding Season Art Help". Unfortunately, I get a lot of spam and it might get filtered out or I might miss it, if I don't get back to you right away don't hesitate to bug me on the Legend of Krystal forums or in the comments section of this blog.

A lot of people have offered to help with programming or game design. I appreciate the offers but unfortunately I don't currently have much work I need done of that nature. Feel free to continue offering suggestions concerning programming and game design in the blog comments and on the Legend of Krystal forums, though, as these continue to be a huge help to me.

Also, donors or potential donors should never hesitate to contact me through e-mail at or through private messages on the Legend of Krystal forums with questions or suggestions. If you're sending me an e-mail, though, please make sure that it states clearly that you are a donor in the subject line, as this makes it easier for me to spot and reply to.


  1. While I can't say I can do any of the things you described I would like to throw my 2 cents worth in for an option regarding traits.

    That being you split what you currently have as traits into "traits and Characteristics" or something else along those lines.

    My train of thought being you have a service that can train certain traits to your animals, for example: Gentle, cruel and nurturing can be trained whereas changeling, Albino and other traits that are attributed to genetics only cannot.

    The service can also remove them. This allows you to introduce traits that are more of a trade of and some downright negative traits.

    I would imagine this place would look like an S&M dungeon.

    Implimentation would be up to you. and could be put in the new feature donation box.

  2. Pretty rad, can't wait for the new update!

    1. Well shit, suppose I stayed up for nothing.

    2. Thanks for the blog update at least. It's nice to see that you're still working on the project and reading all the feedback. Hopefully your call for help will get you the artists that you're looking for. With all the suggestions just for the existing monsters and town, I'm really excited to hear that you're looking at expansion with other locations available.

  3. Wonder when the update will hit.

    1. Sorry to keep you guys all waiting, I accidentally broke the game with some changes and I'm still figuring it out. Update should be up about 11:00 PM PST tomorrow (the 14th).

    2. Forgive me if this is being presumptuous, but it sounds like you are not using version control to keep track of changes to the project. It's not straightforward how to use version control with a flash project, but it can be done. Flash Studio CS5 can save your project assets in a format that plays nicely with git/subversion/etc. Game logic and code should be divided into separate .as files anyway. This stackoverflow question, in particular the second answer has helpful details:

      I'm sure you know the merits of version control. You have multiple irons in the fire when it comes to developing this game. Instead of keeping all the incomplete features incubating in the latest version, it'd be better to develop them independently in their own version branches and then merge them later. If you make a mistake that breaks the game, you can revert the commit that introduced it and release with the rest of the features you've added without being held up. This'll definitely keep you less stressed out about introducing problems and staying on schedule. Plus, you won't have to keep unfinished assets like demons in the file when you release, so people will stop asking you about them ;)

    3. I'll be perfectly honest: my background is absolutely not application programming so version control is something I've hardly given a thought to in the past. I agree that it's something I need to work on implementing.

      Unfortunately, there's more bad news in that the game update isn't coming tonight either. Sorry to keep stringing you guys along :(. I uncovered some big changes I'm going to have to make before things will play together nicely. I'm going to push the update back all the way to this Sunday just because I don't want to set another deadline I can't keep. Also, I will declare the winner of this week's voting tonight at midnight PST.

  4. Great game. Good luck in futher game development.

  5. Just a sudden thought born from a small problem: Could it be possible to "hire help"? As in someone to collect from monsters while you take care of everything else. Maybe even the character of the opposite gender? (After that is implemented of course) Perhaps have them hang around the Guild Hall?
    You are in charge of course, but I was thinking something simple: Hired hand gathers from up to X number of monsters who still have "breed" charges left when you go to bed. I began considering this when my stables began to fill, and no matter how high their DEX were, I couldn't get everything done in a day.

    1. This has long been an intended eventual feature.

  6. Take all the time you need. It's better to get a great release than a buggy mess.

  7. Amazing work, love the kitten girl look. Looks a bit like a child, but it doesn't matter. I think a good idea would be throwing human "monsters" if the main character would give birth ro a human child.
    Anyways- a great job! I hope you will earn lots of money thanks to it.
    Wish you the best.