Saturday, March 16, 2013

Donate to Vote on New Features!

Hey, sorry for the lack of updates for a while. I had an unfortunate busy(/lazy) spell.

However, there's good news! I should have a new game update ready later on Sunday. This will include some changes to the Traits system as well as the addition of heritable Stat Caps. Ideally, these Stat Caps will make breeding an even more important part of the game, while extending the amount of gameplay you can get out of the game. Unfortunately, your saves will not transfer over between versions yet. Depending on how much I can manage to get done, there might also be additional Holstaurus animations, and just maybe a sneak peak of the next monster. Maybe.

In even more exciting news: I have finished putting together the Voting Donations Page! Now you can support the game while also shaping the direction it moves in by putting your donations behind the features you'd most like to see included. Every month I will take two top rated features and put them in the game. If your feature doesn't win, don't worry: your money will remain backing the feature you picked forever until it gets implemented, and everything I've put up on the donations page is a feature I intend to have in the game eventually (emphasis on the eventually).

If there's something you'd like to see added to the list of features please head over to the legend of krystal forums to suggest it, or post it right here on the blog. I will periodically be holding polls on LoK to see which features seem most popular and are good candidates for adding to the donation list.

Also, the donation system is something I half stole and half hacked together, so if there's any issues with it be sure to notify me immediately; I should be able to get them sorted out pretty easily.

Also also spread the word! Feel free to upload the game wherever you please and post it up on forums and message boards, so long as you make sure it all leads back here to the blog. Let me know where you put it up or if you happen to stumble upon it elsewhere: I like to be able to see as much feedback as I can.


  1. Great. can't wait to see more animations and the update to the Stat Caps!
    Keep up the good work dude!

  2. Donating for "existing" male/male animations is kind of unfair isn't it? There's 2 males i think so far right? Would there have to be an option for every male/male animation pairing per month?

    Or would it just be better to donate for this when there's more males?

    (I'm curious how this works as it'll affect my decision in donating for them)

    1. Hm, good point. I think that once this one ends up winning I'll just start prioritizing male/male animations in general: As in, once it wins I'll make sure I include male/male animations in every new male monster update.

    2. Sounds good to me, I'll donate for this option once i get paid.

      Good luck on your project, everything's great so far!

  3. when you breed some indepth sex scenes would be amazing

    1. Because of the combinatorial nature of the breeding scenes, making them longer would require a lot of work.

      However, extended breeding scenes with cum-shot finishes is on the donation list. If it gets enough support I will definitely put it in the game.