Monday, April 15, 2013

Player Pregnancy and Cum-Shot Endings Win!

The first round of donation voting has just finished. The winning features are Player Pregnancy with $120 and Cum-Shot Endings with $90! Thank you so much for your incredible generosity, guys. This money helped me pay for repairs for my tablet and buy some time off of my busy schedule to be able to work on this game, and your support has really made a difference in my ability to continue working on it.

I intend to have player pregnancy in the game by next weekend on the 21st, and the cum-shot endings should all be in by the 28th.

The next round of voting will end on 5/15. Currently Threesome Animations are in the lead with $65, followed by the Futanari Trait with $55.

I'm going to be putting up an update to the game later today. This one will be primarily minor changes with a big impact on the gameplay. Saves from the last version will not transfer over. Sorry for making you guys restart from the beginning with all of these early updates. Soon I hope to get to a point where I can have the saves transfer between releases, but it's still so early on that too many things change between versions to make that possible.


  1. good stuff man, hey any idea what time you'll be dropping the update today?

  2. which kind of pregnancy would you put in the game? would it be a hybrid pregnancy, a human pregnancy and/or the pregnancy in where she gives birth to its partner's species?

  3. I feel that the amount required to win is overboard, maybe make it less

  4. With the player pregnancy when do you give birth to the creature? It's not immeadiate because it told me that I had just become pregnant.